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Recap and Review: “Heavenly Idol” Episode 1

The episode starts with a story that talks about “the other world” – a world other than the one we live in. It’s a world of fantasy in which magic and mysterious beings exist. The divine powers of the Pontifex who serves Lord Redrin and the black magic of The Evil One who was asleep…

The Hidden Pool by Ruskin Bond

This is one of first children book that Ruskin Bond has ever written. This book is about Ruskin Bond and his friends from India and their trekking experience to the Pindari glacier. It is one of the best light hearted story for kids or even teens I would say. In recent days, I have this…

How I deal with myself when am stressed.

What do you do when you are stressed? When you are anxious? When you feel down? When you feel like the whole world is turning back at you? When you feel like the sky is pouring down only at you? For me, I could never let people console me. I don’t know why but I…

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