Kdrama review: While You Were Sleeping, best ost, why to watch, where to watch(No Spoilers)….

If you have stumbled upon this series and wondering whether to watch the series, then you are in the right place… here is the quick sneak and peak for you to decide….😉

This series will make you fall in love♥️ with kdramas (if you love to watch crime and fantasy)

While you were sleeping is a combination of the legal drama and fantasy genres, starring Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo, Lee Jong Suk as Jung Jae Chan, Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak, Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Yoo Beom.

Nam Hong Joo (female protagonist) has ability to dream about the future since her childhood.

The series starts with her dream with Jung Jae Chan (male protagonist). She dreams of hugging Jung Jae Chan and starts consoling him saying “she believes him since she is like him” and he consoles her back (which is one of the famous scenes.. don’t miss the OST (BGM) (Name: When night falls))…..  

This plot can make you to watch the series further because when she wakes up you will realize that Jung Jae Chan is a complete stranger to her.

Well now…. her mom has a thought about it…..😂😂😂

The story revolves around Nam Hong Joo (field reporter), Jung Jae Chan (rookie prosecutor), Han Woo Tak (police officer).

The above picture shows perfect love triangle😂…. don’t you think so?😜….

Hong Joo lives with her mother (Hwang Young Hee), Jae Chan lives with his younger brother move in across the street of Hong Joo.

Hong Joo could never change the future though she sees misfortune in her dreams ahead but story changes after she meets Jae Chan.

Woo Tak joins them when he realizes all three are inter twined in a way…

These three starts to relate and work together to solve crimes and they eventually fight the Lawyer (Lee Yoo Beom) who is greedy, manipulative, self-centered one.

I loved

  • how their past reveled all along,
  • how the fact if the future is to be changed it won’t be always good is shown,
  • mother-daughter, brothers bonding,
  • their relationships with their colleague,
  • their commitment towards their work,
  • Woo Tak’s one sided crush,
  • simply everything about the drama….

 A must watch recommendation from my side.. It will make you laugh hard, cry and travel with them to the end and leaves you with good vibes for sure…

I personally started watching this series for Lee Jong Suk🥰 and fell in love with Bae Suzy♥️ and Jung hae In♥️ !!!..  😜…

Comment below if you also fall for new oppa with every series you watch😂

Disclaimer: Second lead syndrome hits hard 💔💔!!!!

Where to watch: Rakuten VIKI app(I personally love this app to watch Kdramas… Its free!!!)

Also you can watch it in WeTV app(My next favorite),

If you prefer to watch it in website then watch in VIKI website, polldrama website..

Well of course there are many websites apps to watch in but these are my favorite…

My favorite dialogue: This all will pass. They may look like something big, but when they pass they will be nothing. You may not believe it, but you will talk about things as if they are some jokes. So I tell myself not to worry about things too much. I will make difficult choices, and it will be hard for me. After a year, a morning like today will come. Trust those days and survive.

When you stop running water, it diverts its course. You stopped things from happening just like stopping the running water. Time will flow differently.

We can’t choose wrong answer just because there is no right answer

My favorite OST (BGM): Its you, I love you boy, When night falls

Link to trailer: While you were sleeping official teaser…..

Quote of the day: What goes around comes around

Did this help you🤔 ?…. leave your comment below!!!… I will really appreciate it🤗!!.


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