Book Review: PS I love you, why to read (No Spoilers)

If you love to read chick lit, romance and comedy genre or if you are a newbie when it comes to reading then you should read PS I love you

PS I Love you novel is romance and comedy drama genre by Cecelia Ahern

Holly thought love would last for ever…..

The novel is all about Holly Kennedy’s (female protagonist) struggle through her days without her husband (Gerry Clark)…

Story starts with holly engulfed in the pain of her husband’s death Gerry.

Holly and Gerry are imperfectly perfect couple….

They are childhood sweethearts who bicker over small things and have many inside jokes.

Holly’s world revolve around Gerry…..and one day Gerry becomes sick and is bound to leave this world leaving Holly behind…

Gerry’s death devastates her entirely.
She looses all the reason in the world to live on…and locks her away from her dearest friends and family.

Of the many inside joke one is THE LIST …in which they jokingly make promise that if Jerry die he would make a list for her to get her life back on track…

She, who thought she had nothing left of Gerry, comes to know that Gerry left her with The LIST……

There is a letter where Gerry tells her to follow his instructions and asks her to open a letter for each month (every letter labeled with months she is supposed to open and ends with PS I Love You)..  

She who lost all her hope, gets new reason to live on…

She starts to live with Gerry’s list now.. determined to obediently follow all his letters and instructions..

Through each letter Jerry slowly makes her to come out of the misery and make her realise that no matter what life has to go on

Even when your loved ones aren’t with you!!!!!!

Holly realises Gerry was very important part but she has lot more than that part in her life…

The story travels through…how Gerry even after his demise through his letter have taught her to cherish their memories and to live on.

And her friends and big and loud family supports throughout her journey and give their all to make her live once again

The book is a one day read which you can enjoy during a weekend. It has simple writting style and you don’t need a dictionary at hand all the time while reading it.All the characters in the book are flawed and real humans that you can relate to.

This book makes you feel the pain of losing someone you dearly love.. and makes you overcome it all along with Holly.

I loved

how Holly overcomes her biggest fear (living without Gerry)

how she realises that she was always more than what she taught to her family

the language was very simple to read.

This part reminded me of my friends. We are more stupid than them and am sure of it😂.

Movie adaptation: “PS I Love You” movie starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank did justice to the book..

The movie has some difference from the book.


The book was entirely set in Ireland while in movie it was shown that Holly and Gerry live in new York.

In movie Holly and Gerry meet during Holly’s college trip while in book they are childhood friends.

There are many other differences in the plot of movie but it doesn’t fail to show beautiful relationship that Gerry and Holly shared and the letters that Gerry gave her is intact.

Movie as a whole is worth watching….

My favourite dialogue: But I am a chapter in your life – there will be many more. Remember our wonderful memories, but please don’t be afraid to make some more.

“Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars”

Where I got the book: Book Chor (I love to go to their book fair)

Quote of the day: Life goes on… with your loved ones or with their memories..

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