Best 5 all-time feel good K-dramas to watch

Here are some feel good Kdramas for you to watch when you feel low

I believe that our mood is one of the major things to consider when we decide to watch something…

I have watched a thriller when I felt stressed and started hating that kdrama and am damn sure if I have watched that when I was all good, then I would have loved that series!!!…

So.. if you are feeling stressed, low and need something to cheer you up, then here are some Kdramas which will lit up your mood😁😁

Also of course.. if you love to watch Rom-Com keep scrolling…

Here are some best Rom-Coms counting from 5 to 1

It beautifully portraits.. how demons can’t fight demons.. but a ray a light can

How a single person can pull you out from darkness as a small ray of light is enough to disperse out all the darkness.

This series is all about how heroine stays trapped in a box and hero helps her to get out of it and find her own happiness

This series will let you chill… It’s a simple Rom-Com without any second lead syndrome…

It will be relatable if you are high schooler or a college student..

It is a simple love story of 2 music school students.. and how they accepts their differences..

Lee min ho’s fan can check out this series as this is one of his underrated series with his best acting skills..

This series is a simple love story filled with lots of funny misunderstandings…

It’s a funny story starts with heroine misunderstanding hero as a gay and hero take advantage of the situation and starts living with her with his business motives.. and gradually they gets to know each other..

This series is close to my heart as it is my first series

The best Rom-Com, high school series you will ever get to watch…

Heroine falls in love with hero as her first love.. but hero finds her annoying as she is dump…. still heroine stays persistent.. this a simple love story which will make your heart flutter♥️

It portraits – Standing for each other and making the other know their real value is the part of love

Again this is one of the series where second lead will make your heart ache 🥺🥺

This is one of the best recent Rom-Com series… It is adopted from a webtoon.. I would simply say that you will love this series!!..

This is again a high school drama where heroine has insecurities (thinks she is ugly).. and gradually makes her out of all the mess with hero….

She recognises what True Beauty actually is…

And…. Alert: You will definitely fall in love with second lead with his best acting skills and will suffer from second lead syndrome for sure😂…

All these series won’t have any ups and downs but definitely will add happiness and value to your life

check out the review of the series here: true beauty review

Quote of the day: Happiness can be found in darkest of days, if one only remembers to turn on the light ✨

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