Kdrama review: Heirs, best ost, why to watch, where to watch(No Spoilers)….

This series is all about rich high school life – complexity, struggles and all…

You can watch this series if you have been watching light hearted series for long time and want a change.. then you are at the right place…

This series is a perfect example which breaks through the stereotypes – that poor are the only people who struggle… it beautifully shows how everyone has their own struggle and even rich people don’t have freedom to choose as they wish and live their lives fully as they show in typical movies.

Hero who comes from a rich Korean family studies in America and heroine who comes from poor family goes to America looking for her sister hoping to get some kind of financial support..

Hero encounters heroine talking to her sister and comes to know she has no place to live..

And then he lets her live with him in his mansion… Then the story gets complicated when his girlfriend arrives America for their anniversary

They have lots of pleasant, unpleasant encounters in the whole series…

Hero is a simple, determined man who searches for happiness in life..

Heroine is a pure soul who works hard to earn money for her and mother…

The story is all about what happens when they both meet, when they try to break the so called distance between them…!!

I started watching this series for Lee Min Hoo… Compared to Boys over flowers, his character is likable in this drama!!!

I personally like watching high school Kdramas… May be coz I started watching Kdramas as a teen…

In this drama, I could not get the vibe of actual high school drama (you know what I mean right?)… but rather life of riches…

I won’t say it is one of the best high school Kdramas I have watched!!..

I would say it’s a package of everything – emotional, hardships…

Mostly in Kdramas we have seen the hardships of poor.. but this drama talks about rich teens hardship (which is interesting)..

This is one of my first dramas… And I still want go back and watch it again!!..

I loved
Second lead couple ( I bet you will fall in love with them too)…

Everyone has their own character building up all the way to the whole series

You will like it if you like watching struggles, pain and all…

There may be time in life in which we may need to kneel down but don’t know how to get up. This drama can make people who loose their hope to get up and see world in a new way

Second lead syndrome hits hard…

I really liked the way second lead’s character turns out in the end..

Not just the leads but all the characters in this drama will make you feel pain, laughter, suffering…

I have always believed that mood is important while you are watching something… If you are low and want something to motivate you through struggles.. then watch Heirs. But if you are low and want to watch something light then this is not the series for you

I personally like watching light hearted series when am low.. let me know in the comment session what you like to watch when feeling low!!

My favorite dialogue: The one who wears the crown must bear it. (I thinks this one line explains pretty much everything about the drama)

Where to watch: Rakuten VIKI app(I personally love this app to watch Kdramas… Its free!!!)

Also you can watch it in WeTV app(My next favorite),

If you prefer to watch it in website then watch in VIKI website, polldrama website..

Well of course there are many websites apps to watch in but these are my favorite…

Quote of the day: Be Someone’s strength, be someone’s inspiration, be someone’s reason to never give up.

My favorite OST (BGM): Love is feeling.

Link to trailer: Heirs Kdrama trailer.

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    1. ♥️Thank you so much for your valuable comment.. this made our day!!
      And yes we became fan of choi young do and started watching his series😂

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