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A place where I belong, a place where I don’t belong

The episode starts with Who-joon asking if Roy and Geun young knew each other..

Who-joon starts teasing her but Geun young who is already in bad mood gets irritated, yells back at him and leaves.. Who-joon feels kind of bad that his joke made her mad….

Geun young leaves the restaurant and leaves the heels in front of the restaurant..

The camera switches to JJ and his employees.. his employees argues among themselves about whose job was sloppy that the resent show went down.. this pisses off JJ and scolds them…

Someone comes to meet JJ (probably his brother and they clearly don’t have good relationship) and says he is hopeless and makes JJ angry..

Geun young reaches her friend’s restaurant and starts ranting about how eventful her day was.. and also they make fun of her heels saying that it also had a eventful day..

While chatting, So I married my anti-fan’s first ever teaser releases…

The whole trailer shows how much trouble Geun young made and it was completely against her..

Geun young imagines the whole crew, and Who-joon and his manager laughing at her..

She feels bad that at least she had her pride until then…

Who-joon’s boss asks Who-joon to attend a high school kid’s birthday party and he obeys..

On the other hand In-hyung arranges a dinner for JJ to smooth out their relationship as there were many misunderstandings lately..

While chatting, Who-joon’s topic comes in and they once again starts fighting.

Who-joon happens to be at the same area and finds them fighting..

He interrupts them and asks not to cause any scene there and asks In-hyung to leave and she leaves.. JJ and Who-joon starts fighting and Who-joon warns JJ that he should stop treating In-hyung like that else he would take her back!..

Who-joon reaches penthouse and starts drinking along with Geun young.. Geun young notices bruise in his hand and gives him a band aid

Who-joon, who is lazy, asks Geun young to stick the band aid and Geun young does so..

While eating tteokbokki, Geun young asks why he always buys tteokbokki and ends up never eating them.. Who-joon says that there was someone who liked tteokbokki very much and also used to say that he that there is such thing called bad tteokbokki.

Geun young disagrees with him saying that why there is no bad tteokbokki.. and starts telling her mother’s story (which I really liked)… She goes “Everyone used to say that my mom should run a business and when she grew up she wondered how nobody thought her how to cook.. and when she started the business it was a flop and noone actually liked her tteokbokki.. so why there is no such thing called bad tteokbokki… “

When they are almost drunk Who-joon asks Geun young if she ever wanted to protect anything.. she says that everyone has something to protect.. also she had her job and love which she wanted to protect but couldn’t protect both.. and says that there might come a time when you will get another chance to protect it also might get something else to protect..

After hearing this Who-joon gets even more sentimental and says that he could not protect anything in his life.. his mom, his friend, his love.. and he starts thinking of In-hyung in the past and says she was a simple girl who did not want anything big but still could not protect her.

On the other side, In-hyung receives a bouquet with a note from JJ which reads as “I can’t let you go.. you can think me as a coward”.. she gets frustrated after reading this and takes her pills..

Later after reaching home Who-joon calls his mom but she doesn’t picks up.. he leaves a voice message ranting how he could not protect her and In-hyung and says may be it’s because he took after him (probably his father)..

Whenever he calls his mom they show the phone ringing in a beautiful wood house near a river covered in woods..

He also plays with a ring which he took from the same house.

At this time, JJ calls Who-joon and says he is going to sign Geun young for his agency which pisses him off more..

The next morning, Geun young thinks of doing her laundry in the penthouse.. while doing so, she finds out that washing machine is not yet installed..

Now she suddenly gets call from the crew and they asks her to come to the penthouse as they are going there as they have to do an emergency shoot!!..

Geun young panics and hides her things well (forgets her laundry) before going out to pretend coming in after the crew members come..

Here the fun part starts๐Ÿ˜‰….

Geun young reaches penthouse back casually after the crew members reach.. they take her to the makeup room.

While both our hero and heroine getting their makeup done, PD Han enters the room with Geun young’s laundry bag and asks who’s that is..

Who-joon stares at Geun young and she tries to handle the situation saying that it’s hers and she bought it here as there is no washing machine in her house…

PD Han says that washing machine here is not installed yet and Geun young says that it’s such a shame that she carried that weight here..

When they get all ready PD Han explains the scene. As there are no many things at home, he says we will do the basic cleaning things and all for the scene..

When they finally get some free time, Who-joon scolds Geun young for almost getting caught.. and as usual they fight like Tom and Jerry and he asks Geun young to take care of all the cleaning job as he won’t do it..

They start filming the scene, and Who-joon proposes that he will install the washing machine as it is difficult but is a cup of cake for him as he is crafty and she should clean the house (like seriously dude๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

Geun young takes a random t-shirt from her laundry and starts cleaning the house and Who-joon starts to show off his acting skill on camera.. he actually doesn’t know how to fix it and asks help๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Geun young cleans home and while doing so she goes to the 2nd floor which is off limit for her as it is good chance for her..

As she slowly goes to the room in the 2nd floor, Who-joon comes and takes her downstairs..

Finally when crew member leaves Geun young reaches home with a pouch which she got from one of the crew member who said it was Who-joon’s.. she opens that pouch to find girls inners there and gets shocked and assumes that he is a pervert and similar things would be there in the 2nd floor… And goes to find out that the room is locked.

At this time, Who-joon reaches penthouse for some business in the 2nd floor room and when he comes out of the room Geun young gives him the pouch and tries to pick on him.. Who-joon gets shocked on how she accused him without any base and asks her not to be a reporter in the next life also.

When Who-joon realizes that Geun young thinks that he is just denying, he calls Ji-Hyang and clarifies the situation that how his anti-fans throws stuff like these to make him look like a pervert..

He leaves after complaining how talkative she is today.

After settling down, Geun young starts writing her theory about the two-faced Who-joon..

The next she gets call from a TV station for a job offer.. she then checks her mail and also happens to see the trailer of So I married my anti fan and the hate comments under that video..

She then recalls whatever happened to her starting from how she lost her job.

She then goes to so I married my anti fan show’s office and asks what will happen if she decides to quit now.. writer Noh explains how she will have to give the penalty money..

The whole crew is going to go to Japan the next day as Who-joon has a ad gig there.. and Geun young has her interview right before the flight.

She decides to go for her interview instead of going to the airport..

The crew members along with Who-joon and Ji-Hyang reaches airport and waits for Geun young.. (as PD Han mentions that they are not able to contact Geun young from morning and don’t even know where she lives.. Who-joon and Ji-Hyang reaches penthouse to check but the leaves after realising that she is not there as well)

In the interview, the TV station chief asks her to collect information about Who-joon and dig for dirty secrets about him and then he will give her the job and asks to sign a contract now..

As confused Geun young takes pen to sign the contract (I was actually asking her not to sign it.. hahahaa), she decides not to sign it as she doesn’t want to be two-faced and take advantage of her show and crew members.

She then starts running to the airport.. as it is her first time in the airport and has no sense of direction she struggles to find where everyone else are.. Ji-Hyang suggests that everyone else along with Who-joon should leave and he will take Geun young in the next flight..

But Who-joon starts searching for Geun young and when she is about to trip he helps her and they both starts running to catch the flight..

And this is where the episode ends..

I actually got to feel emotional, laugh in this episode and am really excited to see how it’s going to be in Japan… Let’s find it out in the next episode..

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