Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 6 kdrama

Only If I hadn’t Met you

The episode starts with Guen young totally lost and rushing to catch the flight and is tripped while running and our cute who joon catching her coolly…now both are running to catch the flight.

This episode shows a very playful and funny who joon and very messy and no sense for directions Guen young.

Eventually they miss the flight and the whole filming crew leaves them behind and who joon and his manager settle for an economic seat in next flight with Guen young.

Who joon is not so comfortable with the economic class and ask manager why he couldn’t get business class seat.

GuenYoung is very nervous as the flight takes off…maybe this is her first flight and she does some meditation.

As the flight takes off  they start their Tom and Jerry fight ,  who joon shoves Guen young hands off him (she was occupied with meditation and her hands was on who joon unknowingly) and ask her why she was late, for some reason Guen young doesn’t tell the truth and manages by saying she had some stuff do to. Who joon is not satisfied with the answer and kept on nagging her for truth and Guen young loses her mind and says she had to hang her laundry .

Watching all the fight elderly women comes to conclusion that they both are newlyweds and the women says that they were just like who joon and Guen young when they got married and always fought.

On the other side JJ finds out that has InHyung left to japan for an ad gig and the other lead of the ad is none other than who joon. His anger grows more on knowing that InHyung volunteered for the ad after knowing who joon is the lead.

An air hostess ask for who Joon’s autograph as she distributes food and who Joon gives his share of food to guen-young and says she can have it , Geun-Young is very happy for the food. Guess she has big apatite.

After Eating, Guen young goes to the restroom and her phone slips and breaks as she closes the door.

They finally reach japan and meet the PDs in the hotel, the PD seems to be in no hurry to shoot the program ,infact they seem to be in some kinda of vacation plan for the day.

PD asks guen young and who joon to casually travel through the streets of japan and shoot by themselves.

PD also ask Guen young to guide who joon assuming that she has been to  japan already….we know how the last assumption of the PD has ended.

So GuenYoung, Who joon and his manager Ji-Hyang start their shoot in the street of japan, and Who Joon asks which is her favourite place in japan, she says she likes Shibayu which is in Tokyo.

Who joon points out that shibayu is in Tokyo and she manages that it’s a shame that shibayu isn’t here…at this point who joon confirms that she has never been to japan before but puts his faith in her or god and follows her for their first part of the plan that is having shushi.

Guen young without her phone for direction simply roams here and there to find a sushi restaurant and who joon is left with no choice but to follow her.

Luckily atlast she finds a restaurant and they have sushi, guen young enjoys the sushi so much that who joon starts teasing her that she has never been to japan and never had sushi in her lifetime,though that was the truth she tries to manage by saying that she has big apetite.

Who joon doesn’t leave it there and teases that he saw how big her apetite was in the flight when she had meal of 2 people and asked for two more😂😂.

Who joon can be seen never missing a chance to tease guenYoung and having fun, Next they go to a roadside shop and find fortunes and since she doesn’t know to read Japanese who joon reads for her.

Though in the fortune strip it was written that guen Young love is right front of her but she wouldn’t be able to recognize, he reads that she can never find a love until she has this fortune strip and fool around with her without giving the fortune strip on asking.

One person is having all the fun watching both of them, none other than Seo Ji-Hyang.

In Korea, Guen young mother is worried that she is not able to contact her and ask her friend Mi-Jung that whether she was in contact with guen young but Mi-jung seems to have  has no idea where guen young is.

Mi-Jung  finds out from Go soo-hwan that is has been to japan for the shoot of so I married an antifan.

After the fun filled shoot who joon goes to meet the CEO of the product for which he was to shoot ad and is shocked to see other person acting in ad as In-hyung , as they settle JJ enters out of nowhere and drags In-hyung without even considering the situation.

As they both reach the corridor, Who joon excuses himself and joins them and there is a uncomfortable quarrel between them….atlast situation ends up as In-hyung deciding to do the ad.

On the other side Guen-young and Seo Ji-Hyang go out to buy some ramen for the crew. As they talk Guen-young ends up spilling that this is the first time in Japan for her. Ji-Hyang says that Guen-young is somehow different that who-joon is so comfortable around her that is why he is constantly teasing and playful around her.

Guen young ask why is he so loyal and kind to who joon , He explains how who joon is so kind hearted but this world has changed him to be this rude.This makes Guen young realise the times when who joon was kind and caring but he never really shows it outside.

When they return to the hotel, who joon’s and In-hyung are talking in the pouring rain outside the hotel and Ji-Hyang gets off the car and  there is some quarrel and Ji-Hyang asks In-hyung not to disturb who-joon again.

First time Guen young gets to see the mystery women   who is the beginning of all the misunderstanding between Who joon and her.

After this event the atmosphere among them  remain so hard until the next day shoot.

Next day at first there is that ad shoot  of  In-hyung and who joon .

JJ can be seen in utter possessiveness and he just can’t stand watching them together….but it was so fun to see  Guen young making Comments on both of them and JJ burning from inside.

After the Ad photoshoot the reality show shoot starts in which Guen young and who joon stand in water and play by pushing each other and Guen- young loses control and falls inside water.

After they finish the shoot who joon says that her concentration was somewhere else that’s why she fell in water so easily and she should stay focused on him.

Next day Guen young tags along who joon and Ji-Hyang plan for outing as it was last day of shoot.

When they go out Ji-Hyang excuses himself as he forgets his purse in car and who joon and Guen young continue with outing.

As they go in the streets our heroine gets lost and tries all her best to find her way out.

She is very poor in directions and she couldnt even remember the hotel name on top of all this she also doesn’t have her phone …she totally break down on the streets and starts to cry like a baby…

Now who joon makes his entry  call at her from behind and says “Found you!!!.. I told you to stay focused on me…”

In this episode,Who joon is stealing hearts with his fun and caring nature and Guen young couldn’t get any more messy😂😂

More than anything I also like acting of who joon’s manager Ji-Hyang who was constantly musing at Guen young and who-joon’s fun and always supporting who joon.

This series is slowly becoming one of my feel good series….after a long day, this episode made me very light hearted and happy….hope it did yours too ….

Waiting to watch what fun next episode is going to bring.

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