Kdrama Review and Recap: So I married my anti-fan Episode 7..

You keep getting on my mind.

The episode starts with Who-joon finding Geun young on the street. He tries to console her saying that grown women shouldn’t be crying like that and offers to piggyback her but Geun young denies his offer and our Tom and Jerry returns hotel.

In the hotel everyone else is waiting for them. Apparently, there is going to be a strom the next day so they plan to leave that night. Ji-Hyang says he will take care of Who-joon and Geun young starts her packing to leave.

But unfortunately, the crew members lack enough seats and leave Geun young back with Who-joon and Ji-Hyang.

Who-joon comes to Geun young’s room and gives her conventional store’s food saying that it is pretty famous.. and he is proud that he is so considerate 😂

While she is enjoying the food, JJ (who is in the plan to make Geun young and Who-joon come to his side) comes to give super famous rice cake and says he needs to butter her up to join his agency.

Who-joon who is leaving somewhere sees them both talking and ignore and leave as if he saw nothing though he is concerned. JJ also notices him and offers to have a small talk.

JJ asks Who-joon to join his agency. Who-joon smirks and explain how he did not go to him back then(when they were still friends) and shouldn’t be expecting now and leaves..

Who-joon (who is searching for his father) and Ji-Hyang plans to go and meet his father’s friend. JJ notices them and follows the to find out whom they were meeting.

Meanwhile Geun young notices In-hyung in the entrance of the hotel (assumes she is here for Who-joon) and says that he is not in the hotel. In-hyung explains she was here just to say goodbye and leaves.

Who-joon and Ji-Hyang meets a man who is in his 50s. Who-joon gives him a ring(which he took from the wood house as I mentioned in the previous episode), the man explains how he and his batch mates carved that kind of ring for all of them and also explains they are not in touch with only one guy from that batch.

JJ, who was following them, takes picture of the name board of the house Who-joon and Ji-Hyang entered.

Disappointed, Who-joon reaches hotel back. In the elevator, he bumps on Geun young, whom he ignores and leaves while accidentally dropping his ring.

Geun young picks the ring not knowing whose and keeps with her

Geun young decides to go to a bathhouse in the hotel for chilling. While she is admiring the place gets scared seeing Who-joon in the water.

She starts chatting casually with him but realizes he is cranky.

Who-joon then asks seriously if abandoning is scarier or for the abandoning person to return is scarier.

Geun young thinks about it and says abandoning person to return is scarier as the person has to take the blame for leaving.

As usual they both start bickering and Geun young calls him a strom which changes its course of action anytime as he himself not sure whether to talk or not. Also adds “this too shall pass away” knowing that he is going through rough time.

Who-joon leaves in the middle of the conversation and Geun young ignores him as she is already used to him.

Who-joon starts drinking in his room while the strom is passing.

He is in really bad mood and they shows us the glimpse of the past where Who-joon finds the ring from a cupboard and his mom sees it and explains that it’s the only thing his father left behind and thanks him for finding it.

While remembering this he realizes that he lost the ring.

Who-joon tries to call her mom… Which as usual rings in that wood house where nobody picks. Who-joon cries and complaints about how she doesn’t pick even once.

The next morning, our trio leaves to airport. Who-joon and Ji-Hyang sits in business class and Geun young in economic class. Who-joon notices that Geun young sitting between 2 grown fat men.

An air hostess approaches Geun young to say that her ticket got upgraded. Geun young doesn’t believe it and says there must be misunderstanding till the end which irritates the air hostess. And finally the air hostess somehow convinces Geun young to take her to business class.

Geun young brags that she gave a ring, picked from ground, to the hotel receptionist (did something nice in the morning) that’s why she got lucky today. Ji-Hyang looks at Who-joon and both are happy that they finally got the ring.

After the flight lands, Ji-Hyang gets message that the 1st episode blew up and it won’t be easy for Geun young.

Still Geun young mutters up some courage to go with them. (Which was really a bad idea)

As they come out, reporters and Who-joon ‘s fan goes crazy and ditches. Who-joon tries to save her which was not big of a help.

A guy from the crew member comes and takes Geun young to the back gate of the airport.

Writer Noh and PD Han tries to console Geun young (she reads hate comments in the internet while coming to the office) saying that 1st episode will be like that and only after episodes they will show how the relationship turns out.

Geun young is so pissed. She repairs her phone and listens to all messages.

Her mom voice messages were really touching. At first she starts scolding about the 1st episode but then melts down and asks Geun young to come home if she is running out of money and that’s what parents are there for. This makes Geun young cry.

Still Geun young decides to do it to the end as she started anyway.

JJ and In-hyung hooks up for dinner and In-hyung apologies for what happened back in Japan. JJ seems to not care about it before In-hyung but is still concerned about that fact.

Geun young reaches her friend’s restaurant and watches the episode with her friends. In the episode they show how Geun young planned to mix expired vitamins in Who-joon’s drink.

She gets all the hate comments for trying to kill Who-joon (seriously!??😂 It would have caused diarrhea maximum. Our poor Geun young)

Her friends tries to console her but nothing works.

She then reaches penthouse thinking that it’s the only safe place.

While going through the hate comments she receives a parcel which she doesn’t take thinking it might be weird. Who-joon also reaches penthouse and takes that parcel inside.

The parcel (ordered by Who-joon) has all the necessary items Geun young might need if she could not go out because of all the issues going on.

They both start talking with some Soju.. Who-joon tries to console her but she comes up with all the weird thoughts😂 as she is not used with Who-joon’s that behaviour.

He says you should sink deeper and hit the ground to be able to swim or give up. (I really liked this dialogue)

In the morning, as Geun young wakes up remembers Who-joon sleeping in bathtub. She goes there to wake him up but seeing him sleep(lost in thoughts) slowly caresses his face.

Ji-Hyang calls Who-joon which wakes him up.. then he leaves..

The shooting starts.. writer Noh explains that shooting in Japan was not enough to edit so they will have to shoot in the street. Geun young becomes nervous after remembering what happened in the airport

Who-joon claims to help her and they start shooting in the street. Who-joon buys a pair of necklace for them to loose some of the crowd. But after some point fans goes crazy and Who-joon and Geun young starts running.

They hide in a place and suddenly rain starts showering. Impatient to wait they both starts running using Who-joon’s coat. You can see them both looking at each other.

No matter how their relationship turns out I really want them to continue being Tom and Jerry.. let’s see what happens in the next episode.

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