Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 12 kdrama

Was it Twist of Fate That

Brought Us Here?

‘ This isn’t a prank, accident, or confusion ‘ Who-Joon says after kissing Guen-Young in the middle of the night near a lake (which seems to be one of his favorite spots).

Who-joon drops Guen-young at the penthouse and offers to come to the house but she Sends him off. When she gets into the lift she enacts the night’s kiss .

unfortunately, Who-joon shows up. GuenYoung is embarrassed and shooshes him off as he explains he came to check on her. He found it cute actually.

At the TV station writer Noh bashing PD Han for giving her such a horrible surprise of releasing the accidental kiss of who-joon and guen-young.

PD seems to have no idea of the intensity of the situation and out there people are posting hate comments on burning down the TV station.

For writer Noh, it is more annoying to watch Han so reckless. But Han is in another world and says he wants to kiss writer Noh mistakenly. Their long-term repressed feelings come out loose and they kiss.

The next day, GuenYoung waits at the exit room for everyone in the crew to come. While waiting she realizes what a luxury it is to take a walk without running into Who-Joon’s fan.

After making sure that it would be safe for her to go, she enters the house.

PD Han and writer No is at the entrance and they become nervous as GuenYoung enters.

While entering GuenYoung stares daggers at them. In an attempt to cool down the situation writer Noh tries to explain but PD Han ends up provoking GuenYoung, saying ‘ You have finally hit the rock bottom and now only things left is you have to come up ‘.

GuenYoung shuts off when writer Noh says it won’t be a big problem since it was an accidental kiss and not as if they are dating.

GuenYoung goes to get her makeup done followed by No. In the makeup room, No notices that Guen-young is more pretty than usual and asks if she is dating someone. GuenYoung is flustered and speechless while the tables turned to writer No and everyone is curious about No’s dating life.

When Who-joon enters PD Han starts to explain the situation to him repeating the same things No spoke to Guen-young but Who-joon acts coolly.

At the make-up room, Who-joon and GuenYoung steal glimpses of each other. Writer No informs the show script for the day was doing nails of each other and resting on laps of each other as it was things couples do at home and says timing is little off. GuenYoung objects that things will get worse but Who-joon reassures her they can do it.

During the shoot, crew members marvel at how sweet they are together ( of course they are❤), and PD Han uses the situation and flirts with No that they both are much cuter than them.

The series also shows Manager Ji-Hyang is in Japan for Who-joon’s father’s ring and comes to know from the reception that someone else has collected the ring.

JJ gets termination of contract from In-Hyung and is totally upset. He calls one of his company advocates only to be disappointed that JJ can’t make her stay and the only thing he can get is a penalty for 1 yr out of 7 yr contract. JJ is also getting mocked by wannabe CEO of his company groups that the advocate and he came only on request of JJ’s father and JJ doesn’t manage the business very well.

After they leave, JJ gets a call from the person he assigned to get Who-joon’s ring and he is informed that the ring is with the person and they make arrangements to meet.

While in-Hyung is waiting for a cab her ex-manager from JJ company comes to give her a ride but she denies saying she is not in the company anymore so no need to follow her and report to JJ.

The ex-manager says that she shouldn’t be handing over her resume herself and his job is not only to report to JJ. In-Hyung gets into the car.

At the shooting star, Mr.Bae grumbles about the first love story, song leak, and accidental kiss between Who-joon and GuenYoung but when Who-joon asks about why not ask it to PD Han, he explains that it had the highest rating till now so he is convinced.

Mr.bae also proposes releasing who-Joon’s leaked song as it is a big hit and enquires about the female singer. Who-joon doesn’t reveal about In-Hyung and manages by saying she is an indie singer.

Outside Mr. Bae’s office, Ji-Hyang is worried about the whole song leakage situation but Who-joon consoles saying In-Hyung is very desperate and he wants to do this one thing for her. Both of them know the female singer can’t be kept secret forever and it will be in the open air soon but they have their hopes up.

Who-joon asks the help of his manager to buy some foodstuff coz for a long time he has been eating outside but as Ji-Hyang leaves he sneaks out and leaves to GuenYoung’s house (I don’t understand y he does that 😂 it is pretty predictable and Ji-Hyang is open about he knows it all).

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When who-Joon enters the house, GuenYoung again lets out the idea of moving as she is anxious whenever the doorbell rings and says it would be easier for him to come and go as he pleases.

Who-joon convinces her not to move out and says she has already left traces in the house and it would feel empty without her.

Our naive heroine without any hint on what Who-joon refers explains to him how she keeps the place clean and all her things are in one place😂.

Who-joon says she has been through a lot and seen many hate comments because of him and hugs her and says she did great. He then prepares to cook for her.

At GBC, writer No along with a colleague watch oh In-Hyung handing out her profile with her manager. They speak about how she is not given an opportunity for the new TV show even though JJ is the head of it since they want a real rookie.

Ms. No gives an idea of how In-Hyung can bring attention to the show since she and Who-joon started from the same agency.

At the penthouse, GuenYoung is teasing Who-joon for making more food than needed and says a good cook makes just the right amount of food. Suddenly the doorbell rings and she is nervous about who it might be.

Our sweet Who-joon invited her friends for dinner as promised. GuenYoung is totally surprised and she enjoys with them and at the dinner table, everyone learns from shin-hyuk that Who-joon is their age when the subject comes up.

While passing wine shin-hyuk spills some on his Girlfriend and in a hurry GuenYoung comes with her pajama for changing. Mi-Jung asks why are her pants here they manage by saying it’s Who-joon’s.

GuenYoung and Mi-Jung come out to the balcony and it was warm to watch how her friend understands her telling her that she always is not only patient but also tries to understand when the situation is hard. She also approves Who-joon for her as he is a good guy but GuenYoung acts as if she is not interested.

When all her friends leave she sends off them along with Who-joon. Soo-Hwan asks why she isn’t leaving, Who-joon says that it is their set so they should clean up before leaving and Soo-Hwan offers to help. Mi-Jung Manages the situation and drags Soo-Hwan And shin-hyuk outside.

JJ collects Who-joon’s ring from the person he assigned the job.

When Who-joon stays at the penthouse as he drank so much, GuenYoung is nervous and says there is no room to sleep. Who-joon says he would sleep in the second-floor bedroom and leaves to sleep.

The next day song releases and JJ gets furious. They also show In-Hyung listen to official song release.

GuenYoung visits the shooting star for a meeting and runs through Mr.Bae and they have a small talk. Mr.Bae seems to bemused seeing her and ask her how the show is going and request to keep Who-joon image up.

At the meeting, Ji-Hyang informs her she has an ad offer along with Who-joon. GuenYoung is shocked and asks ‘who is the crazy advertiser’ and Who-joon mocks her saying ‘ she finally came to know herself after reading Socrates again and again ‘.

Ji-Hyang says though publicly her image is not well, among the industry people she has become popular and encourages her to do the Ad.

When Who-joon reaches home he finds JJ standing reluctant to leave without a fight. JJ yells at him for releasing the song and says he is a coward since he didn’t disclose In-Hyung’s name. Who-joon says he wants to stop discussing the matter and says JJ has changed a lot.

Who-joon then feels bad for them and thinks about what can he do to make JJ and In-Hyung make happy.

In the Ad shooting, Who-joon is shocked to see GuenYoung in shorts and net pants and struggles to convince the costume designer to change her dress. No one listens to him and moves on.

Who-joon then tries to change GuenYoung’s mind but she says ‘are you embarrassed by me’ and shuts off him and he says ‘ Darn it. her legs are way too pretty for this ‘. The cute couple poses for the beer Ad and it all goes well.

At spigen entertainment audition, In-Hyung comes to perform where JJ is one of the panel judges. Other judges ask why doesn’t she have agency and decide to listen to her anyway because she came to audition.

In-Hyung sings so well and other judges expect JJ seems to like her talent.

When the audition is over JJ chases In-Hyung and starts screaming how she dared to say she doesn’t have any agency on his face. she isn’t afraid anymore and she is moving out of her apartment soon.

The next day Who-joon takes GuenYoung on a long drive and walks at a park saying he wanted to do this as a couple.

While returning, Who-joon asks her to change his name on her phone and says who keeps punk as the contact name.

GuenYoung says his SNS name is YAMA punk and asks for the meaning of it. Though Who-joon is uncomfortable he says it is a word from his father’s ring and his father is out there somewhere and is well.

The atmosphere gets awkward and Who-joon says ‘ Don’t look at me that way you were just curious’.

Who-joon then says she has seen the ring too and it is the one she returned at the japan hotel counter. He says the ring is again lost as someone else has collected it from the counter before him. GuenYoung realizes that someone is JJ and asks Who-joon to drop her there immediately and takes a cab to JJ’s office.

GuenYoung reaches JJ’S office and asks him casually about the ring he lost. JJ thanks her and says he was about to tell her. He also says there is nothing special about the ring but it was too nice to lose it.

GuenYoung is infuriated by his response and says she tried to understand him and wanted to be his friend until the end. she says she was grateful for JJ taking side with her when she hated Who-joon.

JJ tries to convince Who-joon is making fool of her and not to trust him. She bashes him saying he is also fooling around her and asks did he enjoy while lying to her when she being clueless.

When Guen-young reaches the penthouse Who-joon is already there and she informs him everything. He says she should have just said it to him.

The news of In-Hyung shocking the audition and she started her career in Who-joon’s agency surfaces and JJ and Mr.Bae fight over the phone for the other to apologize. JJ warns Mr. bae to keep everything under control else he would spoil Who-joon’s name.

Who-joon leaves the house without heart to leave as Ji-Hyang calls to say Mr.Bae is at his house waiting to talk about something important.

As Who-joon hugs and says he doesn’t want to go and recharges with hugs, JJ is hiding and watching them with a shocked and hateful face.

As the series is moving towards the end I guess JJ would realize his mistakes and think sensibly without making others and himself miserable or am I just hoping. Anyway, our lead couple is intact and doesn’t fail to make us feel warm.

Leave your comments on what you think would happen in the next episode.

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