Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 13 kdrama

A dangerous invitation.

The episode starts where JJ sees Who-joon and Geun young hugging.

He goes to ring the bell after Who-joon leaves but hesitates to do so.. (I really don’t know what he was thinking at this point)

Who-joon goes to meet his boss with Ji-Hyang. His boss scolds him for not telling him that it was In-Hyung who sang the duet.

Who-joon defends himself and In-Hyung but it doesn’t work out much. Who-joon feeling down calls Geun young. Geun Young asks if he is ok and says she can see through him hearing his voice. Who-joon says he is feeling down as he left her there.

Geun young melts down at his comment that even when Who-joon asks it she doesn’t reply anything. After hanging up Geun young feels shy and rolls all over the room. (which was really cute.. hahaaaa)

Who-joon calls his mom and as usual, she doesn’t pick up and he leaves a voice message and also complains how she doesn’t even pick up even once..(this time I really felt bad that his mom did not pick up)

JJ determined to get to know about the ring, tells his member that he should find out about the man as soon as possible.

JJ calls the PD who selected In-Hyung for the audition and tries to threaten him. PD acts cool and says he won’t come down to his threat (I really liked how JJ didn’t get his way through)

In-hyung gives an interview and the interviewer constantly asks about Who-joon relationship with her (as In-hyung and Who-joon working in same agency news gets viral). In the end PD asks if she can persuade Who-joon for an interview regarding In-hyung’s debut.

JJ’s brother comes to JJ’s office and tells him not to let go of In-Hyung in this peak time. (like seriously!?..he was the one who asked JJ to throw her out before like she was some kind of garbage.. poor In-Hyung). Also tells him that it’s his last chance.

Geun young cleans the whole penthouse and relaxes on the sofa. Min-kyu asks if all the 4 friends can hang together in their group chat after replying ‘deal’ to him she opens Who-joon’s chat right when Who-joon asks what she is up to that she didn’t even think of him. Geun young smiles and tells him that she has a plan for the evening. Who-joon, who is completely distracted in the studio, calls her to ask about the plan. Geun Young complains about how she has to tell every single thing to him but Who-joon doesn’t give up and asks about the plan. When Geun Young says about the plan, he asks her not to drink too much.

JJ sits in his car parked in front of the penthouse. When Geun young goes out he calls her and sees how she ignored his call and kept walking. JJ feels hurt that she ignoring him and has only ears for Who-joon. (Why do I feel like Geun young is his target now….)

Geun young meets her friends. Her friend says she is busy as a celebrity now and also asks if she is dating someone for which Geun Young says she doesn’t have time for that.

The situation gets awkward when shin hyuk says that he is also going to be a celebrity like Who-joon. No one takes it seriously and  Mi-Jung asks what happens to the time invested in him. It hits hard on Shin hyuk and he leaves.

Geun Young says maybe shin hyuk was talking seriously and they hurt him. And also asks Mi-Jung to console him. She then sees Who-joon’s text which goes as “don’t drink too much. It’s time to go home”

Geun young blushes and then makes excuse to leave early.

She then meets Who-joon who is sitting in his car across the road.

They both go to a secluded place to talk. Who-joon asks if she had fun with her friends. Geun young then explains how shin hyuk was talking about being a celebrity and got in a fight with Mi-Jung.

Who-joon first says it’s not bad to be a celebrity but then says it’s difficult for him to be a celebrity with his looks but who knows he may become a big star one day.

Geun Young agrees with him and says anything can happen just like how they got in the relationship.

When Who-joon asks what relationship they are in she blushes and says the kind of relationship where both talk in the night and stuff.

She then asks him if he wanted to shine like the brightest star available. He replies that he exactly did not want to shine but had to as he took the opportunity which could have gone for others.

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He then says a quote

“you will have to say seven lies inorder to make one lie work”

Just like that when he started lies there was no end.. “a music genius from America”, “also his birthday got changed to December 31st as a luck to win awards. He then reveals his original birthday 27th of Feb which is the penthouse password. He also explains how he put it there so that he doesn’t forget what kind of man he is.

He also says he is a hillbilly from Alaska who doesn’t know about his father. Geun young then asks if he is still looking for his father. Who-joon explains that the ring she brought last time is the only thing he knows about his father and Ji-Hyang is looking for him and also says he is afraid that he won’t be able to protect him like his mother and In-Hyung ( we know the story of In-Hyung but what about his mother!?.. I really want to know, is she so angry with him.. because of his lies!? What is your thoughts?)

Geun Young asks him not to be afraid as both his mother and In-Hyung would know that he did not give up.

Who-joon says he also now has someone who he wants to protect ♥️. Geun young then asks what he likes about her. After kidding he says

there is no reason to like her, he just likes her.

Then they both enjoy the night view.

JJ plans something and triggers Mr.Bae and asks to meet him.

When he meets Mr.Bae, he asks to merge Shooting star(Mr. Bae’s company) with JJ’s company for him not to leak the history of In-Hyung and Who-joon. When Mr.Bae gets angry and says he can handle that situation JJ says he has more information.

Who-joon drops Geun young at the penthouse. Geun young again talks about moving out as she got paid. Who-joon again asks her not to and says she will only make him anxious.

After Geun young changes into her night dress, the door bell rings she goes to attend the door thinking it might be Who-joon but to her surprise Mr.Bae is at the door.

Mr.Bae goes harsh on Geun young for dating Who-joon and asks her to leave after the next day’s shoot. Geun Young, who is pissed, plans to move out as she was planning to do that anyway.

Ji-Hyang meets Who-joon at his house and says he did not get any solid clue about his father and gives him an old photograph of the person who might be his father.

The next day, as Geun young hides on the stairs, she says goodbye to the place as it kept her safe. (I got a little emotional as there won’t be any funny scene of her hiding and all).

As she enters the makeup room, the makeup artist asks if she is ok as she is looking dull but she says she is doing fine. Who-joon also gets concerned and signals to ask if she is ok and she says she is fine.

Writer Noh and PD Han start to romance outside the penthouse and get caught by one of the crew members.

They then discuss what to do for the shoot with Who-joon and Geun young and decides to go on a trip. PD Han takes Who-joon inside and asks Writer Noh and Geun young to pick a place for the vacation.

PD Han explains to Who-joon that it is the last day of shooting of the show. Who-joon and Ji-Hyang get shocked and ask what happened, why suddenly it is getting wrapped up. PD Han explains how higher-ups decided on that matter. As Who-joon asks if Geun young knows about it, PD Han asks him to do a thing.

Geun young who is lost in thoughts looks around the penthouse when suddenly a video message of Who-joon for Geun young starts playing on the TV.

At first, she gets excited to see him on TV. Who-joon says it is a little awkward to send her that video message but he is doing so as he wants to tell her that it’s the last day shooting of So I married the anti-fan show.

Geun Young gets shocked by what he said. Who-joon continues to say that he gave her a hard time on the set but he will never forget the moments they shared and though he met her as his Anti-fan now he became her fan♥️ (aww.. he is good with words.. isn’t he!?)

Geun young’s eyes get teary. Who-joon then comes out of the room with a bouquet and gives it to her and says he is really thankful. Geun young starts crying at this point and Who-joon consoles her.

Writer Noh who didn’t know any of this asks PD Han about it. They get into a cute fight.

They all prepare to leave to the beach to get the winter’s fresh air.

As Geun young and Who-joon gets into a car Who-joon asks why she was crying as if they were really going to break up and they can’t break up anymore as she may cry. Geun young explain how suddenly it happened that she couldn’t control herself. Who-joon then consoles her saying they can date without the camera.

On the other side, JJ goes to In-Hyung who is practicing for her show. JJ says he is trying to go back in time and make the three of them out in the same company.

In-Hyung asks him not to do anything as it won’t help her.

Our couple drives to the beach. They remember how in the 1st episode Geun young got to drive and in the final episode,  Who-joon is driving. Who-joon then asks her to forget everything and enjoy the last day.

On JJ’s way home he comes to know that he is being sued by In-Hyung which pisses him off.

After reaching, both writer Noh and PD Han asks them to be a real couple as it is a final episode. Who-joon asks if they were being awkward. Writer Noh explains that they are better than the 1st episode but still not so close as a real couple. Everyone smiles and they decide to do couple things for the shooting.

The shooting starts, our couple walks on the sidewalk near the beach.

They both casually talk about both of their differences and how it is not easy as the other thought.

As writer Noh and PD Han thinks of doing something special (like holding hands) as the couple walk, Who-joon holds Geun young’s hand which makes everyone smile. In the end, they decide to eat something.

On the other side, JJ meets attorney Choi Hae-Yoon regarding the lawsuit. Attorney Choi says he is not his personal attorney or troubleshooter to clean up his mess. JJ asks if he is that upright. JJ also asks what happens when a celebrity’s personal history is revealed. Attorney Choi asks if he is the one who is in the question and then goes to look into his files. JJ notices some Roman letters on Attorney Choi’s desk and asks about it. He replies that it is nothing but just a personal safekeep. 

JJ gets fishy about Attorney Choi and asks one of his members to find out about him.

Here our crew members start shooting while the couple eats. They both order tteokbokki and eats it with some inner joke that happened back in In-hyung’s home while feeding each other. Writer Noh notices something weird between them but PD Han says it is better than watching them bicker.😂

I was actually smiling at this point thinking how our poor Who-joon had to eat Geun young’s mother’s tteokbokki 😂😂

They both stand in front of the beach and Geun young writes “Thank you” in the sand. Who-joon asks for the stick but Geun young refuses as he will surely write something weird. Who-joon then playfully takes the stick and draws heart after the “Thank you”.. they both lovingly play around. (Which was warm to watch)

Who-joon asks not to forget him as this is the last day they gonna spend together.

When it gets cold Who-joon tries to offer his jacket while Geun young asks him not to be cheesy. Who-joon says he wasn’t trying anything and mentions she is full of herself. Geun young laughs and says she shouldn’t have mistaken it and walks forward.

Who-joon anyway removes his jacket and with it back hugs Geun young.

At this beautiful moments the shooting ends.

As everyone moves away from the shore Geun young says Who-joon worked hard till the end. Who-joon says it is not the end but the beginning and kisses her.

The episode ends here… I am feeling a little emotional as the series is gonna end soon.. and I feel like the series is gonna be emotional as in the process of finding resolving everything. 🥺

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