Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 15 kdrama

The Undelivered Heart and Soul

The episode starts with Who-joon confessing about his true identity to the public.

On the other side, In-Hyung throws herself in front of a truck. JJ, who tries to save her, jumps along with her.

When Who-joon comes out after the press conference comes to know about the news and rushes to the hospital.

Geun-young’s heart sinks after hearing the press conference and the news of In-Hyung and JJ’s accident and blames herself as everyone has fallen.

While Who-joon runs towards the ICU, he wonders what would have happened if he went to JJ back then or revealed his lies a little before.

My heart started getting heavy as everyone started blaming themselves. Once you start thinking what if, then there is no end. There is no ‘if’ in life, there are only causes and consequences.

The doctor informs Who-joon that the surgery went well but it will take some time before both of them wake up.

GuenYoung feeling bad reaches the hospital but then calls Who-joon after seeing reporters in front of the hospital. Who-joon asks her some time as he is going through a lot right now. Geun young understands him and leaves.

After a while, Ji-Hyang says they need to visit advertisement and movie companies (where Who-joon signed contract). Who-joon, who is reluctant to leave, agrees to go with him as he should face the consequences.

Reporters and the public go crazy that he lied that even throws eggs at his car and calls him “boy who cried after wolf”

Advertisement company is upset as Who-joon’s image dropped like that and asks him to pay for the breach of the contract.

Meanwhile, In-Hyung wakes up and feels bad about what happened.

Writer Noh and PD Han who is editing the ‘so I married my anti-fan’ episode gets message from their higher official to end the show. Writer Noh says she has never faced these many issues in any other show.

Who-joon cries and asks JJ to wake up. JJ’s assistant comes and hands him JJ’s personal things from his desk as JJ’s office vacated.

Who-joon sits on the stairs and notices a diary from JJ’s things. He starts crying as he realizes that JJ also missed their old days. To make it worst they also show us the flashback where the trio plays and practices together.

In-Hyung feels bad about JJ lying in his bed because of her and asks him to wake up.

Geun young feels kind of relieved that In-Hyung woke up. Also gets a message from Who-joon that he is missing her and will meet her at the park in the evening.

Geun-young prepares all kinds of food for Who-joon and leaves to the park leaving her phone behind (our messy queen).

Who-joon who is stuck in a meeting calls her as she doesn’t pick up leaves a message saying he won’t be able to make it today.

Geun young who has no idea about it waits for him in the park. It starts snowing and she still waits in the cold for him.

Geun young reaches home (cold and sick) really late and sees Who-joon’s text and replies him that she is fine.

I mean why are they making us feel bad at once 🙁

Geun young lies in her bed sick. Ji-Hyang consoles Who-joon that he will take care of the lawsuit and leaves him in the penthouse.

Who-joon notices the business card JJ gave him saying the lawyer is his father and decides to meet him.

Who-joon goes to his law firm and with every step he takes near the office my heart was also raising.

He meets Attorney Choi and casually starts talking about his lawsuit. While attorney Choi constantly getting distracted with the ring Who-joon wearing.

Who-joon finally asks if he wants to see the ring and gives it to him. Attorney Choi gets startled after seeing ‘YAMA’ carved in it and asks him where he got the ring.

Who-joon gets emotional and asks him why he left him and his mother.

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Attorney Choi then explains that he is not his father but his friend is. Who-joon’s father and mother used to date but his father’s family was totally against it. So he stayed at attorney Choi’s home and proposed to his mother with attorney Choi’s ring after craving ‘YAMA’ in it. ‘YAMA’ means ‘You Are My All’. But his father’s family decided to marry him off. So Who-joon’s mother could not help and didn’t tell him that she is pregnant with Who-joon. But his father who was week died soon after. At his funeral, attorney Choi meets his mother and comes to know about Who-joon for the first time. Then his mother left the country.

Who-joon then goes to meet his father with a bouquet. His mother who came to know that Who-joon is aware of all the past calls him(like finally yess) and starts crying.

It was very emotional to see both of them crying and comforting each other without words.

Later Who-joon gets a call that JJ is woke now. Who-joon rushes to the hospital and gets to know that JJ lost his voice temporarily. JJ silently thinks of everything that happened and thinks how he thought In-Hyung was her life but became a burden for her.

On the other side, Geun-young’s parents visit her and start to nag her (it was really warm and the only good thing that happened in this episode)…

Her father says he will fix everything for her like lights and water pressure and it was so warm to hear it. Her mother asks her about Who-joon and says she thought they were close as they visited them together. Geun young brushes off her questions and says she herself doesn’t know well.

Geun Young goes outside for a walk and smiles at the shoe Who-joon gave her.

Who-joon cleans up his room and while doing so he finds the memory card he snatched from Geun young (thinking she recorded Who-joon and In-Hyung) when the first time they met.

He finds pictures of her in the memory card and misses her.

Geun young meets her ex-boyfriend on the way. They go to a cafe and start talking about that shoe which was the starting point of the issues. And tells her that Who-joon reached him to ask about her shoe size. Geun Young gets shocked knowing that he knew about their relationship.

And also tells her that Who-joon said that Geun young is like December in hwatu for him.

Geun young comes home and sees her mom playing hwatu by herself and asks her what the December card means.

Her mom and dad explain that if someone called her the December in hwatu it means she is a surprise.

That person doesn’t want someone to have her also feels too pressure to take her.

They both then ask which punk called her so. Geun Young says whatever and thinks that he has such a unique way of talking to call her that.

Her parents leave for their hometown. Her father says to take care of Who-joon as it will be heartbreaking for his parents as well.

Geun young gets a message from writer Noh that today’s episode will be the last episode of so I married my anti-fan.

Geun young watches it at her home and Who-joon watches it in the hospital room. They both think of each other as the episode shows the beach scenes. Who-joon thinks she is the one who helped him to go back to who he really is and he needs time to go to her. Geun Young also thinks that she has to live her life now.

The next day she signs up for an English class and coincidentally bumps into her ex-boss. They sit in a cafe to talk. Her ex-boss reveals that it was not Who-joon that she got laid off but because wonder woman was not doing well. She also says Geun young are lucky to get paid as she got laid off without any pay. She says she didn’t want to stir panic that’s why covered the incident with Who-joon’s name.

I mean WHATT.. was it really destiny?..

JJ sees Who-joon who is sleeping in a chair beside him and thinks of the past where Mr.Bae asks Who-joon to perform JJ’s song and JJ gives his song to Who-joon encouragingly.

Who-joon asks In-Hyung to go back to her place and says that’s what JJ would want and In-Hyung agrees with him.

Geun Young, PD Han, and writer Noh meet up. While drinking PD Han says that though the show ended like that he is happy and satisfied. (Well I am not!!). PD Han asks Geun young if she realized that Who-joon she 1st met is different from him now. Geun Young asks if he already knew that it would end up like this. PD Han says (he asks her to read pride and prejudice when they first met with the show proposal) that everyone has a pride wrapping them up and when he first saw the picture of Who-joon getting hit by her shoe, he noticed something similar between them. And gives her a pen drive saying it’s a present for her and nobody else knows about it.

Geun young after reaching home deletes the old file of Who-joon’s double face and starts writing a new file which goes like “PD Han asked me to read Pride and prejudice. Maybe he knew what we will become with Who-joon’s pride and her prejudice on him.”

She writes a whole article and gives it to her friend to publish it wondering if people will listen to her story at least this time.

After reaching home Geun young plays the video which is in the pendrive PD Han gave. She is shocked to see Who-joon kissing her on the beach got recorded. (Well yaaa.. it was recorded.. good to know… hahaa)

She then gets emotional and goes to the park they usually meet and thinks of him. She starts crying and suddenly hears Who-joon’s voice who says “if you are going to cry like that why did you say you will wait”.

She is shocked to see him there and he goes to hug her saying he was afraid that she was perhaps gone.

This scene remained me of them back in Japan. When she got lost and Who-joon finds her crying and says “found you.. didn’t I tell you to concentrate on me”…. So much changed from that scene right. I feel like they could have revealed everything slowly from the previous Episodes.. seeing all at once was so much to take it in as nothing as serious as this happened before. I hope the last episode to be the happy one.

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