Top 5 thriller Kdramas from my list.

Someone told me there is no variety in Kdramas… I was like “wait, WHAT!!!.. Let me show you what you are missing” 😉😉

Here are some top 5 thriller Kdramas for you to watch.

Here is the list ranging from 5 to 1

In this series, our hero’s calm life starts becoming more interesting (well not to him😂 at first..) after meeting his intern who becomes a prime suspect of murder of her ex-boyfriend (who happens to be the son of chief prosecutor.. wow what a mess😅) soon after she starts working under hero as an intern.

Was she behind the murder? Will she able to handle the situation? Will our hero help her? Watch the series to find out😉answers.

They ultimately start finding a serial killer… I really like the twists. Our pair’s acting, chemistry is something you won’t want to miss😉✨. Also our second lead couple won’t fail to entertain you.

It is a binge-worthy kdrama. Also not very intense compared to others.

It is a fantasy thriller. I personally started watching for the main leads (am a big fan of them) and fell in love with the plot.

Nam Hong Joo (female protagonist) has the ability to dream about the future since her childhood.

The story changes after she meets Jung Jae Chan.

The story revolves around Nam Hong Joo, Jung Jae Chan (rookie prosecutor), Han Woo Tak (police officer).

These three starts to relate and work together to solve crimes and they eventually fight the Lawyer (Lee Yoo Beom) who is greedy, manipulative, self-centered one.

 A must-watch recommendation from my side… It will make you laugh hard, cry and travel with them to the end and leaves you with good vibes for sure…

This series portraits the reporter’s life. Choi Dal-Po loses his beautiful family due to injustice and reporters play the main role as they care about only the news.

Choi Dal-Po then happens to live with the heroine Choi In-ha’s family as her uncle. (Yes uncle😂😅)… Eventually, he who hated tv stations, reporters, tries to become one.

Choi In-ha is a pinnochio (she hiccups whenever she lie and that’s why it is difficult for her to become a reporter)

Will he become one of them? Will he be able to sustain? Will he make mistakes? Will he find out the truth which destroyed his family? Watch it to find out.

It shows us how much impact can media leave in people’s life after their one report. And what happens if they make a mistake.

I really liked the plot and the twists.

I really liked all the characters and their character development throughout the series.

It is binge-worthy. I personally learned a lot from this series.

This series is a political thriller. At first, I thought it is not my kind of series and after I started watching it I was like woww why this series is so gooood..

Jang Se-joon, assemblyman listens to his wife Choi Yoo-jin in everything. Nope, not because he loves her but because he doesn’t want her to touch his daughter Go An-na who was always hidden.

Kim Je-ha, our hero, used to serve in the military but because of a case, he is on run.

Because of one of his known seniors, he becomes the bodygard of Go An-na. Will he able to protect her after finding out her truth.?

I really liked especially the last two episodes. This is one of those series where I forgot how to sleep😂🤭.

A must-watch series. If a thriller gives you high, then what are you waiting for? Go and watch The K2.

It is again a fantasy thriller I fell in love with. The way they untied the knots made me hooked up. I was laughing, crying.. oops it is a perfect combo.

Lee Ahn who has the unique ability to read people’s mind, feelings with skinship tries to become a professional psychometric to help his brother and his brother’s friend while both are prosecutors.

Our heroine who is a daughter of a murderer gets entangled with them (Lee Ahn, his brother and his brother’s friend) and eventually, they try to solve a case which involves heroine’s father.

I can’t pinpoint what I liked the most. I liked it as a whole. 100 percent recommendation from my side✨✨

The Devil Judge: We are uploading recaps.. so stay tuned 😉.

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