Recaps: The devil Judge Episode 2

The episode starts with our three judges coming out of the trial room.

Kim Ga-on thinks about how Kang Yo-han yawned while consoling an elderly after the trial. So lost in these thoughts that he doesn’t even realize Kang Yo-han is standing there for a handshake until Oh Jin Joo tells him so.

Then they shake hands for the good work and Yo-han offers dinner for the celebration.

After coming to their office, oh tells Ga-on how she felt like peeing sitting while so many cameras shooting them.

Ga-on, immersed in thoughts, asks her if someone can yawn while tears are running from their eyes. Jin Joo tells him sometimes when she yarns her tears start running.

Jin Joo gets lost in thoughts after telling him how the people would have looked at Yo-han but not her. Then in all excitement, she asks if he is looking forward to the dinner given that Yo-han comes from a rich family.

Then the dinner begins. Jin Joo asks Yo-han about his hobbies. Yo-han says hunting wild animals are his hobby and he has a license for it. The strong one. He says it is a thrill when the wild animal comes running for you and you shoot right between their eyes.

While talking about Yo-han’s rich family background, a memory, where someone walks to kid Yo-han with a belt, flashes in his eyes. He then says his father was a vicious loan shark. Ga-on asks ‘the cold-blooded one’?. Yo-han says yes! why? You are from a debt-driven family?.. Ga-on gets tenses and asks him if he did a background check on him. Yo-han agrees and says he knows about how his debt parents committed suicide. Ga-on feels speechless when Yo-han vaguely apologizes for what he said.

Jin Joo tries to calm the two men down but Ga-on gets up and leaves after saying his stomach is sensitive.

Ga-on then walks through streets where homeless people sleep, dirty walls, it seemed like no one there cares about cleaning the road or the walls.

He witnesses a man riding his fast sports car almost hitting an old man in his cycle. Ga-on then helps the old man. The man in the car comes out and apologies sarcastically.

On the other side, the Minister of Justice asks the President if it (the trial) was his doing. But he talks about how natural Yo-han was in his acting and asks if she has any relationship with Chairman Cha who went through the trial. And brushes it off saying he has wild imaginations. When Minister mentions the foundation won’t be liking it as he was a large sponsor, President says Mr. Seo was calm and it didn’t bother him.

Minister then heads straight to Mr. Seo. After dealing with Jung Sun-ah, she heads to Mr. Seo who is meditating in a room full of sculptures. She asks what is the benefit of stabbing her in the back and joining with Yan-oh. She adds that she won’t standstill. Mr. Seo says Yan-oh knows what he is doing and asks her to leave if she is done talking.

She curses him while heading out and bumps into Sun-ah who is waiting for her. She says support for the ruling party increased up to 17 percent so she should be naturally happy that she is the next presidential candidate and also there will be other better sponsors than JU chemical. When Minister glares at her, Sun-ah apologizes for talking after being a mere secretary.

Ga-on plays audios he recorded to connect the dots.

Ga-on and his Professor play football and the mood is good. Professor fools Ga-on and wins saying it was not cheating but was ‘fake’ referring to a football movie.

Then they talk about how Ga-on thought he would take the defendant’s side but ended up opposing and says he liked the outcome. Professor says the only outcome should not be likable and says they must be planning something we have no idea of.

The next day, Ga-on goes to Yo-han’s office to return his book. When Ga-on says something is bothering him, Yo-han tries to be dramatic but Ga-on doesn’t play along๐Ÿ˜‚. Then Ga-on asks he has never witnessed a witness confess in the court like that and also mentions how Yo-han emphasized the witness’s words. Yo-han asks if there is a problem and Ga-on says that’s where the defendant admitted to his crime and not only the outcome should be by law but also the process should be. Yo-han says the trial is not all about justice but a game where if one loses to prove himself loses.

Ga-on leaves his office and seems to be recording their conversation.

Ga-on calls Yoon Soo-Hyun and asks her to meet that evening. Soo-Hyun agrees and gets excited to meet him.

When they meet he shows her his recordings and says he is suspicious of Yo-han. Soo-Hyun kind of upset asks him if this was why he wanted to meet her. And asks not to get involve with Yo-han as the whole public praises him and sees him as a hero right now.

Then they witness a yellow sports car almost hitting a car. Ga-on remembers that car and then Soo-Hyun picks her car and follows the speeding yellow car with Ga-on. Apparently their car is much slower than the car they are chasing and Soo-Hyun says it will be forever before they catch him.

But to their surprise a black sports car speeds along with the yellow car. The man in the black car is Yo-han and he laughs evilly at the man in the yellow car which makes him nervous.

After chasing for a while black car finally blocks the yellow car. The man in the yellow car loses his temper and comes out and recognizes Yo-han as a public court Judge. Yo-han comes out of the car and wears gloves takes a huge hammer and approaches the man while the hammer causing friction when dragged along the road.

Ga-on and Soo-Hyun wait at a distance and observes the situation.

Yan-oh with all his force hits the car with his hammer which makes the man chicken out.

Then Yo-han opens the yellow car and pretends to search and takes a drug out of his own sleeve then he shows it to the man. The man, even more scared, looks at the drugs and examines them while saying it does not belong to him.

Yo-han tells that now he even has his fingerprint on it and he is confiscating it and leaves.

The next day, when Ga-on reaches the office he sees the dark office and realizes Jin Joo spent her night there. Jin Joo says she is aware that she got hired for her looks and now she has to work hard for her lacking skills.

Soo-Hyun calls Ga-on to tell him she is going to visit both the doctors (witnesses). Ga-on asks her to stay out of it but she says she is the ace of police and she will find whatever Yo-han is doing and also says Yo-han messed up with the wrong person.

Soo-Hyun first meets the Safety Doctor but he yells at her that he got fired for being a whistleblower and his family is starving because of his stupid conscience.

Then she goes to the Doctor and he says about the water he drank which made him choke but his blood test came out fine.

An informant of Yo-han who is following Soo-Hyun informs Yan-oh that she went to meet Safety Doctor as expected.

Yo-han sitting in his office, holding the mic Ga-on hid in his office says Ga-on is also suspicious of this Safety Doctor but sometimes this happens and he will do something about this unfair game.

Late that evening Ga-on makes coffee for Soo-Hyun who dropped by his home. When Soo-Hyun says she didn’t know he knew how to cook except for stew and stir-fries rice, he smiles and tries to take back the coffee but Soo-Hyun laughs and says he should get married and asks who will he get married to. Ga-on brushes off her questions playfully.

They start talking about Yo-han. Ga-on says he felt grateful when he ran into some people who thanked him for the trial. Soo-Hyun says though it went good on the outside, something is suspicious and foul is foul no matter what!, this consoles Ga-on.

The man (from the yellow car) sits in a center chair of a conference table and 10 to 15 of his employees standing obediently while he tastes a dessert. His face changes and becomes angry and scolds them harshly for not being able to recreate a dessert he ate somewhere. He also makes his employee in his 40s who also has diabetes eat the dessert that he just crushed with his hand. And the employee eats it for his job’s sake.

The man goes into his office and checks the drug pack he hid and remembers the drug pack Yo-han sealed. It bothers him a lot and thinks of telling about it to his mom but then fears about his mom and ignores that thought.

He then goes to a bar and harasses a girl and then her boss for not being obedient.

Yo-han’s informant seems to be following the man. When Yo-han blocks the man’s car in the parking lot, the man comes out to say that he can’t hunt him as his prey and asks him to never meet again. But Yo-han seems to look at him as bait for his actual prey.

The next day Jin Joo and Ga-on discuss the new case Yo-han chose this time by replacing a special case. The case is about an unemployed man in his 28 and pro in simple assaults. He seems to be settled with all of them except the recent one. They also notice that he needs a significant amount to settle like that and oh says it is a simple assault case that won’t do much reputation to our public court and Ga-on smiles.

While Jin Joo was talking Ga-on phone rings which scares oh. Ga-on notices it was from ‘Gangstar’ and runs out to pick it up.

Soo-Hyun, from the other side of the phone, says she found traces of Yo-han. She then says the comments from the public trial court in the community site were all praising except for one comment which says ‘Kang Yo-han is the devil’ and she says she got the contact information of the one who commented.

Yo-han calls Ga-on and oh jin-ju to his office. The broadcasting PD seems to be there and he praises both of the judges excited with the reach of the court. jin-ju seems to be interested but Ga-on ignores it and asks for the reason they called. Yo-han and PD explain that the Fashion show is happening with this team and with the Social Foundation.

jin-ju gets excited when Yan-oh also says he will take care of their dresses. Ga-on asks if it is a show a Judge can go and rejects the offer.

jin-ju and Yo-han get lots of attention from the reporters and, Yo-han gives his speech saying he will keep the justice alive and they both head in.

Yo-han leaves jin-ju saying he has someone to greet. jin-ju gets caught in the eyes of Sun-ah. Sun-ah introduces her as an employee in the Social Responsibility Foundation and says she thought of her as the brightest star. jin-ju gets flattered. Then she takes jin-ju to Chairman Mr. Seo and Mr. Seo starts roasting jin-ju with his boring speech.

On the other side, Ga-on meets up with the man who commented Yo-han is the devil’. He says they went to the same middle school and he is the transferred student who didn’t even bother to introduce himself. Then the flashback starts.

Yo-han enters the classroom and doesn’t introduce himself and sits beside a girl. When they were listening to the classes suddenly a bird flies inside the classroom and gets trapped there finding the way out. The teacher tries to calm the class which went wild by the bird by then. Some kids trying to catch it, some screaming afraid of it. Yo-han didn’t seem to bother at all. But when suddenly the bird flies and sits on the book of the girl beside her, she panics. Yo-han notices it and with ‘swish’ he kills the bird with his scale.

Ga-on asks if that is why they call him a Devil but the man says this is nothing compared to what happened next.

Again in the flashback, all the kids start to ignore Yo-han calling him a monster, devil. He sits alone. On those days, in order to mingle the high-class people with the low class, they make them sit together as a low-class student sits beside one high-class student. But Yo-han sits alone. And the kids bother him by hitting him with paper and laughing at him. After that, the things of high-class students start disappearing, and after a point suspicious high-class student checks the bag of his mate and finds his lost game. This triggers the whole class and everyone starts fighting with their bench mate by checking their bag and all. There sits Yo-han, evil in his face laughs while enjoying the chaos in the class.

Wow at this part, hairs in my hand stood up!!๐Ÿ™„

In the present, Yo-han enjoys the party. Yo-han helps Jinju out of Mr. Seo’s speech and starts dancing with her.

Sun-ah cuts in between them and says the foundation hates twists the most while dancing with him. He says everyone has different tastes.

She says someone who pleases only himself is of no charm and useless. But he says he is having his best time now.

Sun-ah reports to Mr. Seo that Yo-han is not tamed enough.

Minister of Justice tells Yo-han that her family is here and asks to greet them. To our surprise, the man from the yellow car is her son actually.. wow.. nice twist.

While shaking hands with her scared son, Yo-han gives his evil laugh from the past.

Ga-on heads back and thinks of the things Yo-han said so far and his pasts. Suddenly something strikes him and he runs to Yo-han’s office to check to wiretap the mic and sees it missing. Yo-han enters the office with the mic in his hand asking if he is searching for it.

Ga-on asks if he knew everything. With that, he hears a ‘tik tik tik’ sound, and with a ‘boom’ bomb blasts and he pushes Yo-han away as far as possible. In the end, Yo-han drags unconscious Ga-on out of the office. With that episode ends…

Our Ga-on will be ok right!?.. I am waiting for more exciting things !!..

Btw, every time I see Oh Jin Joo, my mind imagines her saying ‘awwsomee’๐Ÿ˜‚.. please don’t tell me am the only one.

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