Recaps: The devil Judge Episode 3

The episode starts with, Ga-on hastily fumbling under Yo-Han’s desk for the listening device. Yo-Han surprises him, from behind asking, “are you looking for this?”.Astonished Ga-on, asks So you knew? why did he do that?. Yo-Han simply says, “because I can. Possibility is like a drug”. Suddenly they both hear a bomb ticking and before they knew it wall behind them explodes.

Ga-on is unconscious at Yo-Han’s house and, a girl in her wheelchair is asking if he is dead and whether Yo-Han killed him. Yo-Han calmly answers NO to all her questions. As Ga-on wakes up, she gets annoyed as it is no fun him being not “dead” and leaves. Ga-on tries to get up but, he seems too weak. Yo-Han advises, “I wouldn’t try to get up if I were you. ” and leaves.

The next day the supreme court is under investigation for the bomb blast and is swarmed by reporters. Yo-Han shows his hand and says “bearable” as the reporters ask him whether he was hurt.

Yo-Han then warns whoever is behind this bomb blast that the show won’t be stopped in any case. He then surprises the reporters and Cha Kyung-Hee(Minister of defense), announcing that his upcoming trial would be on the VP of Jungwon, Lee Young Min.

He states Lee Young Min has continuously abused the weak and unfortunate. The reporters question him, won’t the prosecution retaliate if this trial is held. He answers, “Everyone is equal before the law. To me, everyone is just a defendant.”.Minister cha is very mad after watching the news. (Why does he always rub her in the wrong way.).

As Yo-han gets away from the reporter, Soo-Hyun chases him to enquire about Ga-on. Yo-Han asks her to take care of the case and assures her he will take care of Ga-on. He says he can’t reveal Ga-on’s location as he is in danger.

Ga-on wakes up to the noise of glass crackling and sees the maid standing in front of him apologizing. Ga-on asks, why are you so surprised.
She inquiries didn’t master Yo-Han tell you anything? and says, ” then I have nothing to say” on seeing him clueless. (This is intriguing me. is there something he should know.)

Ga-on then gets on his feet and walks around the house. The house is very classy and vintage. Everything in the place seems to be invaluable. The house itself is in some isolated area near a river.

Ga-on looks at a clay pot and wonders, “It seems so old. how much this would be? “. He almost drops it hearing a voice, “It’s a national treasure. Put it down.”. The girl says, “I was a joke. You are so stupid. Don’t be prying and stay in bed.”

Ga-on questions who she is and why does she speak to him like that. The girl says, “Elijah.”. She scolds him for mispronouncing her name as Eli and how stupid he is. Ga-on is confused that did he do something wrong to her?.why is she so hostile?

Elijah says she doesn’t like his face that why she hates him. She then rebukes Yo-han for bringing him home. Ga-on wonders what on earth this place is.

The Jerk Lee Young Min is with his father at his home and says Yo-han is purposefully doing this to hurt him. Minister cha enters now looking for her son and beats him up for disappointing her. She then assures her husband and son that the trial won’t be happening and leaves.

Minister Cha comes straight to the president’s office and says, “are you going to sit back and watch?”.

She then gets surprised seeing Yo-Han there. Yo-Han leaves soon saying, it won’t be appropriate for him to be with the defendant’s family. While leaving, he asks her not to take anything personally and differentiate between work and personal feelings.

She also warns him to not take anything personal that she is going to do hereafter.

Yo-Han meets secretary Jung sun-ah. He says the bomb is set in such a way that it doesn’t cause too much harm but also not trivial enough not to be ignored. It was just at the perfect level as if to warn somebody. She says people who do not heed the warning end up regretting it.

Secretary Jung then meets President Heo and Minister cha and relays that the sponsors of the foundations for the dream home plan are worried about the negative public emotion.

The privileged class abusing their power is getting a lot of common public provocation. President Heo asks minister cha, “why doesn’t her son control his anger. Is it because of his aggressive mom?”.

Minister cha gives a cold stare. President crosses the line and comments, “You tend to have this intense look in your eyes. It is not really a quality appreciated in a woman. “. Minister Cha shuts him, “You are out of line,sir.”.

Secretary Jung then asks the president to stop the trial. The president states nearly 1 million people have signed a petition for the supreme court bomb blast. Kang Yo-Han has that much support. They can’t mess with Yo-han, else there would be a riot. Minister Cha says she will handle it on her own if the government can’t help and leaves.

While changing Ga-on’s wound dressing, Yo-han finds a big tattoo then asks him what it was. Ga-on brushes it off, saying he got it when he was immature. Yo-Han sarcastically tells “I’m surprised.”.

“are you an old fart” retorts Ga-on saying judging people without knowing them that’s what old farts do. Yo-Han sharply slaps on his wound, and as Ga-on jumps in pain, he says only kids exaggerate that’s what kids do. (Kang Yo-han seems to be totally a different person at his home).

Yo-han then watches TV with Elijah. Judge Oh is giving an interview emotionally on the bomb blast and crying for Yo-Han. Elijah asks whether he and Judge Oh are dating. After knowing they are not, she leaves saying, “you are boring.”. She then asks, why did you bring that idiot?

Yo-Han is like, “who? Ga-on?”. Eliah says, send him away, or I am going to kill him. Yo-Han sarcastically says, when even you can’t walk? ” You said you will kill me first when you walk. One at a time. OK?”.

The next day, while Yo-Han leaves for the court, Ga-on says he will go to his home today. Ga-on then enquires about the coming trial. Yo-han advises him to rest and says he will find a substitute judge until he recovers.

After some time, ga-on roams around the house and finds few doors locked. The nanny he saw before comes and informs him he shouldn’t be wandering. “I am not sleeping beauty,you know. I am bored.”.

The nanny says, “if you wish I can make you sleep like a sleeping beauty.”. and says it was a joke seeing him shocked. Ga-on retreats to his room thinking, how creepy the people in the house are.

At the police station, Soo-Hyun gets a lead that someone who has built the court might be the reason for the bomb blast and leaves to meet the person in charge. Kang Yo-han sets up a person to follow Soo-Yun and says they should find the person before the police do.

Soo-Hyun and her colleague reach a workshop for investigating the person who installed all the appliances in Yo-Han’s office. As the officer calls him from behind, He pulls the officer and bashes him on the table saw, the officer’s face near the razor. The male officer loses his shit. Soo-Hyun from behind pulls out her gun and points at the person. The person then lets the officer go.

When soo-Hyun tries to investigate the man asking whether he installed the devices in Yo-Han’s office, the person refuses to answer and says he needs a warrant to speak.

On the same night, Yo-han meets the person and thrashes him. The person spills out that he was ordered by someone in the foundation and the foundation wanted to scare you off. The person who followed Soo-Hyun earlier stop Yo-Han before he could have killed him.

Yo-Han then reaches his home. He goes to Ga-on’s room and gives his phone back for behaving well. Ga-on asks him whether all the preparation for the next day’s trial is over since he prepares every aspect of it himself. He then asks, why do you get involved in such a terribly unfair game? Do you want to change something or regret something. Yo-han says, “are you an old fart? to judge someone without knowing them.” Ga-on apologizes. While leaving, Yo-han again slaps him, this time in his stomach wound, and says, stop imagining uncomfortable things.?

The first thing Ga-on does is call Soo-Hyun and, she shouts, “Hey, Ga-on!”
She inquires if he is well and is your face alright?. “You have a terrible personality but face is nice to look at?”. Ga-on asks whether she is alright and did she miss him. Soo-Hyun after hearing that becomes speechless and chocked up. She then asks where he is.

She scolds him for being at Yo-han’s house as he is the most dangerous person now. The bomb might be self-fabricated and asks him to leave now and assures him she will take care of everything. Ga-on asks not to behave like a mom again and says he will take care. He says since he is in the lion’s den. He will try to collect as much information as possible.

The Chairman of the social responsibility foundation announces the Dream home plan with 30K units. The foundation provides free medical care and housing for homeless and weak people. The big head political group celebrates the announcement of a Dream home and says Mr. Seo will receive a Nobel prize for this.

The conversation among the leaders heats up as they speak on who is in serve loss right now. The head of the Inbo group Mr. Min questions president Heo for getting in their way for the construction of hotels.

President Hoe gets upset and shouts that they want many things. He can’t let people around the area kicked out of their houses or clear out greenbelts area. Before the chaos could get out of hand, secretary Jung pours her wine intentionally on Mr. Heo. President Heo gets very annoyed and leaves.

President Hoe is at a massage center, and suddenly secretary Jung is massaging him instead of the masseuse. She says she used to be dirt poor before she joined the foundation. She was a masseuse before that. She then asks would your mind change if you get 20% of Dreamhouse profit and says she is just an errand girl and conveys Mr. Seo’s plan. Of course, the president falls for it.

Ga-on is on his mission of finding Yo-Han’s family mystery and, he finds the nanny going inside one of the locked rooms. She is weeping in front of a photo, saying, “you are the real heir of all these properties not him.”.

He then calls Soo-Hyun to find records of Yo-Han’s family relations. Soo-Hyun says it’s hard to get information without any case but accepts doing it. Before sleeping, Ga-on notices his medicines and decides not to take them. But when he wakes, he gets anxious after finding that the tablets disappeared.

Judge Oh and the new associate Judge discuss the coming trial. The case is basically about Lee Young Min going to a small restaurant on his girlfriend’s wish. The restaurant had no valet or parking area.

The waiter working there asks him to move the car as many customers are complaining. Young-Min kicks the waiter since the waiter said he can’t park his car as he doesn’t know to drive and makes a mess of the place. He even slaps the part-timer working there and kicks the chief when he questions the jerk.

All three have filed the case against Lee Young Min and, I don’t think he ever compensated for any person he wronged before.

The next day, Judge Oh gets upset because she receives signed agreements that 2 victims have settled for compensation. The only victim left now is the chef of the restaurant.

The Chief Justice of the supreme court says it is risky to go against the prosecution at times like this. Yo-Han asks, “Do you believe everyone is equal before law? I don’t, but sometimes it would be nice to believe that”. He then assures him to consider this trial as a movie, a Christmas trial, and leaves.

At Yo-Han’s house that night, Ga-on this time takes the tablets and keeps them in his pocket. The next day he wakes up early than usual and meets Yo-Han before he leaves. Ga-on comes forward to be a witness for the trial as he has seen Lee Young-Min rash driving. Yo-Han asks him whether he saw something else. Ga-on thinks of how Yo-Han broke Young-Min’s car with a hammer but says No. Yo-Han advises him to stay put and rest.

The next day the trial starts and, Ga-on spills his juice watching his picture on the show. Yo-Han asks everyone to pray for him as he is unwell and couldn’t be in today’s trial. He then says only the people can protect them as they face so many threats now. Everyone in the show shouts, “We root for you!”.

The trial starts and, the prosecutor explains the case to the jury. He explains, “the defendant has been accused of physical and verbal abuse of a server, chef, and a part-timer of a restaurant.”.

Yo-Han asks Young-Min to come forward. Young-min is clueless about what to do and asks, “Why?”. The prosecutor then butts in and points out that this is a simple assault case, and the defendant cannot be punished if the victims don’t want to punish. He says already all victims have settled with the defendant. So the prosecution has to withdraw the case.

Yo-Han says, “But there is still one victim who is not settled yet.”. The prosecutor then calls Chef Kim Sung Hoon, and to everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t want to punish Young-Min. Yo-Han inquires why did he change his decision. Chef Kim thinks about how they are threatened to be kicked out of the restaurant even though the lease period is not yet over. But he says he just wants to let go of things. Young-Min excuses himself, and bows to the chef, and apologizes mockingly. The chef is so helpless that only thing he does is clenches his fist and looks away.

The prosecutor then concludes that the prosecution is now forced to withdraw all the charges. Yo-Han then questions the prosecutor what do you call it when a person commits the same crime again and again.

The prosecutor then says, “are you saying about repeat offenders but there is no evidence for repeat offence.”. Yo-Han then asks how many assault cases have been settled by him till now, and Judge Oh answers “12”.

Yo-Han then asks the public to see whether Young-Min’s face is familiar. If they find it familiar he asks them to send a video message through the DIKE app(app for trial voting). Within few minutes, a girl connects through a video call. She says Young-min once came to the department store she worked and slapped her for congestion near her shop, and on top of it she got fired because of him. As soon as she finishes 100’s of videos pour in. Yo-han says this is like a Christmas tree.

Announcing that this case is not a simple assault case anymore but a habitual assault, he asks the prosecution to change the indictment. He then says he won’t allow any case to be buried away. You can’t buy justice.

Ga-on watching all these suddenly decides to visit the room in the basement and finds a photo in a book. He gets shocked that the person in the pic looks just like him. The nanny catches him in the basement room and says, “You are a very curious person.”.

Ga-on then comes to know from the nanny that the person in the picture is Master Isaac, the elder brother of Yo-Han. Ga-on asks, “so this room is that person’s.”. She tells him the room is Master Yo-Han’s bedroom and he was an abandoned child and, nobody wanted him.

Ga-on curiously asks so many questions but, the nanny says, “if you are curious, you find out everything by yourself.”. Ga-on pokes nanny, knowing that she respects Isaac so much. He says maybe because Isaac was incapable. Yo-han was made the heir. This rubs her in a wrong way, and she shouts angrily, “What do you know?”. Ga-on apologizes and says, “if it’s hard to talk you don’t have to say anything.”. She says you look just like Master Isaac, especially those eyes.

The nanny narrates, Master Isaac lost his mother at a young age. All of the trouble started when Isaac’s father was taken to a bar by his friends when he locked himself up after his wife’s death. He slept with a woman working in the bar and, she became pregnant with Yo-Han.

The woman then demanded money and got rejected. Chairman Kang planned to abandon Yo-han in a church at that time young Issac cries and holds Yo-Han. Issac was very sweet to his little brother and, the nanny raised him.

It was chilling to watch Chairman Kang used to abuse Yo-han when he was a child. He used to beat him with the belt in his room. Isaac was the one who sometimes saved him. The nanny asked, chairman Kang once why does he treat Yo-han so inhumanly. He says because “He’s a look alike. He looks like me, but Isaac is different, he is like his mom and one day he will kill Isaac .”.

Ga-on questions that Yo-han was put in an unjustified position and he was the victim, so why doesn’t anyone trust him. The nanny says though Yo-han was the blood of the chairman she raised him with her milk and, yet he was already capable of something dreadful.

He once made a servant girl who had a crush on him jump from 2nd-floor and, he fed Chairman’s favorite dog weed killer.

Ga-on says that Yo-han and his brother had a good relationship. The nanny asks have heard that Yo-han was a survivor of a church fire. The Chairman died a month before the fire and, Master Isaac died in that fire.

At the same time, Yo-han is on some construction site with so many homeless people. A homeless man identifies Yo-han and says “you’re …. church …. fire.” and starts to run(He was a fireman when the church accident occurred).

Yo-Han chases him to the terrace and makes the man fall from the terrace. Yo-Han then gets a watch from his body and says, “You didn’t sell this? Did you like it?”. and leaves the man there to die.

The more I learn about Yo-han creepier it gets and, He looks like a perfect psycho but, I guess the story has more to it and in some way still, I believe yo-Han is doing it for revenge but why?. Let’s watch the coming episodes and find.

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