Recaps: The Witch’s Diner Episode 2

~ Mind Comforting Tomato Soup ~

The episode starts with Jo Hee Ra sitting in her rooftop house and sipping her wine. As usual, the purple sky above her was filled with flickering lightning and thunder. Mr.Oh asks whether she had to go this far telling, this could be dangerous. Hee-Ra tells, it’s not his business and says it’s not like she had never made someone(the owner) die before.

The next day, The parent of the bullies complaint against Gil-yong & Young-Jae, for fighting in front of their kids. The school have a violence prevention committee on the pressure of the parents.
Gil-yong is unjustly blamed for severe assault and is forbidden from any school activities and, on top of it, is advised to receive psychological treatment. Young-Jae is asked to do school volunteer work for two days.

Jin is again having a nightmare. In the dream, Jin is a child, and she is running away from a woman. The woman is humming some weird and creepy tune. Her mom saves her and says she will protect her. Suddenly, a horrible sight of the half-wrinkled face of the witch flashes in her dream, followed by the owner dying as her veins burst. Jin wakes up breathing heavily and tries to remember what happened earlier. She remembers that she ate steak prepared by a witch and wished for revenge .She convinces herself that it might be a dream and moves on.

On her way to her restaurant, she finds out that the owner really died from a heart attack. At her restaurant, she finds a half-eaten plate of steak. She convinces herself that it’s impossible and It’s Just a coincidence.

A man returns a suit to dry cleaner(it seems he borrows the customer’s clothes from the shop whenever needed). The dry cleaner asks for 10000 won for rental. As the person hesitates to give the money, the shop owner yells that he rents the customer clothes only because he pities him and the owner says it is hard to get a job nowadays, but he shouldn’t be this pitiful.

The person comes out of the shop and weirdly takes a matchbox from his pocket. He breaks a matchstick into two and puts it in front of the shop.
When he reaches his apartment, he finds that his landlord is waiting for him to kick him out(He didn’t pay rent for months) and leaves the place silently. He calls his friend for help but his friend cuts the call in the middle.

He looks at the department store in front of him and remembers how he begged for a part-time job there. That time the owner already gave the job to Gil-yong. He again breaks a match stick and puts it in front of the shop.

Jeong Jin is at her restaurant, and Jo Hee Ra enters and asks her to get ready for the business. Jin hesitantly asks her, “Ms. Park died. was it really you?”. Hee-Ra says, “ugh. No you did it. You clearly said you wanted revenge.”. Jin is in shock and says she just wanted Ms. Park to realize her mistake. Hee-Ra questions her since when revenge was such a gentle and soft word?

As Jin screams at Hee-ra for killing Ms.Park, Hee-Ra says she is being a hypocrite and pushes her to the ground. Suddenly the place is filled with thunder and lightning and, the restaurant repeatedly changes to a burning factory. As Jin crawls away from Hee-ra, Hee-ra face changes to a ghostly wrinkled face and, she warns her that she is the one who wanted revenge, and now she has to bear the weight of it.

Jin escapes out of the restaurant and runs till she is somewhere in the middle of the road and cries helplessly.

The next day, Jin goes to Ms. Park’s funeral home and says she didn’t wish for this to happen and apologizes. As she comes out of the cemetery, Hee-Ra watches her from a cliff.

Jin then goes to a psychologist and finds Gil-yong coincidentally. They then settle at a park. Gil-yong tells how all the blames were turned on him and, he is asked to get psychological treatment. Jin wonders how the schools are making students do these things nowadays.

Gil-yong says he used to be terminally ill when he was young but, now he doesn’t even remember those days. Time has the power to heal and one day he won’t remember these days also. Jin says it is so unfair and asks him doesn’t it worry him. He says he worries about so many things like “what if I can’t fulfill my mom’s wish? or what if I can’t compete?. But if I just keep on going, who knows? it might not be as scary as I thought.”.

Jin thinks to herself that he is right and there is no point in simply worrying. She pats him in his head( this takes his breath away) and says, “Good for you. You are more of an adult than me.”. As she leaves, he asks, let’s meet around and thinks about how she patted his head and smiles.

The next day, the midterm exams are going on, the bullies take Gil-Yong’s phone and ring Young Jae’s phone. He gets caught by the invigilator and is given zero for that exam. After the exam gets over, Gil-Yong hurries to meet Young-Jae, and the bully says, “it is bad for Young-Jae if he messes in mid-term. He won’t get into university.”.

As Gil-Yong runs to explain Young-Jae, his knees hurt sharply. He then visits his doctor and finds out that the joint that Gil-Yong got operated on a year ago took a blow. He is advised not to exercise for four weeks and also better skip the coming competition.

Jin is drinking with her friend, and she is marveling, “A witch! She said she is a witch!”. Her friend asks her to stop talking about witches and go home and sleep. Her friend doesn’t seem to listen to her as she speaks about how our thoughts and words carry power and how scary it is if our thoughts turn into reality. She then concludes she wants to live harder. And she won’t be afraid of Hee-ra if at all she is a witch. After all, they have a contract.

She then goes straight to her restaurant and, Hee-Ra is having wine at a table. Jin sits in front of her and grabs her wine and drinks. (Hee-Ra gives a confused look😂).

Jin says last time she wasn’t serious and got scammed badly. Jin makes it clear that Hee-Ra not only has to pay the rent but also has to pay for electricity, mortgage, water, ingredients, and also profit has to be shared- that is the contract.

Hee-Ra asks, “Half and Half?”. “Deal.” says Jin(OMG what is she getting into!). Jin leaves saying you better have customers. Hee-Ra scoffs at her and says “She acts out when she is drunk.”.

The school is filled with rumors that Young-Jae attempted suicide because of Gil-Yong.

Gil-Yong hesitates and stands outside Young-Jae’s hospital room. Young-Jae’s mom asks him to go inside. She says he hasn’t spoken to her and asks Gil-yong to speak to him and leaves.

Gil-yong awkwardly asks him whether he ate something. Young-Jae turns away from him and remains silent. Gil-Yong says that he got to see him so, he will be off and gets up to leave.

Young-Jae speaks now that he thought his life was over because of the scumbags and, it was scarier to live. He then says he quit the track and worked hard to get into university, but now everything is over.

Gil-Yong says it is not over for him but remains speechless as his friends say it is scarier that it is not over and, he has to live like this for the rest of his life.

At rooftop palace, a woman appears out of brown smoke and, she comments at Hee-Ra, “I think you are crossing the line.”.

She says we are beings that stand between the boundaries and a witch is supposed to grant people’s wishes in return for a price for eternity. If you are crossing the line, you are not qualified as a witch. (I think she is her mom).

Hee-ra mocks, “What a boomer thing to say. Are we CCTV? why do we have to just watch?”.(😂😂). The woman warns that “the wish cannot be reversed.”.

Hee-Ra says she is not in any plan to reverse the wish and, she is just having fun. As she goes out, she asks the woman to wire the payment to Mr.Oh as she has things to do.

Hee-Ra then goes to the restaurant where Jin is readily waiting to discuss something. As Hee-Ra enters, she enquires whether Jin is sober now as she has an awful drinking habit.

Jin then manages that she wanted to arrange her thoughts and, as she claims the place is her restaurant, Hee-Ra stops her and says the restaurant is hers now. She then magically produces a contract between them. Jin cries that Hee-Ra faked her sign in the contract but, it falls on deaf ears.

As she is the owner and Jin is just an employee, she lists out few rules

  1. don’t talk back to me
  2. don’t simply eat the food I cooked, not even the leftovers
  3. I decide when to open and close the restaurant.
  4. the most important rule, I am going to do everything else as I please.

She tells all these rules and proudly smiles. 

Jin asks, “how can she boss her around?”. Hee-ra shows the contract and says I am the boss and, you are the employee. Hee-Ra then plans to change the interior of the restaurant.

Gil-Yong is alone in his classroom and, his counselor (Jin’s friend) asks him why is he still in the classroom. She then says she knows he can’t take part in the competition now and asks him not to quit school because of this, if he is planning to do so.

Gil-Yong worries that his father wants him to go to university as an athlete but, he never says it. now he can’t fulfil his parents dreams. He then comes out of the classroom and thinks deeply, “I suddenly got scared. I wish there was fixed answers to everything but now I lost the answers”. 

He thinks that both the university and competition dream is over. Though people tell they can understand. He wonders how much do they understand.

When his mom was dying, and she said she was fine, did he really understand her pain?. He thinks, ” Perhaps I am also hiding behind the word “fine” just like my mom.”.

He stands on top of a building and thinks that this is a mess and everything is over. He musters the courage to jump but stutters.

At the very moment, his friend Young-Jae calls. Young-Jae says he won’t lose to the bullies. These words change Gil-Yong’s mind and, he says that they won’t lose to them and says you made a good call. (Thank god he called…). Gil-Yong looking at the distant place says, “How bitterly beautiful.”.

Mr. Oh looks around the restaurant and as you guess in a snap of a finger, he completely changes the restaurant interior and the restaurant board changes from Jinmi restaurant to witch’s diner. A notice appears magically with words, “We grant you any wish.”.

Jin looks around the restaurant and wonders if this place is some fortune-telling place or what?. Mr. Oh then introduces himself as the interior designer and asks how is the restaurant now?.

Jin says she knows that Ms. witch is an oddball and sarcastically asks, “Who are you people?”. Mr. Oh says, “Well think of me as a shadow. A person who supports you from the dark”. (Jin nods as if she understood.😂)

Hee-Ra enters the restaurant now and asks Mr. Oh to leave if the work is finished. Mr. Oh insists on having a cup of tea saying after all they have started a new business. He gifts a plant for opening a new restaurant.

As Jin asks about the plant, he says it’s a mandrake and warns her that it is very loud. so it should be handled with care. (I have seen mandrake only in Harry Potter.).He then gives a broomstick as a gift.

Jin says, “Don’t tell me…Do you ride this because you are a witch?”. Hee-ra says it’s just for cleaning.

They sit idle for hours and, Jin wonders how long are they gonna sit like this?. Jin then says, let’s call it a day. I guess no customer will come anyway.

Hee-Ra says the customer will come now and, Mr. Oh leaves. Jin as usual clueless wonders, why he stayed for so long in the first place.

Lee Gil-Yong finds the witch’s Diner (a storm is formed only above the building) and thinks he didn’t eat anything today. He wonders what place it is and finds Jin inside sweeping the floor.

Hee-Ra’s voice narrates, “If a coincidence keeps occuring, people think of it as destiny. Just like I had.”.

Jin asks him what is he doing here. Gil-yong explains he found the place when he was hungry. Hee-ra comes now and asks Gil-Yong to take a seat if he is a customer.

Jin tries to protect Gil-Yong saying he is a friend she knows from the police station(She doesn’t even know his name and asks him hurriedly). Hee-Ra pushes her away saying anyone who enters our diner is a customer.

Jin tries her best to stop Hee-Ra, but she says if a customer comes, we take their order and grant them their wish, and make them pay the price. It’s the rule of the diner. Gil-Yong questions, “Wish?”. Jin says they need to talk and drags him out of the restaurant.

We are shown a flashback where Hee-Ra collects photos of both Jin and Gil-Yong. Hee-Ra says to herself, “I guess they are all gathered now.”.

Outside the restaurant, Jin explains to him that Hee-Ra really will grant him a wish but he has to pay the price for it and own the decision he takes. It is like “you reap what you sow”. She says she has wished for something that made someone suffer miserably. So it won’t always end up in happiness.
Gil-Yong says he trusts her as she is trustworthy. He then says that he will wish for someone’s happiness.

Hee-Ra looks out and asks him to either come inside if he has a wish or to get lost. Gil-Yong enters the restaurant.

Hee-Ra asks him whether he is sure about the wish and says, “you are quite a wacko, aren’t you?”. He asks her to keep his wish secret. Hee-Re replies that the wish belongs only to the person who makes the wish.

Hee-Ra makes the dinner happily. (She smiles to herself and is in a happy mood. In contrary to the first time I saw her making the pancake for the man).

Hee-Ra asks Jin to bring some herbs from the basement. Jin asks what kind of herbs.

Hee-Ra says, “dried mugwort, thyme,and a mandrake leaf and bring few herbs that you like as well”. Jin shrugs and goes to the hall where she kept the mandrake pot.

Gil-Yong and Jin get startled as the Mandrake plant turns red and shouts, “Ahhhh, that stings! It hurts!” as she plucks a leaf. Jin shouts and calls Hee-Ra and says that the plant talked. Hee-Ra indifferently says, “of course Mandrake talks. what’s the big deal.”. Jin screams for not warning her beforehand.

She harshly asks her to shut up and bring herbs from the basement (I am waiting to know what else she would find in the basement). Gil-Yong waves his hand in front of the mandrake but the plant remains silent. (He should have tried plucking another leaf 😂🤣.).

The basement is filled with so many colorful and beautiful glass jars. Jin gets encaptured by a glittering blue jar and, as she is about to take the jar and open it, she remembers a warning from Hee-Ra not to look closely at them. “some are so dangerous that the moment you let go, they can take your soul.”. Jin snaps out of it and thinks that was so close. She finds the herbs placed in a separate row and takes them.

Hee-Ra’s voice narrates as she prepares a Tomato Soup, “They say the deity created moms…because they couldn’t be at all places at once, To stop people from crying…by saying that their wish will come true. But that’s not enough to give everyone a happy ending. The world isn’t that naïve. That’s why witches like us are needed. We trade wishes for the price. A fair trade of sorts”.

As the soup is cooked, she adds a green-colored magical smoke into the soup and, she then does some magic and closes her eyes as if to summon something. A dark color smoke or cloud enters the restaurant then.

Hee-Ra serves the soup and, Gil-Yong’s face lits up. He says it looks delicious. Before Gil-Yong starts eating, Jin interrupts him and asks him whether he is sure about it. Gil-Yong smiles broadly and says he is sure. He enjoys every bit of the soup and finishes the plate.

After eating without any wishes granted or talking about the price he should pay, Hee-Ra simply gives her visiting card. Gil-Yong takes the card and thanks Hee-Ra for everything and leaves.

Clueless Jin asks Hee-Ra why she gave her business card. Hee-Ra retorts that it’s her card and it’s her wish.

The next day, Jin wakes up with a horrible dream. In the dream, She sees Gil-Yong Happily eating his soup in the restaurant, and suddenly She is in her bed and when she sees to her right, Ms. Park with white eyes and purple veins all over face is lying next to her. Ms. Park holds Jin’s face with one hand. Unable to move, Jin clenches her fist.

She is relieved finding it is another nightmare.

Jin stands in front of the witch’s diner restaurant and gives a big sigh. She convinces herself to go inside and survive another day and, she must get used to it.

She gets shocked finding, Gil-Yong joined as a part-timer. Jin argues that he is still a student.
Hee-Ra says, “It’s up to me.”. (why does he fall into the trap when Jin is trying her butt off to save him. May be this was the price he should pay…).

Hee-Ra goes upstairs and, Jin asks where she is going after dropping a bombshell. Hee-Ra again says it’s up to her and asks why does she ask so many questions? It’s so tiresome.

Jin gets frustrated looking at Gil-Yong smiling broadly and not having an idea what he is getting into. (Or does he know what he is doing?).

A hooded person is standing out of the witch’s diner with a knife. he hides behind a poll as jin comes out of the restaurant to throw the trash.

Hee-Ra narrates, “if it’s already decided, the choice is theirs to make. That is why it is selfish and fun. What will happen doesn’t wait to come in the right order.”.

The person throws a broken matchstick on the road and enters the restaurant. The lights in the restaurant go on and off and, Jin says she had a bad dream last night. At this moment, the person enters and puts the knife straight to Jin’s neck and warns not to move. Hee-Ra comes to the hall asking what’s the noise.

The episode ends with Gil-Yong and Hee-Ra getting shocked seeing Jin under a knife.

What would happen next and is this person with the knife is also linked to the destiny of Jin and Gil-Yong. Can’t wait to watch the next episode and find the answers!

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