Recaps: The Witch’s Diner Episode 4

~ Chocolate That Lets You Fall In Love ~

The episode starts with Jin putting some cacao beans into a glass jar and, Hee-Ra asks her, “Do you also wish for your love to comeback?”.

Jin thinks to herself, she couldn’t answer Hee-ra because she already knew how he feels about her, but it was sad to admit the truth.

Jin answers her that she doesn’t care what others think. She loves her life and, she will live for herself every day. Hee-Ra smirks at her. Jin wonders, “wait a minute. How did she know I broke up?”.

The woman(Hee-Ra’s next customer) is at a play rehearsal and, their director is encouraging that they did well in practice. The next day appears to be the Main performance. The director encourages, “Let’s kill it tommorow!”.

One of the actors starts worrying that he has stage fright and, another person consoles him that they have a professional on their team – Actress Jin Sun Mi (Hee-Ra’s next customer). And now everyone in the play starts complimenting her on her acting but, she remains humble.

The director brings up that Sun-Mi is also getting married soon. Everybody talks about how her boyfriend also passed the civil service exam. Sun-Mi’s boyfriend calls her and, a woman wonders they are still together after seven years.

In the school,Young-Jae joins the school and, Gil-Yong and the pretty girl give him a warm welcome. (The girl even made notes for all the classes Young-Jae missed.)

The bullies enter the class and again start to bully him. Go Hyun Woo (He is the lead of bullies and, also his grandpa is the school’s principal) says he can’t stand the sight of Young-Jae. For the first time, Young-Jae confronts him that he isn’t afraid of him anymore. Hyun Woo gets pissed off and tries to act up. Gil-Young stops him and asks, “aren’t you sick of it?”.

Hyun-Woo threatens to expel them and says the grown-ups will believe him. Gil-Young thumps on Hyun-Woo’s chest and says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. That doesn’t change the fact that he bullies everyone. The teacher comes at this moment and saves all the fight.

Sun-Mi and her boyfriend meet at a restaurant. She says she is nervous about the next day’s performance. He comments, “It must be tough.”. ( It felt like he didn’t like talking about performance.)

Her boyfriend then calls her name with a serious face, and she wonders, “What is this mood?”. He keeps a ring box on the table and starts talking and, Sun-Mi thinks he will be proposing and tries to remain calm.

He thanks her for supporting him though things were tough. As he says, “let’s break up”, she says, “Okay.”.

He returns her the expensive ring she gave and says he feels ashamed of keeping it. She asks, “Is this some sort of joke?”. Not able to answer, He says, “I have to go.” and leaves. (Why are all the boyfriends in this drama are shitty?!).

Sun-Mi chases him to the ground floor and asks him they have dated for seven years and, he promised to marry her. He says it’s not like if you date for long, you have to marry that person and says he doesn’t want their relationship to bog him down and says things have finally started to go well for him.

She suggests taking some time instead of breaking up and says maybe they can meet up after her performance. Sun-Mi’s boyfriend confesses how her talk about play and performance were pitiful. He advises her to stop singing as she won’t be able to make it at this age.

She gets annoyed when he calls himself as her friend. She calms down and says She never acted frustrated and tried to motivate him though he studied until this age. He complains that she actually was frustrated and finally made him the bad guy. He questions her, “Must you make me into a piece of trash like this? are you satisfied?” and leaves.

Miserable Sun-Mi crosses the street without watching the traffic light. As a car comes to hit her, she is saved by Jin. As soon as Jin touches her, She could see all her past, then suddenly, Jin gets a sharp and unbearable headache. Jin holds her head and crunches down on the street. Sun-Mi continues to cross the street as if nothing happened.

The next day Jin is surprised to see her mom at the house. Jin asks her mom that did something happens when she was five or six years old.
Her mom clearly seemed to be disturbed and asks her why she is asking about it.

Jin talks about her dream in which she is holding the hands of a woman and walking. Her dreams felt so real that they might be a memory.

Her mom manages by saying no one remembers everything that has happened to them and, this might be a daydream. She manages by saying a story- She got lost for some time, then someone brought her home.

Hee-Ra is starring at a half-torned photo of a woman. She thinks, “If there is beginning then there is a end. But…some beginnings exist for the end.”.

She puts the photo on the table and, the picture burns completely.

Sun-Mi is at her Main performance and, she is singing a song- “There is no such thing as forever feelings.”. The song was so apt to her life. Sun-Mi imagined all the memories with her boyfriend while singing.

After the performance, she gets a yellow flower bouquet. She assumes it was from her boyfriend and runs to find him. She then takes a cab and reaches his home only to see that he was cheating on her. (He was talking to another woman over the phone that he misses her already. They seem to have been dating for some time.).

Sun-Mi finds witch’s diner on her way. She enters the restaurant and says she saw the notice board that says, we grant wishes. Jin can recognize Sun-Mi and asks her to take a seat.

Sun-Mi narrates her story that when she was young, she fell for her boyfriend. He was responsible and kind. She flashes back to two years ago when her boyfriend was still preparing for the exams and was thinking about getting a job instead of civil exams. She encourages him to continue as he has worked hard for five years. He says it is best to choose the opportunity which has a higher chance. She asks him to continue preparing for the exam and, she will get a job. She gave up on her dreams so that her boyfriend can fulfil his dream.

Hee-Ra calls, “You. Did you really give up on your dreams for him? weren’t you just unsure of your own dreams and relied on the side with higher chance and pretendening that was your dream as well, were you? “.

Annoyed Sun-Mi, asks her to watch her mouth and says that was the best choice for them. Jin questions her was that really best. How can she expect to be happy when she gave up on her own dreams herself.

Sun-Mi argues it’s because they have never experienced true love before. Hee-Ra gets up and angrily calls, “part-timer!” (Gil-yong), and asks Gil-Yong to get some cacao beans from the basement. “Tons of it.” says Hee-Ra.

Hee-Ra asks Sun-Mi what kind of revenge she wants. Hee-Ra offers her that she can blind him or make him suffer throughout his life or kill him. Sun-Mi wishes for him to come back and ask nothing else.

Jin warns her asking it loud can make that come true. Jin asks her to think before wishing. Sun-Mi can’t think of anything else and, Jin asks to think about her dream of singing and not to waste her wish on a wimp.

Sun-Mi decides on her wish to get her boyfriend back. Hee-Ra asks her whether she knew she has to pay the price and, it’s not money. Confused Sun-Mi, asks her what she wants as price.

Hee-Ra says, ” You have a very beautiful voice. I want your voice as the price.”. Jin tells Sun-Mi can stop now if she wants.
Jin desperately tries to remind sun-Mi that it was her dream to sing before people and, Jin questions her wasn’t that most precious dream of hers.

Sun-Mi replies that she spent her entire twenties with him. She didn’t achieve any dream and, now, she is scared she won’t get her love. Jin stops to persuade Sun-Mi now.

This time Jin is cooking and, Hee-Ra is guiding her. Jin is stirring in a pot and, Hee-Ra asks her to mix the liquid anticlockwise until it turns transparent as a clear sky.

Jin says she doesn’t really want to learn cooking. (yes! why should she learn witch’s recipe.). She informs her that she already told her she doesn’t want to cook. Hee-Ra doesn’t listen and asks her to continue stirring without stopping.

Hee-Ra then asks her to take the spoon out and step back. This time she adds pink colour gas and asks Jin to continue stirring it anticlockwise.

As the liquid slowly turns transparent, Hee-Ra adds Cacao beans to it. Jin keenly watches as Hee-Ra pours the chocolate into a cup.

They place the chocolate in front of Sun-Mi and, Jin reminds her to make a wish as she eats. Like any other customer, as soon as Sun-Mi eats the first spoon of it, she is encaptured and says, “This is so good.”. She enjoys every bit of it and, suddenly, she drops the spoon and clutches her neck in pain.

As Sun-Mi suffers in pain, Hee-Ra says, “Your love must be pretty deep. The deeper the love the greater the pain.”. Hee-Ra asks her to remember that the pain at that moment is the grief of her love, but she will forget the pain and end up falling in love once again. (I thought she would lose her voice now.).

Sun-Mi asks her what she should do now. Hee-Ra says as soon as she started eating the food, everything started so, she should wait.

Gil-Yong walks Jin home and, Jin says kids shouldn’t be walking around at night. Gil-Yong defends he is walking her home because he wants to and, he is not a kid.

Gil-Yong marvels that it was pretty cool to see Sun-Mi giving up her dream for her lover. Jin teases him about what does a little kid like him knows about love. He immediately stands before her and says, “I am taller than you by this much.”.
Jin suddenly feels taken aback. She smiles and says, “Good for you. for being so tall.”.

Jin says she found it sad that the most important thing in her life is love but, life is complicated.
They wish that Sun-Mi will be happy. Gil-Yong then asks her for a movie.
Jin accepts to come as she has no other thing to do and asks him not to select any monster-related movies as she has had many nightmares lately. Gil-Yong smiles broadly and nods.

Gil-Yong’s father is shifting things to their new home and, a middle-aged man shows the landlord lady and says she is picky so, he would have a hard time here.

The old lady seems to be very strict and shouts at the man for bad-mouthing her. She lists out rules that should be followed. (The man turns out to be the son of the landlady.)

Without knowing he is the son, Gil-Yong’s father says to him, “the lady is really picky.”. The man says, “Don’t get me started she is my mom. during the day she nags me as a landlady, and at night she nags me to get married. I hate her nagging.”.

Gil-Yong’s father says sorry for telling that about his mom. He gets a call from Gil-Yong. Gil-Yong worries about not helping. His father asks him to take care and not forgot to eat his meal. Gil-Yong’s father then says to the man that parents are for nagging.

Jin goes to the witch’s diner at the day since she didn’t throw away the trash and the old landlady is very strict. ( A black crow is sitting near the door. I felt something odd)

Jin first starts cleaning the pot that they left the day before. Jin gets tempted after seeing the chocolate. She eats a spoon from the leftover. (Jin was clearly warned not to eat from the leftover food.)

After the first spoon, she uncontrollably eats more and, something dark approaches her and gets into her. Jin’s eyes turn blue and, the crow at the door flies away from the restaurant. (I feel the black crow might be some witch and, Jin eating the chocolate might be a planned thing.)

That day Jin and her friend go shopping and, her friend finds her favorite writer- Tom Kim. Jin tells her that it is crowded and drags her from there. Jin remains off-minded as her friend shops.

After the shopping, Jin’s friend offers to buy something nice. Jin’s friend leaves for the bathroom and asks her to go first and order something in the restaurant.

In the lift, Jin finds Tom Kim. The elevator suddenly shakes and, Tom Kim catches her. As soon as Kim touches Jin, she can see his memories. She sees him with a woman who is giving him a pen & they are eating together. Jin and Kim stare at each other for some time & suddenly lift works.

Jin thanks him. While leaving from the lift, Tom Kim turns back and smiles at her. Jin thinks, “I was reminded of the taste of chocolate… that was sweet, yet stung as if I was pierced by a knife. Was it my choice to eat the chocolate, or was it preordained?”.

Sun-Mi comes out of a restaurant then suddenly, she feels her throat sore. As her friends leave, her ex-boyfriend comes with a bouquet of sunflowers and apologizes.

Sun-Mi wonders whether her wish really came true. He apologizes for everything he did and for hurting her. He breaks down while asking for another chance. Sun-Mi’s eyes become teary too, and she goes and hugs him.

The next day, Sun-Mi’s sore throat becomes more serious, and she goes to a doctor. The doctor seems to be a big fan of her for a long time. The bouquet that Sun-Mi received turns out to be from him. He watched the performance to see her come back and fell for her voice.

After examining Sun-Mi, he finds that she has inflammation in the tonsil but not too bad. So, he prescribes her few tablets. As she leaves, he asks whether he could contact her personally.

Later she gets a message from the doctor asking whether they can meet this week to eat something nice. (She smiles at the text.).

At her home, She finds her boyfriend(Sung-Ho) playing a video game. She then mistakenly sees a message on Sung-Ho’s phone and, she finds Sung-Ho did not come back because he loved her but because he had nowhere else to go. Sung-Ho’s other girlfriend kicked him out since he failed in civil service exam interview.

She asks him what they were doing for seven years. Sun-Mi says she thought that she did something fantastic. Before she could ask any more questions, Sung-Ho shouts at her that he didn’t fail in the interview purposefully and screams for checking his phone. He goes to the other room and shuts the door.

Sun-Mi thinks of her wish to Hee-Ra, the price she paid for it and, how Jin tried to remind her what her actual dream was. She thinks, “When was it that…I made the wrong choice? the moment I wanted to be loved by just one person? or was it the moment I gave up myself just for that?”.( I feel really bad for her.)

The next day, Jin’s friend asks to hang out with her but, Jin says she has other plans with her restaurant part-timer. Her friend teases her- he should be young and handsome, considering he is a part-timer. (I don’t think she would poke fun at her if she knew he is her student.).

Her friend is distracted by her favorite author interview. An interview of Tom Kim for his new book release is aired on TV and, Tom Kim says, “If you’re meant to meet, even if you don’t decide on anything. ” as the interviewer asks about love to him. Jin then flashes back to the past. Jin finds a fountain pen that Kim has left at the elevator. Jin thinks she should return his fountain pen.

At that moment, Tom Kim calls Jin’s phone. Jin thinks of how he borrowed her phone to make a call as he lost his phone. Jin silently rushes to her room, avoiding her friend’s nagging. (She keeps asking her who is on the phone and teasing Jin with the part-timer.).

On the phone, Jin says she has his fountain pen. Tom says the fountain pen means a lot to him and uses this opportunity to ask her for lunch that afternoon.

Hee-Ra narrates, “I think I was like her. I should’ve had a stronger hold on myself. I let myself go. The day I decided to become a witch. “.

Mr. Oh speaks not to take so hard on herself or else, it would become harder to get out. Hee-Ra questions, “There is no way out, is there?”.

As Jin goes to meet Gil-Yong,(Or it might be Tom Kim. Gil-Yong is waiting outside the theatre. Who exactly she meets that afternoon is not shown.), Hee-Ra’s voice narrates, ” What if we can foresee everything? Everyone thinks what happened depends on their mindset. But if people could stop their feeling at will, If they could control their feelings, would that be a paradise or a torment?”.

The episode ends with Jin and Gil-Yong smiling at someone.

As the drama moves forward, I get to feel like Jin is someway related to Hee-Ra like a daughter or follower or pupil witch. (That is completely me and my stupid imagination. Let’s see what is the actual truth and why Jin met Hee-ra (or was it hee-ra), when she was really young.). And also, a love triangle is going to be formed between Jin, Tom Kim, and Gil-Yong. I like Gil-Yong though he is younger than jin. Really can’t wait for the next episode and the new customer’s stories of witch’s Diner.


Bae Yoon-Ki is sleeping at a subway. A woman approaches him and asks, “are you Mr. Bae Yoon-Ki?”. He gets up to find the woman he saved from the man last time when his fingers were cut.

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  1. Yeah!unfortunately jin ate the chocolate,Sun mi’s love story was really emotional. jin & kim hed new relationship.this drama will go very interesting..

  2. I wish they didn’t just leave the singer’s story hanging. Has she able to escape the terrible ending (loses her talent, gets stuck with her lazy boyfriend, never has an opportunity with the good doctor)?

    1. Yaa, we felt the same. She could have been off to good without her wish. But here is what we told ourselves – we all make bad decisions in life and all we can do is embrace it to move on. Our witch realised it and maybe one day our singer will realise it too and someday she will land in her happy place – maybe not exactly how she wanted but life is full of surprises right!! Hope this helps you too😉😁

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