Recaps: The devil Judge Episode 4

The episode starts with the Maid explaining how in the church fire Master Issac died and the only survivor of the fire is Yo-han and this happened after a month of Chairman’s death (she makes clear that anyhow she is suspicious of Yo-han in Isaac’s death.)

On the court, PD praises Judges for the trial and shows how the rating went up.

Oh Jin Joo apologizes for losing her hope when the agreement of the witnesses came in yesterday. Yo-han consoles her saying they are one team after all.

Young Min gets all tensed and his father consoles him saying that his mother will take care of it.

Minister of Justice calls Yo-han and takes her son’s side and also says they should meet up when Yo-han criticizes her for being biased towards her son.

They meet up in a secluded open space. Minister asks him what he wants in order to let go of her son. Yo-han recalls a case she solved 19 years ago where a businessman got his sentence for bribing when he didn’t do any bribe in the first place. In the end, the businessman decides to commit suicide leaving his middle school kid behind.

He asks her to reveal everything about that case to the media in order to set his son free.

She leaves in disgust.

Yo-han tells his informant that people are difficult to be changed. His informant cries and thanks him (oh.. so it was his informant’s related case.)

At Yo-han’s home, Ga-on goes to the room where the picture of Yo-han’s brother, his wife, and Eli’s picture is kept. Ga-on looks at it and suddenly a glass flies over his head and smashes in the near pillar. Ga-on, shocked, turns around to see Elijah who is angry. She shouts at him to get out. Ga-on apologies and leaves while she cries holding the photo frame.

Yo-han reaches home and his AI assistant asks him what he has to eat. Finally, he decides to eat beef and rice. His AI assistant tells him that Elijah ate the same and Yo-han smiles at how their tastes match.

Ga-on comes to him and asks him if he eats all alone in this big house. Yo-han says that it is not gonna make difference and asks him to leave if there is nothing else to talk.

The next day when Elijah goes to the kitchen for her breakfast, she finds a toast prepared and kept for her.

She then meets the maid on her way back and says it was shocking to see the toast but she enjoyed it, thinking that maid made those toast for her. The maid who is confused says she just now arrived. Ga-on from the upper floor replies that he is happy to know that she enjoyed the food. Elijah gets embarrassed knowing the fact.

The Minister of justice sits in her office and thinks of ways to save her son along with her assistant. Her assistant mentions that Social Responsibility Foundation has 90 percent of people’s vote and the next highest is the Live Court. Prosecutors seem to only have 12 percent of the vote and this pisses off the Minister.

Minister then calls Sun-ah and asks if she can talk to Mr.Seo. Sun-ah tells her that he is busy meditating and consoles her that they will make things right together. She then cuts the call and complaints how much Minister Cha talks.

Sun-ah then takes out an envelope (which is maybe an invitation) and addresses it to Yo-han.

At Yo-han’s home, Ga-on looks at a cat that stays there and pampers it. Elijah looks at him and says it is shocking as the cat doesn’t like being with strangers. Ga-on says he is popular with stray cats and the cats tend to know the good people right away. And mocks her says ‘only the slow one can’t say. When Eli asks whom he is referring to he smiles and says he was talking about the cats.

Eli asks him if he knows why the cat hunts even though they feed them regularly. He says ‘no’ and she explains because it is fun for cats. And says the same goes with Yo-han. When Ga-on looks confused, she asks if he thinks of Yo-han as they describe on TV, as a judge who makes justice live. Ga-on asks isn’t that true?. Eli says he is definitely stupid as she thought and asks him if he knows how Yo-han became the owner of this house and says she thinks of it daily and leaves.

Ga-on calls Soo-Hyun and asks her if he can talk to the officer who worked on the church fire case. Suddenly Yo-han enters his room and Ga-on cuts his call and asks him if he doesn’t know how to knock. Yo-han says it is his house and asks him when he is planning to leave. Ga-on puts an act saying he is kind of sick even now and he feels dizzy sometimes 😂. Yo-han keeps bugging him and says he needs to change as they are going somewhere.

Yo-han picks a dress from his closest for Ga-on with matching ties and a watch and also says he needs to be in his time zone.

Ga-on waits for him to leave so that he can change. Yo-han smiles and while leaving looks at Ga-on’s shirtless bandage less back and says he is healed now.

When they are all set to go, Ga-on and Eli mocks Yo-han saying he looks like an old man😂

They both head to a party. Yo-han leaves Ga-on alone to meet Mr. Seo. Sun-ah approaches Ga-on and introduces herself and looks at him surprised as he introduces himself in a traditional formal way(by bowing). Two ladies surround him and says him that with his looks he can debut in a movie

Sun-ah introduces those two as wives of Chairman Park of Saram Media, wife of Chairman Min of Minbo group.

Suddenly a group of ladies surrounds him and asks him to take off his coat so they can look and all. Yo-han looks at this and takes him away.

They go to a great hall where Sun-ah is in the spotlight and announces the donors of the Social Responsibility Foundation.

She introduces 100,000 dollars, donors, one million donors, 100 million donors, as she introduces, the donors stand up and bow and receive applause from the crowd.

She then calls Chairman Seo and stands behind. Yo-han from near a dining table(which is on the top floor) claps for him and sits at the table along with all other higher-ups and laughs at Mr. Seo’s speech who is speaking about benevolence and humanity.

When Mr. Seo comes to the dining table, the president praises him for his speech.

When they call for food, all the waiters bring food and serve them. When a waitress (who is a young girl), serves water for Mr. Seo, he harasses her by touching her leg.

Everyone goes silent realizing what is happening. The girl trembled and her hand shakes when pouring water for him. And he says “take it slowly!.. slowly… Slowly…” while touching her.

Sun-ah suddenly interrupts by pushing the girl away and says he has some important call. Mr. Seo asks if so, then leaves with Sun-ah.

After going into a private room, Sun-ah punches Mr.Seo right in the face. Mr. Seo goes to his knees and says he did wrong. Sun-ah scolds him for his doing and asks him to repent on it. He knocks his head forcefully on the ground again and again and says sorry. (Wow.. now this is the twist!! I would have never imagined. Mr. Seo was Sun-ah’s puppet?.. nicee..)

Sun-ah asks who he is to which Mr. Seo replies that he is nothing but a dog. Sun-ah then asks how can he say that since he is the advocate who was nominated for the noble prize for his kindness, he is someone whom even the president can’t look over. Mr.Seo says he is just a dog who dirtied the weak woman and suddenly stops there realizing what he said and says he deserves to be killed. Sun-ah slowly approaches him and kneels to his level and says just because a dog bites a person doesn’t mean the person is dirtied while slapping him. Sun-ah then says he needs to repent on it and she will cover him saying he is praying for the country.

At the dining table, President asks Yo-han about the trail and asks why he is so reckless about it. Ga-on sees Yo-han face tighten and without holding himself back says that they shouldn’t discuss about ongoing trial like that. They mock him and suddenly Yo-han pushes Ga-on away from the table by pulling his collar.

Shocked Ga-on looks at Yo-han who asks should his target be Minister Cha and the president agrees with him and says she not necessarily be the next presidential candidate. And laughs at it and everyone stands and makes stupid jokes and laughs, Yo-han also laughs with them. Ga-on looks at those bunch of crazy people (at least that’s what I thought) and stands there with disgust in his face.

Ga-on goes to the washroom and when he comes out, Sun-ah greets him. She says he must have seen the different Yo-han here, different from what media has shown yet. Ga-on reads between the lines and asks her if she wants to say something to him and says he will keep it a secret. Sun-ah says she is a mere secretary who delivers news and she heard something about Yo-han.

She talks about the fire accident 10 years ago and says Issac was supposed to sign a contract to donate all his wealth to the foundation. But unfortunately the previous day, he got into a fire accident and he and his wife passed away and surprisingly Yo-han was the only survivor in that accident.

After discharging from the hospital, the first thing Yo-han did was to cancel the contract, he also brought a certificate from the hospital which said that Issac was having a mental issue that he can’t make any sound decisions. She then asks Ga-on that a normal person who lost his brother and sister-in-law would do this as a first thing!?.

On the way home, Ga-on who is driving keeps silent when Yo-han asks him why he has that weird look on his face. Yo-han then pulls the steering wheel onto his side, which almost makes them hit other cars. Ga-on gets tensed and asks what is he trying to do. Yo-han laughs his evil laugh and says he must have answered him and asks him if the real world was bitter and also says the poor is also the same when it comes to greed, all the human beings are equal.

The next day, on her way to the office, Minister Cha encounters people who were protesting to punish her son and also asks her to resign. They even throw eggs at her. The foundation asks her to take care of herself in this situation.

She gets annoyed. Her husband says they need to protect their son at any cost. No name or wealth is important now. He also says that it is their fault that he became like that. Minister cha agrees with him and says she will protect his son even if it means sacrificing herself.

The next day, she calls an emergency press conference. She first apologizes for what his son did with a grief face and then to everyone’s surprise she ends up saying her son should be punished and everyone is equal before the law. Yo-han, who is watching the conference, wonders how politics is important to her than her own son.

Young Min, who is also watching the conference crumbles to the ground with migraine.

The next day( the trial day), after the prosecutor’s induction, Young Min’s lawyer tries to gain everyone’s sympathy saying how Young Min was all alone in his childhood and all but it doesn’t seem to work much.

Lawyer says Young-Min grew up with the housekeeper who used to steal and so he developed hate towards poor people. He also submits a medical certificate that says he is mentally not stable.

The lawyer concludes by saying the victims not going to get anything if Young Min goes to jail rather they would composite them. Lawyer fully blames their parents for not being able to be there for him when he needed them. Young Min’s father who is sitting behind him also agrees with the lawyer. The lawyer says ‘it takes a village to raise a kid’ and justifies whatever he said.

Yo-han says he got the right judgment after hearing from the Lawyer, he says flagellation might be the right judgment. He also says Minister of Justice Cha knows about this act more than anyone. Minister Cha who is watching this, breaks the tv and yells at him.

Young Min, who is totally sacred, apologies to everyone and says he won’t ever repeat it again. Yo-han then says that they should wait for a public opinion then.

The public votes for him and almost 90 percent says that he should be punished. Seeing this, Young-Min loses his temper and asks who are all they to judge him, what right they have to judge him after even he apologized. And goes to his knees in front of the judge and apologies again.

Yo-han stands up and announces his judgement as 30 flagellation and all the public go happy.

On the other side, Soo-Hyun and Ga-on go to meet the police officer who handled the case of church fire. When they ask about Yo-han, he says he was a boy who didn’t remember anything and takes his side fully. Soo-Hyun and Ga-on exchanges a meaningful look.

They then watch the trail. After the trial, Ga-on asks the police officer if he knew that Yo-han dismissed his brother’s contract. Officer asks what he is talking about is none of his concern, Ga-on says it may have been a main evidence for suspecting the accident as murder. Officer defends Yo-han saying many people are living today because of Yo-han and asks him not to twist anything.

Soo-Hyun grabs Ga-on to leave before this turns into a fight. She then stops and comes back to the Officer and asks how he opened the restaurant. Officer says it’s with his service allowance. Soo-Hyun says it’s really amazing as he had lots of gambling debut. He quits his job after 2 months of closing the case saying he could not find the cause of the fire and opens a restaurant and gets rid of all of his debt. Officer stands there speechless and Soo-Hyun leaves.

Minister Cha hesitates while signing her son’s judgment. As she has no other go, she signs the contract with pain.

Police take Young-Min to the jail, and to the open ground where every officer was sitting and ties him firmly to a T-shaped wood placed there. And then a police with a big wooden latti starts beating him. He screams in pain and his father faints. This punishment is live streaming and people across the country watch it and Yo-han’s followers dance in joy.

Ga-on goes to Yo-han who is eating at a dining table and asks if he is satisfied. Yo-han says why won’t he and this is what the public wanted and that’s what is called democracy. Ga-on shuts him saying not to be a hypocrite as he is doing all this for fun, he hunts for fun, and also says that’s how he killed his own brother. Yo-han’s face tightens and he goes straight to grab Ga-on by his neck and pushes him to a wall and asks him to say that again. Ga-on says again and again that he killed his beloved brother.

Yo-han’s hand tightens around Ga-on’s neck and finally pushes him away to the ground. Yo-han then laughs his evil laugh and with a lot of pain in his eyes starts telling what actually happened that day. And the flashback starts.

Issac decides to donate all his assets to the foundation after his father’s death. And the foundation throws party for it in the church. Everyone talks nice about Issac, his wife, and their kid Eli.

Yo-han seems to be not interested in socializing and stays out almost all the time.

They do the rituals in church and suddenly a fire breaks out. Eli stands across the room from her parents. Everyone in the room screams and starts pushing each other to go out. Eli cries and her parents search for her in the chaos.

Yo-han who is standing outside the church goes in seeing the fire but at the entrance, people push him that he is struggling to go in. He witnesses Eli sitting on a bench and Minister Cha pushes a bench on Eli which falls on her legs and Eli screams in pain and though she sees the girl she doesn’t care about her and stands on the fallen bench (which gives Eli lots of pain) and escapes the church.

Issac and her wife finally find Eli screaming in pain and takes her to run but on their way, a burning pillar falls on them and Eli faints in the embrace of Issac. Issac protects Eli by holding the pillar on his back. Yo-han runs towards them and carries Eli and promises Issac that he will come back for him but on his way out, the ceiling collapses and falls on them.

After the fire is completely out, the rescue team comes for their rescue but a person (who fell off the building when Yo-han chased him in the previous episode) who comes in only steals Isaac’s watch and runs away.

Yo-han carries Eli and comes out of the church to see all the runaway foundation members standing there complaining and Yo-han cries while holding Eli against him and thinks of Issac. The flashback ends.

Yo-han shows a scare on his back from the church accident to Ga-on. Ga-on apologies for saying things out of line and leaves.

Yo-han thinks to himself that he knew that people would love these kinds of stories (WHATT!?! Was that not the truth.. oops.. just now I felt emotional and the creepy feeling is back).

The episode ends here.

I feel like Ga-on is the person who believes in what people say, let’s see if Ga-on is gonna fall for Yo-han’s stories or we are the ones who misjudged Yo-han.

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