Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 5

The episode starts with Yo-Han dreaming about his brother in the church fire. As he wakes up, he hallucinates his brother in front of him and, his room is on fire. Ga-on surprises him entering the room. Ga-on then enquires him if Yo-Han is alright and says he doesn’t look so well.

Elijah interrupts them now and, Ga-on leaves saying, he will talk later.
Elijah asks Yo-Han, Why he was so surprised when he woke up and mocks Yo-Han looked surprised as if he saw someone he killed.

Yo-Han says, “I don’t care about someone I have already killed and yes I have killed that someone.”. Elijah leaves in frustration.

Later, Ga-on meets Yo-Han in his study room and apologizes for accusing him of his brother’s death the previous day. He says he won’t complain if he is removed from the bench.

Yo-Han says, sure he didn’t want to hear it from someone who looks like his brother. Ga-on comments it must be hard for him to look at him. He confesses that he has stalked him and found out Yo-Han has remained silent for so many years to hunt now. Ga-on tells him he understands his anger than anybody else, but what is wrong is wrong. Using a trial as a tool is a crime. Ga-on suggests he will leave the department.

Yo-Han asks him to decide one thing either stand by his side or stand in his way and warns him he won’t hesitate to get rid of someone who stands in his way.
As Ga-on leaves, Yo-Han says it is fun working with him so he won’t kick him out.

Yo-Han’s informant comes immediately(He seems to be in the same room) and asks why he did it?. Yo-Han says he is not sure, but he was flustered when Ga-on could relate with him and, he has never experienced it before.

Minister Cha secretly visits the prison. The Prison-guard hesitates to permit her inside as family isn’t allowed. Minister Cha says she has come as a defence minister and not as a family.

Minister cha chokes up seeing her pampered son in such a horrible state. While leaving, she asks the guard to take good care of her son.

The president of South Korea and his wife show around his office (Blue House) on live socialMedia, only because Kang Yo-Han has gained popularity now. He as usual brags about how he considerately said no to the renovation of Blue House. (He brags too much ).

As they finish the live streaming, they see Minister Cha in a TV show. Minister cha speaks that the country is her priority then comes her son. She says she has done her duty as a minister of defence and punished her son.

They take a small break in the show and, Minister Cha finds Sun-ah. Sun-ah praises her for changing a crisis into an opportunity. Minister Cha says she has to do anything possible as the foundation is not supporting her.
The show resumes, the anchor shows how inhumanly Lee Young Min is flogged and shows pictures of his wounds. Minister cha sheds her crocodile tears and, everyone in the audience gasps in shock. Minister Cha uses this opportunity very well and gains public sympathy.

Yo-Han watches all these on his TV and says the public is changeable. He calls his informant and asks him to find who is behind Minister Cha.

Ga-on joins the bench the next day. Jin-Joo welcomes him with a hug and, he says it still hurts. Jin-Joo shows him his desk loaded with gifts and says he has become an idol now. The PD of the live court show enters now and, he joins jin-Joo to praise Ga-on for how famous he has become, saving Yo-Han from the blast. (Ga-on stays modest.).

Jin-Joo asks the PD, would the morning show of minister Cha become a problem. He assures her that the morning show would be noise marketing for their live court.

Soo-Hyun and her fellow officers raid and fight thugs in an illegal place. Soo-Hyun was so stunning and confident as she leads the team. As she covertly finds the place, she gets a call from Ga-on to meet that evening.

As Yo-Han leaves the office, a person stalks him and informs him to someone. At the parking lot, Yo-Han meets up with his informant. The informant says he wasn’t able to find the person behind Minister Cha.

Yo-Han doubts it could not be Minister Cha. She wouldn’t have faked Lee Young-Min’s wounds and put it on TV. Yo-Han says, “She is not into showmanship. She wouldn’t do something that leaves a trace.”. He then plans to hit the main body, “The foundation’s dream Home project.”. Then they plan to meet up with a person who organizes it. They plan the meeting for next Saturday at 4 PM.

When Yo-Han reaches his home, he finds dinner prepared at his table and, his AI assistant announces, “Owner Ga-on left a message for you.”. Ga-on’s voice tells him to warm the rice and soup and eat all the food. As he closes the food, Ga-on says that if he keeps on skipping meals, he will get more wrinkles & he must think of his age.

Yo-Han smiles and mutters, “As if i have wrinkles.”. and now the AI assistant defines him what wrinkles are. Yo-Han eats the food and mutters, “it was nice.”.

In the evening, Ga-on and Soo-Hyun go to the retired officer’s restaurant.
Soo-Hyun grills him about how he got so much money to open the restaurant. She lists out all the facts like the person had so much debt due to gambling and also he opened a restaurant in a city which adds up over million dollars, which is impossible with his severance pay. The retired officer tries to dodge the question. Ga-on says, “Let me make a guess.How much did you get from the foundation?”.

The person pushes Soo-Hyun and runs away from them. As they both chase him, he desperately jumps from an overpass and, Ga-on misses him.

Soo-Hyun asks him what he found out. Ga-on tells her entire story. Soo-Hyun feels it was a tragic story but, it is Kang Yo-Han so, she hesitates to believe.

Soo-Hyun reasons that, Ten years ago, Yo-Han didn’t have the power to cover up such a big accident that involved so many people, but she wonders why he had to cancel the donation. Ga-on says even he wouldn’t want to donate to such trash people if what Yo-Han said was true.

Soo-Hyun says whatever it is, Yo-Han is doing something dangerous. She asks him to stay away from him and says she will take care of it. Ga-on says, “You are the same.”.

He flashes back to their school time when she aids his wound and asks not to involve with the bully kids. She asks him to think of his parents, who look down at him and feel upset to see him hurt. She starts to cry for him but, Ga-on doesn’t know how to console her.

Ga-on snaps out of it and assures her he would be careful and says not to worry. Soo-Hyun says not to get the wrong idea, “whether Kang Yo-Han had reason or not. nothing changes. Everyone has a reason. But not everyone breaks the law.”.

Ga-on understands and says she is a really good cop. “Good,my foot,” says soo-Hyun. Soo-Hyun thinks of how she used to be a topper in school and, she chose to be police only to protect Ga-on, who could get into trouble anytime. Ga-on asks her to stay out of it this time. Ga-on asks her to be a rotten and cowardly cop for once. She says, “I think its too late for it.”.

The Chief justice asks Yo-Han to pick up another case suggested by the prosecution this time. He says it’s not fair for only one office to hog all the spotlight. He also informs Yo-Han that there would be a discussion to select the cases appropriate for the live court show in the future.
Yo-Han advises as they are getting started, they should make the show a hit first. The Chief says stabilizing the society is their priority.
The Chief warns if he can’t agree to this, he might appoint some other judge.

Yo-Han leaves and, While leaving, provokes the Chief, “You haven’t forgotten Chief Justice, who appoints you.”.

The Live court show starts & a man who introduces the show call upon the judges and specifically welcomes Ga-on saying, “Today, after beating the death, he has returned to us.” and shouts Kim Ga-On’s name (So many girls cheer for him outside the court).

This time, the case is not on any business magnet or a politically influential person but an actor(Nam Seok Hoon). The actor is accused of habitual sexual assault. Yo-Han states, “supporting actors, sytlist, extras. 3 sexual assault and 2 forced indecent acts.”. He asks the defendant whether he accepts the charges.
The actor doesn’t deny the charges. (Something is wrong and, it’s written in his face.).

In reality, the prosecutor blackmails the actor to accept the accusation. He is blackmailed with a hard disk which the prosecutor claims to have video of him doing nasty stuff in a VIP room of a hotel. The prosecutor then says it won’t be nice if the actor’s family, especially his daughter, comes to know about his hobbies.

In the live court, the prosecutor asks verdict for 20 years in prison and to be treated to remove all sexual impulses. Yo-Han asks whether he means chemical castration. The prosecutor asks for a physical castration as chemical castration would cause a lot of money. (The actor loses his shit. He had no idea the verdict can be that serious.).

As the defendant’s counsel comments, that it is very cruel and animal-like. The prosecutor interrupts,” This is what the majority of the citizens want. Don’t you agree your honour?.”. The public in the court support the castration and shout, “cut it off!”.(This is checkmate for Yo-Han.).

Yo-Han is speechless. At that time, Jung sun-ah enters. Sun-ah gives a scornful smile and, Yo-Han gives a shocking look. (So she is the one playing the game. Everyone else is just a pawn.).

The entire case turns out to be a plan of Sun-ah. At someplace, “So you want to take a gamble at it myself?” says Minister Cha. Sun-ah explains to Minister cha that it is not a gamble but an assignment to Yo-Han. If Yo-Han chooses to punish the actor with the verdict, then it would be gross & part of the public will oppose it. But if he opposes the verdict, then the public will be disappointed. (So Yo-Han has no escape. This checkmate was from Sun-ah). Minister Cha says, “It’s a difficult assignment indeed.”.

Yo-Han understands their plan and announces that he will listen to the counsel’s statement in the coming trial and calls it for the day.

Yo-Han in his house office desk is seriously cutting out newspaper articles on the neutering of pets. Ga-on is shocked to see him cut those articles and questions him what it is. Yo-Han shows him the scissors and says, “This is an exquisite tool made by german craftsman.”. Yo-Han acts as if he didn’t understand when Ga-on accuses him of treating humans like animals.

Yo-Han says this went too far and it hurt his feelings hearing from someone who looks like his brother. Ga-on now feels bad and says he didn’t mean that. Yo-Han thinks Ga-on falter whenever he speaks like that. Yo-Han continues that He is a monster who hunts for fun in the name of revenge.

Ga-on mocks not to act tough and says he isn’t even brave to face his own pains, “Monster?”. Yo-Han gets provoked. He grabs his scissors, gets up and, Ga-on comments that he falters when he speaks like this.

As Ga-on leaves, Yo-Han tries to face his fear. He comes in front of his desk and closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes, his younger self is watching him from above the room in the staircase. Yo-Han imagines how his father used to command him to come and stand in front of a window and used to spank him with a steel scale. But this time, he saves his younger self, stopping his father. Yo-Han cries as he says not to hit him.

Yo-Han realizes his fear and says to himself, “I’m so sick of this place.”. When Yo-Han reaches his room, He sees Ga-on and Elijah bond well as they play with their cat.

At the supreme court, Ga-on’s professor says he isn’t in touch with him since he started staying at Yo-Han’s home. Ga-on explains it is because he is sick. They both then plan to have lunch together.

While leaving for lunch, Ga-on notices a delivery bike with suspension, engine and frame and wonders who has this good bike to do deliveries.

At a restaurant, his professor asks him to take a side either with other judges or with Yo-Han but, he can’t be neutral. Ga-on remembers how Yo-Han warned him to be by his side or on his way. Ga-on says it is unfair to have such a burden on him as he has so many other things to care about already.

At this time, the owner of the restaurant cringe at the news of the castration of the actor Nam Seok Hoon and says the news nowadays is disgusting. Ga-on gets a reason to oppose Yo-Han now. Not only the restaurant owner, but he also finds 2 kids flogging another kid playfully and realises how the trial verdict is changing the country. As Ga-on was suspicious, the delivery bike was of a person who was spying on Ga-on.

Yo-Han watches youtube to find a freak supporting him and, the fan uses big scissors and says actor Nam should be castrated. In another video, Yo-Han smiles finding a group of girls fight over Ga-on and cheer Ga-on. Yo-Han switches back to the freak in the other video and wonders why does he only get a freak like him.

At Yo-Han house, Ga-on finds Elijah speaking to some foreigner. Elijah speaks that she has already spoken to the mayor of Texas state and enquires about the circumstances of the prison to send an inmate. After seeing Elijah as usual, curious Ga-on shoots so many questions at the maid of the house. The nanny informs him that Elijah studies computer science at Stanford University and asks him to find out by himself if he is so curious. Ga-on marvels, “They are all geniuses.”

Ga-on finds from the Stanford University website that the university has an Elijah block. The nanny says Yo-Han does anything when it comes to Elijah. She then suddenly says “cut it off.”.
Ga-on doesn’t understand and, then the nanny asks him to castrate the actor, Nam.

Actor Nam is discussing the case with his lawyer and, the actor says that the prosecutor threatened him. But the poor actor has no other go and couldn’t say yes when his lawyer offered to expose the prosecutor.

On the day of the trial, Ga-on and Oh Jin-Ju are at their office. Ga-on asks her opinion on the castration of Actor Nam. She says as a judge, it isn’t the right decision, but as a citizen of the country, she supports it. Ga-on says he thinks the same but he questions that do a country has the right to cut off someone’s body part?
Ga-on points out that he is scared of this country as much as the criminals of the country. (at least somebody is thinking straight.).

The trial resumes, The prosecutor and the defence lawyer have a heated argument. The prosecutor points out that only castration is the correct verdict and, as he is a model prisoner, sending him to jail won’t help as he would get bail easily. The Defendant’s lawyer argues that it is outrightly barbaric and, 20 years of prison is enough for the defendant to realise his mistakes.

Yo-Han has a tik take a pen and, he absent-mindedly plays with it as he used to do when he was a new lawyer and tried to remain silent. As the defendant’s lawyer speaks, Yo-Han gets up and looks at the hourly graph of people’s vote, and the graph shoots up straight indicating punishing the defendant.
The defendant lawyer argues that Korea’s crime rate is lower than any other country and they should not punish someone to this degree. Judge Oh stops him and asks where he lives. She points out that he lives in a well off place that’s why he doesn’t understand the lives of the poor people in the country. She urges him to consider the poor people’s struggle and they also live in the same country. The defendant’s lawyer understands but continues to argue. Yo-Han stops him and announces a break.

At the break, Ga-on and Jin-Ju reach their office and, Ga-on relaxes at his chair.
The trial resumes, Yo-Han scribbles into the notepad tearing the page as the prosecutor speaks. He announces 20 years of prison and pauses saying “and”. The defendant is afraid to hear there is more to it. Yo-Han smiles at Ga-on and continues to say “that is all”. Everyone in the court is shocked. Yo-Han breaks the pen at his hand and leaves.

The actor reaches the prison and laughs that he could now easily get out of the prison. At this time he gets acute pain in his stomach. He is rushed into the hospital and the nurses inform him he might have appendicitis. He wakes up from the anaesthesia at the operating room and finds only one doctor is operating on him that is too near his privates.

Actor Nam freaks out finding Yo-Han is operating on him and he has castrated his junk. Yo-Han shows his scissors with blood and says, “This is an exquisite tool made by german craftsman. Isnt’t lovely?” Yo-han maniacally comes near his face saying “he would make him look pretty too.” And the actor screams in fear…. and Ga-on Wakes up from the dream.

The trial actually resumes and Yo-Han announces that he thought hard and came up with an ideal punishment. He says that the judges couldn’t agree hence only a prison statement can be handed down but it isn’t some normal prison but a facility that specialises in rehabilitating sex offenders. He then points at the screen.

He shows a prison in Texas where all the sex offenders are rehabilitated and the judiciary of both the countries signed an MOU agreeing to rehabilitate the sex offenders. The prison is shown with all the weird and scary inmates.
He says it would be hard for actor nam to work towards change with colleagues having the same issues that too 20 years.

As usual yo-Han surprises, everyone. Ga-on & Jin-Ju smile at each other proudly. The public applauds him for the judgement.

Yo-Han locks eyes with Sun-ah and, she is scoffing now. She says, ”This is how he does his homework? Kang Yo-Han, the student was able to surprise his teacher.”.

At Kang Yo-Han’s office in the home, Ga-on sees Yo-Han using his exquisite german scissors and smiles at it. Ga-on comments that Yo-han looks happy. Yo-Han says it is not that bad to be lenient. (this verdict was no way near lenient). Yo-Han then says he heard about Ga-on’s dream and questions what Ga-on takes him for? And how could he do something like that… They both laugh at that and, Ga-on says sure Yo-Han wouldn’t do that.

Ga-on finds out from Yo-Han and marvels at the fact that Yo-Han found out the correct prison for the actor in the US and that Elijah modified her voice negotiated with the Texas state. (That is what she was doing last time when Ga-on saw her speaking to a foreigner.)

Later that day, Yo-Han receives a letter from the social responsibility foundation. Yo-Han reaches a harbour full of metal containers and, when he walks around, a car flashlight blinds him, and the person who spied on Ga-on earlier hits him hard on the head.

Yo-Han wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair and in a place that weirdly looked like his house as a whole. The small place had everything that looked like his home. A bed, a dining place, bar and also the basement room (the room where he stayed when he was young). And everything looked the same as if someone recreated his house. That place even had his photos.

Sun-ah wearing a long dress enters the place, hugs him from behind and says,”You still look pretty.” She stands in front of him and gives a greeting gesture. Instantly Yo-Han realises her and asks, “are You..”. Sun-Ah smiles and answers, ‘Hi,Master Yo-Han.’

She swiftly comes forward and kisses him. (OMG is she the girl who had a crush on Yo-Han when he was young but, the nanny claimed she jumped from the 2nd floor because of Yo-Han.)

The drama is moving towards something more mysterious. As the story unfolds, more and more twist comes. I feel like whatever I judged is wrong. Eagerly waiting to watch the next episode, and I want to know all the back story. Let’s see what happens in the coming episodes.

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