Recaps: The Witch’s Diner Episode 5

~Noodles that bring people together~

The episode starts with Gil-yong going to the theater as per the plan. He sees a dreamcatcher shop on his way, thinks of how Jin said she is having a nightmare, and buys a dreamcatcher for her.

Jin calls Gil-yong and asks if he went out yet. Gil-yong who is in front of the dreamcatcher shop thinks it’s too early and says he is home. Jin says that’s a relief and says she won’t be able to come as something came up.

Gil-yong feels upset.

Jin thinks of the memory she could see when she was with Tom in the elevator (she could see herself having steak for a meal with him, she giving his fountain pen, he back hugging her). And she thinks to herself that she should confirm what she saw.

She then goes to meet Tom Kim and they have steak at his friend’s restaurant, his friend seems to open the restaurant early for them, his friend says to Jin that Tom has never requested anything like this for someone.

They then go to a park and while having coffee she gives him the fountain pen. She sees her memory unfolding in front of her. He then says that that pen is important to him as his mother gave him. His mother didn’t pressure him to do anything for his future and asked him to do what he loves. He worked hard and finally when he is this successful, his mother is not here to see his success. He then apologizes to Jin that he shared something personal like that. Jin thinks of her mom who supported her when she lost her job and relates to him and says his mother must be proud of him right now. He then confesses that he wanted to meet her again and missed her that’s why he called her.

In the evening, Tom drops Jin at her home. He says he had a good time.

In the restaurant, Hee-ra says ‘it can’t be avoided as it is predetermined.’. Mr. Oh asks if there is any way that makes everyone happy. Hee-ra says there is nothing that can make everyone happy.

Gil-yong goes to the restaurant even though it’s his day off and is upset that Jin didn’t show up. Mr. Oh asks Gil-yong for a talk. Mr. Oh offers him a drink saying though he is a student he is 20 now. Gil-yong seems to be trying to drink for the first time and he doesn’t like the taste and keeps it away. Gil-yong opens up and says he was supposed to watch a movie with Jin. He just wanted to watch a movie and eat with her. Mr. Oh says it takes practice and asks him not to wish too much as it will make things hard.

Gil-yong talks with his father while having breakfast. His father seems to know that he is not training these days. His father says that he need not have to live to his parent’s expectations, he just needs to do what he wants to as life doesn’t have any right answers.

This gives Gil-yong strength and he plans to quit school and take GED (High School graduation equivalency examination). He says goodbye to Young Jae and that girl. He says goodbye to that bully and tells him he is bullying others coz he is anxious and asks him to quit candy as it is now healthy (cool right?).

Jin gets a call from Tom and she gets excited and tells him she just has to do work today.

In the restaurant, Jin notices GED books and asks Gil-yong if it is his books. He agrees and says he quit school. Jin becomes careful and asks if he is ok. He says he is and says he wants to explore things now and know what kind of adult he wants to become. Jin smiles and wishes him. And she apologizes for not showing up for their movie plan. Hee-ra observes them.

Jin seems to be in good mood and Gil-yong wonders if something good happened to her.

The lady from red fog comes to meet Hee-ra, she says Hee-ra should let it flow in the natural order. Hee-ra replies that natural order dragged her this far. The lady asks if she needs to see Hee-ra dead as well?.. Hee-ra asks if she will bring flowers for her funeral and says sorry in advance and asks her to not bring any flowers (Hee-ra seems to be furious).

The landlord Grandma comes with steamed rice cakes to Witch’s Diner restaurant to give it to Jin. Grandma seems to think nice of Jin. While speaking Grandma asks if Jin is seeing someone and says about his son, about how nice he is, how he is running a restaurant and the only fault is he is 50 now. Jin smiles and politely denies saying she is already seeing someone. Gil-yong who is sitting with them gets shocked. After Grandma leaves, Gil-yong tries to ask about her boyfriend but Hee-ra interrupts.

While working Gil-yong tells Hee-ra that the Grandma was interested in Jin and she wanted Jin to marry her son. And asks what if it is her wish as that man is too old for her. Hee-ra says there is no age for love. Gil-yong agrees and says Jin is already seeing someone. Hee-ra says that’s where the problem lies.

Jin brings steamed rice cake to Hee-ra and asks her to try some. Hee-ra says she doesn’t like rice cake and says last time when her mom and stops there and says she doesn’t want it.

Jin and Gil-yong get shocked and Jin asks if she has a mom too. Hee-ra says everyone has a mother. Gil-yong asks if her mother is a witch as well as he has read that divine powers are hereditary. Hee-ra says not necessarily. Gil then asks then how she came to know that she has witch blood in her. Hee-ra says that you will come to know at a moment when a misfortune which can’t be a coincidence comes to find you and says it’s your choice to become a witch or not.

Jin remembers her misfortune of getting scammed by the owner and wanting revenge for it. She also remembers telling Hee-ra how she could see their customer’s memory and asks if the witch did something to her. Hee-ra tells her that she didn’t do anything to her but it is her own ability.

Jin follows Hee-ra and asks if she will become a witch as she has those ability. Hee-ra tells her that it is completely her choice to become one or not.

While leaving home, Tom calls Jin and asks for dinner. She says she wants to go somewhere rather than that. They go to a higher bridge and they can see the whole city from there. Jin says she goes there when something is bothering her and it is comforting. Tom asks if something is bothering her. She tells him that she doesn’t know what to do and everything is so unclear about her future. Tom seems to understand her feelings and says she just needs to believe herself and says she can call him whenever she feels like that as it is difficult to be alone and Jin tells him the same.

Yoon Ki seems to be getting married soon and he tells her girlfriend that he can’t believe his wish came true. Landlord Grandma hears them and asks Yoon Ki if he is talking about Witch’s Diner restaurant. Yoon Ki says yes and tells her how he saved a girl and lost his 2 fingers and how that girl came to find her. That girl seems to be a businessman’s daughter. She introduces him to his father and he gets a job there and soon they are getting married.

Grandma goes to Witch’s Diner and says how frustrated she is as his son didn’t get married yet. She says she doesn’t have money to pay. Hee-ra says she can pay another way. Grandma asks what she can pay with.

Hee-ra starts cooking, while opening the recipe book she looks at Jin and asks her to choose a recipe. Jin hesitates and asks why she should do it. Hee-ra says Jin cares more about Grandma than her so she should wish happiness for her and choose a recipe and asks her not to determine their happiness for them as only they can tell if they are happy or not. Jin looks into the recipe book and couldn’t see anything clear. Hee-ra asks her to let it up to her instincts. Jin then sees a bouquet noodles recipe.

Gil tries to peak from behind but he doesn’t see any letters in the book and wonders.

Hee-ra then makes noodles by pouring weird colored gases and prepares a bowl of noodles for Grandma.

Grandma eats it and just like any other customer she gets mesmerized with the taste and eats it. Grandma says it is the best noodles she could ever eat. Gil says not to say that as she will taste his son’s wedding food. Grandma agrees. She then hopes for the best and leaves. Outside the restaurant, Grandma asks a to favor Jin.

On the way home, Jin walks lost in thoughts. Gil-yong tells her that they moved to her neighborhood. Gil-yong asks her to help him to pick a gift for his father. Jin says ok to go and they plan to go the next day. Gil-yong feels happy.

The next day, they go to a mall and search for things. She finally looks at a shoe and says it seems comfortable and it should be good. Gil-yong thanks her. Jin suddenly gets a call from Tom and he says he is not well.

Jin goes to Tom’s office and gives him porridge. Tom says when he was sick the only person he could think of is her. He back hugs her and thanks her after eating the porridge. Jin seems to like it.

Gil, at his home, tries to text Jin but doesn’t do it. He looks at the dreamcatcher and wonders when he will be able to give it to her.

The next morning, Gil sees Tom dropping Jin. He then asks Jin if he is the person she is seeing, she says yes and Gil says she is too good for him.

When they reach the restaurant, they see Grandma sitting on the staircase. They greet her and asks why she is here. She seems to not recognize them and says her father was supposed to come and pick her. They were both shocked at her reaction. (So this was Grandma’s price huh!?)

Epilogue: They show us what price Hee-ra asked for Grandma. She asks the marks of her happiness, sadness, pain, anger, and every human experience. She asks Grandma’s memory which has all the marks and Grandma agrees and says as she went through only pain, this should be for good only.

I am already sad that the series is gonna end soon🥺🥺… I really liked this episode as well and trying to guess when Jin will choose to become a witch or not!!.. what do you guys think?.. will she?..

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  1. This episode is also very interested 🤩🤩. but jin & Kim relationship will have very strong 😟😟. what to do.🤔🤔

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