Recaps: The Witch’s Diner Episode 6

~ Forgotten Memories and Mugwort Rice Cake ~

The episode starts with Ms. Lee making special dishes for her husband’s memorial and her son wakes up to the greasy kitchen. He asks why didn’t she even open the window.

He notices that she is acting weirdly by asking him about his day in college and she believing that day was her husband’s memorial ceremony. (Though it was not.)

On the same day, he finds her near the witch’s diner and apologizes to Jin and Gil-Yong. Jin feels bad for Ms. Lee and as soon as Hee-Ra comes to the restaurant that day she informs her that Ms. Lee is slowly losing her memory.

She questions Hee-Ra, she was told that one’s heart is most important when you cook but why Ms. Lee’s memory is fading. Jin says she wished only her bad memories to be gone but now Ms. Lee can’t even recognize her son and questions is this what Hee-Ra calls happiness.

Hee-Ra points that she has already been told not to determine other people’s happiness and everything flows according to the natural order, nothing can be done about that.

Jin says, “Fine. If that is the natural order then I quit.”. Gil-Yong follows her out and Jin says she needs some space as she wants to sort out her thoughts. Gil-Yong gives her the dream catcher and says it chases away the nightmares and since she recently has many nightmares it would be helpful.

Jin thanks him and leaves. At her bed, Jin thinks of how she could read the letters in the magic jars and the witch’s cookbook and then remembers Hee-Ra’s word that nobody can make a witch only the person themselves have to choose.

Hopeful that she will never choose to be a witch and she can choose to change her life back to normal she sleeps.

Ms. Lee’s son finds out that her mother is suffering from acute dementia and the doctor can only slow the process but can’t make her well and Soon she will forget everything. The doctor advises him to give her medications regularly.

At Jin’s home, she is checking her message and Kim has texted her that he can’t meet her the next day. Jin suddenly feels lonely and calls her mom. Her mom promises to come home once her father gets well and cuts the call saying she forgot to give medication to her father. Jin feels bad that she couldn’t say she misses her mom.

At the hospital, Hee-Ra visits Jin’s father and places a dark rose near his bed. Jin’s father notices Hee-Ra and goes into Shock as if she is a ghost.
As Hee-Ra leaves Jin’s mom notices her from behind and when Jin’s mom enters the room, she finds her husband struggling and calls the doctor.

Jin is out with Tom Kim and they go to a book store since she is not in a good mood. Kim finds it nice that even he comes to the bookstore when he feels down. They slightly come close and he learns that Jin did Korean literature and worked in a film production company. Suddenly Kim gets an urgent call and he is summoned to an urgent meeting. he offers to leave Jin at home but Jin prefers to walk home.

As Hee-Ra is looking at pics of Tom Kim and Jin, she asks Mr. Oh whether she could fully meddle in Jin’s life and change everything. Mr. Oh asks her not to mess with the natural order and that’s the rule she should know. Hee-Ra says the thing fate is so darn crafty. Mr. Oh says that fate is as stubborn as she is and even Hee-ra always finds a way to do what she wants to do.

Mr. OH asks Hee-Ra not to worry too much and promises to keep an eye on Jin. A woman appears out of brown smoke (She was the one who earlier asked Hee-Ra to behave like a witch.). Hee-Ra says her unannounced visits are unpleasant and they both are not on any good terms to talk about anything.

The woman advises her not to interfere with Jin’s life anymore and says they are not deities to lift their curse themselves. Hee-Ra emotionally asks the woman not to act like her mom and She wouldn’t be a spectator like that woman was.

Lonely Gil-Yong waves his hand at the Mandrake plant and asks whether the plant is asleep. He gives a big Sigh seeing the plant not responding. Mandrake speaks now, “That Sigh could make you sink. Why would an young man frown like his life is over?”.

Gil-Yong responds that he feels frustrated and he has no one to talk and he is bothered. The mandrake says that he knows someone just like him and at that moment Mr. Oh enters.

They sit for a drink. Mr. Oh asks that whether it is hard for him and says it was hard for him too when he had to decide whether to lead a normal life or to become a shadow for Hee-Ra. He says he Chose to be a shadow because he knew life was hard and it might become slightly easy if he could stay close to Hee-Ra and know that they have each other. In a flashback, Mr. Oh is shown asking her mom to bring back Hee-Ra and says it’s ok if she doesn’t like him, He just wants to stay close to her.

Gil-Yong asks what to do when Jin decides to be a witch. Mr. Oh says it is his decision to take. Gil-Yong says he feels frustrated to do nothing when Jin is suffering. Mr. Oh advises just one thing, “Staying by her side, to run with her is good enough. Keep your pace like a pacemaker.”.

Gil-Yong stands in front of Jin’s house and calls her. But Jin ignores his call. She sees Gil-Yong’s text, He says, “The tougher the things are, the more you should eat.”.

The next day when Ms. Lee’s son is busily serving his restaurant customer, he finds his mom fallen down and not in any idea of the world around her. He remembers the doctor’s advice that as time goes his mother’s sleeping habits and lifestyle would change. It would be hard for him to take care of her 24/7. The doctor suggests he should consider putting her in full-time care.

Hyo-Shik (Ms. Lee’s son) admits her to a day care hospital. while leaving her, he cries and promises to visit her after five days and says she just has to be there for five nights. Ms. Lee doesn’t recognize him or understand what he is saying. She thinks the man speaking in front of her is her father.

The days go by and new customers come to the witch’s diner. Hee-Ra and Gil-Yong both miss Jin, though they don’t say it out. Jin makes her busy by tidying up her house. Again, she gets a message from Kim that he can’t meet her as he is busy in the meeting.

Jin then finds a letter at her home and remembers it was the letter given by Ms. Lee. Ms. Lee writes a letter to her son and she feels shy to give it to her son herself. She asks Jin to give it to her son if her wish comes true.

Hee-Ra is sadly sitting by the window in her restaurant. Gil-Yong says that it has been a week since Jin has come to work. Hee-Ra says Jin will come by as the time comes. He asks, “You’re actually worried about her too. Aren’t you?”.

Yes, she feels sad too and she thinks of how Jin quit her job saying She shouldn’t have met Hee-Ra in the first place or wished for revenge when they met.

Hyo-Shik is having soju with Gil-Yong’s father, He feels bad for admitting his mother into day care. He says he used the excuse that her mother would be comfortable and admitted to daycare but in reality, he is a terrible son. He thought both he and this mother would die if she continues to stay with him. Gil-Yong’s father consoles him that dementia is hard to take care of.

Gil-Yong’s father then says that if he would become sick in the future, he would also be wanted to be admitted to the hospital instead of being a burden to his son. But he would surely miss his son.

This makes Hyo-Shik break down. Jin watches Hyo-Shik cry from outside his restaurant and she hesitates to go inside. (Maybe she thought she would meet him and give the letter.).

Jin directly goes to the witch’s diner and says to Hee-Ra that she also knows how in life everything has a prize. It can either be money, time or health but this is on a whole different level. Hee-Ra comments, “It’s the same thing.”.

Jin questions how it can be the same. Ms. Lee’s son is unhappy now because of Ms. Lee’s decision. Jin asks is there any way to cancel or reverse the wish. Hee-Ra clarifies that there is no way to reverse a wish and Ms. Lee is alive now that‘s the important part.

Seeing Jin confused Hee-Ra continues that she meant this is not the end and Jin must continue to watch. Hee-Ra advises her, “Don’t judge one’s life merely based on its surface. You must watch till the end. Whether it turns into happiness or not. A bad time is followed by a good time. When you lose one you win one. Only much later, you realize, “if it weren’t for that time, I wouldn’t be enjoying this happiness.”.”.

Hee-Ra then smiles and says, “Life is a long race. You must watch patiently.”.

The next day, Hyo-Shik goes to the hospital, the nurse says Ms. Lee recognizes her son that’s why she is smiling for the first time and Hyo-Shik breaks down seeing her smile at him. He cries uncontrollably and apologizes to her and then brings her back to their home.

When they reach home, he meets up with a woman he used to know from the hiking club and they seem to be friends earlier. The woman is the caretaker of Ms. Lee that he was going to interview that day.

As they settle at Hyo-Shik’s home, the woman comments that it’s been nearly 30 years after meeting him. He corrects her it was 26 years and 6months. She asks whether he remembers about mount Jiri. And he recites how they went for 4 days hike and on the 2nd day there was a heavy storm but she didn’t back off and climbed the top.

She complains that she whined and thought he would hold her hand but he didn’t. Hyo-Shik says he wanted to hold her hand but she never asked. (That’s why he stayed single for this long.). Ms. Lee snaps at his forehead and says, “how embarrassing! don’t say that.”. They all laugh at that.

Jin is at her house and thinking about Hee-Ra’s words about how life is a long race. She then gets a message that Ms. Lee has come back home. Jin rushes to Ms. Lee’s house and sees Ms. Lee happily eating food like a child. The woman caretaker takes good care of Ms. Lee.

Hyo-Shik says he has never seen his mom smile and being carefree like that before. He says, “It turns out she knows how to smile. But she just forgot to because of her busy life.”.

Jin asks if she could talk to Ms. Lee privately. Jin and Ms. Lee are in a room and Jin apologizes to her and says she tried to fix it but she couldn’t. Ms. Lee suddenly remembers everything and asks Jin if she forgot everything in between. Ms. Lee asks if that means her wish came true. Jin nods.

She says she is so grateful to Jin and she is the happiest person now. Ms. Lee asks Jin not to feel miserable even if she loses her memory again. Jin holds Ms. Lee’s hand and cries and apologizes.

Jin hands over Ms. Lee’s letter to Hyo-Shik. Ms. Lee writes that he was still a kid to her eyes and she couldn’t imagine him staying alone in this horrible world. If he is reading this letter, he has a beautiful woman at his side and she has her wish granted and she is the happiest person. She asks him to get married, have kids, and live happily. He reads the letter and cries his heart out.

Jin goes back to the witch’s diner. Gil-Yong loudly calls Hee-Ra saying Jin is back. Jin stutters seeing Hee-Ra, “So… I have… done some thinking…”. Hee-Ra immediately asks Jin to prepare the ingredients that she needs for the next day. Jin is surprised and says ok.

Gil-Yong takes the tray from Hee-Ra and goes to the kitchen. They get started with the work and Hee-Ra smiles at them. (Even the mandrake smiles at them.).

Tom Kim is driving with Jin and she tells him all the story that happened and happily says Hyo-Shik is getting married the next month. She asks Kim to come with her to the marriage. Kim says it’s not a hard thing so he will come. As soon as she reaches home, Kim messages her that he already misses her and enquires what she is doing.

One month later, On the wedding day, Kim calls Jin and informs her he can’t make it to the wedding as he has urgent work. Jin as usual understandingly says it’s ok if he can’t come.

Gil-Yong and Jin go to the wedding together. They congratulate the bride and Hyo-Shik. Ms. Lee acts like a child and shyly laugh when Jin congratulates her and says she looks beautiful. They take a photo. As they come out of the wedding, they both feel satisfied that Ms. Lee’s wish is granted and finally the family is happy.

Jin then goes to the restroom where two women were gossiping about a celebrity- “Young-Choon”. They talk that it’s Young-Choon’s kid’s birthday and not even a single celebrity is invited. Another woman says that Young-Choon got secretly married and he even changed his name. (Are you guys thinking the same thing as I am thinking? I mean it’s pretty obvious now anyway.).

When she comes out of the restaurant, she finds Tom Kim outside and her face lights up. She thinks Kim said that he couldn’t make it but now how he found the place. She steps forward to call him but someone else takes Kim somewhere.

Jin gets confused and follows Kim. Seeing Jin go somewhere Gil-Yong follows too. Jin finds him with his wife and child. She then stands at the entrance of the birthday party with teary eyes. Gil-Yong finds her and stands shocked after seeing Kim with his family. Tom Kim sees her too and Stands at the stage shocked.


Hee-Ra asks Jin’s mom that it has been 27 years and she asked her to come to visit her if something happened. And comments that she never did. Jin’s mom hesitantly asks if she is here because of Jin. To this Hee-Ra answers yes, she has come because of Jin.

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