Recaps: The Witch’s Diner Episode 7

The episode starts with Hee-ra spending time with Jin’s father in the past. Hee-ra seems to be very happy with him and he proposes to her with a ring.

In the next scene, she is at a diner of the red fog’s witch and asks for a wish – ‘i want that child to be miserable like me and that man should feel pain because of the child’. The witch says the price is that Hee-ra should become a witch. Hee-ra says she wants to wish no matter what and eats the food. As soon as she finishes the food, black smoke surrounds her and something seeps into her veins and she screams in pain. She falls down from the chair in pain and a scar leaves in on her thighs.

Jin and Gil-yong watch Tom at the birthday party. Tom looks at Jin and ignores her. Gil remembers him and Jin decides to just leave. On the way home, Jin remembers the excuses Tom made and feels miserable thinking how stupid she was to believe his lies.

After reaching home, at the gate, Jin turns to Gil and says she is sorry to drag him into this and also says she is ok so that he should go without any worry.  Gil asks her why she always says she is ok even when she is not ok. Jin says he is right and says she doesn’t know what to say or what to think now. Gil says not to think anything and asks her to take some rest and also asks her to cry out today as it will help her heal.

Jin goes inside and drinks water. She then collects all the gifts he gave and his books in a plastic bag.

‘Someone said that people fall for lies because of one simple thing – the trust that they won’t lie.’ she thinks of this and cries.

Hee-ra meets Jin’s mom at the hospital and says she came because of Jin. She also says that Jin has been cursed. Jin’s mom gets tensed and asks to let her get cursed instead of Jin. But Hee-ra says there is someone else who needs to be cursed instead.

On the way home, Gil sees Tom’s car heading towards Jin’s house.

While Jin tries to enter her home after dumping Tom’s gifts, Tom pushes her inside and acts like he didn’t even see Jin at the party hall. Jin tries to push him outside and asks him to go out and asks him not to act shamelessly. He forces her and she falls down. He continuously says she misunderstood, that he was helping his friend, Jin didn’t even love him that’s why she is acting that way. He holds her to the ground by her neck. Gil comes at the right time and shoves him to the side. They both punch each other while Jin calls the police.

In the police station, Tom tells the police that they were just having a couple fight when Gil interrupted. ( Like seriously bro?) Gil explains what happened also says he is the guardian of Jin. Jin agrees that Gil is her guardian and gives them a recording which she recorded when Tom did the burglary. Tom tells them that he will handle it with his lawyer. Mr. Oh comes in and tells them that he is the lawyer of Jin so Tom should go on. After coming out, Tom asks Jin if she thinks she won just because she has the recordings and calls one of his friends (of course he has his influence). Gil asks Jin if she is going to let him go. Jin says she needs some time to know what is happening to her.

Mr. Oh asks Jin to talk privately. At a restaurant, Jin says maybe it is the side effect of her eating the leftover chocolates. Mr. Oh asks her is that it? and asks her not to turn away from reality, he tells her to think and look into her memory for answers.

The next day Jin goes to her hometown where they used to live when she was a kid, her father is still living there and after his discharge, Jin’s mom calls her there to spend some time. She goes with the determination that she should face her reality.

As soon as Jin reaches, her mom finds out that she didn’t sleep much last night. Jin excuses herself and goes to sleep after talking with her.

Hee-ra calls Gil and tells him not to come from tomorrow as she is going to close the diner. Gil asks what happened and asks her what is going to happen with Jin as he is not able to do anything even though he is by her side. Hee-ra asks him what would he wish if she were to give him another wish. Gil says he will want to protect Jin and want her happiness.

Jin wakes up and finds her mom in the kitchen making sprout bean and kimchi porridge for her. They show us the flashback where Jin (when she was a kid) used to act sick just to eat her mom’s sprout bean and kimchi porridge. Jin asks why she is making it and her mom says you are sick not only you are physically sick but also when you are mentally sick.

Jin eats the soup and says it is as delicious as expected and prepares herself to talk. She says she knows everything and knows that her dream was not just a dream but her memory. She remembers the time she got lost. And also says she knows that she is not her biological daughter. She overheard her mother and aunt talking in the past. Jin’s mom, shocked, asks her why she didn’t tell her and asks how she felt all this time. Her mom cries and tells her that she is her mother and will always be one. Jin says she knows that and cries with her. Jin says that’s why she can never forgive his father for hurting her. Her mom says everyone gets hurt and gets healed and says she is very happy to have a beautiful daughter like her.

Jin then goes to meet her father. Her father apologizes to her even though he knows that it will never be enough. He then gives her a photo and tells her that he wanted to give that himself. Jin looks at the photo and gets shocked and confused.

At the diner, Hee-ra asks Mr. Oh to prepare for the ingredients and makes a steak for herself. She thinks of all the memories with Jin and gets satisfied that she had all the fun with Jin in her last few days. If she make another wish then she will disappear – that’s the rule. She thinks that she will take revenge for Jin.

As soon as she cuts the steak to eat, Jin enters the diner and tells her that she will take care of her own revenge if a price has to be paid. She says Hee-ra that she remembers everything that Hee-ra was the one who offered her the candy and the one who held her hand. She says ‘You were always around me, mom’.

The episode ends her. I can’t believe there is only one episode left. But now I can clearly say that Jin is gonna become witch for sure but it would be happy ending right!?.. let’s see…

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  1. this episode is good. Hee-ra and jin father are lovers, i didn’t expect they are lovers

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