Recaps: The devil Judge Episode 8

The episode starts with Yo-han telling Ga-on that if the devil exists then it is the self-pity of the powerful people. He says how the foundation people shamelessly came to the hospital after the church fire and asked for the donation.

Ga-on, on the way home, thinks how police officers in the prison respected Yo-han and thinks to himself that if the devil exists then Yo-han could have asked the officers to do him a favor. (I am really glad that Ga-on is still sane)

At a restaurant, in a private room, President, Mr. Seo, Chairman Yong-Shik, Chairman Park plans to blame everything on Sun-ah to get out of the Yo-han’s check. They all agree to it and Mr. Seo leaves. Sun-ah enters the room from another door (looks like she was there all the time) and they ask her why they should take her deal and not Mr. Seo’s. She convinces them saying how it will be impactful when Mr. Seo suicides because of his subordinate’s mistake.

Sun-ah reaches home, kills Mr. Seo, and edits his last confession video. She removes the part where he mentioned Sun-ah.

The next day, Sun-ah takes up the Chairman position of the Foundation. In the event, they show Mr. Seo’s last confession video where he says he will take responsibility for his subordinates (poor of him that he thought of blaming Sun-ah) and they show some of the subordinates (who were also about to give tips to Yo-han) and blames them for the money issue.

President joins Sun-ah on the stage and gives his usual emotional speech.

Yo-han reaches the office and wonders how Sun-ah is crazier than he thought. Ga-on comes to him and asks what he is planning to do as he challenged people who are practically the country and suggests him some ideas, but Yo-han denies saying they will cover themself under the sympathy of Mr. Seo’s death.

Ga-on calls Soo-Hyun to meet up. While walking to a restaurant, Soo-Hyun sees a couple and they both act like a couple. At the restaurant, Ga-on acts normal but gets caught by Soo-Hyun. She insists him to say what happened. Ga-on tells her what happened and Soo-Hyun guesses that only higher-ups could have been able to pull out this. Ga-on tells her that’s exactly what Yo-han told him. Soo-Hyun says that’s right and perfect and says that’s why she is suspicious. She says hypothetically speaking, maybe Yo-han did it on purpose and wanted him to drag into the mess. Ga-on looks at her and says she never disappoints him. (and that’s what I thought, our super lady ❤️). Ga-on tells her not to investigate officials as he doesn’t believe her superiors and tells her that he is going to play along Yo-han for the time being.

Ga-on then breaks down on the fact that he didn’t even know what was happening and Soo-Hyun consoles him.

Sun-ah, at her home looking at a mirror, praises herself for what she did to come so far and says ‘i love you to herself (indeed, she loves herself the most). And thinks of meeting Yo-han.

The laws in Korea get strict. Tight security establishes. While going to the court, Jin Joo tells Ga-on about how this all turned out after the live court announcement. Ga-on, as usual, lost in thoughts, just nods to her. She gets upset with him.

At the court, Sun-ah comes to meet Yo-han as a Live Court Support Committee head. Sun-ah thanks him. Yo-han asks if it is for stirring up something that made her the chairman. She says thanks to that and also for the world his family showed her, she says that’s when she wanted to be the owner of such a place. Yo-han says no matter what she does, in his eyes, she still is a little thief who doesn’t know how messy she is. While talking, Yo-han holds her by her neck and asks her if she likes him because they are alike and asks her if she likes him that much. Sun-ah tries to break free as she gets difficulty in breathing.

Ga-on enters at this point and shoves Yo-han aside. Yo-han pulls the necklace (she stole it last time from him) and gets hurt by a pin she placed in the necklace.

Ga-on asks what was happening. Sun-ah excuses herself and leaves. Yo-han explains how she became the committee head. Outside, Jin Joo sees Sun-ah coming out and greets her. Sun-ah tells her that they should meet privately. Jin Joo, confused, goes straight to Yo-han and asks him if she is even a member of the bench as something this big happened in the country still as a fellow worker she doesn’t know what is going on. Yo-han says she needs to be congratulated for the change as she once said as long as she sits next to Yo-han she is fine and asks her what made her so determined. (Sun-ah is indeed talented in manipulating people like that, woww). Jin Joo, who is angry now, leaves. Ga-on asks Yo-han if this is how he is gonna treat everyone who is by his side when he is going to fight the country. Yo-han ignores him and asks him to come to his home as Eli is anxious.

Minister Cha gets angry about how everyone completely ignored her from the plan and asks her assistant to look into our puppeteer Sun-ah.

Yo-han and Ga-on reach home, Eli smiles. While having coffee, Yo-han answers Ga-on’s unasked question that why Jin Joo is left out, he says that only 2 of them are more than half. Ga-on says she is a good person. Yo-han says he is not interested in things like good intention and all. Ga-on asks if he only believes in angry and resentment and also asks if that is why he targeted Minister Cha from the beginning because of Eli ( she is the one responsible for what happened to Eli’s legs after all). Yo-han says it is more than that and says they need to split them to win and says Minister Cha is the easy target and also she is more powerful because she knows everyone’s secrets and that is why he is pushing to until she uses her last card. Yo-han gives him a USB and asks him to look into it – it had the cases for the next live trail.

Yo-han’s informant calls Yo-han and asks if they should include Ga-on necessarily. Yo-han says he can’t keep Ga-on behind him, he should either keep him to his side or get rid of him as he is dangerous. (So this is what he thinks of Ga-on)

Ga-on asks with what oh would have gotten away with. Yo-han says he is investigating it and says if there is no certain reason then money can be the reason. Ga-on thinks about it.

He meets Eli in her room. Eli asks him what the old men were talking about and he says it is boring work stuff. Eli says she thought about what Ga-on said about his parents last time and suggests that they should kill Doo young Choon. She confidently says it is not completely impossible as she can hack the server and he can do the fieldwork. Ga-on, shocked by her suggestion, thanks her for thinking that much and says he is really fine now. He asks what if Doo young Choon swapped someone for him and says it is his crazy imagination.

Eli says it is his crazy imagination and killing him can make him better. Ga-on says it is imagination only and lost in thoughts leaves after saying bye. Eli wonders what happened to him and plans to meet Soo-Hyun.

She meets Soo-Hyun at a bag shop (where everything is costly). Eli asks for suggestions for shopping and asks her to shop with her as it is boring. Soo-Hyun suggests going somewhere else. Soo-Hyun takes Eli to Ga-on’s place. Eli enjoys the mini garden of Ga-on. Soo-Hyun makes food for Eli and she enjoys it.

Eli asks if Soo-Hyun likes Ga-on. Soo-Hyun says she can’t see Ga-on cry so whenever she sees him crying she asked him out and it is a total of 5 times now and all the 5 times he said ‘no’. She gets emotional while talking about his family and the difficulties they faced.

The next day, Ga-on asks someone over the phone to investigate about Joonwoon FNB’s money transactions for the last few years.

He meets his old classmate, who is prosecutor now, at a cafe. He asks him a favor to dig into Doo young Choon’s case. The prosecutor agrees to do it in return for his autograph. (They both seem to respect and believe each other)

Ga-on reaches his home to take care of the plants. Soo-Hyun visits and tells him that he should not be coming here often but should be living here.

Professor comes to visit as well. They talk while having dinner. Professor says he doesn’t like how it all turned out, he even talked to the chief Judge who sounded like a commander. He is planning to raise a complaint against Live Court and the opposing party will definitely support him and they will start to investigate. He asks Ga-on (as a request) that he should tell whatever he has collected till now. Ga-on who seems to not agree with the professor says evil people are getting punished and it is not good the other way as well.

Yo-han calls Ga-on to come to his office and says he will take him somewhere. Ga-on wonders where is it this time. (Ya, whenever Yo-han took Ga-on somewhere, it was for no good)

Yo-han takes him to a shabby place where his informant is already there. Ga-on understands who he is and with a lot of anger in his voice compliments him saying he did a good job digging his past and the infromant says he can’t compliment Ga-on as he did not do a good job while looking into Yo-han. Yo-han interrupts and says there are more people to help him in this fight and also says he ensures his win even before the game starts.

The lawyer who was on the defendant’s side when the first trial of the chemical industry, the girl who confessed that she got harassed by Young Min in his trial, Soo-Hyun’s chief who didn’t allow Soo-Hyun to dig further about Yo-han – all the three enters.

While talking, Ga-on who is still angry says if they were showing a show in the court. Yo-han asks not to call it fake as they only gave courage to people using them.

When Ga-on asks if Yo-han is giving a generous amount to them. They get offended and talk about their story.

The Lawyer’s daughter got killed because of the Chemical industry. He also says he will receive punishment for what he did once everything is finished.

The girl got molested and saw the criminal got away with it. The chief

Ga-on looks all of them and at Yo-han.

Sun-ah meets up with Jin Joo and manipulates her to be in the spotlight instead of Yo-han. She even gives her a pearl necklace and asks her to shine brightly.

The prosecutor (friend of Ga-on) gets information about oh case and hands it over to Ga-on.

The next day, when Yo-han reaches his office he sees Ga-on sitting in his chair. Yo-han asks what is he doing. Ga-on tells him that the date of oh’s transfer, Minister Cha’s husband almost went bankrupt because of fraud, the date of Ministry Cha becoming the Minister – all are same. Ga-on asks why didn’t he tell him even though he would have found out sooner than him. Yo-han says that he wouldn’t have believed him if he told so he waited for him to find out.

Ga-on is upset and in confusion as to support whom. He then calls the professor to meet up. He tells him that he is going to be on Yo-han side. Professor asks him why and he says the professor was the one who forced him to choose sides.

Yo-han comes to pick Ga-on and they both leave in Ga-on’s call while the professor watches them.

Soo-Hyun drives Eli home. She sees a bunch of people flogging others while recording it. She then comes out of the car and points the gun to the leader of the group and asks them to step down.

The leader starts recording it and asks Soo-Hyun if she could kill a citizen. Soo-Hyun stands there in hesitation. The episode ends here.

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