Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 12

The episode starts with Soo-Hyun pointing a gun at Ga-on. Yo-han says that they came to investigate Minister Cha and found her dead and asks Soo-Hyun if she is gonna arrest them. Soo-Hyun who is struggling to process that Ga-on is there decides to let them go. Ga-on struggles and Yo-han gets out with him.

Soo-Hyun informs her department and wipes off the blood from a table that was stained from Ga-on’s hand. She feels terrible while doing so.

The president hears the news and sends someone to secure the files and he finds it in the cigarette that she used at her final moments.

Ga-on and Yo-han watch the news and Yo-han asks Ga-on to forget whatever happened and asks him to focus on their next plan and tells him that the files may have been secured by President Heo.

Ga-on goes to Police Station to meet Soo-Hyun. Soo-Hyun slaps him and says she had to destroy the evidence for him. She asks him not to ever show his face again and leaves.

Yo-han sits in his office doing his work. Sun-ah calls him to congratulate him for taking down Minister Cha. Yo-han thanks her for her help. Sun-ah promises to make everyone in the foundation of listening to him as well. Yo-han asks her to make the director executive of the foundation. Sun-ah asks him not to rush it and asks him to make his way slowly up there.

Yo-han then calls his assistant and asks him to find Ga-on before he does something reckless.

Soo-Hyun waits for Yo-han in the parking lot and asks him desperately to leave Ga-on alone.

Ga-on drinks and almost gets in a fight with 2 men when the assistant finds him. On their way to Yo-han’s home, the assistant says he has nothing to lose but Ga-on has people to care about so asks him not to get involved too much or else he will end up losing everything including himself.

Ga-on reaches home and Yo-han asks him why he went to see Soo-Hyun while the world is watching. Ga-on says he already is losing so many things. He says when a person died in front of him the first thing he did was to search for the file and asks him what kind of monster he is becoming. Yo-han says Ga-on can’t help him when he is still with Soo-Hyun. He asks him to cut Soo-Hyun from his life to helping to save the world. Ga-on pushes his hand away and tells him that Soo-Hyun is his world.

Ga-on goes to pack his things. Eli comes to his room and asks if he fought with Yo-han and tries to convince him to stay there longer. Ga-on says sorry for not being able to be there for her till the end.

While leaving Ga-on who doesn’t believe in God, prays so that everyone in that house sleeps without tears and nightmares.

Eli fights with Yo-han for letting Ga-on go. He says Ga-on is not her father and if she feels so, then she will only be hurt. Eli goes to her room crying. Yo-han goes to her room to apologize but Eli asks him not to act out of his character and asks him to get lost. She then looks at a portrait she made of Ga-on and cries to sleep.

The foundation people gather and drink and talk about how it is good that Minister Cha is gone now. President Hoon asks Sun-ah to eliminate Kang Yo-han as Minister Cha was about to give files about them to Yo-han. Sun-ah tries to convince him that he will be helpful for them and tells them that if they promise him to make him the next president, he will listen to them. President asks if the election is even needed and asks her if she slept with Yo-han that she is supporting him that much. Sun-ah gets angry and President says he was just joking and asks to eliminate Yo-han. Sun-ah is annoyed now.

Soo-Hyun calls Professor Min and tells him that Yo-han is putting Ga-on in danger and cries. In the court, Professor Min calls Yo-han and asks him not to drag Ga-on with him and asks him to stop whatever he is doing. Yo-han says that Ga-on is not a child and he willingly participated with him and tells him if he digs, Ga-on will also get hurt.

After coming out, he asks his assistant to keep an eye on both Professor Min and Ga-on. Yo-han then goes jogging and thinks about Ga-on. He then goes home and the nanny gives him food Ga-on made. Yo-han asks her to join him and brushes it off saying he was just joking. Nanny asks why did he fight with Ga-on and says he should have been nice to him when he was still there.

Yo-han remembers the time when he, Ga-on, and Eli played cards happily and thinking to himself that he doesn’t care what happens to humanity as long as they both are there with him. Yo-han then eats the food Ga-on made.

Ga-on calls Yo-han after some hesitation but Yo-han never picks up.

Soo-Hyun seems to be digging the church fire case herself. She asks a grandma who is running a small restaurant near the church about a worker who worked there named Joseph.

The assistant calls Yo-han to says that Professor Min is meeting people from the opposite party and also tells him how Juk broke his anklet and ran away but none of the police or prosecutor doing anything. Yo-han guesses that this must be President Heo’s work and tells him that it is beginning.

Professor Min holds a press conference and says that Yo-han is creating violence in this country and asks him to get down as putting his job on the line. The next day, he sees a lot of people opposing what he said and a call comes where a man threatens Professor with his family. Professor rushes to his home and this man comes from his behind and hits him in his head.

Ga-on rushes to the hospital after watching the news. Professor Min is angry that his personal information was put on the internet that his daughter is not even able to go to work. Ga-on says that Yo-han won’t do something like that. Professor Min gets angry and asks him how long he is going to support him.

Jae hee follows Yo-han’s assistant and finds out that Yo-han is still looking into Sun-ah and his past. She reports to Sun-ah that Yo-han is looking into his father’s case and also Mr. Seo’s case now.

Sun-ah gets angry and calls President Heo and tells him that they should move forward with what he suggested and also says she needs to use Juk for something and the President agrees. She then throws the pendant Yo-han gave her off the building.

Yo-han seems to have nightmares and sleeps on the sofa. In the morning, he gets a call from Sun-ah and she asks him to come for a date as she has something to show him.

On the other side, Ga-on gets a call from a man. He asks Ga-on to come to a slum where due to the virus the whole place is in chaos trying not to let those people escape. Ga-on anyhow goes into the Slum to help Professor. He runs for a while to search for him. Juk and his members finally make their way to Ga-on and Ga-on stands there terrified.

Yo-han goes to a secluded building where Sun-ah calls him. He notices that she is not wearing the pendant and asks her and she says she kept it somewhere safe. Sun-ah says it is nice when he acts kind to her and points a gun at him and asks why he did that. Sun-ah and Jae hee seem to catch the assistant and hangs him with his hands right above where Sun-ah and Yo-han standing. While Yo-han tries to get Sun-ah, Jae hee shoots him below his ribs. Sun-ah goes up to Jae hee and Yo-han follows despite his assistant begging him to leave as it is dangerous.

He goes there and looks at Sun-ah holding a remote control and asks her not to do it. She says she wants him to be lonely as she is so that they both can make a team and presses the button. The assistant falls. Yo-han promises to kill her in a lonely and miserable way just how she deserves it. The episode ends here.

Sun-ah is sick and she is a psycho. Who are all going to die in this war!?

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  1. I did not expect this episode to be like this. I think the next episode will be even more interesting…

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