Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 14

The episode starts with Soo-Hyun’s funeral. Ga-On lifelessly stands far when Soo-Hyun’s other fellow officers do her the respect.

He thinks of all the sweet memories with Soo-Hyun (to make it worst). How she always was there with him in his sweetest memories and the worst. How she shed happy tears when he takes the oath and becomes a judge. How she consoled him when he tripped and fell while playing as kids and also her last words ‘Don’t cry Ga-On. I love you.’

(Wait!!.. Let me cry for sometime now😭😭😭)

Ga-on goes near her after everyone leaves and cries his heart out. Yo-han and Eli come there with grief on their face.

The next morning, Ga-on wakes up in Yo-han’s house besides Yo-han and Eli. He asks if the shooter got caught and furiously tries to go after the shooter. Yo-han tries to calm him down and Eli consoles him saying Soo-Hyun wouldn’t want him to die in the streets and Ga-on breaks down and cries.

After some time, Ga-on goes to meet Yo-han in his study and asks about the shooter. Yo-han says the foundation 1st tried to cut the power and when it didn’t work they might have thought of killing them and sadly Soo-Hyun happened to be there (wrong time wrong place). Ga-on tries to process what Yo-han said and crumbles there realizing how Soo-Hyun died instead of him.

Yo-han tries to calm him down by saying he knows how Ga-on is feeling right now as he is living in the same fiery pit and tells him that he should put the responsible ones in the fiery pit so that he can live on. Ga-on composes himself and tells him that he is ready for the fight now and they should start with Juk as he got arrested.

The next day, three of our judges announces to the press that they will put everyone responsible for what happened in the slum in the trail and whoever tries to stop them is the culprit.

The foundation members gather up and try to find a situation. They talk about how Jin Joo stabbed them in the back. Sun-ah tells that Jin Joo is shining now brighter than ever. The President tells that maybe they would end up in the trial as the public saw the old man dying and Sun-ah asks them to shift the blame.

The President calls the press in Blue House and apologizes for the deceased and their families. He also tells that no one can question the emergency measure that was taken and says it was the field workers who messed up the situation.

After coming to his office, he tells Sun-ah that the old man is not the problem but the virus is. So they should spread the virus for them to find. Sun-ah, with a shocked expression, asks him if he would spread a virus that easily (I mean why is she even shocked?. Actually, I think she is more likely to come up with this kind of solution). The President says he will do it if he will have to and asks if she has any feelings left for Yo-han as she is not happy with what he proposed now. Sun-ah counterattacks him asking to keep Juk silent and asks if he has any feelings left for Juk.

Sun-ah drinks in her office and thinks about how the president said he would spread the virus and curses him. She then calls Jae hee and asks her if the quarantined area covers the neighborhood where Sun-ah grew up. Jae hee say ‘probably’ and Sun-ah asks if the welfare foundation where she went as a mentor is also quarantined. Jae hee says maybe not because it is foundation affiliated and also asks her why she is worried about them and Sun-ah says she is always worried about Jae hee also. Jae hee brushes her off saying she is the one who puts her at all the risks and she should pay her well. Sun-ah hangs up the call and asks herself how she even ended up there and consoles her saying as she is already there nothing can be done.

At Yo-han’s house, Yo-han and Ga-on plan to meet a researcher to confirm if there were no viruses. Yo-han then asks Ga-on awkwardly whether he ate or not and says he is going to make himself ramyun and asks him if he would like some. Ga-on smiles slightly and says ‘next time’ before leaving.

Ga-on listens to Soo-Hyun’s audio ( where she playfully asks Ga-on to marry her) when Eli enters and asks him to look not so depressed and he should cheer himself up and asks if he ate and asks if he would like some ramyun as she is gonna make some just like Yo-han did.

Ga-on smiles and says they (Yo-han and Eli) both are the same as they both are bad at the console and tells her that fact oddly consoles him.

Yo-han and Ga-on meet the researcher and asks him if the spreading of mutant virus news were true. The researcher says there is no evidence to prove it and tells him that the foundation changed him with another researcher suddenly about a month ago. He says the main reason for the victim’s death was malnutrition, because of their poverty and says this was an attempt to get rid of the poor people. Yo-han asks if he can testify for it and the Doctor says he will and he will take the risk.

On the trial day, because of the virus, the trial is held with under a strict environment where no public or press is allowed.

The trial starts and the officer from Juk’s side talks about the crime as an accident. Yo-han stops him there and asks if it was an ‘accident’ and shows him the video of Juk beating an old man to death like a psychopath. The officer replies that it was an accident that occurred while controlling the public. The officer says the virus could have killed many people if that measure was not taken. Yo-han shows a video where the public where beaten in the slum. Yo-han then calls for the Doctor who agreed to testify and the officer says that the doctor passed away that morning because of the virus which shocks both Yo-han and Ga-on.

The foundation people are watching the trial live on the TV.

In the break, Ga-on gets angry at the fact that Doctor was killed by the same people who killed Soo-Hyun. Jin Joo says they need to make Juk talk in this situation. Yo-han says he prepared something so they should go with the flow and not talk at the trail.

The trial resumes, Yo-han asks the punishment Juk should be given and the officer and prosecutor agree with 7 years of imprisonment.

Yo-han starts questioning Juk. He asks if he decided to take care of the slum or was there someone who ordered him. He also shows the video of Juk being the crew member in the President’s live session and also says Juk was an unofficial member who worked for the president. He then asks if he decided to gather the jobless youth and run the social media where he showed flogging people so and so. Yo-han shows him President’s video where he says citizens should not believe in police only and should take action on their own. Yo-han then asks if he decided to start the social media after that President’s video. Juk says it was completely his idea and he did it to save the country.

Yo-han asks if he is taking all the responsibility and Juk agrees. Yo-han then plays the video of the President who says that death should be answered with death and that is justice and also quotes ”eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. Yo-han then announces the death penalty for Juk and 75 per cent of public votes favour it. He then shows an electric chair and says if 1 million public votes for him to die then he will die in that electric chair in the very court, then the execution will be held in the court in the next 24 hours.

Jin Joo and Ga-on sit there with the ‘unbelievable’ expression. After the trial, Jin Joo tells Yo-han that she is not ok with the judgment and asks him is it really necessary to go this far to make Juk speak. Yo-han says there were no alternatives and asks her to step down if she is against it.

The president who is watching cringes at how Yo-han used the President’s knife to stab the President.

The other foundation member asks the president to take care of Juk and the President asks them to trust him as he will take care of the situation somehow.

Professor Min resigns as Judge to show that he is against Yo-han’s judgment.

Ga-on goes to meet Professor Min and Professor asks Ga-on to stop Yo-han and asks him not to trust Yo-han. Ga-on still defends Yo-han. Professor tells him that Yo-han is making murderers out of citizens and that’s completely not acceptable. He also says that Soo-Hyun came to meet him, she was worried about Ga-on being played by Yo-han. She was investigating the Church fire case and was searching for a man named Joseph who was handling CCTV cameras at that time. He asks what if Soo-Hyun ended up finding him and Yo-han took care of her. Ga-on struggles at that thought and says Yo-han is already suffering from his brother’s death and asks why would he do that. Professor asks what if he is guilty of his brother’s death and that is what is haunting him. Ga-on who could not stand it anymore leaves. While leaving Professor asks what would Soo-Hyun have said if she were to see him electrocuting a man.

Ga-on sits alone and thinks of how Soo-Hyun was always suspecting Yo-han and believed that he was up to no good. He also thinks of what happened at Minister Cha’s office when she died and how Soo-Hyun reacted.

At Yo-han’s house, Ga-on goes to Yo-han and asks if he is gonna do it. Yo-han says he doesn’t believe in justice and all. Ga-on says he wants to stop him before he does something he may regret in the future. Yo-han is stubborn. Ga-on asks if Yo-han predicted that there would be a casualty when they went to film the slum. Yo-han shuts him off saying he should act if he has time to question him. ( I mean obviously, he knew and he wanted people to shed blood for his cause. What do you guys think of Yo-han?.)

On the trial day, Yo-han again asks Juk who is sitting in the electric chair if he takes all the responsibilities and Juk says yes. Juk says he didn’t do anything wrong but did what a citizen should have done.

Before the execution day, President secretly takes Juk to his Blue house and asks him to endure some electricity as Yo-han is only putting on a show and if the situation goes out of hand, he promises to do everything in his power to save him, he also promises an apartment facing Han river and permanent job in the government.

Juk, in the electric chair, continuously says ‘he told me to endure it’ and endures it. It takes 1 million votes to kill him and the number increases from 500, 5K, 10K, 1L, and so on. Ga-on comes and asks him to stop one last time but still, Yo-han goes with it.

As the number of votes reaches 9 lakh, Juk feels unbearable pain and screams and suddenly the power goes off. Someone comes in to say that the execution is in the stay. When Yo-han asks what happened, he says Ga-on is doing a press conference. Ga-on says ‘live court was all fake’ to the media in the press conference.

And the episode ends. I feel like, at this rate, Ga-on will end up like Soo-Hyun.

Anyways, I feel good that Ga-on didn’t support Yo-han in this. What do you guys think?

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