Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 16- Finale

The episode starts with Eli crying to Ga-on and asks him what just happened and why the police arrested Yo-han and also asks him if Yo-han was the one behind the church fire. Ga-on cries as well and tells her he has nothing to do with the church fire and tells her that he was the one who told police that Yo-han killed Soo-Hyun. Eli cries and asks him why he did that. Ga-on tells her that he got fooled and tells her that he would do everything to get him out.

Ga-on reaches the police station and tells the police that he misassumed the situation and Sun-ah is the one who killed Soo-Hyun. The police who is already tired in the night tells him that it is an interesting story but they need evidence to investigate further and doesn’t seem to care much about what Ga-on is saying.

Ga-on asks him to arrest him instead of Yo-han as he was the one who tampered with that evidence. The police ask him to go home and sleep as the case is closed already. Ga-on says if he didn’t consider him he will go to press and talk to the public. The police say that the press has to have government permission to broadcast news anymore and leaves. (Sun-ah is something. Devil is not even the word to describe her. She was always ahead of Yo-han. Wow.)

Professor Min goes to the Chief Judge of the Live Court and asks him to take responsibility for what Yo-han did.

Professor Min then goes to his office to find Ga-on there. Ga-on asks him if he really let Soo-Hyun die. Professor Min says he also didn’t know that Sun-ah would do this and the flashback starts.

Sun-ah meets Professor Min for the first time in Ga-on’s graduation. And when the Live Court was set up she asks him to take the Chief Judge position as someone needs to keep their eye on Yo-han. Professor puts Ga-on on the job as planned. And when Professor Min’s family got attacked he thought it was Yo-han’s doing (without knowing that it was actually the president) he tells Sun-ah that he wants to stop Yo-han at all costs. When Soo-Hyun died, he goes to Sun-ah to ask if it was her doing and says Soo-Hyun was like a daughter to him. Sun-ah manipulates him saying he will be in history for taking care of this crisis. This convinces Professor Min and the flashback ends.

Professor Min says someone had to become a monster to stop Yo-han and history will judge his action. Ga-on grabs his collar and asks him how could he let Soo-Hyun die. Scared Professor Min calls the security and Ga-on suffocates him. The security comes and drags Ga-on outside.

Jin Joo runs into Ga-on and asks him if Yo-han did it. Ga-on says the foundation set him up. Jin Joo says she will help him to get Yo-han outside.

In the Jail, Yo-han meets the warden. Warden is the one who got de promoted because he testified to the media that Minister Cha is the one who made him switch the criminal Dho. The warden is so thrilled to have Yo-han there and he tells Yo-han that he is just a rat for him now.

The foundation people gather and the president is scared of Sun-ah now. Chairman Park, Chairman Min work ships Sun-ah for taking care of Yo-han. The president tries to mingle with them and tells her that they should quietly take care of Yo-han in the jail. Others shut him up and Sun-ah grows suspicious of him as he changed quickly. She calls Jae Hee and asks her to look into what the president is up to.

Ga-on calls the lawyer and asks for his help. The lawyer says he doesn’t know if he can trust him anymore. Ga-on says they don’t have time and he will go alone to the Dream House project which is guarded by soldiers to dig into it as the public will be distracted from Yo-han if something big happens. Lawyer says they won’t be able to reach the public as there is no social media or press who would cover their story now. Ga-on says he has something in mind for that and asks him to get him one thing.

In Yo-han’s house, Eli wakes up and finds a letter and food (by Ga-on) at her table. The letter reads as Yo-han has nothing to do with the church fire and it was just an accident because of poor wiring. Yo-han made himself suspicious and irritated Eli so that Eli can move on even it was to hate him. Ga-on asks her to take care of herself and when Yo-han returns he won’t like to see Eli sick. Ga-on asks her to treat Yo-han well as he will return soon. He promises her that and asks her to eat. Eli eats while crying.

Ga-on looks at the house as if it’s his last time and leaves to Dream Project’s health centre. He disguises himself as a doctor who reached the Health centre secretly with some supplies. He goes in to see the people they got from the slum are used as human subjects to test new vaccines. Ga-on records everything. The President, Chairman Park, Chairman Min with their wives arrives at the Health centre. The doctor informs the president that out of 3620 people 182 died while testing the new vaccine and the president says it’s not bad. He says they will extend their farm throughout the world and will sell the dead’s organs and nothing will go waste. (I don’t even know what to say at this point. They are not even human. Will Ga-on be able to succeed?).

President, Chairman Park, Chairman Min agree on not to tell Sun-ah about it. The president asks them to kill Yo-han in the jail and they agree to it.

Ga-on, on his way, finds Ms Han and tries to escape with her. A nurse around there notices him and recognises him as Ga-on and tells him that they will help both of them to escape in return they should let the world know what is happening there. Ga-on promises and the nurse and her people send Ga-on and Ms Han out telling the soldiers that they are dead.

After coming out, Ga-on calls the Lawyer and says he is fine and rescued Ms Han as he got lucky and asks him if the thing he asked for is ready. The lawyer asks him if it is the only way and suggests finding a brave reporter to cover it. Ga-on says they don’t have time now and he will have to do it.

Sun-ah finds the Health centre and visits. She sees the girl she met at the orphanage lying there as a subject and crumbles. She says sorry and questions what she has done. She continuously apologises while crying.

In the jail, Juk and his friends try to attack Yo-han and Yo-han manages to escape. The chief warden takes Yo-han somewhere and a prisoner attacks Yo-han with a knife and Yo-han struggles to escape while the chief warden enjoying the scene.

Ga-on goes to court and meets Jin Joo and asks a favour. He asks her to do something on the inauguration of professor Min and Jin agrees. She gets a message to turn on the TV. There is flash news on the TV ‘Kang Yo-han died in the jail’. (Please tell me this is not happening).

Ga-on stands there lifeless. Sun-ah also crumbles at the news and consoles herself saying she is the one who dragged Yo-han down so it should be ok.

President, Chairman Park, Chairman Min meets and celebrates Yo-han’s death. Chairman Min suggest that they should be in the Supreme Court where Yo-han held trials and threatened the foundation. Everyone agrees and the President says Sun-ah should be there to see her lover’s death celebration. They call her and asks her to come as it’s time for her to become president and Sun-ah agrees. Sun-ah then asks Jae Hee for a pistol small enough to fit in her purse as she should protect herself as she may become president soon. Jae Hee says yes with a confused look on her face.

The next day, the foundation people and their wives celebrate in the court. Professor Min holds a press conference for his inauguration instead of a celebration. After the press conference, Jin Joo meets Professor Min and says Sun-ah is waiting for him in the old office and Professor Min heads to his old office. Jin Joo calls Ga-on and tells him that Professor Min is coming and Ga-on who is waiting in Professor Min’s old office, asks her to leave the building. Confused Jin Joo says ok and leaves.

As Professor Min enters the office Ga-on pushes him to a table and ties his hand and ties his mouth so that he can’t speak. Then he says ‘come with me’ and shows a bomb attached to himself. (What are you doing Ga-on?) And starts the timer in the bomb and it ticks down from 1.30 minutes. He then pushes the professor to the ground and says if he dies on his first day then the media will cover him for sure and the press will receive the file he recorded and they will have no choices but to speak about it. He then says this is the price for what happened to Soo-Hyun.

The timer ticks down and when there is 6 seconds more, Yo-han enters the room and switches off the bomb. (Whaaa.. Great Yo-han is alive. I couldn’t imagine climax without Yo-han)

Surprised Ga-on hugs Yo-han and Yo-han smiles. Ga-on asks what happened and the flashback to the jail starts.

When the chief warden says Yo-han is a rat to him. Yo-han says the warden is a backup plan for him and says he has his money which the warden tried to save for his whole life. The warden says he will do everything and asks him what he should do. Yo-han asks to switch himself with another prisoner for 24 hours and he will get him money. Then the warden tries to kill him with a prisoner and Yo-han ends up killing the attacker. Yo-han then warns the warden and asks him to switch him with the dead body and that’s how he got out of the prison.

Ga-on asks if he had a backup plan by himself and Yo-han says he worked with Lawyer Ko. Lawyer Ko enter and apologises to Ga-on for not telling him as he could not believe him 100% yet. Ga-on smiles.

Yo-han looks at professor Min and says he should pay for what he did. Ga-on asks to let him take care of the professor. Yo-han then leaves with Lawyer Ko.

The foundation people enjoy their drinks and snack in the courtroom while a video of Yo-han starts playing on the monitors. First, everyone thinks it is a video but then Yo-han replies to them and tells them it is live broadcasting. They wonder how and Yo-han says they forgot to block the duke app. Everyone stands there dumbfounded.

Yo-han starts the final trial and the public receives a notification. He broadcasts the courtroom as well. Yo-han says his defendant today is Chairman Park, his wife, Chairman Min, his wife, the country’s lady which is the president’s wife, the president.

Yo-han shows the footage of the Health centre taken by Ga-on and the president talking about selling their human subjects mercilessly. He also shows Soo-Hyun and his assistant pictures and tells the public that Sun-ah and Professor Min killed them mercilessly for their good.

Yo-han asks the public if they are guilty and over 99% of people votes they are guilty. Yo-han then announces that the president got 10 million votes while becoming one so if they receive more than 10 million votes then they will be punished and shows him a bomb placed in the courtroom.

Ga-on lets Professor Min go and tells him to survive in misery.

In the Courtroom, Chairman Park finds the bomb and everyone gets panicked. Sun-ah sits there realising what happened and what is going to happen (I felt like she already accepted the fact that she lost).

Yo-han then goes to the courtroom while the votes increasing significantly. Ga-on runs to the courtroom as well.

Yo-han enters the courtroom and Chairman Min begs for his life and tells him that he did everything he asked for and brought everyone to the courtroom. Every other people gets shocked and looks at Chairman Min and the flashback starts.

Chairman Min gets a call from Yo-han after the fake news of Yo-han’s death which convinced everyone that he is dead. Chairman Min first gets shocked and Yo-han asks him to take everyone to the courtroom and threatens him that he will expose all the wealth he was earning by deceiving the Foundation people. (Yo-han treats him like a cockroach) Then Chairman Min agrees to bring them all and does so. And the flashback ends.

Everyone in the courtroom cusses him now. Yo-han thinks about it and tells them that he will give them one chance. One person can escape and that is whoever is the fastest to reach the door. He says just like the church fire where everyone crazily pushed each other to save their lives.

(Have you heard of this crab story guys?. When you put a bunch of crabs into a jar, you don’t have to close it with a lid because the crabs not only concentrate on escaping by stepping onto the other crabs but also concentrates on failing the other carbs. Like if one crab is near to escape then other crabs pushes it down first. And that’s exactly what happened in the courtroom).

Everyone tries to reach the door first while pushing behind the one who is near the door. Hence no one actually reaches the door. Yo-han watches this and this reminds him of the church fire and his brother. (I felt like he is finally getting justice to his brother’s death)

The church fire

The President starts shouting and tells Yo-han that he is the one who should be saved as he is the king of the country. Sun-ah stands up and slowly walks while the president is losing it. She then takes her pistol out and shoots the president in his head to everyone’s surprise. Everyone looks at Sun-ah and Sun-ah points her pistol at Yo-han and the others start encouraging her to shoot him. Yo-han holding his remote control for the bomb asks Sun-ah that if it is Yo-han or Sun-ah in the end.

Sun-ah then suddenly says ‘Bye young master Yo-han. It is annoying’ and points the gun at her head and shoots. In her last seconds, she remembers the memory of young Yo-han telling Sun-ah ok as she breaks a plate as a maid. She then says ‘Did you know? I really like you’ before dying.

Ga-on reaches the courtroom at this point and says Yo-han that he doesn’t have to die with those scumbags. Yo-han says that the actor should disappear with the show and asks him to leave. Ga-on then makes up his mind and says that he will go with him. Yo-han says Ga-on is a hero and he should be there and pushes him out before closing the door. Soldiers outside the courtroom take Ga-on away from the courtroom while Ga-on screams for Yo-han. The votes reach 10 million and Yo-han presses the button in the remote control and the courtroom starts shattering into pieces.

After the incident, Ga-on sits outside the building lifelessly. Jin Joo reaches and takes him to a ambulance.

Ga-on then goes to Yo-han’s house and goes to Eli’s room but he doesn’t find her there so runs to Yo-han’s room and stands there lost in thoughts. He remembers him being with Yo-han in the very room. He then finds a bunch of papers which is the blueprint of the courtroom and it seems to be an escape plan. He had written that ‘Magician should leave the stage after the show’. Then the maid comes in and tells Ga-on that Yo-han was there.

Actually, Yo-han escaped safely and comes home before Ga-on. He first sees the maid and asks her not to come anymore as she is free now. She says she was worried about him and he asks her ‘is that so’ and they both hug each other.

He then goes to see Eli in her room and wake up her from her sleep. Eli hugs him and cries. Yo-han tells her that they are going to a safe place now. And then he shows a rehabilitation centre in Switzerland and tells her that they are going there to make her walk again. He asks her if she is ok to go there as just the two of them. She says yes and hugs him.

Ga-on smiles that Yo-han is alive and the maid says Yo-han gave her a retirement price which is a healthy supermarket.

After the crisis, the opposite political party takes over. Jin Joo plans to go to her native to handle juvenile cases.

Ga-on becomes a national hero. Ga-on participates in the political reformation. The new president blames Yo-han for the incident. Ga-on supports Yo-han. The team starts discussing how not to make people like Yo-han as Judge anymore. Ga-on interprets them and apologises for it. He says they have to do their job right and that’s all it takes. People should not shed any blood. If they were not to do their job right then someone will suffer and that will create a monster. People go furious because of a reason. The president says that was a very good comment and tells the team that they should talk practically now. The team then talk about live court 2.0 with Ga-on and so and so. Ga-on thinks to himself that nothing has changed and wonders what he should do so that the country won’t need Yo-han anymore.

By this time everyone leaves, Ga-on feels like Yo-han is there and runs to find him. They meet in a hallway standing apart with a content smile. And the series ends as Yo-han walks away.

That was one hell of a ride I must say😂💓. I really liked the series, the plot.

My father used to say ‘known devil is better than an unknown devil’😂 that’s how I felt about Yo-han, a known devil (in the mid of the series) but after Soo-Hyun’s death, I was not sure anymore. It was an emotional roller coaster for sure. I really liked how the climax turned out.

Ga-on and Yo-han taught us that ‘it’s not over until it’s over’.

How do you guys felt about it?.

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  1. i miss so much the devil judge and kang yo han he is smart guy. he is the only one who is equal to him

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