Best 6 K-dramas to laugh out load from my list – Part 1 (2021 edition)

Hi lovely people, here we are with funny kdramas you should not miss.

At some point in my life, I desperately started searching for funny, feel-good dramas after binge-watching thrillers. Do you know why? Because I started empathising with all these psychopaths in the drama😂. I started to understand(it’s more than just understanding you know) the villains in the drama. Actually, to tell you the truth, I started feeling like if I were this person, this villain maybe I would have done the same😅😅. By villains, I mean the real psychopaths in the dramas😂😂. Don’t worry guys am not crazy yet. At least that’s what I think so😅.

And moving on… If you are searching for a good laugh, we got you covered😁😁. Here are my 6 favourite kdramas for you.

‘Welcome to Waikiki’ is a Rom-Com series. This is one of the best kdrama to watch to feel good.

At first (1st, 2nd episodes) I thought it’s not the best ever but as I watched further, it proved me wrong. I loved all the characters that I watched it n number of times until now😂.

This drama is about 6 broke youngsters running a guest house which is called ‘Welcome to Waikiki’ and all of them have their own passion to follow. Will they be able to do what they love? Watch the series to find out😉

You can’t help but fall in love with everyone. Not only the actors but also the car- Rebecca made me laugh as if I had no worries.

Ultimately they show us that giving up is not an option and teach us how to work, fight until the end.

By the way, advice from my personal experience – don’t watch this at night. I did watch once at night and laughed hard that woke my mom and she scolded me for the next whole day for ruining her sleep. I don’t learn from my mistakes. She doesn’t sleep with me anymore😅😂.

Total number of episodes: 20

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

‘Extraordinary You’ is a Fantasy, Rom-Com drama.

Dan-oh (female protagonist) realises that she is nothing but a side character in a mundane comic book. She then tries to change her destiny. Will she be able to change her destiny with help of her friends? Watch it now to find out!!

I admired Dan-oh who doesn’t give up in front of all those overwhelming odds.

Dan-oh, Haru (male protagonist) made me believe in destiny. And taught me that nothing is set on stone.

Da-oh is one cute little creature that nobody can help but fall in love with. She and her relationship with her friends is beautiful!!

I laughed a lot while watching this series. It is definitely worth your time.

Where I watched: Netflix app

Total number of episodes: 16

‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’ is a Rom-Com, sports genre drama.

As the name suggests, Kim Bok-Joo (female protagonist) is a weightlifting fairy who have lifted weight all her life. The male protagonist is an aspiring swimmer. They both happen to go to a same middle school and again meet at their sports college. Bok-Joo develops a crush on our hero’s brother. What will happen with the three of them? This series portraits their story beautifully.

Don’t worry guys, there won’t be any second lead syndrome 😂😅.

The 2 college students chase their dreams which inspired me a lot. They both are silly and fun which will make you laugh a lot😊.

In this drama, they also talk about having trauma and how important it is to voice your thoughts which I loved the most.

Where I watched: Netflix app

Total number of episodes: 16

‘Mr. Queen’ is an ancient, fantasy drama.

A modern and well-skilled chef gets trapped into a Joseon era’s Queen to be’s body after an unfortunate accident. He tries everything to get back. The Queen happens to have a completely different personality than our chef. This confuses everyone around the Queen.

Will he be able to return to his body? Will he be able to handle the Queen’s situation in her place?

The King tries to predict her but the fact that Queen is not herself anymore makes things complicated.

I enjoyed how the plot turned out and loved all the characters in the series especially the Queen’s helpers.

A grown man in a grown women’s body😂. This was hilarious to watch.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 20

‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ is a Rom-Com, fantasy drama.

Our hero is a Gumiho whose dream is to become a human. He has to energise his fox bead with human energy to become one and he is doing so for 999 years now. The rule is that a Gumiho should become a human before 1000 years.

Will he be able to become a human after his almost 1000 year journey?

Our heroine is a college student with a weird personality which makes the whole drama funny. The story starts when she swallows the Gumiho’s fox bead by accident on their first meet. At first, she gets intimidated by the Gumiho but will this change?

I loved the plot. Usually, in these types of drama, there will be a villain or a psychopath and our superhero would try to protect their loved ones and all right?. But this drama is special as they try to overcome their practical problems. This made the drama so relatable. I loved how the heroine puts herself first in all difficult situations instead of the cliche ‘I will die for you’ thing.

This couple is also a reason why I believe in destiny now😊 and the fact that our destiny is in our hands.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 16

‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ is a Rom-Com series.

A perfectionist manager of a leading telecommunications company is our hero. He can read the emotions of people just by looking at their faces and this ability of his is the strength and secret behind his success.

People usually call him a ghost(In Korea, people call you a ghost if you know everything). This changes when he, unfortunately, gets diagnosed with face blindness. He who does not trust his secretary (female protagonist) starts to get dependent on her as the only face he can see is hers anymore. Will he be able to survive in his industry even though his strength became his weakness?

Things get even more complicated when he falls for fake Veronica Park. Veronica Park is one iconic character that you should not miss and she made me laugh the hell out of me!!. Who is this Veronica Park and this fake Veronica Park? Watch the series to find out!!.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 32 (each 30mins)

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