Book Review: Handful of Nuts

‘Why have I chosen to write about the twenty-first year of my life? Well, for one thing, it’s often the most significant year in any young person’s life. A time for falling in love; a time to set about making your dreams come true; a time to venture forth, to blaze new trails, take risks, do your own thing, follow your star.’

I found this at the blurb of the novel and, me being 21 at that time intrigued me to read this short novel. Maybe I thought the story of Ruskin bond at that age would console my confused soul’s messy life a bit… and yes, it did.

This book is nothing but a tender and realistically adventurous story of the Ruskin bond at the age of 21. Though he wrote this book at sixty it felt so real and, I traveled with him to Uttarakhand.

Bond is a budding writer who has published a few books before and is trying his best to become a well-established writer. Like anybody in their 20s he is distracted by his love interest, his friends (not so good friends.) And many more things…

What makes the read delightful is the characters around him…The maharani of madagor, his broke friends as he is, Sitaram a dumb but resourceful son of the nearby dhobi, an escaped zoo tiger.. yes u can find many weird but realistic things.

The book name signifies them a group of friends — a handful of nuts– Who does all kinds of nut jobs.

Bond is at that time is in love with a princess of a royal family but he is a broke freelance writer, his group of friends William Matheson, Jai are as poor as him, Sitaram an annoying son of dhobi who unexpectedly becomes the one person bond can open up and bond’s way of escaping any problem by taking a long ride at the outskirts of the city …this is a simple story of part of Bond’s life.

I really loved all the sarcastic narration of Ruskin bond. If you love short novels or you don’t have the patience of reading novels you should surely check out this novel coz it’s just 120 pages.

My favorite lines from the book:

“Yes, money talks—and it’s usually saying goodbye.”

“While I was sipping my coffee and pondering upon my financial affairs (which were non-existent, as I had no finance.)”

This is my first book of Ruskin Bond and I really loved it…I think I would love to read more books of him. Funny thing is that this book was from my school library which i never returned. Whenever I read this book and see my school seal I feel connected and get nostalgic about my school.

Comment your suggestions of any other Ruskin Bond’s book and let me know weather only I have this guilty pleasure of having my library books and not returning.

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