Best 6 K-dramas to laugh out loud from my list – Part 2

Hey Guys, We are not done with our Funny Kdrama list that would make you laugh out of your heart. Of course, it is a never-ending list, but we have a few dramas that we think tops the list.

Without any further ado, let me list down six funny dramas from my list.

Secret Garden is a Fantasy Rom-com 2010 drama. Yes, it’s a very old series and this was one of the series I watched when I started watching kdramas and fell in love with kdramas.

This is a story about Gil Ra-Im (Ha Ji-won) a stuntwoman and Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin) – CEO of a company. It’s a cliche story of a Rich man and a poor woman love story but what makes the story hilarious is the fantasy… They both due to some magic switch bodies.

It was very funny when they switch bodies and a narcissistic CEO with no knowledge of stunts had to perform stunts on the set.

Both the leads would make you laugh when they have no other go but to live their life because of this fate but also they would make you feel good with their cute chemistry.

Since it was one of the first drama I watched, laughed a lot, loved kdrama, and watched more of it. I would really recommend it to you guys.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki and Netflix app

Total number of episodes: 20

You’re Beautiful is a musical Rom-com drama

When the female lead Ko Mi-Nyeo (Park Shin-Hye) prepares to become a nun, she is stopped by the manager of her twin brother. Apparently, Mi-Nyeo has a twin brother Ko Mi-Nam who grew up with her in an orphanage. Ko Mi-Nam had already signed an agreement to be the singer of the boy band A.N.Jell but he is injured and admitted to the hospital. The band A.N. Jell urgently needs a male lead singer since Hwang Tae-Kyong (Jang Keun-suk) has some throat problem so the manager of Ko Mi-Nam somehow persuades Ko Mi-Nyeo to act as her brother. So to save her brother Mi-Nyeo accepts this plan.

Nobody in the band knows the truth except for the manager and Mi-Nyeo. So the fun and all the drama lies when she fools around everyone and acts as a male lead singer in the boy band. The male lead Hwang Tae-Kyong is very mean and arrogant and makes it harder for Mi-Nyeo to survive in the gang.

Would the truth be revealed and what would happen if the band comes to know that indeed their male lead singer Ko Mi-Nam is not a male but a female- his sister. You can watch and find out.

Where I watched: Netflix app and Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 16

So I married the anti-fan is a RomCom drama.

This is one of the feel-good and funny dramas I watched very recently and I fell for it.

This is a drama about messy and naive lead Lee Guen-young (Choi Soo-young) and the uptight, caring who-joon (Choi Tae-joon) . GuenYoung loses her job because of who-joon as their initial meeting ends up in a fight. With propaganda of exposing the real face of who-joon to the world, GuenYoung does many things and unexpectedly end up in the show — “so I married the anti-fan”…

I call the hero and heroine Tom and Jerry — their bickering and Guen-young’s messiness made the drama funny and feel good.

This drama with only a few serious scenes has very feel-good vibes and you would surely love our Tom and Jerry’s fun.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 16

Fight for my way is a Rom-Com splice of life genre.

The story is basically about Ko Dong-man (Park seo-joon) and Choi Ae-ra (kik ji-won) fighting their way to their dream where the world treats them as underqualified. Ko Dong-Man wants to become a taekwondo fighter but is doing a mundane job and Choi Ae-Ra is an information Desk girl who aspires to be a TV anchor.

The problem is they are at their 29 and the world thinks they are incompetent at their age. Would they break all the norms and reach their dream? You can watch and find out.

Ae-Ra and dong-man along with their 2 other childhood friends would make you feel good and at home. The four friends would make you laugh out of your heart and feel good… especially the immature grownups Ae Ra and Dong-Man.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki and Netflix app

Total number of episodes: 16

Strong Girl Bong-soon is a Fantasy thriller and a Rom-com.

The protagonist Do Bong-soon ( Park Bo-young ) is born with a supernatural strength which of course has few limitations. She joins the hero (Park Hyung-sik) company as a bodyguard. Mysteriously, women of her residence are missing. So how does Bong-soon gets involved in this mystery and what happens next is the story that you can watch and find.

This series is a thriller that would keep you at the edge of the seats.. so you won’t lose interest in middle and binge-watch for sure.

For the laughter part … Man I died laughing at this drama. Especially Kim won-hae (you might have seen him doing funny characters in other dramas like melting me softly & while you were sleeping) and his thugs.

I know few will disagree with me coz this drama also has few cringy scenes. But I feel most of it is hilarious that it would outweigh the cringe part.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki and Netflix app

Total number of episodes: 16

This drama is again a Rom-Com fantasy drama set up in the modern and Joseon period.

It’s is a love story between a mermaid (Jun Ji-Hyun) and a con artist (Lee Min-Hoo). I am a fan of Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-Hoo and was sure I would love this series. And I was correct. Ji-Hyun as a mermaid was hilarious … I died laughing after watching a naïve and funny mermaid who has no clue how the human world works.

Conman and mermaid combo along with his friends was the best. It was a laugher ride for me and, I enjoyed the entire drama.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh and feel-good drama… I recommend you this drama 100%.

Where I watched: Rakuten Viki app

Total number of episodes: 20

We hope that you would love the kdramas that we recommend and have a good laughter ride.

Please comment below if you loved the list and tell us which kdrama has made you laugh out loud 😉.

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