Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 7

The episode starts with Yo-Han exposing the heads of the foundation for using the donation money on something else. He declares prize money from his own pocket to find where the money is being been used.

Everything goes haywire at the foundation meeting place. President Hoe gets dumbfounded that Yo-Han declared a bounty on the head of the country and questions that is he declaring war or rebelling against the country.

President Heo asks what Mr Seo is doing at this time as he has just sent just his secretary. Sun-Ah says everyone is too infuriated for a groundless accusation. President Heo accepts that fact and asks Sun-Ha to watch the bite in her word next time.

At the supreme court, Ga-on asks Yo-Han whether he kidnapped Jung Ki-Young (Dr Safety). Yo-Han says he had to talk. Ga-on accuses Yo-Han of threatening Ki-Young to do a news interview like that and he paid him to testify against Ju II Do. Yo-Han denies it and says he always pitied Ki-young and just wanted to help him. Ga-on then says that he might have not attacked Soo-Hyun.

Yo-Han says that he finally understands now that he is not that kind of person. Ga-on mocks that he believes Yo-Han is that kind of person only but he didn’t have any reason to attack Soo-Hyun that’s why he didn’t do it.

Ga-on reasons that Minister Cha already found the bank evidence. So he didn’t have to attack Soo-Hyun instead he kidnapped Ki-Young. Yo-Han smiles and says he is a smart guy but asks him why he was furious the other day. Ga-on retorts it’s not his place to judge him because he went furious when Ga-on took Elijah just for some moment.

Ga-on then asks him who might have done that. Yo-Han says it wouldn’t be someone who favours me.

Ga-on enters into his office and Jin-Ju asks what he thinks about Kang Yo-Han and says the foundation seems to be good guys as they are helping poor people and doing volunteer works.

Ga-on then says he forgot to tell her one thing. He tells her about how he attended the dream house party and, everyone in the foundation was greedy people. The first thing Jin-Ju does is freak out about not taking her with them to the party and says Yo-Han already bought her a nice dress for a charity event.

Ga-on hesitantly apologizes and asks doesn’t she find anything else to be mad about. She says of course the foundation key members interfering with Lee Young-Min’s case and sharing information among them for profit is wrong. She gives an idea to expose them in the press as she has a friend in fashion magazine “Bling Bling”.

Getting that it was a stupid idea she says, “never mind.”. She then asks what about Yo-Han and what he did at the party. Ga-on hides about what happened and says he trusts Yo-Han now that he has declared war against them. Jin-Ju is confused now that if Yo-Han is really cool or he acts cool. He has clearly given money to the witness and now he puts up an act in front of the press conference and asked the public to vote if they trust him. She feels that people are deceived by him and she is no more fan of Yo-Han. Jin-Ju thinks of Sun-Ah asking her to be ambitious and she is the star in the live court. (Sun-Ah is doing her job well of sowing her seed.)

while doing Yoga at her home, Sun-Ah listens to affirmations of her own voice – “If you want a bright star shining in the sky…If you desperately want it. You should change yourself first. In order to reach the star, become a bigger person”.

Jae-hee comes now to report to her and asks her what to do with the passbook she got from Soo-Hyun. Sun-Ah asks simply to throw it away as it was only needed to create a story and now the only important job is to keep an eye on old guys of the foundation.

Jae-hee asks what about Yo-Han. Sun-Ah explains, “unexpectedly the wolf broke into the ranch in a very violent way. The sheep will get scared and go violent too.”.

Jae-hee informs Sun-Ah that she has to give a Healing mentor lecture as Mr Seo face was put on TV for embezzlement of the donation of the people and it would attract reporters if he gives a lecture.

Sun-Ah worries that she doesn’t like to do cheesy stuff. Sun-Ah then scolds Jae-hee for missing Ki-Young and asks her to do her job well as they are almost done.

The next day Sun-Ah and Jae-hee go for the lecture and the organizer is scolding a girl for dozing in the lectures. Sun-Ah gives sweet talk to the girl and finds a wound under her fringes.

The teacher explains that the kids here were runways or orphans, so they are troubled kids. The teacher warns her to be careful around the kids as they might steal her valuables. (Sun-Ah is disturbed hearing teacher call them troubled kids. After all, she used to like that.)

At the lecture, Sun-Ah writes her name on the board (She doesn’t know to write her name and Jae-hee helps her.). Sun-Mi says her name’s meaning as Good (Sun) Kid (Mi) and says I am a grown-up and still I have to be a good kid. (the kids laughs at that.) and she wonders why her mom used to beat up when she was drunken. A girl(Whom sun-ah met a while ago) in the room says even her mother used to beat her up.

Sun-Ah then says maybe it’s because her mother has gone through a lot and as an adult, she understands it now. but it is not good to beat up her child no matter what. Sun-Ah says she used to blame herself for her mother’s behaviour and she got into trouble as she swore, got into a fight or stole but she had no choice back then. Everyone around her insulted, teased and beat her and she was always hungry.

She then tells how she worked for a wealthy family when she was 12 and the people there were clean and never swore. She used to wonder if her mother would stop beating her if she was like that?

So, these are the tips she gives to the girls to be a good child(that too in a Healing mentor lecture) – to become rich, only when our ends meet, we can be nice and asks to survive by any means. If someone hits, you have to bite them. If you want something, steal. And in addition, all men are the same how much ever they are educated or respected so if someone misbehaves take advantage of the situation and collect evidence… the world only listens to rich people. And then torment until the day he dies and then threaten to destroy everything until he becomes as tame as a dog. (I can imagine everything she did to Mr Seo)

One girl from the group asks if Sun-Ah’s mother likes her now. Sun-ah says her mother died when she was 12 falling from the staircase in the neighbourhood when she was drunk.

As Sun-Ah leaves, the teacher tries to flatter her saying her lecture was refreshing and realistic. She then asks Sun-Ah to give another lecture. Sun-Ah pushes her from the stair. (… I feel like she did the same thing to her mother.). The girl from the lecture mistakenly watches this. Sun-Ah winks at her and, the girl smiles brightly. (She not only destroys everyone around her but also creates her clones. My god).

Elijah furiously goes to Yo-Han’s office, questions how he got to know about her location and asks if he is tracking her.
He coolly says that she would have found that out by now. Elijah tosses the tracker at the table and asks who gave him the right to do that. He simply says he is the guardian of her. She starts crying now and accuses him of treating her like some animal he is growing.

Yo-Han starts his ranting for not learning her lessons. Even after getting used or kidnapped by someone, she falls for the slightest kindness by someone.

Ga-on interrupts now and says it is not her fault to feel lonely as Yo-Han is the only family he should try to be more honest to her. Yo-Han is speechless now and asks for how long Ga-on knows them to involve in their private matters. Ga-on apologizes and leaves with Elijah.

Seeing Elijah sad, Ga-on decides to talk about his parents. He says that his father committed suicide after a con artist cheated him badly. Soon his mother died out of shock and, it was hard for him to cope up. He lived like a stray dog talking to anyone and sleeping anywhere to not feel alone. He then says she was so brave to live in a big house all by herself. She asks, “I am?”. Elijah asks him to stop talking in a cringe way. He accepts that it was hard for him to lie about a person on their face.

After they leave, Yo-Han asks his AI machine how to talk to a teenage girl and, the machine starts to recite the ways. Yo-Han asks it to forget it and order some books on that topic.

That night he reads the first page of how to speak to adolescents and, he learnt his first lesson- “to smile when you speak.”. Yo-Han knocks at the door (The only thing in his mind to smile when you speak.) and, Elijah opens with a smile on her face. (She was expecting it to be Ga-on) and she has a stern look seeing Yo-Han and tries to shut the door immediately. He asks her about her day with a smile and, she asks about the con man who made Ga-on’s parents die. Yo-Han cautious not to forget smiling, explains that his parents were cheated by a person who used a pyramid project and, nearly 10 people committed suicide. As soon as he finishes, Elijah shuts the door on his face.

The blue house summons an interview, a man speaks about how they are looking into the allegations raised by Yo-Han. Out of the Blue, President Heo rushes in and denies all the accusations by Yo-Han. And says that he got many reports on Yo-Han that he is conspiring with a foreign country to put their country in disarray. Also, Yo-Han receives funds from foreign countries and, Yo-Han is not a pure-blooded Korean. He announces that anyone who gives information on Kang Yo-Han based on the quality of the tip will get a significant reward.

At Yo-Han’s office, Ga-on informs him that President Heo used to be a celebrity comedian and was known for his blunt remarks. Yo-Han says The President, defence minister, media and business magnate… He declared war with the entire country. Yo-Han explains how these people got into this much height … through hypocrisy. They collected funds from people in the name of welfare and used the money not in welfare but in advertising themselves and exaggerating the country’s situation. Then they got into the administration. Now that they did all these, they are in the next plan of … “collecting their capital”, answers Ga-on.

Yo-Han says it goes beyond that. They plan to develop a dream home project and put all the homeless, poor and socially discontent people in it and get them out of sight. They then plan to redevelop the city widespread for which they buy the lands cheaply under borrowed names.

Ga-on asks if he has any definite evidence. Yo-Han doesn’t have any. Ga-on questions why he then blew them up Infront of the media and gets to know Yo-Han did it for fun. Ga-on points that it is nothing fun but irresponsibility, he doesn’t think about Elijah.

Yo-Han says he always and constantly thinks about her. Ga-on joins hands with Yo-Han on one condition – “No cheating or deceiving innocent people”. As the son of someone who got deceived by a conman, he doesn’t want to deceive anyone else. Ga-on says, “A judge has the most power when they do what the law says.”. Yo-Han accepts the deal.

Ga-on asks what the next plan is since he has aroused the public interest now. Yo-Han says, “Division.”. They start with a coin. Yo-Han stands Infront of Minbo groups and Saram groups company and tosses a coin to choose where to start first. He goes to Min-bo groups first. In front of the office, a man hands over the pamphlet to Yo-Han and Yo-Han gets the entire pamphlet the man has. (The office also was surrounded by so many posters of how employees were made to work more for less salary.).

When he enters the receptionist recognize him and shows him the way to Min Yong-Shik’s office. She calls someone as soon as Yo-Han takes the lift. At the office, his secretary says he is in an important meeting. Yo-Han says he will wait and, he starts his timer as soon as he sits.

Yo-Han waits accurately till 7 mins and then gets an envelope of the company from the secretary and leaves. On the ground floor, the receptionist finds the envelope in his hands and informs the person she spoke to earlier. Yo-Han puts the envelope which has the handouts that he got earlier from the man outside the office. While driving, Yo-Han checks the timer again and then counts to one and Saram group Mr Park calls him.

Mr Park asks for a meeting. They both meet in a private room in a restaurant. Mr Park thought that Min Yong-Shik Backstabbed him and spills out all the truth that he knows and ask Yo-Han to take his side. Mr Park says whatever Yong-Shik said, we’re all lies but, he has always stayed by his side and helped him. Mr Park then tells him that Minister Cha was the one involved in Ki-young (Dr Safety) issue. One of the bodyguards of Mr Park is an informant of Yong-Shik (And he was the one who stalked Yo-Han earlier.) And he informs Yong-Shik That Yo-Han has a meeting with Mr Park.

Now Yong-Shik Meets with Yo-Han and tells him that everything Mr Park said was a lie. Both of them ditch each other to Yo-Han. (Mission accomplished 🤣). Both of them in the end promise, to give the finance documents of the foundation’s dream house plan.

Yo-Han gets all kinds of documents like subcontractor contracts for the construction industry, Land purchase agreements, Construction business plans and Ga-on analyses everything.

While Yo-Han drives, he is suddenly surrounded by many cars and, he is asked to meet a VIP. Yo-Han finds that the VIP is President Heo. President Heo says that Yo-Han looks very nervous and asks him what he got from other fools. (He meant Mr Park and Yong-Shik). Yo-Han is not in any idea to speak. President Heo then warns that he can simply spread some celebrity scandals and people would forget everything like goldfish.

Yo-Han says, “If that’s the case.” He takes his phone and opens his social media (the President frequently does a live stream called Heo Joong Sae’s how refreshing. ). He starts the live stream and informs the subscriber that he met the President in the blue house and the president promised to look into the foundation’s corruption.

President Heo is dumbfounded and he has no choice but to smile and stand idle for the live stream and at the end, Yo-Han finishes with President Heo’s tagline😂🤣 (poor President had to say his tagline unwillingly) – “A total change of Korea! Heo Joong Sae’s how refreshing. “. Yo-Han then made him smile and wave at all the subscribers.

At Yo-Han’s home, He enquires Ga-on about his analysis. Ga-on reports that initially it was hard but now he has found a loophole- “PR”. He says that the dream house construction could have been done only with the money of people’s donation but they are advertising 10s and 20 million have been donated by the foundation heads. Ga-on says that it is just his opinion and, they need financial data of the foundation to be sure.

Yo-Han asks whether the data given by Mr Park and Yong-Shik is true. Ga-on confirms that they fabricated the data such that the other one embezzled the money.

Yo-Han asks Ga-on to put on the internet that a large number of tips were provided, though all the tips they got were either pranks or false information. Yo-Han says confidence is important when deceiving someone. Seeing Ga-on put a long face, Yo-Han says he is just deceiving people to help them.

That night Ga-on has an uncomfortable dream. He is at his parent’s funeral home and, Soo-Hyun consoles him. People are protesting against Doo young Choon (the conman) and, as the conman comes out of the police jeep near the court, Ga-on hesitantly fumbles his knife. The conman comes outside and smiles mockingly at the people who were protesting. This triggers Ga-on and, he runs with the knife to stab him. Luckily Soo-Hyun stops him and says not to waste his life on scumbags like him. Ga-on then notices Soo-Hyun is holding the knife with her bare hand as she tried to stop him. Her hand is cut deeply and bleeding.

The next day Ga-on goes to meet Soo-Hyun at the hospital. She acts cool and says she is fine now so he can stop coming. The nurse there reveals that she was complaining all the time that Ga-on didn’t come.

Soo-Hyun then asks about Kang Yo-Han’s plan as he looks like total fraud now. Ga-on ignores and asks her to sleep. She enquires about Elijah and says Elijah is going through a lot at this young age. Ga-on asks does that remind her of him when he was young. She mocks him for being shameless. She takes an apple to eat. Ga-on freaks out seeing the knife in her hand and holds her hand to see the scar. There is an awkward silence between them. Ga-on then teases he wouldn’t get anything if she cuts and gets the knife and apple from her.

The news that Yo-Han is getting many tips on the dream house fraud and nearly 10000 people filed petition to reveal the truth is put in every news station. A woman is shown watching the news and, it seems she knows something important. The manager of the office switches off the TV and asks everyone to work. The woman is lost in thoughts as her colleague speak that they get a large sum of money for giving useful tips.

The foundation people meet at their usual space and fight over who has what problems because of Yo-Han and what Mr Park and Young-Shik gave to Yo-Han personally. Sun-Ah interrupts them and asks whether they have any idea what’s going on. She warns, “The walls of castle is broken from inside out. Fix it before it gets too late. Kang Yo-Han will keep going without giving you a chance to breathe.”.

At this time, Yo-Han summons reporters for a live stream to reveal very important information he found. The whole nation watches the show and Yo-Han thanks the informants for being brave and sharing tips and says foundation behaviour is changing because of it. He then shows the live stream of the President and also reveals that the 2 chief directors(Mr. Park and Yong-Shik) of the foundation shared the financial data showing the photos of them giving the documents themselves to Yo-Han.

Yo-Han says that Ga-on analyzed the documents and reveals that the foundation donations don’t add up to their spending and there may be a possibility of embezzlement or the money that is said to be donated by the head of the foundations were not donated in the first place. Yo-Han says he also got the foundation’s original finance report from a reliable source.

One of the reporters questions whether Ga-On too is involved in revealing the truth and before Ga-on could answer, Yo-Han says yes. He then projects a news article of their parents committing suicide because of a conman and speaks that Ga-on couldn’t stand people getting fooled because he came through such hardships. Ga-on gets up and stares at Yo-Han in utter disbelief.

Yo-Han announces he will try everything to keep safe the informants and also in one week promises reveal every information of the reports received.

After the interview at Yo-Han’s office, Ga-on screams at him for using him like that and asks whether this was his plan from the beginning. Yo-Han mocks him for being naïve and for saying he wouldn’t become a shady lawbreaker and a judge has the most power when they do what the law says. He states, “This is a war.”.

Ga-on says even when it is hard law should be followed that is the way to live. Yo-Han mocks him whether he was satisfied with 17 years verdict of the conman, that too people had to struggle for long to punish him. Yo-Han questions him whether this is the way of living or is that what the way taught by the only people left in his life (Soo-Hyun and his professor).

Ga-on in frustration yells at Yo-Han, who is he to judge him. Yo-Han then says he has something to show.

The foundation people meeting spot is a mess now and the three of them (president, Mr Park and Young-Shik) are discussing and worrying whether Yo-Han really got his hands on the financial reports. Mr Park says he plays cards and he knows Yo-Han is clearly bluffing. Sun-Ah cuts in now and speaks, “Yo-Han is capable of making cards even if he doesn’t have any. Without batting an eyelid.” She then comments that it’s a huge game and the whole nation is watching but they three raised the stakes. She asks, “To cut out Yo-Han’s hand you have to reveal your hands, are you ok with that?”.

She points out the problem is not only the donations but the details of the dream home funds that were spent. And the future spending plans and the project’s real purpose.

She apologizes for speaking out of line and gives an idea that they have Mr Seo. Mr Seo at the meditation room thinks to himself that because of Kang Yo-Han he could get a chance to get up again.

President Heo, Mr Park and Young-Shik meet Mr Seo at his house and they ask for his help. He advises distracting the people with some other thing. He suggests Sun-Ah as the distraction since she is a mere slave and she handled the foundation when he was out for the meditation. President Heo says it is hard to keep her quiet and she would not simply accept if they blame her. Mr Seo says they have to somehow make her quiet and put all the blame on her. They all laugh maniacally after their plan. (Mr Seo is laughing as if he just planned something smart. This old man is getting in some big trouble that’s for sure.).

Yo-Han is taking Ga-on somewhere in his car. They reach a prison. Ga-on without any idea follows him in. At the prison, the police officers say that they are a big fan of Yo-Han and stand in a line to cheer him, “We are the power!”.

They reach the visiting place of prisoners and the police calls for the prisoner Doo young Choon. Ga-on infuriated asks yo-Han if he wanted to see him lose his mind and strangle Doo young choon to death. Yo-Han holds him there until young-choon comes.

To Ga-on’s shock, the person in prison is not young-choon. He says not even a single day in his life he could forget the conman’s face. Ga-on loses his cool and keeps on asking the person why is he in the prison. The officer shows him all the details of young-choon and says he is young-choon. Ga-on helplessly realizes nothing can be done now and the conman has used his power at the end to get out and Ga-on didn’t get any justice. (This was the way of Yo-Han teaching Ga-on that the world is not an easy place and justice is not that easy to get.)

They both leave the prison and Yo-Han says, “The only thing that can be thoroughly manipulated is the system itself. This is the system. A system has no chance against the power. Power can control the system however it likes.”. Ga-on in frustration screams and cries in the ground of the prison.

When Mr Seo enters his office at his home he notices Sun-Ah sitting at his chair. She enquires him where he was. Mr Seo manages saying he went out for getting some air.

Sun-Ah says the air is so cool for an old man and he has become too old now. Maybe it is because of her since she bullied him constantly. She then says that room was the one where she joined his company and she was still very young. She asks him why he did that.

Mr Seo breaks down and gets on his knee. Sun-Ah asks why is he the one to cry when she never got a chance to cry. She asks him to get up and hugs him and say she forgives him now.

She says he is an important person and he must save the country. She stabs him with a knife saying it is already discussed. Sun-ah then says A pig-like him doesn’t deserve to die with the respect of an honourable Chairman.

At the funeral of Mr Seo, a man announces that he took his own life as a way to take responsibility for the recent donation embezzlement allegation. They made him the good man saying the employees who did the embezzlement destroyed the evidence and fled so to take responsibility Mr Seo took this decision.

Then Jae-hee announces the next chairwoman as Jung Sun-Ah. (It is as if handing over the country to the real devil.).The episode ends here.

I truly enjoyed this episode as it had so many revelations. I am waiting to know what and all sun-Ah is going to do in the coming episode and how coolly Yo-Han is going to break out of everything.

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