Review and Recaps: Jirisan episode 8 (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’)

The episode starts with Yi-gang seeing someone’s skeleton in the pine tree habitat. She recognises the person as Lee Se-Wook. (She finally found him).

The main station reports wildfire at the pine tree habitat under Dalgwi forest. It’s been carried by a strong wind, moving at 80m per minute heading to Jingye-RI, southeast of the pine tree habitat. All the rangers, police, fire engines are prepared. Captain Dae-Jin inform the police that they should evacuate the village as the wildfire is only 1km away from the village.

Rangers start to draw primary fire lines – deep with no leaves, twigs, grasses to save the village from the fire.

On the other side, Hyun-Jo tries to escape the storage. He covers the kids with the wildfire banner as it is fire resistant. The kids then show him a hole in the storage. He makes them escape the storage using the hole. The hole is small that Hyun-Jo has to struggle to get out of it. So he asks the kids to run to the village and ask for help. As the kids start running, a burning tree falls right where they are running. The banner kids used falls down. Hyun-Jo can see only the banner and the burning tree just like from his vision.

In the Bidam Shelter, rangers evacuate the ladies from the mountain. Rangers then head to the mountain in their car. In the middle, suddenly the team leader asks to stop the car and sees the mountain in his binocular. He then says that the wind has changed and it is heading southwest towards the pine tree habitat. (Eventually to the village). They then go to Jungye-ri.

At the storage, a neighborhood notices the fire and reports it. Fire engines come to rescue the survivors. The firefighters start to put out the fire. At this point, the lady (the kid’s mom) comes and informs them that her kids are still in there and starts crying. After the fire is been put out, firefighters notice the hole in the storage and discover Hyun-Jo just outside the hole. Thankfully, the kids managed to survive and ran to the mountain. Hyun-Jo informs the firefighters about the kids.

The kid’s mom tells them that the kids must be in gap cave in saemteo as it is their hiding place but the firefighters struggle as their engine is too large to go further. Right at this point, Rangers with Captain Dae-Jin arrive and Dae-Jin says that the rangers will go up and save the kids. The lady cries and thanks to them.

Hyun-Jo asks Gu-Yeong to go with them but Gu-Yeong refuses because of his leg injury. While asking about Yi-gang they realise that she left the shelter earlier to meet Hyun-Jo but never reached Hyun-Jo. Now everyone is worried as she didn’t even have any fire protection while leaving.

Two rangers team including captain Dae-Jin’s team head towards the Gap cave while the other teams keep working on the primary line.

Hyun-Jo takes out a quadcopter and follows them to the cave. They then receive a distorted voice on the radio, thankfully it is Yi-gang. She reports that she is 10 minutes away from the cave so she will reach there first. Everyone sighs in relief as Yi-gang is ok.

Yi-gang reaches the cave first and finds the kids. The fire looks dangerous so she tries to evacuate the scared kids quickly.

The other team members reach the spot and search for them but now the whole cave is on fire that they put out the fire first to get in and they see no one inside it. They call for her and try to connect with her on the radio but she seems nowhere to answer. Dae-Jin decides to go further while the team leader stops him and says that it is too dangerous and they should retreat now. Dae-Jin looks to be in so much pain while announcing on the radio that they failed the mission and are going down now. (Now am convinced that Dae-Jin is not the one who set fire at the storage to kill Hyun-Jo along with those kids). While everyone is losing hope, Hyun-Jo sees a fire cabinet door broken while it was perfectly alright a few minutes back. He picks up the radio and tells the team that it must be Yi-gang.

Captain Dae-Jin tells the team that the cabinet is near so he alone will go and the team should retreat. As Dae-Jin goes forward, the team follows him as well.

Yi-gang managed to get the kids outside the cave before it caught fire and goes to the cabinet to look for the fire-resistant tent. She gets herself and the kids inside the tent and tries her best to hold back.

The sun goes up, the helicopters put out the wildfire and this is when Captain and the team come down to Hyun-Jo and the rest of the people waiting for them. Thankfully, everyone is fine. Yi-gang is almost unconscious and exhausted. Hyun-Jo runs to her and asks if she is ok. But all she could say is that “Se-Wook is in the pine tree habitat” and leaves in an ambulance.

In the hospital, Yi-gang wakes up and sees Hyun-Jo next to her. Hyun-Jo says that she ok and there are no major injuries. He asks if she wants juice to drink and tells her that the lady came by and gave the juice as a gesture to say thanks.

Yi-gang’s Grandma comes to the hospital and slaps her in the back for getting injured. Yi-gang escapes with the help of Hyun-Jo and sits in a visitor’s area. Soon, Hyun-Jo joins her and tells her that her grandma is nowhere near giving up and is sleeping in her bed and tells her that now he knows where her stubbornness came from😂and laughs.

He then shows his notes to her where he has written all the incidents he saw. Yi-gang asks what is this all about to which Hyun-Jo replies that he thinks Se-Wook had an accomplice and says there were 25 deaths in the mountain after Hyeon-Su (his ex-colleague) died. But he saw only a few, only the murders. He then shows the cases he saw which look like an accident but actually is murder.

He tells her that the murderer is targeting him now. He tells her how the storage door got locked from the outside and how someone set a fire outside. But the police could not find any evidence of arson so they won’t believe him. He tells her how his ranger desk and things in his room were misplaced. Someone searched his room and desk and he confirms that the murderer is targeting him. He says that the murder doesn’t know their secret and the mountain will show him when the murderer is on move. Yi-gang is concerned now and asks him to stay stick together o her all the time. He says he will be with her except when he is sleeping and using the toilet and both smile.

Little did Hyun-Jo know that Yi-gang would stick to her words. She is staying with him all the time now that she even accompanies him to the toilet and waits outside.😂

There is an event which the rangers conduct for the residents. Everyone including the lady and her kids come to the event. Captain Dae-Jin reads a poem about Mount Jiri for them. This bores most of them including our duo. Yi-gang being Yi-gang, tries to change the atmosphere by playing some music and she makes everyone dance. The residents and the rangers enjoy the song and dance together.

The year 2020. There is a conference in headquarters, where they explain the new path which is friendly for the wheelchairs and disabled people. Dae-Jin asks if the safety precautions have been conducted and he asks them to do the needful.

Da-Won and Yi-gang come out together. Da-won asks Yi-gang if it is true that one of the rangers is the murderer after looking at all the rangers passing by. Yi-gang says the murderer is most likely a ranger and apologizes for dragging her into something dangerous like this. Da-won says she is also a ranger and their job is indeed dangerous. Yi-gang remembers Hyun-Jo saying the same words and tells Da-won that their job is to return safely from the dangerous place and asks her to be safe. Da-won obeys cheerfully. Yi-gang teaches Da-won a lot about the mountain. She tells her what methods the murderer has been using and asks her to stay alert.

Yi-gang goes to the police station at Eung Soon’s request and sees some herb collectors collected all they could in the spiritless days. Apparently, the ghosts and spirits won’t have any power in the days with 9 and 0 on the lunar calendar and this time is called “spiritless days”.

It is the same herb collector whom Yi-gang met earlier in the hospital. She asks him if the ghosts he mentioned that day was real. He says it is true that anyone who sees the ghost dies and tells that 2 of his acquaintance died and one person almost died because of a rope in the mountain. Yi-gang then goes to the person he mentioned and shows him Hyun-Jo’s picture asks him if he saw Hyun-Jo. The man gets shocked and asks if she knows him and tells her that he is not a person but a ghost in the mountain.

In the mountain, hooded Hyun-Jo tries to wake up from the ground but something is holding him back from moving. He then sees a vision where Da-won is being pushed off the mountain by the mysterious man with black gloves. Hooded Hyun-Jo tries hard to break free but is unsuccessful.

Da-won goes on a patrol to see if something is captured in the cameras she placed in the mountain. The man with the black gloves follows her. She feels someone following her and starts running but loses her balance and falls to the ground. She then turns around to see the man with black gloves and with a yogurt bottle approaching her. To our surprise, she then stands up, smiles, and says she was scared as she thought someone was following her and asks him what he is doing there.

Yi-gang desperately waits for Da-won near her car. She even tries to go up with her wheelchair but she is unsuccessful as well. And the episode ends here.

Please someone save Da-won. She is so cute and I can’t watch her die. And who is this murderer? I feel like it is someone we know!. I am now convinced that Dae-Jin may not be the murderer. Then who is it? Gu-Yeong? But he is too cute to be a murderer and from the potato bomb incident, I can say that he is not the one. Team leader? He helped to catch Se-Wook with the potato bomb so maybe he is not the one as well. I doubt this Ranger Seo – who told Hyun-Jo about the 1995 flood incident, told Hyun-Jo and Yi-gang about the ghosts and helped Hyun-Jo with the quadcopter. I mean, he was always there! Maybe he is the one. I could not think of anyone else who can be the murderer. What about you guys? Let me know in the comment section! I would love to know your thoughts😊.

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  1. yi-gang and hyun-jo saved the children fire from the accident that scene. i liked that scene. in that fire accident nobody died

      1. you are right😉, yi-gang does not give up her attempt under any circumstances💪.

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