How I fell in love with BTS💜 (I also have a message and a few questions for the haters)

Hello lovely people, here is a kutty (short) story of me and how I fell head over heels for the 7 normal boys from Korea😂.

I also asked my friends to share their experiences and it was really fun to write about them💜 and I loved the process hope you do too.

So if you are new to BTS or a baby ARMY like me or an ARMY, welcome to my page💜. Let’s talk about how amazing BTS is 💜🥰.

Quarantine made me do lots of things that I thought I never would! Including falling for this amazing band💜

Why did I think I never would?

Here’s a thing about me guys, I personally don’t listen to music in my day to day life and ya I know that some people may find me weird as most people listen to songs on daily basis like while travelling, doing house chores, to relax, to motivate and when not. But I like the silence and like to observe things around me more and I let my mind wander to wherever it likes (I end up overthinking a lot too😂).

When do you guys listen to music? Let me know in the comments section🥰i would love to read them.

Here is how I find new songs. Someday when am bored, I randomly listen to songs on YouTube and fall in love with them and listen to them now and then for ages. Songs are not seasonal to me. If I love the song, I can listen to it for the rest of my life or at least for years. And the part where I randomly listen to songs is maybe monthly once or once in months😅.

Even when my friends suggest me songs, I listen to them only when I am in the mood for new songs😛.

Now you guys can imagine the chances of me finding a new band. 😂

So this one day, I randomly came across a video where they described how RM used to translate the hate comments in English as good comments for his team members and kept all those hate within himself. How composed RM is to do things like this💜. This is when BTS caught my eyes, especially RM. Back then I didn’t even know how many members were there. So I thought maybe I will know the members first. And I took it slow, I saw how many people are crazy about them.

The main reason that I continued watching their video was my friend A. She is an ARMY and talks about them all the time about how cute they are, about their dance, their songs.

I was like “what is so good about them?” after realising how big their fandom is. So I decided to finally listen to their songs. It was the time when “Permission to dance” was trending so I decided to listen to it first. This song got me dancing😂 and I saw how the disabled children loved the sign language in the MV. This made me emotional!

These lines –
“There’s always something that’s standing in the way
But if you don’t let it faze ya, you’ll know just how to break
Just keep the right vibe, yeah, ’cause there’s no looking back
There ain’t no one to prove, we don’t got this on lock, yeah”
I loved it.

The lines I needed to hear the most at that time as I was doubting myself and felt like I was stuck in the loop of ‘what people want from me?’ and ‘will I ever be able to discover new things?’, ‘will I be able to take that one hard step against people’s opinion?’

I am not saying that I took that hard step but I realised how I was giving more attention to other people rather than myself. And I decided to focus on myself and my thoughts and to make it my priority.

This one time I watched a video where the girl described how BTS is the reason she is alive. Truth be told, I felt that a bit dramatic at that time. But maybe now I can feel her. I judged her too fast without even knowing what she has been through. This is a mistake I would never want to make in my life again.

I started listening to many of their songs and almost all the songs were relatable in one way or the other. And I must say that I learned a lot too, especially about myself.

Below are my favourite songs and the reason why it is so close to my Heart💓

‘Winter Bear’ – I listened to this song after I read that V wrote this song for his grandmother. This song made me cry and remained me of my grandmother who passed away recently. I can’t even describe how much I miss her and how much this song comforts me!.

‘Life goes on’ – this song would comfort anyone as we are going through this difficult time right!? It’s been 2 years since I came home and it’s been really difficult to keep myself sane. This song comforts me and I started feeling like am not alone.

‘Go go’ – this song describes exactly how I feel about my money right now😂

I can talk about them and their songs all day and all my life😂💜

There are lots of artists I admire and BTS became one of them before I even realised it.

Not just their songs but I also love to watch them in the different shows and interviews. Watching ‘Run BTS’, ‘Soop’ is my guilty pleasure while working😂.

I love all the members for what they are. Though I love all of them, my eyes search for Suga first!💜 and I don’t know why😂.

Who can’t fall in love with these amazing? Must be aliens😂😂. I am not saying everyone must love BTS! I know everyone has different opinions in everything we see but hating them while all they are saying and insisting is ‘how to love yourself! I don’t get it.

By haters, I mean the people who talk so bad about them, the people who write so very mean comments about them. As I said before I was wondering why they have such a big fandom and thought they were overrated. But still, I wouldn’t have gone doing something like “hating them” maybe😂.

Hating someone would do no good to your soul is what I think!. Not only BTS, but I have also seen haters for other artists, other people!. They make me realise how kind I am😂 at least to myself. I am sending a big big virtual🤗🤗🤗 hug to all the people who have all those hate within themselves. I hope you soon realise how to let go of all those hate and learn how to be kind to yourself. And for that BTS song really helps! Trust me on that.

I don’t know why the haters even exist. I can’t believe when people say ‘they all look the same’. I mean what? Their eyes really need to be tested!!. How can someone confuse JK with Jin or with RM? Suga with our cute and hot Jimin or with Jhope?I mean how?

Okay I was just kidding there guys😅😂. I used to confuse them a lot in the beginning. Like I would send a JK video to my friend and ask if that is Suga and she goes like “there you go again😂” and educates me again.

All am saying is if you can’t recognise them, then you have no great idea about them. So, on which basis do you exactly guys hate them? Dear heaters, kindly enlighten me!!

Also, if you have watched them, and listened to them and still hate them then which part exactly do you guys exactly hate? I am a very open-minded person and I will try my best to understand you guys. (Am not trying to be sarcastic guys😅)

Enough of me. Here is my friends story for you😊.

This is what A says(the very friend who is the main reason for me to fall for them):

Let’s travel back to 2015-2016. This is the time when I was already a very big fan of TZUYU from Twice. I came across one of her videos where she was playing Archery and her attitude made me fall for her at the very moment as I have a weak heart for people who is sportive. I started following her and realised that she is not a sports person but an idol😂. This is when I entered the K-POP world.

I started listening to Twice songs. Their song ‘I can’t stop me’ got released at that time and this song piqued my interest in K-POP songs.

I watched a show where K-POP idols went on a trip to India. There were different bands and one of them was Min-ho from Shinee. Throughout the show, he stood out! He loved the food and was excited all time. He was eye candy throughout the show and he had me exploring other bands and their song by the end of the show.

I discovered the SS501 band and their songs are so amazing that I listened to them all day. I used to listen to BTS songs randomly as they were becoming popular at that time. One fine day, I came across MV of one of the BTS songs and loved the way they danced which made me continue following them.

Idol Star Athletics Championships is the first TV program I watched and that year BTS went all out in all the games and I really loved watching them. That is it, I fell for them head over heels by the end of the show😂. I have watched almost all of their shows. Nowadays, I watch them the whole day without any guilt! They are my love. Day in and day out am falling more for them.

I could hear a spark in her voice and she was so excited to tell me her story. Thanks dear for making me fall for this band and for educating me all the time😊😊.

This is what K says (the very person with whom am handling this website😜) :

Well, I am one of those people who first did not like BTS 🙈🙈 but it was because my brother at that time was a fan of BTS and kept on making to listen to their songs. I never start liking an artist if someone tries hard to make me like. And this changed and I never expected I would fall for BTS.

At first, I just heard Mic drop which was awesome but other than that nothing captured my attention.

It was one fine day and I was in my quarter-life crisis😅 hating my job and hating everything that I was doing and feeling lost.

I was listening to give me some sunshine and feeling sad and while scrolling through the comments section, I read a comment who said he has mixed feelings now that he also listening to BTS Jump recently and we can change our life the way we want.

I was intrigued and listened to the song and I continued to listen to it the whole day.

And then I started exploring them and they give me so much motivation and good feels.

I started liking all their albums that I listen to.

I love Dope, Go Go, Fake Love, and this list goes on.

My recent fav would be Life Goes On.

Whenever I feel sad and listen to some badass lyrics my go-to is of course BTS.

I like JK the most since is soooo cute and he has a goddamn angelic voice.

And then now I am starting to like suga only because of his cool attitude and his lyrics are always so full of attitude which I want to have in my life🥺 (well, this can be because of some of my influence as well😂😜)

End of the stories you people😍✨ how did you like it?

I am kind of awkward about this article as am a very secretive person. I don’t express myself that much even to my family so I become awkward whenever I try to express myself. I might not even end up posting it😂 but if you are reading this then I LOVE YOU🥰. Let me know your story and am all ears to know them.

I Purple You💜💜💜💜

9 thoughts on “How I fell in love with BTS💜 (I also have a message and a few questions for the haters)

  1. I am quite opposite of you when it comes to listening to music as I consume music a lot and you can say it is part of me and without it I am incomplete!.🎶🤩
    But as a baby army, I could connect with you while talking about RM-i luv the way he leads his hyungs❤️ and the Army girl who said BTS is the reason for her living!.
    I watched the interview where V said he wrote the “Winter Bear” song is for his grandma and it was quite emotional to read and I could relate how you are connected to that song.
    While you were talking about how people say “they look the same”. I could feel you totally as I was also thinking how I misjudge them at the beginning 😒.
    It was like you wrote the things out of my mouth🥰
    💜I purple you too💜

    1. I totally get how important music is to you😍😍 and I kind of get how deep the relationship can be😊
      Awww.. I am super glad that you could relate to me💜
      💜💜 I know right!.. Their songs are so relatable.
      Exactly right? So true!!!
      It means a lot to me that you felt that way🥰..

  2. Hi sisy, If we start writing, reading about BTS it never ends right🥰.
    I watch BTS in the shows and in Ig all the time and it is the first time for me to read about them.
    I loved the part where you wrote about JK as I am a crazy fan of him. I love his “bunny smile and his voice” is so angelic as you described 😍🥰.
    I love to watch taekook videos. I feel so happy while watching them💜 they are so funny and cute that words are not enough to describe it😍. Actually I love all the duos in BTS.
    Whenever I feel demotivated, I listen to Let’s go song especially V’s part,
    “No matter who tries to stop me
    I will go on my way
    You only live once legoo!!!( let’s go)legooo!!
    Even if I live for a day
    I’ll have no regrets
    Let’s jump!!jump!!”
    They are spreading so much love and energy to the world!!
    When I read the word “alien”, I remembered the interview where V said he dislikes alien..
    So the haters are aliens.. I can relate to it😂🤝 I completely agree with that part😉
    I also love savage suga. His story and how he hid his shoulder pain while performing melts my heart! He reminds me how strong I can be!..
    BTS and their songs are something I live with now💜

    1. Yeah.. So true! I didn’t want to make the post lengthy so I stopped myself😂😂..
      That’s cute💜 they are so fun and relaxing to watch💜
      So you are a JK stan😍.. I can see how much you love him💜
      This part of ‘Let’s go’ is fire. I love this song as well. Love and Energy – So true!!
      😂🤣Aliens😂🙌🙌 ya right!!
      Suga💜 it melts my heart whenever I see him. Such a strong person!!!
      Awww you are so cute💜
      Thank you for sharing your story it means the world to me. I am super glad that you could relate with me 🥰

  3. Oh! So you are a baby army?! I am army since this June💜 actually I was actually asked by my friend like do you know BTS and i just thought ‘ let’s just see what u there’. It was the release of Butter and I loooved it!💜💜

    1. Yup💜 ohhh that’s cool💜
      It is so easy to fall for them💜 Butter is such a cool song and I love the remix as well.
      Speaking of Butter, hope we win the Grammy this year💜
      Thank you for sharing it means the world to me🥰

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