Review and Recaps: Jirisan episode 13 (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’)

The episode starts with yang-sun getting started with her first rescue mission.

Everything goes well. All the rescue operations went well with no casualties and everyone relaxed with Yi-gang’s grandma’s food. Hyun-Jo helps grandma and her associates pack up their things and sent them in the yellow bus that Mr. Yang and his associates used for the ecological estimation for cable car installation. (This felt so off … why would they send them on this bus? ). The grandma looked so cute when she smiled ears to ears waving to Hyun-Jo.

The Haedong rangers all are at the emergency camp listening to each and every update of Yang-sun’s first rescue operations. Gu-Yeong is the one all-hyped up seeing his girl on her mission doing so well and he cheerfully goes to save more food for her to eat after her mission.

At the rescue spot, Yang-sun comes down from the rope and helps the girl to put on a belt so that she can cross the stream. The girl slips while putting the rope and horribly while helping the girl Yang-sun slips and falls into the flooded river.

At the emergency camp, all the team could hear was the scream of the lottery girl and to their shock, everyone learns from the girl that Yang-sun fell into the river. Gu-Yeong and all the rangers run to the spot in a hurry.

I felt very sorry for Gu-Yeong when he stopped at every location and screamed Yang-sun’s name looking at the flooded river. He tried helplessly to cross the river and do something. To add more to his sorrow, the second torrential rain starts again and it was dangerous to continue the search operation any further.

On the other side, It is raining heavily and the black-gloved man with the traffic light asks the yellow bus that the grandma is coming to turn in the other direction and use the bridge. As the bus is midway in bridge the bridge collapses.

When we thought there were no casualties there was already a bus full of people dead and on the other side Yang-sun dies. The days pass and the rangers along with the divers search at the river bed continuously. They almost find all the body and their belongings but never find
Yang-sun’s body.

The chief informs Dae-Jin that the rescue divers have asked to withdraw as all the water has drained and by this time Yang-sun’s body might have flowed to the sea. They have no choice but to withdraw from the search.

Hyun-Jo and Il-Hae deliver the found items to the police station. At the station, Hyun-Jo finds an old School farewell photo of officer Eung and notices Yi-gang’s grandma sadly standing at the corner of the photo. Officer Eung gets surprised because no one ever noticed it except Yi-gang.

We are shown the flashback to the Yi-gang school farewell. Yi-gang’s grandma excitedly waits for Yi-gang as everyone takes photos with their loved ones. She enquires to all the Yi-gang’s friends and finally finds out that Yi-gang has left for Seoul. Her grandma stands there sadly that she didn’t even take a photo with her before leaving. At this time when the officer Eung takes a photo and grandma is captured in it.

At present, one of the villagers comes to the police station and while talking to officer Eung he tells how Yi-gang is stubborn to hold the funeral herself when they planned to hold a joint funeral.

After learning this Hyun-Jo goes to Yi-gang’s house and finds her all alone making arrangements for the funeral. Yi-gang asks him to leave and come back later if he wants to pay his respect. Hyun-Jo offers to help and asks her not to keep all the sorrow to herself and at least share her sorrow with him. Yi-gang tries her best but at last vents out that Hyun-Jo was the one responsible for her grandma’s death. If on that day he did not put her on that bus she might be alive. She screams at him to leave. Hyun- Jo leaves silently and from outside the door, he looks at her crying uncontrollably.

After some time she sees their old photos and remembers how just a few days before her grandma asked her would she even conduct the last ritual for her and cries hugging her grandma’s photo.

Gu-Yeong is sitting near the very same river bank where they searched for Yang-sun’s body two days before. Il-hae, in an attempt to give condolence, stays near him. He looks at the people around and says how they don’t have any idea what happened 2 days before. But their job is to remember what happened in the place and remember the sacrifices. These words made him cry uncontrollably.

At the Haedong ranger station, except Hyun-Jo no one else is there and officer eung comes for the daily log when Hyun-jo is preparing the final report on the recent flood.

Officer Eung then explains that the bus accident seems fishy because the bridge was blocked already since it was in danger of breakdown. But at the spot of an accident, even if the bus driver couldn’t see the warning board kept because of the rain, the board was fallen down as if the bus stumbled on it. But the bus took the turn way before the signboard.

Officer Eung then asks for a daily log so that he could find some witnesses in rangers who would have been in rescue operations near that spot.

Hyun- jo looks at the report he was preparing and tells him it is not ready yet. Hyun-jo then asks officer Eung the bus route of the accident spot.
Hyun-jo then goes to the accident spot and he could clearly find that someone has deliberately pushed the warning sign down.

He remembers his vision of the black-gloved murderer pointing his hands in a direction. At that time Hyun-Jo couldn’t make any sensible incident out of it but now he clearly understands the vision. The murderer pointed the bus to take another direction.

Hyun-jo breaks down that it was his responsibility to save all the people in the bus from the murderer and now he is the one responsible for their deaths.

The next day, Yi-Gang is early to work. Dae-jin finds her and asks if she is ok. Seeing her not replying he asks if she needs a transfer. Yi-Gang confesses that she earlier tried to leave the place. But after realizing she has nowhere to go she came back. She tells him it is where her family stayed so she won’t leave anywhere. Hyun-jo listens to all these hiding behind a wall.

The Haedong rangers have a meeting and the captain tells them to work in patrols and flood recovery work. Captain then tells now they are short of one ranger in bidam shelter and asks for some volunteers saying the work would be hard. Hyun-jo immediately volunteers maybe because not to be in front of Yi-Gang.

Yi-Gang and Gu-Yeong then work in the repair workshop and look at all the things like Line thrower, Ropes, and harness which are in bad condition and needs to be fixed.

When Hyun-jo leaves to bidam shelter Gu-Yeong bid him bye and Yi-Gang doesn’t speak to him.

Hyun-jo gets into the car with his stuff and takes the red card Yi-Gang once gave him and remembers how she gave him that to chase away a ghost which would be in the north. He promises to himself that he will catch the murderer for sure and leaves.

The next day during his day off he visits Choi il- man’s( the person who died because of the potato bomb) wife, He first shows the pic he took from town hall. She immediately realizes them and tells him about their childhood friendship and feels bad how they all died around the same time. Hyun-jo asks if they fought anytime and she denies it and says how they used to boast never in their friendship there was a time they fought.

In a conversation, She then tells him her husband is from black bridge valley village. This seems to be fishy so he visits Dae-jin’s home.

Dae-jin tells him the entire story of how the national park planned to install cable cars and Mr. Yang was suspected to put a dead animal in the community well of the village because the villagers head opposed it.

He tells how many tragic deaths and suicide happened and at last, the people were migrated to the foot of the hills. Dae-jin then tells him to check migration records when Hyun-jo asks if he knows someone from black bridge village.

At the document room of the main office, Hyun-Jo finds the migration records and most of the people are already dead and were murdered by the black-gloved murderer. All the people he saw in his vision, were there on the list.

Hyun-jo finally understands that the murder is not connected to the 1995 flood but to black bridge village. He then notices a woman’s name and remembers saving her when they were stuck in the black bridge village.

He immediately calls her and sets up a meeting the next day. After the woman cuts Hyun-Jo’s call she gets a message to come to Black bridge village at 3 pm.

Hyun-jo leaves the main office and suddenly gets a vision of the murderer killing a person and blood spills over the phone which has a message “come to Black bridge village at 3 pm”.

Hyun-jo rushes to the Black bridge village and waits near the sculptures near the entrance and when it is 3pm he thinks to himself now the murderer would come.

It’s 2020, Yi-Gang, il-hae, and Gu-Yeong are still in black bridge village. Gu-Yeong asks about the evidence she is searching and Yi-Gang tells him they need to find it. Gu-Yeong tells them from the start they both are hiding something and asks them to be frank.

Il-hae then, Again and again, insists Gu-Yeong to tell why Gu-Yeong was on the mountain on the day Da-won went missing. Gu-Yeong finally tells that he went to meet Yang-sun and even though people forget he never wants to forget Yang-sun. Gu-Yeong seems to keep flowers often on the cliff that he first took Yang-sun while training her.

At this time they receive a radio that a person has suffered Cardiac arrest and he needs assistance at Magpie hill Which is just 20 mins away. Gu-Yeong and Il-hae rush to the spot leaving Yi-Gang there.

Hooded Hyun-Jo sees an image of a murderer placing a snake somewhere and placing a plant near a stone.

He rushes to the place and sees il-hae And Gu-Yeong talking about whether it was ok to leave Yi-Gang there alone. Knowing Yi-Gang is in the mountain he rushes to the black bridge village.

After Gu-Yeong and Il-hae leave, Yi-Gang could sense someone and she keeps her ready to attack and the episode ends here.

I just hope nothing bad happens already most of them are dead. Let’s see what happens in the next episode. And why is the murderer is going and killing everyone from the black bridge village? I feel it is totally linked to the suicide of the head of the villager. (It feels so evident. I want to confirm anyways.).

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