Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 5

The episode starts with Seung Tak as a kid admitted to a hospital. He is sad and is going around to get some fresh air in a wheelchair with his mom. His mom goes to attend a call while an ambulance arrives. Seung Tak looks at a woman who’s been carried in a stretcher to the ER and the spirit of the woman crying. One of her heels drops and the spirit tries to take it but her hands go through it and she further cries. Seung Tak goes to her and picks her heels for her. The woman’s spirit asks if he can see and Seung Tak says yes with tears in his eyes.

Present-day. Seung Tak looks right into Professor Cha’s eyes and asks him to help him save the patient. He says he will explain everything later. Professor Cha is so shocked but then enters Seung Tak body to perform the surgery.

Seung Won, Cheif Bam, Soon Ho, Soo Jung and other professors are behind the glasses to watch the surgery. As soon as Professor Cha enters Seung Tak’s body, he asks Dr An to go outside and asks he wants Soon Ho to assist him. He also says how dare of him to touch a patient. (Ikr! How could Dr An toy with someone’s life?)

Soon Ho replaces Dr An and the surgery starts. Everyone outside is stunned to see Seung Tak performing the surgery flawlessly and Soon Ho is also shocked that he gazes out now and then.

After the surgery, he asks Soon Ho to finish it up and comes out of Seung Tak’s body and goes outside to wait for him. Seung Tak sees everything went well and goes outside. Professor Cha starts yelling at him asking how can he see him and why didn’t he tell him. But Seung Tak ignores him completely and walks straight to the residents resting room. Professor Cha asks why he is ignoring him while he can clearly see him and Seung Tak replies with “2 meters ahead , in the ceiling” there is a camera actually. Seung Tak is avoiding being captured on camera again 😂.

As soon as they enter the room, Seung Tak asks if Professor Cha remembers how he filmed a horror film using his body. (Referring to the part when he threatened Dr An). Professor Cha asks why didn’t he tell him to which Seung Tak replies he never asked him if he is visible😂.

They both start bickering and Seung Tak complains about how he possessed him and used him whenever he wanted. Professor Cha asks if he sees other ghosts as well. Seung Tak can see other ghosts as well and he saw how other coma ghosts were upset when Professor Cha said they are hopeless on his first day and that is why he consoled them. Seung Tak says thanks to him he almost got possessed by so many ghosts while Professor Cha tried to escape the other coma ghosts when they first saw and bullied him.

Professor Cha keeps wondering from when he can see him and asks why did he tell him now. Seung Tak says he doesn’t like to see someone die. Professor Cha mockingly ask “is that so?” And asks if that is why he made him work so much. Seung Tak asks if isn’t it good to do instead of wandering around all-day😂. Professor Cha sarcastically asks if he should thank him now for keeping him busy and notices that he is talking informally to him and remembers his pet was not home and asks if Seung Tak took him. Seung Tak says how he is talking is not the point now and says he kept saying “my boy, my boy” on the first day of him being the ghost so he went to his home to check if there is any baby there and found his pet. Professor Cha is surprised and asks if his pet is alive then. Seung Tak sarcastically says that his pet is a survivor and says he saved both him and his pet. They both bicker a lot and Seung Tak says he didn’t allow anyone to take his body but him but he played a lot now and warns Professor Cha not to come to his body anymore and leaves. Professor Cha keeps yelling that he doesn’t want his body as it is not that great and how rude of him to talk to his professor like that.

Professor Cha then goes to see the patient. Jae Won and Soon Ho check on the patient. Jae Won keeps wondering and praises Seung Tak for being a genius and successfully performing the toughest surgery. Soon Ho checks everything is fine. By now, Seung Tak reaches the ICU and Soon Ho asks him to prescribe the medicine as he is the lead surgeon. Seung Tak looks at Professor Cha and Professor Cha asks why he is looking and says why should he tell him and asks if they are close😂 (they both are taking revenge on each other). Soon Ho then asks Seung Tak to write the operation record. Professor Cha bets Seung Tak wouldn’t know how to write one and says he just has book knowledge. Seung Tak pouts and tries to leave.

Soon Ho stops him and says Chief Bam asked Seung Tak to be with the patient because of the prior incidents.

Seung Tak and Professor Cha stay beside the patient. Seung Tak asks Professor Cha to leave as it is uncomfortable to be with him. Professor Cha says it is his patient. Seung Tak says it is his hand that did the surgery and asks why he is bragging about the hands which can’t even touch the patient.

While they are bickering, the patient wakes up. They then check his consciousness and motors. They both smile seeing that the patient is fine. Seung Tak tells the patient that his family is fine and asks him not to worry. He also says that her daughter takes after him and smiles. He impresses Professor Cha with his kindness.

On the other hand, Cheif Bam meets Dr An and asks why he let the new resident lead the surgery while there were other surgeons available. He asks him to wrap it up well as if the news went out it can drag everyone involved down with him.

Professor Cha goes to Se Jin who is sitting next to his body and apologises for entering Seung Tak’s body again. Se Jin wonders how Seung Tak finished the surgery today and how he couldn’t on Cha. She asks what is the relationship between the two and says though he says you both hate each other there is something special between them and says that Seung Tak is an odd man. Cha agrees with her and says he is an oddball and wonders how could he have started seeing ghosts.

Seung Tak reaches home and looks at a picture of his dad which is hidden behind another picture on his shelf and his eyes start tearing up.

He remembers the day his father died. He and Seung Tak as a kid went boat riding and unfortunately, Seung Tak falls in the water. Seung Tak father dies in front of his eyes while trying to save him.

Seung Tak’s grandfather learns about the surgery and watches the video of Seung Tak performing the surgery.

The next day, Se Jin goes to the place where she and Professor Cha used to go in the past and listen to music while remembering her happy days with Cha. Cha comes and sits beside her. And they both are in deep thoughts.

Seung Tak reaches the hospital in his car angrily. He then goes to Se Jin and says “what a sight” and shows a bill for illegal parking of his car. Se Jin is confused. Professor Cha says it was dark so he couldn’t find the mark. But Seung Tak is so angry and says Cha is proud, selfish and have zero empathy and asks her to think twice about spending time, character, precious skill on him😂 and leaves. Se Jin is flabbergasted and wonders what just happened.

Professor Cha follows Seung Tak and asks if he just talked behind his back in front of him. And says he is being rude and a person can make mistakes and he didn’t see the sign while parking. Seung Tak takes out his phone, pretending to be on the phone answers Cha that he had no respect since the beginning and says he has to pay first to get his baby back.

News breaks out that Seung Tak, a young doctor pulled out the toughest surgery of all time. And it is possible only if he is possessed.

Seung Tak realises that it is Seung Han doing so he goes to ask him why would you spread the news that an unqualified doctor did surgery and says his privacy has been affected. Seung Han says he is qualified (he doesn’t mean it of course) and says he didn’t start talking about the past to worry about privacy. He also says that their grandfather always hunted him down even when he was doing MBA in States. Professor Cha is there the whole time and says to Seung Han that a patient would have died thanks to him. Seung is uncomfortable talking about his past. They both get calls from their moms and Seung Tak leaves.

Seung Tak tells her excited mom that the article is true but Seung Han exaggerated it. On the other hand, Seung Han tells his mom that he is letting Seung Tak play hero for a while and the higher he goes the harder he will fall.

Professor Cha wonders that Seung Tak life is also difficult and he is surrounded by enemies.

Seung Tak sees a kid hiding his head under a pillow in his way. He asks the kid what he is doing and the kid says that he is playing hide and seek with his mom. Seung Tak says he shouldn’t be here but the kid is enjoying himself that asks Seung Tak to go. He enters his department to see a lady is begging Soon Ho to perform his son’s operation. Jae Won tells Seung Tak that Professor Cha was supposed to do the kid’s surgery. Apparently, this lady and her husband adopted a kid but that kid often fell sick that her husband suggested leaving him back but the lady was never convinced so, in the end, she got divorced and started raising him alone. Professor Cha has a fund in which the poor get free treatment which is run using the fee collected from the rich. Seung Tak asks how come he doesn’t know something about his own hospital. Jae Won says that Professor Cha can surprise him from time to time.

Everyone wonders how only one person is missing but feels like missing the whole department. Poor Seung Tak should do the post-surgery treatment now as there is no way that Soon Ho is doing it.

On the other side, other coma ghosts ask Cha a favour. They ask him to bring things from outside the hospital as he has a way to go out while they can’t. Intimidated Cha says he is never entering Seung Tak’s body again and leaves.

On his way back he sees everyone is peeking into a room. He sees that Seung Tak is struggling to do the treatment with his sloppy hands. Patients and others who were fantasised about the article now criticise him that he should do better. Seung Tak sees Cha and asks for help but Cha completely ignores him and leaves.

Angry Seung Tak goes straight to Se Jin’s room where Professor Cha body and his suitcase is and takes out an expensive suit and opens a window and threatens to drop the suit out (my boy knows how to play😂😂). Professor Cha is first confused and then says he couldn’t go because he asked him not to, in the end, he says he will do anything he wants and asks to put it down nicely. Seung Tak throws it out and says he put it down nicely as asked 🤭 and says if it is childish then getting even with people is also childish. Professor Cha is so mad. At this point, Se Jin enters the room and sees Seung Tak and asks him what he is doing. Seung Tak awkwardly smiles and leaves.

Professor Cha whines about how he bought everything in a high-end shop and it was bought with his six-month instalment. But Se Jin is serious and goes to Professor Cha’s office to get his tab to see Chairman Jang’s file. Cha says she doesn’t even know the password and asks her to relax as his brother won’t let her do anything.

But Se Jin is nowhere near giving up and goes to Chairman Jang’s room to give him some food and learns from the security and he ate the carbs she gave him yesterday.

Chairman Jang watches over his daughter and tells Professor Cha that he should marry her if he is not after her money. He says that she is busy taking care of Cha and also sees other patients and also continuously tries to find out what happened with his father. So she is working hard. She knows that I can’t eat carbs so by now she would have found out the truth. He asks Cha to take care of her as she would be in trouble if his son finds out that Se Jin is being nosy.

Professor Cha comes out with deep thoughts and gets bumped into the black ghost who is been following him all day. He gets startled seeing Cha and runs away from him.

In Se Jin’s office, Se Jin calls Seung Han and asks for a meet up regarding Chairman Jang’s case. Professor Cha hears her and to stop her, goes to Seung Tak and asks if he can use his body for 5 minutes. But Seung Tak is mad and ignores him and leaves past Cha’s limit. Seung Tak says that is what Cha did when he asked for 5 minutes. Cha says he misunderstood his sign and begs him but Seung Tak is determined to take revenge so leaves. Cha shouts at him that he is going to kill him.

Seung Tak calls Soo Jung to have coffee together. Soo Jung comes and says he doesn’t seem like himself and asks if it is because of the article. He says he is not the type to care about it. He asks why she isn’t asking about the surgery as she was there too. She says he would have told her if it is something he could tell her as they are friends. Seung Tak smiles and asks what she likes – the fool or a genius. She says no one likes fool and says she also doesn’t want him to have a difficult time as well and asks him to do what suits him. He then gets a call thanks to her for the advice and leaves.

Nanny comes to Soo Jung and asks why is she friendly to him as she always beats him up😂. Soo Jung offers the coffee which Seung Tak left untouched to Nanny and says as they are friends from school she kind of used to beating him up and says he owes a huge debt towards her. Nanny says Seung Tak is not pathetic and asks her to believe the old woman’s judgement and leaves. Soo Jung wonders she is not that old though. Obviously, it was Tes.

Seung Tak goes to the resident resting room and sees the kid (who was playing hide and seek before and who is asked to transfer because Cha is in a coma). Seung Tak sees the kid is hiding his head only under a pillow and says he is not hidden just because he hid his head and asks him to leave as his mom won’t be able to find him here. To his surprise, the kid is crying and asks him if he is going to die and says he can’t die as his mom will be sad. Seung Tak is taken aback.

On the other side, Se Jin runs to a patient and performs CPR. Professor Cha observes what is happening and the black ghost comes to Cha and asks if he will die for what he did to Cha. The black ghost happens to be the man in the motorcycle who is responsible for the accident because of which Cha went into a coma.

We are skipped to the part where Professor Cha and Seung Tak is making a deal and the episode ends here.

So what deal they are making?. I can’t have enough of Professor Cha and Seung Tak’s bickering 😂😂.

Let me know in the comments section how you liked it!!..

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