Reasons to watch and love “Playful Kiss” k-drama.

“Playful Kiss” is a very special kdrama to me as it is my first my very first kdrama. I remember it was 2013 and I was in school and my exams were almost right around the corner but I couldn’t help but watch this with my sister as she was excited.

My sister had my back whenever my parents came to check if I was studying. We used to do fangirling over both the main leads. This memory is too precious to fade.

On that note, let me talk about why I watch kdramas.

Let me explain to you little by little why am obsessed with kdramas.

Many think that kdrama lovers watch dramas because we like romance but that’s not really true😅. Yes, our heart flutters when the hero is being good to his love but that’s not it.

I know every kdrama lover would agree with me! 🤗❣️. Kdrama has more than romance!

Each kdrama is a lesson. Every kdrama teach me something which I value for the rest of my life.

“Playful kiss” drama.

High school teen love or puppy love have always been cute and fascinating, These kinda innocent romance have always made people feel nostalgic about their own school romance or feel warm.

Playful kiss is one such series that would make you feel warm throughout the series.

This series is very light-hearted, fun-filled and the pace of the story will make you wonder what’s next and binge-watch.

The story begins with the female lead Oh ha-ni dreaming about her crush and waking up on school grounds.

This series has a cliché plot where Oh ha-ni is a very simple-minded and kinda dumb girl whose only aim in life is to be with school famous hero Baek Seung jo.

Oh ha-ni played by Jung so-min wins all the hearts through her charming and innocent character and the hero is our hot and handsome Baek Seung jo played by Kim Hyun-Joong whose character is mean and cold.
The story is all about Oh ha-ni’s journey about chasing him and getting hurt and many things happen with one consistent thing of her love with Baek Seung jo.

All the other characters in this series have their own cute stories and bring something unique to the story specially Baek eun-jo (Beak Seung-Jo’s little brother) fun and caring character.

This story too will make you fall for the second lead with the funny and innocent acting of Lee tae-sung.

This is the first kdrama which gave me second lead syndrome. *crying in Korean*

I love:

  • Oh ha-ni’s relationship with her father
  • Friends of Oh ha-ni who are just as cute, innocent and funny as Oh ha-ni.
  • Oh ha-ni’s persistence and simple-mindedness in everything.

Reasons why I loved the drama:


This drama taught me what love can be. Beck Seung-Jo helped and pushed Oh Ha-Ni to do her better, to find her career, to find her path. On the other hand, Oh Ha-Ni made Seung-Jo realise what good he could do with his brain.

Love should help each other grow. And it can be an understanding relationship rather than a “want to be understood” one.

Oh Ha-Ni always tried new things and believed in herself. She taught me how much I can love myself.

Seung-Jo is arrogant, “I know it all” character but he managed to realise his feelings in the end.

Though you may feel it’s impossible, try to trust the process and let things fall in their place and your job is to follow your heart ❤️.

He taught me how to be a dedicated person.

Their families were so sweet. They are not toxic to each other but support. I really want to trust my kid and support my kid like Oh Ha-Ni’s father.

On the other hand, Seung-Jo’s parents taught me how to be down to earth and how to be kind.

When we are kind to each other, the world is the better place to live.

There are so many things to learn from a series so I wanted to spread this love as much as I could.

Just like how paintings are seen in the perspective of the viewer, kdramas also gives so much meaning given the mood and the mindset you have is what I believe.

Also, just like how we all have had different opinions on watching the “Twilight” series as a teen and then as an adult, I have a different opinion as an adult about the drama in some cases.

Beck Seung-Jo always gave Oh ha-ni hope whenever she tries to move on even though he was not sure of his feelings which made Oh ha-ni impossible to move on.

Beck Seung-Jo kept our second lead close to him, letting her build up feelings for him. I agree that he thought that they would be a good match but never accepted to date her until he was forced.

On the other hand, Oh ha-ni makes it too obvious about liking him and that keeps Beck Seung Jo in a bad position. He also gets criticised for not considering her.

Oh Ha-Ni also took Bong Joon-Gu lightly in my opinion. I almost felt like he was her backup plan.

Though Joon-Gu always knew Oh Ha-Ni’s feelings, he did everything for Ha-Ni.

I know in Love and War everything is fine and on top of that they were young.

But these are some thoughts I had as an adult so thought of sharing it.

What your favourite things about this drama guys!? I would love to know them❤️

2 thoughts on “Reasons to watch and love “Playful Kiss” k-drama.

  1. Omo😍my 2nd kdrama..nd one of my most fav 🥰🥰
    While reading the caption I felt like I was watching the series👌👏😍I luv khj as bsj eventhough he s mean nd cold guy🤩atlast am hpy wid 2nd lead syndrome got a gud partner (though not evry kdrama director didn’t go fr dat plot😜😅)nice one bby🤩

    1. Awww… Thank you baby 💗💗😘… Yes even though he is mean and cold, we all fell for him😂❤️.. i think the writers were good back then, not anymore i guess… Thank you babe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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