Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 6

 The episode starts with Seung-tak and Professor Cha in an OR. Cha asks if he knows and Seung-tak tells that he knows ADD (Administration Deputy director) Han and his mother-in-law are responsible for Chairman Jung’s coma. Seung-tak says that the original target was poor Jae won and asks Cha if his accident was coincidental.

Cha remembers the motorcycle ghost confessing that he was asked to just delay Cha reaching the hospital but this accident happened because of the motorcycle guy. The motorcycle ghost tells him that Hospital legal team head also the head of the PI firm he works asked him to do this for higher pay.

On the same day, ADD Han visits Professor Cha’s patient suite when no one is there and tells Cha(in coma) that he never wanted to be a bad guy but the circumstances make him so. At this time Se-jin enters the suite and she asks him about his father’s condition. Spirit professor Cha pleads with her not to ask him regarding that as he is the real bad guy. ADD Han tells her that even he didn’t get a chance to visit her father but he heard that her father is awake and well. ADD Han then leaves the room.

Cha tells Seung-tak everything that happened. Now that they know what exactly happened Seung-tak says this all happened accidentally due to the message Cha received on the day of the accident. Seung-tak curiously asks Cha who sent the message and what was in it.

Professor Cha retorts back, “You don’t have to know about my personal life.”. 😂🤣(tit for tat) Cha then asks what Seung-tak wants from him. Seung-tak tells him how Cha’s patient- the little boy- Oh Seung Jo cried to him at the resting room to bring back Cha and operate on him. The boy cries that he will take back that he doesn’t like the mean doctor and asks Seung-tak to bring the doctor and operate on him.

This melts Seung-tak. Seung-tak also gets to know from Jae-won that the boy somehow got to know that he would die if he gets discharged from the hospital without surgery and asked a nurse where professor Cha went.

So Seung-tak asks Professor cha to possess him and use his useful hand to do the surgery on the boy. Sueng-tak can’t watch people die and Professor cha doesn’t want to die like this.

Professor Cha says, “Whether I go into your body or not. I’ll die in the end. But I can’t die like this. I’m furious.”. … given that he will anyway die if, at all he possesses Seung-tak or not, they both come to a deal.  

Professor Cha would do the operation and Sueng-tak will help in getting justice for Chairman Jung.

Before coming to a deal, Seung-tak lists down a few conditions.

  1. Don’t talk to me when people are around. Don’t say things that would make me react in public and especially be careful of the CCTVs.
  2. Be careful not to touch me at random moments. Keep a safe distance from me. And behave yourself that our routes don’t overlap.
  3. You can’t tell the other ghost that I can see them.😂🤣 Ofcourse Professor Cha is not going to follow any of it.

The first thing Seung-tak does the next day is to go to the boy and his mom and tell them to stop unpacking because the surgery is going to happen. The boy and his mom smile broadly at Seung-tak and Cha waves at the boy telling him he is there too. 😂

The news spreads to Chief Bam and Chief Bam enquires Seung-tak on this. The CS team come to meet Seung-tak to ask how he can give assurance to the patient without their knowledge.

Chief Bam asks how the first year like him can perform this complicated operation. Seung-tak says Dr.An is the one who is going to do the surgery. Dr. An in disbelief asks if he even knows what this surgery is about.

Seung-tak starts his memorizing machine and tells then the boy is suffering from Pulmonary atresia and received Bt shunt after 20 days of birth, he has a Ventricular septal defect and received Rastelli procedure for it. Professor Cha was going to do surgery for Aortic stenosis blocking the right ventricle. Since his surgery was postponed the boy’s Liver function decreased and he developed pleural effusion.(😂 I know i should have not gone into details. I wrote everything because i just loved this scene ❣️😂😂. That too Cha’s reaction at the end. You should watch this 😁😁)

Cutting it short the boy suffers from too many disease and on top of it he is a child so they should open up his chest without damaging any blood vessels and this makes the surgery difficult even before starting it. Professor cha tells all this in jargon at a single breath without waiting for Seung-tak to even catch up.(I know Seung-tak is super intelligent but cha should not be doing this to him😅)

All Seung-tak says after a long speech of professor cha to him is the boy has a Coronary artery aneurysm so they need to do CABG. Dr.An explains to Seung tak that normal bypass surgery is easy but now they must perform CABG simultaneously and on top of it the patient is a child.

Poor Seung-tak can’t catch up with professor Cha and starts blabbering that, “since the chest is stuck to the artery wall…”.“Even before opening up the chest, if we detach it incorrectly”

Professor Cha corrects, “why would the chest be stuck to the artery wall? The artery is stuck to the chest wall.”. “How can you detach it before opening the chest ? You detach the artery while opening the chest.”

Seung-tak concludes, “We have to open it up all at once. After detaching the artery, the coronary left artery”

Professor Cha losses his cool now and says“what are you talking about are you insane . I said we have to open it slowly and carefully. Oh my gosh.”

Cha then accidentally goes Into Seung-tak and luckily nobody from the CS team raises any question. Seung-tak successfully confused everyone there.

In the emergency exit, Seung-tak gives a nice scold to Cha for not telling him the information slowly and getting into his body accidentally. Dr.An comes in to save Cha and Seung-tak already in bad mood tells Dr.An should knock on the emergency exit room before coming and leaves ranting that they (professor cha and him) don’t have any teamwork.

Later that day, Dr.An tells him that he can’t perform the surgery and not to give false hope to the boy’s mom. Seung-tak talks as Cha tells him. Seung-tak tells that it is very rare for a surgeon to perform such surgery as these cases are rare in themselves. This surgery was already performed by Cha and at that time Dr.An was his first assistant.

Dr.An then retorts why Seung-tak told him he has no right to touch any patient. Cha and Seung-tak are speechless now.

Seung-tak watches the boy and mom in the lobby and Cha consoles Seung-tak that Seung-tak tried his best to save the boy and if it doesn’t happen it is all fate. Seung-tak wonders why the boy liked a mean doctor like Cha.

Cha flashes back to the day when the boy was bullied by a group of boys that he has no father and his mom always cries as she doesn’t have any money for the boy’s surgery. Cha then saves the boy by telling the kids that the boy has the best doctor in the hospital and asks if they have anyone like him. He then scares them off saying they should watch how they talk to Seung-Jo. From that moment Seung-Jo starts to like professor Cha.

In present, Seung-tak gets a call now. They get a new patient who Fell from 3 meters and has chest pain. Professor Cha and Seung-tak leave. The mistress of the man makes a mess of the ER and pulls Seung-tak (professor Cha possessing him ) hair and makes a mess. It takes the BP of the man dropping for the lady to realize the seriousness of the case. After the woman leaves, Cha gets the X-ray and ct and finds that the rib pierced the aorta and they need to do surgery. Again Cha performs the surgery in the ER itself as they don’t have the time to go to the OR.

Dr.An at his office keenly thinks about how ADD Han tried to cut him off when he asked about his professorship. ADD Han tells him that he should have used the opportunity of killing Chairman Jang properly and got his professorship but now he lost his chance. Dr.An then thinks of how Seung-tak promised he would assist him in the boy’s surgery and he has his back when something is out of control, given that he has these extraordinary surgical skills. Dr.An weighs his options and comes to his conclusion.

In the ICU, Professor Cha in Seung-tak’s body looks at the new patient chart and Jae-won enters and asks about his secret assuring he would not tell anyone. Cha ignores everything that Jae-won speaks and orders him to check on the patient’s BP and keep track that it is between 100 to 120. Cha then remembers how Seung-tak warned him not to order around when Cha is in his body and tells, “Hey brother. Watch his blood pressure. Okay?”.

At this time the ICU nurse gets a call that the man’s mistress husband has come to the hospital to kill the man and the doctor who treated him. Cha tries to escape silently from the ICU but his luck as he leaves the thug that the nurse was speaking about comes just opposite him. He sees Seung-tak and lands his punch correctly on his face. Just at the right time, Cha jumps out of Seung-tak’s body and Seung-tak doesn’t get any time to react or escape the punch.

This pisses off Seung-tak and Cha comes out of the bushes he was hiding behind. Seung-tak cuts off their deal from then. All these things are recorded in the CCTV and unfortunately, ADD Han sees everything. Han asks the CCTV in charge to give all the recordings of Seung-tak to him every day from then on.

On the other side, Professor Cha tries to console Seung-tak that it is not fair for him to back off just for a punch. Cha justifies that he operated on ER patient for him now it is his turn. At this point, Seung-tak gets a call from Jae-won that Dr.An has accepted to do the surgery for the boy.

Seung-tak reaches the boy’s room and finds the boy and the mom smiling ear to ear. The boy jumps in joy to tells Seung-tak the good news. Seung-tak smiles ear to ear and Cha beside him also smiles.

ADD Han calls Dr.Han to his office and wonders what Seung-tak thinks of himself, some kind of hero. Han then asks why Dr. An accepted to do the surgery of boy, has he become ambitious now that the hospital is searching new professor.

Dr.An says now he has to fend for himself, after all that he did. ADD Han smirks and says it is good for him and would be easier for him to recommend if the surgery went well. When Dr.An leaves ADD Han says it is better if the surgery won’t go well also.

Professor Cha and Seung-tak go somewhere and on their way they find a girl begging the receptionist to help her and she can’t lose her brother. The motor bicycle ghost from behind them tells that she is his sister. Seung-tak frets that he has turned back. Near the patient room, the motor bicycle ghost tells cha his story.

It seems that the motor bicycle doesn’t have parents and his sister is a high schooler and he needs to support her for the university the next year. So he started working as a delivery boy at night and it took a toll on his health. On the day of the accident, he didn’t have money for food and took medicine on empty stomach, and became hazy. motorcycle ghost then pleads to Cha that he would reveal the truth if he helps in saving him. Again suddenly the motor bicycle ghost scares Seung—tak by pleading him and falling on his knees. Seung-tak drops his phone out of fear and ADD Han comes at this moment.

Han asks Seung-tak what is he doing here, Seung-tak manages to say he had to check on some patients and rushes away. The motor bicycle ghost points at Han and tells Cha that he was the culprit along with another doctor.

After some time, Han visits Se-jin and casually asks for a dinner date but se-jin respectfully denies it saying she is tired. When Han comes out of the suite he flashes back to the day when his grandfather told him that he must know what doctors do to assist them. His grandpa made him work at the receptionist during career starting so that he has to make his way from bottom to top by himself.

Han first meets Se-jin when she was just an intern and fights at the reception that they made a poor patient leave just because they can’t pay bills and asks the receptionist to pay the bill from her account. The receptionist tells her she won’t have anything left in her account but she doesn’t care. Later that day she thanks ADD Han (back then just a receptionist) for helping her out by making 12 monthly installments for the patient. Han likes her from then on but one afternoon he finds Se-jin with Cha at the terrace and realizes he can’t be with her and leaves.

At the present, Dr.An is in front of the Chairman Jung suite for a daily checkup. Seung-tak calls now and distracts Dr.An to rush to the ER and uses this chance to go inside Chairman Jung suite. The bodyguards allow Seung-tak as soon as they hear that the chairman might open his eyes if those injections were not given.

Seung-tak inside the suite talks to Cha so the bodyguards can see him. When the bodyguards get distracted Se-jin comes in. After some time, Seung-tak bows to the chairman’s ghost and leaves, leaving the bodyguards confused.

After everyone leaves the room, Se-jin comes out of her hiding and finds her father lying in bed. She cries uncontrollably seeing her father at that stage and comes out of the room after some time startling the bodyguards outside.

She blackmails them saying they should know Jang min ho (Chairman’s son) would fire them if he knows this happened. So from now on, they are instructed to allow her and she promises she will not cause any problem for them.

In the VPI suite of professor Cha, Se-jin asks Seung-tak if he has changed his mind. Seung-tak says the circumstances have changed. He learns from Se-jin that she has opened Cha’s notepad using his fingerprint and got to know that someone has used her as bait to message Cha after the chairman’s surgery. Se-jin asks if he knows them.

Seung-tak tells he knows the wrongdoer but he can’t tell it now because he has no evidence. He shows her to the motorcycle guy who caused the accident and tells her he was also involved in professor cha’s accident so he might know something.

Se-Jin takes up the man’s case and assures them she will find out the truth. Seung-tak and cha watch Se-jin treating the man from outside the room. Seung-tak asks if it is ok to involve se-jin in this. Cha tells that from what he knows Se-jin is always against injustice so she will go till the end to find the truth.

Seung-tak asks what relationship he has with Se-jin and Cha replies with his favorite dialogue, “There is no need to know my private life”. After Seung-tak is gone Cha says he doesn’t know what their relationship is himself.

The next day, it is the surgery day for the boy. Seung-tak and professor Cha get ready for the surgery. As Cha leaves his suite he finds Se-jin and other doctors taking Cha’s body for Brain MRI.

At the OR, the surgery is about to start and Seung-tak is waiting for Cha to show up. But when Cha tries to get into the operation Unit of the hospital he reaches the invisible wall which wasn’t supposed to be there. Professor Cha shouts out to Seung-tak from outside the operation Unit but Seung-tak is too far to hear, so Cha leaves to find Tes.

He finds out from the ICU ghost that Tes is at ER. At the OR, Chief Bam and Jae-won wait in the watching room. Seung-tak to take the bovie from the nurse and drop it to the floor intentionally. Seung tak then says, “I was not supposed to lower your hand during surgery and I lowered it all the way to the floor.”. Seung-tak then excuses himself and comes outside to wash his hands.

He comes to the doors of the Operating Unit and doesn’t find Cha there and goes inside again.

In the ER, One of the doctors is scolding Intern Oh for giving water to someone who may require emergency surgery. Oh apologizes that she didn’t give but she should have informed the guardian with an attitude that pisses off the doctor.

The doctor comments that pretty women have too much attitude. Tes possessing the cleaning woman then beats up the man in name of cleaning the mess. Professor Cha comes now and asks for Tes’s help.

Tes helps Cha by distracting Se-jin with a phone call and then he takes Cha’s body to the VIP suite and hides him inside the room. Finally, after that Professor Cha can enter the OR but by the time he reaches Seung-tak messes a few steps and another doctor takes his place.

After Cha possesses Seung-tak he takes up the work from the doctor and helps Dr.An with suction of the blood. After opening the chest Dr.An is supposed to dissect the adhesion of the artery but he messes it up and starts an bleeding. Professor Cha orders him to stop the bleeding and takes up the task himself and successfully dissects the adhesion. He then goes to the side of Dr.An and asks him to swap the position. Cha says, “In the 12 hrs operation and easiest part is dissecting the adhesion. A doctor who is not able to do the easiest part how can he do the other hard parts.”.

Dr. An’s temper goes high seeing Seung-tak trying to lead the operation. Cha then whispers in Dr.An’s ear, “If you kill the kid you’ll have to resign. Let alone become a professor”. Dr.An then swaps the position and assists Professor Cha(basically Seung-tak possessed by Cha.).

After 12 long hours, Professor Cha completes the operation. In Professor Cha’s VIP suite, Se-jin sends all the test results that she took to her US friend Micheal and asks for his advice.

After some time, Michael replies that Se-jin already knows the answer. He tells her that Professor Cha’s condition is hopeless and at the most, he has a month. On the other side, Seung-tak and Professor Cha laugh as much as they can at their successful heart surgery. (Poor professor Cha doesn’t know about his condition.). The episode ends here with Cha and Seung-tak laughing their hearts out.

I feel bad after knowing Cha has very little time. I was expecting him to wake up after some time. Somehow, I feel some wonder would happen and Cha would wake up. Let’s watch the coming episodes to know whether my guess comes true.

Comment your opinions about this episode below. I would love to hear.

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