Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 7

The episode starts with both Seung Tak and Cha laughing after their successful surgery. Seung Tak asks why Cha is acting unfamiliar and says he is floating. Cha says it’s because it’s been a long time and asks him why he was happier. Seung Tak says he is beginning to think that this is what being a doctor tastes like. Cha mocks him saying “as if you did anything”.

Seung Tak asks how does it feel to save a life using his hand. Cha sits down and says not like any other professional, being a doctor and being able to save people is what gives you the feel of winning the world. He also says Seung Tak should give it a shot. Seung Tak says he won’t stay as a doctor forever and changes the topic saying he is sleepy and hungry. Cha says that’s a given as he did a 12 hours surgery. Poor Seung Tak rants that Cha should have said something before as he would have already had a hearty meal.

Cha nags Seung Tak to do more exercise. Seung Tak starts worrying about how the article will be all over the place again. Cha asks him to relax and trust him as he knows Cheif Bam well.

Just as Cha expected, Cheif Bam scolds Dr An for signing up for the surgery and asks him to take care of the rest well as a lead surgeon. He asks him to frame as if Seung Tak was only assisting and says that’s what Seung Tak also wants so nobody loses anything from this.

Seung Tak and Cha starts bickering as usual. While bickering, they realise that Seung Tak is the only person Cha can possess and it was first for Seung Tak to be possessed as well. They both start comparing their religion, beliefs to know the clues but are unsuccessful. They leave the topic as it is pointless.

Cha says Seung Tak has it better as he knows who is possessing him and can make a deal with him and says he himself is the unfortunate one to get tangled up with the rude jerk like Seung Tak and also says that it would have been better if it was Jae Won as at least he is kind. Seung Tak lies down and goes to sleep. Cha wonders if there is any past life connection between them.

Seung Han (ADD Han) calls Dr An to know about the surgery. Dr An says it went well by which Seung Han goes shocked and says Dr An is really talented (it is obvious that he didn’t mean it). Seung Han then goes to meet his friend from the US to dig into something.

Cha goes to Se Jin’s office and looks at his report. He then goes to Se Jin who is sleeping on a couch. He then tries to cover her with a bedsheet but is unsuccessful. He then sits beside her and talks about how Seung Tak was excited after the surgery. He also says that Seung Tak wanted to do surgery on him but then says he can’t possibly do anything even if he wants to. (Cha’s condition is bad!? Okay now am sad!.. That rhymed hahaha..)

Seung Tak is sleeping in the on-call room and the professors who heard the rumour of Seung Tak being the lead surgeon calls continuously to ask him to assist their surgery. Seung Tak ignores their calls but attends his mom’s call who is excited because of the rumour. He tells her he did nothing and politely cuts the call. But her mom is so excited that she decides to do something to celebrate.

Seung Tak is annoyed that he is getting so many calls. He feels sore and his left arm hurts as if he got hurt. He then goes to Seung Jo and asks the nurse if he is not up yet. The nurse asks if he is not awake yet as he went from here only 2 hrs ago. She says he was there the whole time and saw the patient wake up. She says he also got her left arm hurt while dozing off.

Seung Tak comes out and wonders why Cha keeps acting out of his character (he is touched) and also complains that he should be more careful while using someone else’s body.

Cha wakes up and goes to meet Chairman Jang and sees Se Jin’s is sitting next to Chairman Jang’s body and nursing him. Chairman Jung (spirit) asks Professor Cha if he made her cry and asks him if she is eating well. Cha says he didn’t do anything to make her cry and says he will be more careful about what she is eating going forward. Chairman Jang says that he was not close to her daughter but he knows the look she has now. She had that face while leaving Korea 12 years back. She kept looking back with that look in the airport. Chairman asks if it is Cha who is going far this time. Both worried looks at Se Jin.

Chairman Jang’s son enters the room. The bodyguards warn Se Jin with their loud voices and stall the son so that she can hide.

While his son enters the room, Se Jin is nowhere to be seen. He throws a tantrum that his father changed his will before his surgery and leaves. Chairman Jang says he should do something about his son and says he should go to the afterlife soon it seems.

Chairman Jang also confesses that he is the one who forcefully sent Se Jin to the US.

His Son and Seung Han try to locate the Lawyer who changed the will.

Seung Tak is tired and wonders how can Cha work like this regularly. Jae Won finds Seung Tak and asks if he gets possessed by ghosts. Seung Tak is confused and wonders if he got exposed. Jae Won says Cha was similar to him. Cha did a difficult surgery as an intern and that mystery was never resolved as Cha didn’t explain anything. The commotion died down as he was brilliant going forward. This intrigues Seung Tak’s interest.

Seung Tak gets more attention from Professors in their department conference. Seung Tak barely escapes the conference while Dr An asks about the OP record(operation record) for Seung Jo’s surgery. Seung Tak gets annoyed and asks why would he write it when it is the job of the lead surgeon and leaves.

Cha meets Seung Tak in his way and excitedly stops him and asks him to buy a meal. Seung Tak is still in bad mood and pretends to be on call in his air pod and says why would he do it. Cha says he is not asking to buy a car or house, it’s just a meal. Seung Tak says so why wouldn’t he ask his kind Jae Won. Cha loses it and says he is a rude jerk. He also says that he filled out an OP record for him but he wouldn’t even buy a meal. Seung Tak gets shocked to hear about the OP record and runs to his department complaining why Cha never informs him what he does while using his body.

Seung Tak deletes the OP record from the portal but he is too late as Dr An already saw it. Dr An remembers that Cha used to draw everything clearly in his OP record while no one else do it. Dr An then compares the OP record under Seung Tak name and the OP record Cha wrote previously and to his surprise they are similar.

Seung Tak complaints to Cha about how beautifully he drew in the OP record. Cha admits that he missed doing that. Seung Tak says thankfully he erased it else someone would have suspected him. (Well, Dr An already saw it though)

Seung Tak then proposes some rules

  1. Cha is obliged to tell him everything he does while he is in his body.
  2. He can enter his body without warning only when it’s an emergency and asks him to keep it short and brief.
  3. They should work on the case, time, tension so that they can keep it up for 4 years (until he gets his licence)

He says he will take that a yes for his rules while leaving😂(He is such a mood). Cha gets offended and asks if he wants to be like that for four years. Seung Tak casually says that then he can open his eyes or partner up with his kind Jae Won.

Seung Tak’s mom who has come to see her son sees him talking to the air. She then sees his air pod and thinks maybe he is on his phone but right then Seung Tak receives a call. His mom gets worried and scared.

His mom thinks of the old days when Seung Tak used to talk to the ghosts that only he can see and realises that he is not cured yet.

On the other side, Cha enters Seung Tak body to do post-operation treatment on Seung Jo. Other doctors who heard the rumour that Seung Tak is a genius, stare from outside the door along with other coma ghosts who are searching for Cha with their requests. Seung Jo opens his eyes and sees Cha instead of Seung Tak and calls his name. Cha freaks out to be called by his name as he is in his Seung Tak’s body and messes up with his hand and blood splashes all over the place. Everyone outside the door leaves thinking that it is Seung Tak – the man with useless hands. But a girl with her masks on continues to stare at him without leaving.

After the treatments, Cha leaves with deep thoughts about what happened. He then sees the girl in the mask entering the VIP ward and the name board reads as “Lee Jae W”.

On the other side, Dr An with deep thoughts goes to see Cha but gets startled by Se Jin who gets out of the room. He then leaves and bumps his head and wonders what is he even thinking (about Seung Tak being Cha)

Se Jin goes to see the motorcycle patient who was the reason for Cha’s accident and examines him wondering no factor could cause him to be unconscious. The Nanny (with Tes soul inside her) shouts that the dustbin tub doesn’t close well but it’s because of the lid. She emphasises that the lid is the problem that gives Se Jin hint that may be the patient’s injury in his head didn’t get treated properly after the surgery and informs the doctor to look into it. She then turns around to look at the nanny but the nanny leaves after checking that Se Jin got her hint.

Cha comes out of Seung Tak’s body and excitedly looks at Lee Jae Woo (Lee Jae W, the masked girl). Lee Jae Woo is an idol and Seung Tak saw all of her merch at Cha’s place. Seung Tak then teases Cha saying that oldies can also have a crush over idols and says he won’t judge. Cha says it’s not like that and Jae Won comes right at this point. Jae Won thinks that Seung Tak is a fan and says he understands why he wants to do Lee Jae Woo surgery now. Seung Tak gets tense and starts scolding Cha for not reporting to him that he agreed to the surgery. Cha peeks from Jae Won and tries to calm Seung Tak innocently. Jae Won gets scared to see Seung Tak mad and explains that the surgery is difficult that he was worried that chief Bam almost gave it to another professor. He also says that it is artery valve replacement surgery and she got one 10 years ago now they have to replace it.

Seung Tak walks away and Cha tries to explain that he was going to tell him about it. Seung Tak gets mad and says he doesn’t even know what is happening with him but is worried about others. Cha then asks if something is going on. Seung Tak gets even more mad that he asks him to cure the motorcycle man who was the reason for Cha’s accident.

Se Jin calls Seung Tak to inform them that they found out what was wrong that the motorcycle guy was not waking up. She says he has a rare syndrome called sinking skin flap syndrome. She says now that they are treating him the right way he will wake up soon.

Motorcycle guy’s spirit (black ghost) thanks them and goes out to console his sister. He then again thank Seung Tak and Cha when they come out. Seung Tak raises his hand forgetfully and regrets it because right when Seung Han comes and asks what he is doing there. Cha scolds Seung Tak saying that he should be more careful. Cha then tries to hit Seung Han to release his stress. Se Jin comes out and Seung Han gives her the meal he bought saying that she seemed to be skipping meals. Cha gets suspicious and angry and asks him why he bought food for her and asks Se Jin not to take it. But Se Jin takes it politely. Cha cries and leaves feeling betrayed. Seung Han wonders why Seung Tak keeps popping out from where the motorcycle guy is.

Seung Tak finds Cha near Lee Jae Woo’s VIP room and says he was looking for him and says people may think he is a two-timer. But Cha is in serious mode and he starts explaining the difficulties of her surgery and convinces Seung Tak who is stubborn. Suddenly, Jae Woo comes out and asks for Cha. Seung Tak takes her to Se Jin’s office. Jae Won complains that Cha betrayed her and asks Seung Tak to do her surgery and says she won’t blame him even if it didn’t go as planned.

She then shows a candy to Seung Tak and asks if he knows what candy that is. It is a candy that Cha gave her when he operated on her 10 years ago and says that was a magic candy. Cha explains it and Seung Tak asks her that it is just candy and she can’t possibly think that has magic and asks her if it was the candy from 10 years ago and says these things have an expiration date. Jae Woo smiles at him and tells him that he is interesting and leaves (She also thinks that Seung Tak is possessed by Cha’s spirit?).

Seung Tak then goes to Cha and asks if he was the one that performed surgery on her 10 years ago and tells him he should have said so. He then says he can’t beat around the bush and asks him if he got possessed multiple times in the past as a resident (Cha was resident at that time) wouldn’t have been able to do Lee Jae Woo’s surgery.

Cha asks if he is curious and tells him to do 100 squats and be on time the next morning for the surgery. Seung Tak almost falls for it and starts protesting that he is in charge, not Cha. The other coma ghosts come where Cha and Seung Tak is and Cha squats down before Seung Tak and uses his coat to cover him. Seung Tak is confused and asks him what the heck he is doing. Cha then tells him that he is hiding from someone and asks him to move slowly to his left so that he can escape. Tes arrives at this point and scolds other coma ghosts for ganging up on Cha. Cha runs away. Seung Tak goes and sits on a sofa as if nothing happened. Seung Tak then listens to Tes. Tes tells the coma ghosts that Cha might die if he keeps going into Seung Tak’s body.

Later that day, Seung Tak sends food to Se Jin through his assistant. Se Jin is shocked to see so much food. The Assistant also takes away the food Seung Won gave her while leaving. (Seung Tak was listening to Cha. Seung Tak is the cutest person alive).

The next day, Cha is prepared and the patient is prepared for the surgery but Seung Tak is nowhere to be seen. Professor Han enters the surgery room and scolds Seung Tak for keep changing his mind. Cha loses his cool knowing that Seung Tak stabbed him in his back and runs to check everywhere in the hospital but Seung Tak is nowhere to be seen. Cha then enters the operation room where Professor Han is performing surgery with Dr An as his first. Cha tries to keep his cool and looks carefully at the surgery and tries to instruct. But unfortunately, Professor Han touches a soft tissue which leads to bleeding. Everyone panics as the patient’s BP goes down. Cha loses his hope and looks at his hand with pain feeling helpless.

Thankfully, Seung Tak enters the operation room at this point. Cha scolds him for being late and goes into his body without wasting any more time. The surgery ends successfully.

Cha stops Seung Tak outside the operation room and asks him what was wrong with him. Seung Tak mentions that he should not keep entering his body and tells him that he can’t do it anymore and leaves. Tes notices them.

Cha accidentally bumps into coma ghosts again. The coma ghosts tell him that he should have told that entering Seung Tak body is not safe for him. They say that his life is more important than walnut cake so asks him to stop hiding from them.

Seung Tak’s mother goes to the CCTV control room and looks at Seung Tak talking to the air. She then asks the controller to delete all the footage where Seung Tak is. But sneaky Seung Won already has footage in a pen drive and comes to Seung Tak’s mom to ask if she is afraid and shows the pen drive. Seung Tak’s mom is afraid.

Cha looks for Seung Tak everywhere and finally finds him in an on-call room of ER department. Seeing Cha, Seung Tak tries to leave. Cha asks him why he came today while he could have chosen not to. Seung Tak says there is a doctor who thinks his patient is the world but is frail to move his body. He still fills the OP record like he used to. This kind of doctor promised his patient to do her surgery. He says he came so that that doctor can keep his promise. Cha asks him if he is still curious about what happened when he was an intern (the time when he performed difficult surgery). Soo Jung notices Seung Tak.

Before Seung Tak asks, an emergency patient comes in and the doctor in ER asks to move the patient to another hospital as there are no doctors available to operate on him right now.

Seung Tak tries to leave but Soo Jung stops him and says that the patient will die if they move him.

After some thought, Seung Tak stops the stretcher just like how Cha stopped the stretcher when he was an intern.

Tes narrates that history may repeat itself. There comes a time (again) when we call for spirits when the deities are too busy to help us.

The episode ends here.

Am loving this series. Are you guys?

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