Jirisan Kdrama Review – No Spoliers (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’).

Jirisan is a mystery, thriller, action drama.

Main Cast: Gianna Jun as Seo Yi-Gang, Ju Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun-Jo.

Status: Finished

Total Number of Episodes: 16

Duration: 60 – 70 minutes per episode

Plot: The series is all about the Rangers at Jiri Mountain National Park who works to save people life. Seo Yi-Gang is the best ranger who knows everything about the mountain like the back of her palm. She partners up with a rookie ranger Kang Hyun-Jo who has graduated from the military academy and once was a captain. He joins Yi-Gang with a secret he can’t talk about. They both go in search of mysteries that are happening in the mountains.

Are there speculations right? Is there really something going on in the mountain? If yes, will they succeed?. Well, watch the drama to find out.

I was so excited about this drama as Gianna Jun is one of my favourite actresses. ‘Legends of the blue sea’, ‘My Love from the star’ – am a fan of these dramas and I have watched them more than I can count.

Things I loved about the series:

Strong female lead. We are having so many strong female leads these days and it is making me happy. “Yi-gang knows the mountain like the back of the hand” – she does. She knew mountains so well to the point that she made me envy her even though I don’t wanna be a ranger. (I don’t know if I made any sense there. Anyways! Moving on..)

The series made me constantly think over who the culprit is. And this kept me engaging.

Mountains. It was so relaxing to see the mountain every time.

I got to know more about rangers and mountains. I never knew how hard rangers work until I watched this drama.

I loved the main lead couple and the way they understood each other.

Yi-gang eventually finds where her home is and her character growth was wholesome to watch till the end.

Hyun-Jo never ignored things that didn’t feel right although he could have easily. He fights through and tries to gain Yi-gang’s trust.

I loved other supporting characters as well. Especially, Yi-gang’s grandma. They say people become cute and innocent when they become old and she proved it.

The series is a pack of all the emotions. You will laugh, smile, cry along with them.

I felt heavy a lot while watching the series.

But if you ask me whether it was the best thriller series then my answer is no. While compared to my favourite thriller series like “Best thriller from my list” and here is why so.

They constantly switched between years and that made me dizzy at times.

I watched “Jirisan” as it was released, so naturally, I had to wait 5 days before I could watch the next 2 episodes. Maybe that’s why or maybe I was watching too many series at that time, “Jirisan” lost me at one point. I had to pause the episode to think whether a scene happened in the past or the present. This never happened before to me.

Other than that, there was a twist with which they started to switch between years. But that twist didn’t live up to my expectations.

In my opinion, they could have shown us the past and then the present and it would have been better.

Another thing is they left some of my questions unsaid so I was kind of disappointed.

But other than that I liked how they kept me guessing, how the murderer was revealed, the reason behind the murders. They are all worth watching.

If you are a mountain person, watch it and am sure you will love it.

My rating would be 6.5 on 10.

Let me know your opinion in the comments and I would love to read them😊

Watch trailer here: Jirisan

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Spoiler Alert: Read it if you wanna know about the ending

I know many would want to know about the ending so here it is.

I felt like the climax was sugar-coated. It was as if all is well if the end is well which is true but still I needed time to accept it.

Yes, it is a happy ending 😊.

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