Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 11

Before we start, let me tell you guys that there is a lot of crying in this episode.

The episode starts with Seung Tak’s (with Cha inside him) hand trembles a lot and he loses grip of his hand at times during the surgery. He asks Professor Han to be the main surgeon till the end. But he remembers the promise he made to Seung Jo(the child patient) and successfully finishes the surgery. ADD Han is shocked to see that Seung Tak is not leading the surgery. Chief Bam is also shocked but is happy that Seung Tak did the critical part and the surgery is successful.

Cha comes out and asks other coma ghosts if Seung Jo is gone. But Seung Jo is still there. Cha starts becoming nervous and rants to Seung Tak that Seung Jo should be awake now. But Seung Tak is calm and tells that the surgery just ended and it will take time for him to wake up he tells Cha that he should take care of Seung Jo from his world and he will take Seung Jo into the living world.

Seung Tak checks that Seung Jo is stable. He then sees some vision from the surgery but is not sure why he is seeing them as he has never remembered a thing while Cha uses his body. Cha goes to Tes and tells him that he lost grip from time to time in the surgery and asks him what is happening to him. Tes nonchalantly says he doesn’t know and he won’t tell him even if he knows because if it turns out to be false then it would be a crime as it is a crime to spread false rumours. Cha is impatient and leaves.

Other coma ghosts watch over Seung Jo and see his hand passing right through their world’s object. They then take Seung Jo to Cha. They meet Cha and Seung Tak in a hallway. Seung Jo is scared and Cha calms him down saying he is preparing to meet his mom and hugs him and everyone watches Seung Jo disappears into the thin air.

Seung Tak and Cha run to Seung Jo in the real world and check if he is back. Thankfully he is! and Seung Tak brags about his hand that saved Seung Jo to Jae Won. Cha then asks if Seung Jo can see him. Seung Jo doesn’t respond and Seung Tak excitedly says Seung Jo can only see him and touch him. Cha loses it now and asks Seung Tak if he is happy that Seung Jo can only see him and touch him and leaves.

Seung Tak goes out to see Cha. Cha asks if he is been drinking or working out aggressively. Seung Tak says he never does a workout. Cha gets mad and asks if he is proud that he never does a workout and asks him to take care of his hand if he wants to keep getting the glory. Cha asks if he is happy that when he wakes up the surgery is over but the one who is invisibly doing it is Cha. He scolds him and asks him to take proper care of his body and hands and leaves.

Seung Tak stands there and he is a bit taken aback. Tes comes and tells him that Cha became more desperate and when one is more desperate they become more sadder and disappointed. It is the time Cha exploded as he was suppressing it within him for way too long. And says Seung Tak rubbed him in a wrong way this time.

Cha goes to Se Jin’s room and finds her sleeping while laying her head on his body. He sees her heartbroken and asks her why she is here, she should go out and rest at least on weekends and starts crying his heart out. (Awww. I just hope he wakes up fine)

Cha cries hard and asks himself to wake up as so many people are suffering because of him. Seung Tak listens to this while standing outside the room. He then starts walking as Soo Jung calls. Soo Jung asks if the kid is ok. Seung Tak says the kid is fine and woke up a while ago in a worried voice. Soo Jung is happy and asks what is wrong with his voice. Seung Tak says he was at joy just a while ago and now he is tired. Soo Jung asks Cha is the one who performed the surgery so why is he tired and tells him that he did good work before hanging up. Seung Tak sighs to himself that it is true that he did nothing.

Soo Jung sees the Nanny going home after her work and stops her to tell her that the kid she found is fine now. That Nanny is clueless (as Tes is not inside her now) and says she doesn’t understand what she is saying and says she must have misunderstood her for someone else and leaves. Soo Jung wonders how can she forget that.

Se Jin takes EEG for Cha and is happy that there is some improvement. She calls her friend in the US and asks how long it took for the patient from 3 years ago who was detected to have been releasing happy hormones to wake up. (We could not hear the answer). She then sees Seung Tak waiting for her in her department and hangs up. Seung Tak says he got his answer that Cha’s brain signal is improved. He asks her then why isn’t he waking up. She says that they need a miracle to wake him up. And Cha should desire to wake up. Seung Tak says Cha is trying his best now to wake up. Se Jin asks him why he is always talking as if Cha is inside him. She then says the CS department must be busy so he should refrain from dropping to check on Cha too often if he trusts Se Jin as his doctor and leaves. Seung Tak wonders what he did for her to build a wall like that. He then thinks about building a wall and leaves.

Se Jin enters her room and thinks about how she consoled a therapist and how she said that Se Jin getting vibes from Seung Tak that she used to get from Cha is common as Seung Tak is close to Cha and the therapist suggests that she keep her distance from Seung Tak for a bit for some self-reflection.

Seung Tak thinks about “the wall” and suddenly hears someone playing the guitar and singing terribly. Tes is the one who is singing and other coma ghosts, Seung Tak wonders what kind of life Tes lived and what was he.

The next day Seung Tak finds out that the funding that went to the CS department got limited and goes to ADD Han and asks why he is playing in a petty way. Han says it is just a start and he should wait for what he has for Seung Tak. Seung Tak is confident that his VIP card will suffice the fund and leaves.

Chairman Jang’s son and Se Jin’s brother come hospital and go to the 9th floor. The coma ghosts notice it and go to tell Seung Tak. Seung Tak is talking with Soo Jung and asks her about an invincible wall which is related to medicine. Soo Jung is confused and asks him what he is getting at. As soon as he hears that Chairman Jung’s son is here from a coma ghost, he worriedly says “Dr Jang Se Jin” and runs to her. Soo Jung wonders who was there when they were talking and why Seung Tak ran like that.

Chairman Jang’s son goes to Se Jin’s room. Se Jin asks what he is doing there and tries to drag him out. But he insists on saying “hello” to Cha. He then asks how can she never change and still be the same as 12 years ago. He asks if Cha even knows that he used Cha to make her leave the country. He then lifts Cha’s hand and asks which hand was it that he hit to get rid of her. Cha’s soul is there and he remembers how a thug gang tried to hurt his hand 12 years ago. Cha realises that her brother blackmailed Se Jin using him.

Se Jin loses it and tries to call security. Her brother smashes her phone and forces her to keep her thumbnail print in the document he came with which is to reverse Se Jin’s wealth to him. Se Jin says she would rather give it to a stray dog than to him. And says he is not even a dog in her eyes now. She tries to break free and he constantly forces her and Cha is unhelpful. Seung Tak enters at the right moment and Cha enters his body to punch Se Jin’s brother in his face and asks how dare he blackmailed her. ADD Han enters the room at this moment and brings Se Jin’s brother to his office.

ADD Han shouts at him for causing a scene in his hospital and asks him to stay away from the hospital as their plan got ruined a long time ago. But Se Jin’s brother threatens ADD Han saying ADD Han was the one who laid finger on the old man so he should cooperate further as well.

In Se Jin’s room, Se Jin asks Seung Tak if he placed any bug or camera in her room as he always shows up at perfect moments and nurses his hand. Seung Tak stays silent after seeing Cha in deep thoughts. Se Jin then asks Seung Tak why he used his precious hand for something petty and says he should know how important hands are for surgeons.

Cha remembers how she said the same thing to Cha back when he got his hand injured because of the thug gang. He then asks her why she didn’t tell him anything when she knew everything back then.

Seung Tak leaves after getting his hand treated and as soon as he gets out of the room gets slapped by Soo Jung on his back. She then asks was Cha was in his body when Se Jin treated him and Seung Tak says he was standing beside him. She says so it was him who ran that fast after hearing her name and him when she got his hand treated. Seung Tak asks if she is being jealous and she says why would she be and says he should concentrate on patients rather than concentrating on Se Jin. Seung Tak then asks why she believes him when he says Cha is there when others would find him crazy. She says she saw something 20 years ago which is why she believes him.

In Se Jin’s room, she cries and apologises for not telling him anything and for acting on her own. She then says when they first met again, even though she could only see full of hate in his eyes she was happy that he didn’t forget her. Cha cries along with her saying he doesn’t hate her.

Soo Jung thinks to herself that she should be crazy for asking Seung Tak to behave himself. Then suddenly Nanny comes out of nowhere to say that the boy is fine now and says she has always been jealous of doctors for saving lives and now she is happy to save that kid’s life and leaves. Soo Jung is damn confused with the Nanny’s duality and thinks if Nanny has a twin sister.

Seung Tak, Cha, and Tes meet up to clarify why Seung Tak’s body trembled in the surgery room. Tes explains that as Cha’s body is getting better his spirit which is outside is getting weaker. When you possess someone you push their soul out to get into their body but as Cha’s soul is getting weaker, he is coming out of Seung Tak’s body like that.

Seung Tak says that is why he has a memory of his hand trembling. Cha asks why he didn’t tell about having the memory. Seung Tak says as if he let him say anything and these two start bickering and Seung Tak takes his revenge by talking back.

Cha, Seung Tak and Se Jin research a lot about Cha’s condition and happy hormones.

The next day, Seung Tak goes to buy a coffee after pulling an all-nighter. The coma ghosts take advantage and ask to buy them coffee as well. The coma ghosts then go to Se Jin’s room and realise that it is their first time there to visit Cha. Se Jin is working so Cha asks them to leave as they might disturb Se Jin. As they chat, they notice that Bo Mi has disappeared and a nurse comes to Se Jin to tell her that Bo Mi is back to consciousness.

They all run to see her and Seung Tak joins them. He says “welcome to the real world” but gets rejected by Bo Mi as she doesn’t remember anything.

The other 2 coma ghosts go in front of the ICU and wait. Seung Tak and Cha see them from far and Seung Tak says they come here 3 times a day no matter what. It is the time when doctors go for rounds. He says when he was a kid he used to come straight there to see if he still sees ghosts. There was always someone anxiously waiting. Seung Tak says he used to pray not to see any ghosts when he goes there but when no one is there he used to wonder what happened to those who were waiting there.

Cha says it’s either they died or lived. He says Seung Tak was afraid of ghosts and he was afraid of their family members. He was afraid that maybe he would not be able to save them.

They both then go into the ICU to see the coma ghosts almost became nurses when it comes to checking on themselves. Cha then notices that something is wrong with the C-Line inserted into Hoon Gil (one of the coma ghosts). Then they realise that a new intern inserted it. Cha then analysis Hoon Gil’s chart and tells Seung Tak that he will keep being a doctor as he said. Seung Tak wonders how fast Cha changed. He then goes to ER.

Soo Jung grabs him and takes her to do dressing. Seung Tak teases if she is doing it so that she can replace Se Jin’s dressing and they both playfully talk. Se Jin who is there for her patient sees them and smiles.

In the ICU, Hoon Gil’s siren goes off and everyone panics. Cha realises that there must be air trapped in his new C-Line. But no doctors are available to attend to him right away and they wait for Seung Tak. The other coma ghost goes to fetch Seung Tak. Seung Tak starts running as soon as he hears that there is a code blue. Se Jin follows him to know what happened. But by the time Seung Tak and Se Jin arrive, the intern who inserted the C-Line takes care of it. Cha sees Tes coming out of the intern’s body.

Cha follows Tes and asks him what was that. Tes says after living so long in hospital he can do that much. Cha says it was so professional for him to believe it. Tes says he should be worrying about himself now. There can be so many variables that can affect him though he is showing some progress.

Seung Tak is worried about what happened to Hoon Gil might happen to Cha as well. He goes to Se Jin’s room and tells her that it was Cha who was talking to her and that’s why she is feeling like she is talking to Cha when she is talking to him. Se Jin is confused and asks him what he is saying. Cha’s spirit enters the room and he is very angry that Seung Tak is revealing him. Seung Tak says it is his turn to reveal the truth now. Se Jin looks at Seung Tak talking to thin air and is confused plus scared.

On the other side, ADD Han meets Dr An and tells him that he figured that anything can happen to a coma patient even if one step goes wrong. He asks Dr An to mess up with Cha a little so that he can rest in peace. That way they all can be happy. The episode ends here.

ADD Han is making more mistakes while trying to cover up his one terrible mistake. Am not sure if Cha is waking up or not but am sure either way ADD Han is going down with Se Jin’s brother. What do you guys think!?

I am hoping the next episode is more cheerful and let’s hope for our bickering duo to be back.

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