Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 12

The episode starts with Seung-tak confessing to Se-Jin that he is possessed by Professor Cha and even right at this moment Cha is standing right next to them. Se-Jin’s face is pale and full of disbelief. Cha tries his best to stop Seung-tak and only succeeds to stop Sueng-tak by threatening to enter Seung-tak’s body.

Seung-tak leaves Cha’s suite without any closure to Se-Jin. In the corridor, Seung-tak and Cha have a heated argument about Seung-tak’s confession to Se-Jin. Seung-tak backs him up saying it was important that Se-Jin knows the truth that Cha’s Ghost exists and says at any moment, Cha could disappear like a puff without even saying goodbye and Cha has so many unsaid things to Se-Jin, which must be said. Even Se-Jin is suffering from guilt that she might fall for Seung-tak which is really hard on her.

Cha asks him just one thing, what if he tells the truth to se-jin and if he dies or lives, Se-Jin is the only one to suffer and explains how hard it would be for her. He questions who is Seung-tak to change the laws of nature. Finally, Cha tells him to stay out of his private matters if he respects privacy.

By this time, Se-Jin comes into the corridor and asks for an explanation for what he spoke to her earlier. Seung- tak doesn’t try to even come up with some story and simply asks to forget about it. Se-Jin gets triggered and yells at him for being a jerk and warns him to stay out of Cha’s case or else she would throw him in a pit of fire, even if she loses her practice license.

After all, this commotion as Cha enters his Suite, his eyes tear up remembering Seung-tak’s words, “.When your loved ones pass away all of a sudden without a goodbye, the people left behind end up in tremendous pain. I am sure you know that better than anyone”. We are shown different people – Seung-tak with his mom happily learning something, Bo-mi happy with her friends and the middle-aged coma ghost(one who has a walnut cake shop) sees his family photo and thinks about his family.

At a restaurant, ADD Han is threatening Dr.An to kill Professor Cha when before Cha wakes up from the coma. He blackmails that Dr.An is the only one who is directly involved in the death of Chairman Jang and if Cha wakes up Dr.An has to face Cha.

Professor Cha on the same night finds Se-Jin lying unconscious on the floor of his suite. Without thinking twice he possesses Seung-tak(who is sleeping in the common resting place) and takes her to the ER and asks Soo-Jung to check her vitals. Seung-tak wakes up and finds himself in ER and gets to know from Soo-Jung that Se-Jin is weak and malnutritioned and Cha carried her to the ER.

The next day, Se-Jin wakes up at Cha’s place. We are shown how Cha feels bad that because of him Se-jin fainted out of exhaustion and then Seung-tak asks the nurse to bring Se-Jin to Cha’s house so that she could rest for some days.

Se-Jin wakes up at Cha’s house and she finds Seung-tak cooking in Cha’s kitchen.Se-Jin starts to quarrel with Seung-tak(possed by Cha) about how he dared to bring her to Cha’s house. Cha makes her stay saying Professor Cha wouldn’t want someone to faint out of exhaustion because of him and he would rather die. Cha then apologizes for his behavior and for going out of the way.

On the other side, Dr.An enters the hospital to kill Cha in a coma. As Dr.An hesitates and tries to leave the hospital ADD Han calls and threatens again saying if he wishes to wear the Dr coat or a prisoner uniform. Dr.An goes to Cha’s suite only to find out that Seung-tak has left one of his security guards in front of Cha’s suite.

At Cha’s Apartment, Seung-tak(possessed by Cha) makes an extravagant feast for Se-Jin. He gives her favorite food and even moves around as if he knows the place too well. Se-Jin asks how he knows everything around here and Seung-tak manages to say Professor Cha and himself have a love-hate relationship and even they are pretty close and hence he got to know a lot about Se-jin too.

In the hospital, the coma ghost feels extra lonely now that they don’t have Bo-mi or Professor Cha, and Seung-tak around.

On the other side, ADD Han in his office asks Chief Bam to transfer all the Coma patients to another hospital and threatens to get involved in the Seung-Jo’s surgery if Chief Bam doesn’t Obey his orders.

Chief Bam is left with no choice but to accept ADD Han’s orders. As Chief Bam walks in the corridor asking someone to arrange a meeting with the family of Coma patients he comes across the picture of an old group photo of the hospital doctors and remembers how back then he had a sense of duty and looks at the photo of Tes in between and remembers how great a mentor and doctor he was.

Seung-tak takes Se-Jin to a clothing shop that used to be a favorite spot for Cha and her. Again he lies to her that Cha used to bring him to this shop which Se-Jin believes without doubting. At one point inside a changing room, Cha speaks out his heart to Se-Jin, “I never hated you for a single day. He says he thinks only of the good times every day. so he can’t hate you. You’re impossible to hate. The day you met again, Professor Cha was angry because you came back so late. He’d waited so long, and you finally returned. I think that’s what it was. Over these Years, Professor Cha became quite twisted. He is petty too. And now so that you don’t have to wait too long so that he doesn’t take too long, he is doing his best to fight. I know that for a fact. We are quite close. ”. This makes Se-Jin too emotional.

After a long time of Cheating on her mom Intern Soo-Jung finally gets caught that she works at CS and not Ophthalmology. She is so busy that she can’t even chase her angry mom leaving outside the hospital.

Soo-Jung’s mom sits outside the hospital and chides her for lying to her all this time and bickers that who chooses such a hard stream nowadays. Tes(possessing nanny) overhears everything she bickers and casually starts scolding that nowadays children think that they are great and all. He gives her an energy drink and starts a small talk and comments that nowadays doctors don’t see themselves doing a noble job but some kind of job and they should lead a comfortable life earning a lot instead of working hard that they are not even able to see their family.

Tes successfully triggers his daughter to the point where she starts to scold the nanny asking how she could comment on such a thing even after working in a hospital. She says doctors don’t work just for money. Tes sit there confused as his daughter gets up and leaves angrily.

Professor Cha (possessing Seung-tak) with a satisfied smile drives Se-jin back to the hospital, He stops the car at a lake and puts 2 chairs and they both enjoy the site. Se-Jin tells that she never thought she would visit this lake again. Cha asks why she is working so hard knowing that Professor Cha won’t wake up, he then apologizes for crossing the line. Se-Jin tells him that she is afraid that she would lose him again as she did 12 years ago. She feels bad that there is so little that she could do. Cha consoles her saying it is so much that she is staying near him.

Soo-Jung at the hospital feels bad for herself that her mother caught her and now she is not picking up the phone. At this time she sees Seung-tak and Se-Jin entering the hospital and then this time she realizes that it must be professor Cha who is with Se-Jin.

The next day, Seung-tak wakes up to loud noise from his house plumbing work and gets to know that the main pipeline was blocked and work is happening on that. At this point suddenly an idea flashed in his mind and he immediately rushes to the hospital.

Seung-tak rushes inside Cha’s suite not even considering knocking on the door where Se-Jin is changing and Cha is guarding her. Seung-tak sees Professor cha and starts explaining that like the earlier case of Seung-Jo where his internal mammary arteries are pressed down, might be Cha’s artery to the brain must be blocked and they must have missed in an earlier CT scan since at that time the biggest issue was his brain waves. They both immediately concluded that they must take an Angiogram now.

All three of them rush to the CT scan room to do an angiogram. And what Seung-tak predicted comes true, indeed one of the arteries to his brain was pressed down and hence there was less blood flow. Se-Jin in ecstasy jumps and hugs Seung-Jo and Cha without being able to stand the sight immediately goes into Seung-tak. (Whatever happens, he can’t let Se-Jin hug Seung-Jo😂).

At the doctor’s conference later that day Seung-tak tells everyone that he found what was the problem with Cha and Chief Bam goes on to tell the solution of operating and replacing the entire artery with an artificial artery. One of the doctors objects that it would be safer to do a bypass. Chief Bam counters since Cha is young and healthy it is better to do artery replacement itself.

We are shown that earlier Seung-tak meets up with Chief Bam to operate on Cha’s surgery promising that he would assist him. And later Seung-tak tries to convince Cha who is reluctant to do the operation because of his hands shaking in Seung-Jo’s surgery and Tes warning not to do any more surgery. Seung-tak gets his way and convinces Cha that Cha anyhow with his will performed the surgery well and it was flawless. Seung-tak points out that Only he is desperate enough to save himself and perform this surgery successfully.

Professor Cha and Seung-tak discuss the surgery in Seung-tak’s cabin. Cha explains that the surgery is pretty simple but it might become complicated at only one place when he is connecting the innominate artery and while Suturing the native and graft if native tears they have to go deeper and in such cases if his hands shake and he is unable to do the surgery further then he is gone forever.

ADD Han is with his mom who is constantly nagging him about why he has let Seung-tak rise high saying he is losing to his younger cousin. She asks if Seung-tak is really possessed by someone and considers doing an exorcism. ADD Han asks her to stop the bullshit and asks her to leave when he is done with her nonsense.

ADD Han then gets to know that surgery is scheduled for Professor cha the next day where the lead surgeon is Chief Bam tae shik and accompanied by Seung-tak. Han thinks that Cha is going to do surgery on himself. He then remembers how Cha dropped his surgery tool when operating on Seung-Jo and realizes something is wrong with Cha and Seung-tak.

Later that day Soo-Jung buys Seung-tak a drink for finding the solution to Cha’s problem and says after this day many people will be happy and many will be disappointed too(on Seung-tak’s ability). Seung-tak says he would be free from this after tomorrow and asks would she be disappointed in him and she dodges the question. Seung-tak asks about what she saw 20 years ago and she says she has a lot in mind lately and says she would talk about it later.

The ICU ghost finds Professor cha and asks for a favor to deliver his walnut recipe to his wife. He tells cha that after seeing Hoon Gil and Bo Mi disappear he knows Cha would disappear too after his surgery. And if he himself disappears someday then it means he is dead. Seung-tak comes from nowhere and volunteers to deliver the recipe himself.

Seung-tak goes to the walnut shop and gives the recipe to the ICU ghost’s wife saying if she tries it her business would hike. And while leaving he asks her to visit her husband once.

Cha meets Tes while tes is busily cleaning his favorite Red coat(btw it’s Cha’s which he asks Tes to keep himself). Tes asks why Cha seems so nervous and ask him to leave the surgery to the living if he is that nervous. Tes then tells him that anyway, it is Cha’s life so he can take whatever decision he wants and wishes him good luck.

Sueng-tak and Cha then visit Cha’s cabin. Cha suddenly gives his gloves to Seung-tak and advises him to pamper his hands once a week and go to OR more than once a day either to assist or observe the surgery.

In the ICU, a nurse notices that a patient is losing his pulse and BP very rapidly. She immediately calls for doctors. Professor Cha and Seung-tak rush to the ICU, Jae-won informs Seung-tak that it is prof. Jung’s patient and he Fell off a scooter. The patient has Multiple fractures but bone fragments didn’t tear the main artery. Prof.Jung has asked to Drain the blood overnight to observe so that he could operate in the morning.
Professor Cha looks at the patient’s blood and concludes that Blood is bright red meaning the main artery is torn. The rib was poked while he was breathing, so the patient is in grave condition and immediately needs surgery.

They take the patient to the OR and Jae-won tries to find Prof.Jung but he has left the hospital and no other surgeon is available too. In a dilemma of what to do next, Seung-tak takes the patient to OR and asks Professor Cha to perform the surgery.

Cha argues that his hands are unstable now and if he performs the surgery the patient would die for sure. If they leave the patient also he would die in 2hrs. Seung-tak asks how then Cha would perform surgery on himself. Cha argues that he is taking a risk on himself but they can’t gamble on other people’s life. Cha asks to keep the patient in transfusion and wait until any other surgeon comes.

Seung-tak tells Patients don’t wait for a doctor and that they have to do something. Seung-tak goes to OR to perform the surgery himself with the hope that Cha would eventually come and do the surgery.

Seung-tak doesn’t have all the time, within a few minutes the patient’s pulse starts to drop and he has to start the surgery before he reacts Cha possesses Seung-tak and starts the surgery.

On the other side, the ICU ghosts inform Tes that Professor Cha is performing a tough surgery and the patient is about to die. Tes curses them to do such a thing even after warning.

They are too late when they start and there is heavy bleeding. Jae-won tells me it looks like they can’t save the patient. Professor Cha yells at Jae-won to pull himself together and continues to do the surgery until the thing that Cha most dreaded happened. Cha is thrown out of Seung-tak’s body and is unable to get inside again. Seung-tak remains still in shock.

Tes in surgery uniform enters the OR on time and shouts at Seung-tak, “Don’t just stand there! Clamp It!”. Seung-tak comes to his senses and asks for a clamp. Before everyone knew the patient’s BP dropped and he dies.

Seung-tak goes into paralysis seeing the patient’s ghost standing right in front of the operating bed and disappearing slowly. Professor Cha witnesses it for the first time and he too is not able to handle it and stays there in shock.

The episode ends here. The episodes are getting more and more serious and emotional as it is nearing the end. I really wanna know how exactly professor Cha would operate on himself with this condition. I know they would sort out something but I wanna know HOW?
Let’s keep watching and find that out. Comment below for your opinion.

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