Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 13

The episode starts with young Seung Tak boating with his father happily on a summer day. Seung Tak removes his life jacket telling him that it is hot. His father warns him to put it back. Seung Tak puts one hand in and sees something in the water and while trying to see what it is, he falls into the water. His father removes his life jacket and jumps into the water. He saves Seung Tak and puts his life jacket on Seung Tak. In the end, both float in the water unconscious. As soon as they arrive hospital, Seung Tak’s father is pronounced dead and Seung Tak is in serious condition.

In the present, Cha is pushed out of Seung Tak’s body in the OP room. Tes comes but it is too late. They see the ghost of the patient disappearing. Seung Tak is so scared that he drops everything and runs out of the OP room.

The next day, ADD Han, Chief Ban and the other chiefs discuss the cause of death. Chief Ban says it was too late when the patient arrived. Still, Seung Tak tried what he could so they say it can’t be blamed on him. ADD Han says one would think they all were in this together and he will look into whether it was medical malpractice or not. And he asks Chief Bam why he is not in the op room as Cha’s surgery was scheduled for today.

Jae Won explains to Se Jin that Cha’s operation is cancelled. Se Jin gets furious and asks how can they cancel the operation and tries to call Seung Tak. Jae Won says that Seung Tak is the problem.

Cha goes to the funeral of the deceased and remembers how Seung Tak ran from OP without even looking back.

In the hospital, Cha sits on the stairs worried. Tes comes to him and says that they should have considered his warning. Cha explains how he flung out of Seung Tak’s body in the OP room. Tes says the patient would have died even though Cha stayed in his body. He says he shouldn’t have decided to operate on him. Cha says it was Seung Tak’s decision and says he looked into Seung Tak’s eyes and couldn’t turn him down. Tes says Seung Tak must have had the same eyes which Cha had years back. Cha says Seung Tak won’t be able to come back and blames himself and says he shouldn’t have gone into his body until the end. Tes says if he knows that it was his fault, he should take responsibility instead of just sitting there and he leaves after saying that both the big one and the little one are clueless.

Cha goes to his department and sees that Jae Won isn’t able to reach Seung Tak. Two other doctors bad-mouth him and to Cha’s surprise, Seon Ho takes Seung Tak’s side.

Cha then goes to Soo Jung and sees that Seung Tak isn’t picking up her call as well. One of her department seniors says that he knew Seung Tak would cause trouble one day and says he was too desperate. To everyone’s surprise, Soo Jung talks back and asks shouldn’t doctors be desperate to save the patients.

Cha finally goes to Seung Tak’s mother’s office and listens to her secretary telling how they couldn’t find Seung Tak anywhere. ADD Han enters the office and asks her if Seung Tak didn’t go home. He then says Seung Tak is stronger than they give him credit for and says he will return soon. He says he will take care of the operation so she doesn’t have to worry about it. Seung Tak’s mother asks ADD Han if he remembers how Seung Tak’s father died while saving Seung Tak and asks him if he remembers the odd condition he developed after that incident and says Seung Tak had to go through a lot back then and she is worried now that he may slip away like before and cries. ADD Han asks then why did she make him a doctor. He says they should have backed up when they had the chance to leave.

In Se Jin’s office, she thinks about how Jae Won said Seung Tak should be the one to perform Cha’s surgery and says how Seung Tak became competent after performing surgery on Cha.

ADD Han gets a report on the operation and learns how they can’t blame Seung Tak. He is positive that Seung Tak walked out on his own and is never coming back.

ADD Han stands near a window in his office and says it is giving him chills thinking that Cha would be there in his office. Cha is sitting on the sofa behind him and asks if he can feel his presence now and asks him to jump out of the window before he could push him. He asks if Han is happy about kicking out his cousin. ADD Han says it was Cha who ruined Seung Tak now and asks if he is feeling better to perform those surgeries. Cha says he is devastated and says he didn’t know Seung Tak had such a tragic past and says he is worried that Seung Tak might get weaker now. ADD Han chuckles at the fact that he is taking alone. Cha then says ADD Han doesn’t know Seung Tak as he does. He says he will make Seung Tak come back.

Se Jin goes to Chief Ban and asks if he wants to let Seung Tak perform Cha’s surgery. Chief Ban says he is the best resident they have and says he has seen him perform surgeries and at first they all thought that he was possessed by a spirit. He then convinces Se Jin to wait longer for Seung Tak but Se Jin is desperate and says she will ask someone else to do the surgery if Seung Tak didn’t come back soon.

Soo Jung goes to Se Jin’s office and sees Cha’s body is alone there and asks if Cha is there and asks him to give her a sign if he was there. But Cha’s soul isn’t there.

Se Jin comes into her office and sees Soo Jung there. Soo Jung apologises for coming in and Se Jin smiles and says she knows her. Soo Jung is surprised to know that Se Jin knows her and asks if she ate yet. They go to a place to sit down and eat. Se Jin asks if she could contact Seung Tak. Soo Jung says no. She says she didn’t know what Se jin liked so bought something easy to pack. Se Jin asks if she has a tag saying “feed me” and says Seung Tak usually brings her warm soup and rice. Soo Jung is jealous and asks if he did that and mummers he never did something like that for her. Se Jin smiles and says if she is taking Seung Tak’s place now to feed her. Soo Jung says she can’t do much but felt wrong doing nothing so came with food even though she can’t replace him completely. Se Jin smiles and says Seung Tak has a good friend and says she will be strong and asks her not to worry about her instead asks to worry about Seung Tak. They then eat. Cha sees them and says Seung Tak has a good friend and says his debt is keep growing.

Guk Chan’s wife to visits him as Seung Tak asked. She says she is thankful to the young man who bought the recipe note to him as their restaurant is doing well now and becomes emotional.

Bo Mi finds the book Seung Tak bought from the library for her and wonders how that came to her possession.
Hun Gil is surprised to see Bo Mi talking back to her mom and encouraging her.

Doctor An comes to ADD Han’s office and sees Se Jin’s brother and ADD Han there. Cha notices An and goes after him. Cha is furious and asks them what they are scheming now. ADD Han says An should come back and should perform surgery on Cha. He also says that there was a table death recently and other doctors said it can’t be blamed on the doctor as he was desperate to save the patient. An is scared that Cha might be listening but ADD Han says even if he is listening he can do nothing as Seung Tak is not there.

Soo Jung goes to Cha’s apartment and finds Seung Tak there. Seung Tak is weary and asks Soo Jung to hand his resignation letter to the hospital as he is getting sick of all calls. Soo Jung suddenly confesses and asks if he knew she has a crush on him and says her grandpa would be proud to see him. Seung Tak is shocked and confused and asks why she is talking about her grandpa as he never met him. Soo Jung says her grandpa died 20 years ago and while doing so, he saved a kid and it is not a good sight to see that kid act like this. Seung Tak doesn’t really get that and tries to leave. Soo Jung says Cha’s surgery is postponed and he must be waiting for him and so is Se Jin.

But Seung Tak is determined not to go back.
Cha convinces Tes to do a favour for him even though Tes says he wouldn’t. Cha says he knows that Tes is the one who used his body to save patients from time to time and says they are going to perform surgery on him to kill him. Tes says he might die even before the surgery, but Tes is likely convinced.

Seung Tak goes to meet his mom with a big and cosy smile and tries to tell her that he is quitting but his mom dodges to hear that from him. After a while, his mom says this reminds her of the day when he was around ten and came downstairs with a big smile and said “Mom, I am hungry”, “This is delicious, make it often”. She says he pretended as if nothing happened and smiled a lot to make her happy and started acting like a kid from a rich family. She says she knows that he did that for her as he thinks she lost her husband because of him. She then says he made her happy a lot and asks him to do whatever he wants while living and says she is fine even if he doesn’t want to take a position in the foundation.

At Se Jin’s office, Cha asks Se Jin to not get shocked and asks her not to cry too much as he is fine. Tes calls Se Jin from someone in the ER. She runs to the ER but hears that there is no patient for her. Nurse Jung calls Se Jin to let her know that there is something wrong with Cha. She runs to him and does the needful to save him.

Se Jin goes to ADD Han with a pen drive which shows that her brother came to her office when Cha went unstable and asked Han if Chairman Jung was not enough and that they are after Cha now. She says she knew everything but kept her mouth shut because she wanted to save Cha. She says if something happens to Cha then she will not leave them alone like last time and leaves.

Jae Won sends a message to Seung Tak saying there is something wrong with Cha. Seung Tak calls and knows about the situation and runs to the hospital. Cha meets him in the hallway and says he had to risk his life to see Seung Tak again. Seung Tak gets furious and asks if it was easy to mess with himself. Cha says doctors are not deities to save all the patients. He tries to talk him into coming back but Seung Tak says he is sick of everything now and says he wants to go back to his old life and leaves.

Tes comes and says Cha should have comforted him first. Cha asks him why he helped him 12 years ago when Cha was an intern. Tes says he had the same eyes Seung Tak had. Cha says he is going to bet on his eyes and says he will come back for sure. Cha’s favour for Tes was to take Se Jin’s brother’s body and mess with Cha in Se Jin’s office so that ADD Han’s plan of operating on Cha fails.

Se Jin blames herself for leaving Cha alone and cries. Cha cries and apologies and says he is desperate to save himself as a doctor.

Seung Tak goes to Cha’s apartment and sees Soo Jung left food for him. He then sees Cha’s workspace and thinks about how desperate Cha was to save the patients and cries.

The next day, Seung Tak comes up to the hospital entrance but does not go in. He then gets a call from Jae Won saying that Se Jin is transferring Cha to another hospital. As soon as he hears that he turns to go to the hospital, but suddenly a kid collapse on the road. Tes and Chief Ban happen to be there, and Tes takes Ban’s body to treat the kid. Seung Tak is inspired by Tes’s heroic action. Seung Tak asks if Tes was a doctor and realises he is Soo Jung’s grandfather and he is the one who saved Seung Tak 20 years ago. Tes says Seung Tak should go in and says as they are out now they should go shopping and smiles.

An goes to see Cha. Se Jin sees him and asks him to leave right away. An asks if Cha agreed to the moving and asks if Cha didn’t caught on yet.

Seung Tak comes to Cha and asks if his judgement is still valid and says he will stay with him and makes the moving stop. Cha is happy to see Seung-Tak back.

20 years ago, Chief Ban is an admirer of Tes’s skills. Tes says Chief Ban will improve if he continues to assist him. Tes believes that a person calls for deities when that person is desperate and living should do their best to help them. He forgets his granddaughter’s birthday and stays up in the hospital all night and regrets missing her birthday again. He, unfortunately, dies in sleep in his office that night.

The next day, Tes’s soul gets ready to leave but then little Seung Tak and his father comes in as an emergency patient. Seung takes father is already dead and little Seung Tak is fighting for life. Tes could see Seung Tak’s soul looking at his father’s body and crying. Little Seung Tak then looks at Tes who is the only person looking at him and cries helplessly.

The episode ends here.

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