Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 15

The episode starts with Soo Jung sitting in the lobby of the hospital and thinking about how Seung Tak and Se Jin came in together before. She talks to herself and wonders if it was Cha. Tes comes smiling and tells her that it was Cha (but obviously Soo Jung didn’t hear that). She then gets jealous and wonders how Se Jin wanted to keep it a secret (that she knows Cha possesses Seung Tak now and then) but now she is being obvious for everyone to find out. She then gets a call from Se Jin. Se Jin tells that Seung Tak fainted. Soo Jung panics and goes to the spot in an ambulance and Tes follows her.

Ambulance reaches near the convention store. Tes helps Seung Tak to reach Cha so that Cha’s soul goes back to Seung Tak’s body. To everyone’s relief, Seung Tak becomes conscious, and everyone leaves to hospital in the ambulance.

In the ambulance, Cha who is in Seung Tak’s body remembers how Se Jin called him “Cha Young Min” when he got hit and realises, she is aware of everything. They then talk heart to heart with an understanding look. After reaching the hospital, she asks him if he has any questions for her. He asks if he could hug her. She nods emotionally remembering the things Cha said from Seung Tak’s body and they hug each other.

The next day, Se Jin is so happy that it reflects on her face. She goes to check on Bo Mi, Bo Mi’s mother scolds Bo Mi for throwing away her books. She asks Se Jin if there is something wrong with her daughter. Se Jin smiles and tells that her daughter is completely alright and tells her that most coma patients when they recover would see life differently. It may be because something beautiful, and exciting happened to them when they were in a coma which others would not know. Bo Mi’s mother thinks that there is something wrong with Se Jin as well.

Seung Tak, as usual, plays around Soo Jung. But Cha borrows him now and then to communicate with Se Jin. Seung Tak is annoyed but Cha uses his being sensitive these days card which makes it impossible for Seung Tak to turn back on him but he still tries to mess with Cha.

In a hotel, Seung Tak’s grandpa, mom, ADD Han and his mom gather for lunch. Both moms try to fill grandpa’s ear with good words about their sons. It is almost like a fight about whose son is the best but with smiling faces and a lot of chuckles.

While leaving, grandpa asks ADD Han if Cha’s surgery has been rescheduled. ADD Han says yes and tells him Chief Ban will perform the surgery as planned before. It bothers ADD Han that grandpa is interested in Cha’s case.
In the hospital’s cafeteria, Cha borrows Seung Tak’s body to eat lunch with Se Jin. Se Jin tells him that he should perform his surgery and that’s why she stayed back. Cha says that he will perform the surgery as first planned. Soo Jung enters the cafeteria and her senior asks her to gossip about Se Jin and Seung Tak as they see them happily having lunch together. Soo Jung says there is nothing between them and leaves jealously.

Soo Jung is so jealous that she slaps Seung Tak in the back when he is walking back with Se Jin. Cha comes out of Seung Tak’s body. Soo Jung says she didn’t know it was Cha. Se Jin says the slap was pretty hard to believe. Soo Jung says Se Jin is borrowing her baby a lot these days. Seung Tak is shocked to hear “baby”. They then go to eat food in a cabin. Se Jin gives Soo Jung and Seung Tak food with chicken and asks them to eat it. Soo Jung says she mentioned before that Seung Tak can’t eat chicken. Se Jin smirks and says Cha was eating chicken pretty good last night. Seung Tak shockingly asks Cha if it is true and Cha says it is and he was fine all night. Seung Tak wonders how. They then discuss how many hours Se Jin can borrow Seung Tak. But both start smiling at Seung Tak who enjoying his food.

ADD Han learns that Seung Tak is going to the OP room but isn’t performing any surgeries. All Seung Tak doing is the work of an intern like changing the dressing, and giving shots.

Cha is worried about how he was thrown off Seung Tak’s body in the OP room so he goes to talk with him. Seung Tak completely ignores Cha. Cha panics and wonders why Seung Tak can’t hear him anymore. As Seung Tak goes to ER to look for Soo Jung, he sees an emergency patient and the patients’ s soul standing beside him. Cha notices that Seung Tak can still see ghosts and yells at him for pretending like he didn’t hear anything and tells him he got scared for a moment there.

Soo Jung’s senior who is looking into the emergency case sees Seung Tak and tells him that they couldn’t find the reason why the patient is unconscious as the test results came out normal. Seung Tak is not interested and says why would he know what is wrong with the patient. Cha notices that the ghost of the emergency patient is scared. The ghost starts running after realising Cha can see him. Cha runs after him and so does Seung Tak.
Cha and Seung Tak find out from the ghost that he used drugs which is the reason for him being unconscious. Seung Tak tells Soo Jung’s senior to take necessary steps and tells him to report him to the police once he is awake.

Cha tells Seung Tak that he can take advantage of the fact that he can see ghosts just like he did now. He says that Chairman Jung asked him to listen to everyone’s story as they all have one and asks Seung Tak to take over it. Seung Tak says it sounds like a wish before his death. Cha says he is telling that because he may lose his memory. And then they both leave to check on Hong Gil’s CT scan.

It’s Soo Jung’s birthday and Soo Jung invites her mom to a restaurant to eat with her. Soo Jung starts to worry as her mom doesn’t show up.

Se Jin tells Seung Tak and Cha that there is a build-up fluid in Cha’s brain and they have to do surgery to get that fluid out and tells them that it was impossible to find it in his last CT scan but now it is relief that they found it. Seung Tak is happy to know that there is a solution and runs to spread the good news but something seems to worry Se Jin and Cha.

Hong Gil is being taken to a ward to visit his family. Everyone wonders what kind of visit happens like that. Cha follows Hong Gil to the ward. Hong Gil’s father happens to be the Assemblyman, he and his wife put on a fake show for the camera as if they are worried about their son and leave as soon as the reporters leave.

Cha finds Hong Gil on the terrace. Hong Gil says he does need the surgery as none will be pleased to know that he is alive. Cha says there are a lot of people who will be pleased like Seung Tak, Guk Chan, Tes and he.

Cha says maybe he is a doctor who let Hong Gil go and is very picky about his patient but the one who is performing the surgery (Se-Jin) is not like that. And says she cares about her patients truly.

Cha then leaves and sits on the floor of the corridor and realizes what kind of doctor he was and cries and shivers about the fact that he acted invincible.

Tes nags Seung Tak to buy chocolates for Soo Jung and takes his credit card. Seung Tak buys chocolate and tells Soo Jung that there is a guy whose joy in life is to watch her. Soo Jung is confused but also impressed.

Tes goes to his daughter-in-law’s hair salon as nanny with Seung Tak’s credit card and asks her to charge her double. He then says he knows Soo Jung and says all doctors look exhausted all the time and that it is frustrating just to look at them but they smile when a patient walks out of the hospital after recovering and that’s how they grow and become a fine doctor. His daughter-in-law gets emotional. Tes apologises to her in his mind for leaving her alone and thanks her for raising Soo Jung so beautifully.

Se-Jin finds out that Cha’s condition has worsened. Seung Tak then gathers the department to talk about Cha’s condition. But they all say it is difficult to perform surgery in this condition but also risky to leave him as it will only get worst. Chief Ban suggests that they should perform Bypass surgery to save the patient for now. In this surgery, they would put a tube in his throught for the rest of his life and he won’t be able to lead a normal life and let alone performing surgery for a long time as a doctor.

Se Jin agrees to the surgery but Seung Tak says he won’t let something like that to Cha after trying hard to keep him alive all this time. He then tries to contact every doctor he knows to perform the surgery on Cha.

ADD Han and Se Jin’s brother plans to use Dr An to get rid of Cha. ADD Han says he will get rid of Dr An as well if he slips out.
Se Jin starts to have second thoughts after realising that Cha won’t perform difficult surgeries anymore as his hands will become weaker.

Bo Mi finds Se Jin and thanks to her for saving her and asks how did she find out that she had a nose bleed before she fainted. Se Jin says an amazing doctor told her that it could have happened. Bo Mi again thanks and they both see Hong Gil go into his ward for his operation. Se Jin says that Hong Gil is getting an operation and that amazing doctor helped him too. Bo Mi wishes him the best of luck. Se Jin asks Bo Mi to tell her wishes to him in person and says coma patients hear everything though it may look like they are talking to themselves.

Bo Mi goes to Hong Gil who is coma and introduces herself. She says just like herself, he will get the surgery and will be better soon. She gives him strength and asks him to make his dream come true. Hong Gil’s soul listens to her emotionally.

On the other side, Guk Chan and Cha talk about how Guk Chan fell into a coma. On the day Guk Chan went to come, Chief Bam went after finishing the surgery but something went wrong after that so Cha, who was operating in the other room comes to save him but fails to do so as his BP was very low. Guk Chan says it was because of Cha that he is still alive and thanks to him for that. Cha apologies for entering the OP room late. Guk Chan says he would be the first one to hear sorry from the doctor who operated on him and failed to save him. He says he saw how Cha was worried and was always checking on him and after a while, Cha started getting angry about it. Guk Chan asks a favour and asks to transfer him before Hong Gil and Cha wake up. He says he doesn’t wanna be alone again and asks him to send him to a hospital near his home. He then says if Cha met another patient like him, he should save him. This makes both emotional. Cha then goes to see Seung Tak.

Seung Tak listens to other doctors saying how Cha wouldn’t be as good as he was. Seung Tak goes to meet Cha and they meet in a hallway. Seung Tak says he won’t let Cha make him useless again and asks him to train him. Cha says then they should save his hand.

Dr An receives a call from Seung Tak and goes to visit him. Cha’s soul takes Seung Tak’s body to meet Dr.An. After Cha says things convincing that it is Cha, he asks him to perform Cha’s surgery.

Dr An then goes and demands Cha’s position to ADD Han in exchange for performing the surgery. ADD Han agrees as he has left with no choice.

Cha’s surgery gets started and every doctor in the department, ADD Han goes to see the surgery. They see Dr An going in. Seung Tak joins the surgery as an assistant. And to everyone’s surprise, Dr An and Seung Tak switch positions and Seung Tak with Cha’s soul inside him take the lead in the surgery. Seung Tak announces it is an innominate artery replacement surgery. Chief Bam and others wonder how it is not a bypass surgery. The episode ends here.

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