Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 14

The episode starts with Seung-tak along with Tes dropping Off in the Eungsang hospital. Tes feels the joy of home finally at the hospital and thanks Seung-tak. They both sit and chat about how on the day Seung-tak’s father died, Tes saved Seung-tak’s life.

Seung-tak asked if he is the reason why Tes is not able to go to the afterlife. Tes asks if that was the case then if will he let him move on. Tes tells him that on that day the living people were not able to do their duty so he had to step in. and he couldn’t ignore the innocent clueless eyes of young Seung-tak.

 Tes tells him that Seung-tak always ran away from something, at first, he ran away from a scary ghost and when he grew up, he ran away from being a doctor though he wanted to be one. Tes tells that, Seung-tak ran until he met someone just like him( Professor Cha) and then he changed and fought which was kind of cute.

Later, Cha tells Seung-tak that Cha must have been possessed by Tes during his internship, and it’s no coincidence that he can possess only Seung-tak there is a link that Tes has saved Seung-tak possessing someone and Tes has possessed him to save someone.

Chief Ban is standing Infront of their hospital group photo and chides Tes for not keeping his promise of teaching him everything and dying sooner. Tes stands near him and tells him he should not blame his shortcoming on someone else. Ban makes Tes speechless saying he misses him.

The nurse who works with Se-Jin tells her that she is glad that Se-Jin planned to stay back and it hurts a little seeing that Se-Jin only decided to stay back when Seung-tak insisted though she was asking her to stay for a long time. Se-Jin talks to herself that it was not because of Seung-tak but because Professor Cha wanted to stay back.

ADD Han shows the footage of Se-Jin’s Stepbrother coming out of Cha’s Suite and asks for an explanation. Se-Jin’s Stepbrother tells him he for sure didn’t go into the room and asks what if some kind of ghost had possessed him making ADD Han conclude that Prof. Cha was the one who possessed Se-Jin’s Stepbrother and acted of killing himself.

The next day, Seung-Jo comes into the hospital with 2 large suitcases of Cha’s Clothes. Cha yells at him for coming late and their usual bickering finally is alive. The first place the duo visit is ADD Han’s office.

Seung-tak goes inside and asks whether Han is sad that he wouldn’t be able to open the Champagne now. ADD Han immediately know it is Cha speaking not Seung-tak.  Cha stands near Seung-tak and asks him to tell this- “No one can ruin Ko Seung-tak. Watch and see. It’s just getting started.”

Seung-tak for his part asks ADD Han to keep his hands away from Cha as he is back. Precautioisly, Seung-tak appoints three bodyguards in shift, who guard Cha’s Suite.

In Cha’s Suite, Se-Jin tells Seung-tak of Cha’s treatment like using suction and antibiotics and taking X-rays every week. She tells him that she is not going to chase after her stepbrother for now, and only focus on Cha as she should have also not left Cha’s side.

Seung-tak tells her to not blame herself and that she has to stay strong and be beside Cha. Se-Jin asks if that is what Cha asked him to say, Seung-tak says Yes and then goes in shock. Both Seung-tak and Cha are dumbfounded by Se-Jin’s question.

Se-Jin also tells him that she has waited this long so she can hold on for a few more weeks. She asks if Seung-tak has some kind of telepathy connection with Cha, Seung-tak brushes off saying he is not some kind of Shaman.

When they come out of the suite, they both start their bickering over who told Se-Jin the truth not even considering hiding it from the security guard standing next to them. After his return to the hospital, our prince charm throws his money into gifting different things to the people he likes in the hospital.  

He buys a new bed for the hospital sleeping room so that Jae-won could have better sleep. Jae-won wakes up and hugs Seung-tak realizing he has returned for good. Seung-tak then orders to change comfortable furniture to his and Seon-Ho’s row leaving behind other people’s places. The seniors who spoke behind him ask why he left them out. Seung-tak gives a fitting reply that,” Seniors who gossip about their juniors going through a tough time don’t deserve them”.

Cha stops him and asks gift for him. Seung-tak smiles and takes him to Cha’s office which has a massaging chair. Cha is extremely happy and sits and enjoys his brand new massaging chair saying all his body is sore. Seung-tak comments, “Who knew ghosts liked massages”.

We are also shown Tes possessing the nanny gives Chief Ban supplements and asks to take care of his joints. Making Chief Ban confused if the nanny likes him. Tes advises him to take care of his knees as his hands are already in pretty bad shape.

Seung-tak visits the ER and to his surprise, his grandpa comes with a gift to everyone working there and asks them to continue their work and take a break with the snacks he brought. To add more shock to this it seems Soo-Jung knows Seung-tak’s grandpa for 20Years and they go on date every quarter.

Seung-tak’s grandpa asks Soo-Jung to use well his grandson and make him work for her.

Later that day, Seung-tak meets up with Soo-Jung and gets to know how she knew his grandpa. She tells him the story of 20 years ago. At that time when her grandpa died, she was very sick and her grandpa’s funeral was happening in the hospital.

When she was sleeping, Tes spirit goes to her and speaks, “Don’t be sick like you are today. You have to grow up to be strong and healthy. And, be happy doing what you enjoy. Grandpa loves you a lot. And I am very sorry”.

Tes doesn’t note that his granddaughter could see him when she wakes up and she follows him to the ER. It is when Seung-tak and his father are brought to the ER. She witnesses Tes possessing Chief Ban, who was just an intern at that time. She follows her grandpa to the OR and she is stopped there by Seung-tak’s grandpa as she goes on calling for her grandpa.

Soo-Jung tells Seung-tak’s grandpa that Tes had entered into some person’s body and is going inside with some boy and faints. Later when she wakes up, Seung-tak’s grandpa tells her that it was a hallucination or dream and he asks her to keep it a secret.

She always thought it was just some hallucination because of her fever that time until she came to know about Seung-tak. She tells Seung-tak that he was the young boy when they were in college. She mistreated him because she couldn’t let him waste the life that her grandpa saved like that.

Seung-tak asks her about her confession earlier and Soo-Jung doesn’t budge this time and doesn’t reply.

Seung-tak’s grandpa as usual sits in front of the OR and talks “I am here. Are you here”?  We are shown Tes sitting near him and asking why he asks this every time as if he knows for sure. Seung-tak’s grandpa says that Soo-Jung had grown well and they might become in-laws. Tes replies that Seung-tak has not grown till now and he has to watch him to be sure If he deserves his granddaughter.

Seung-tak’s grandpa says, “I shouldn’t have let go like that it was truly a waste. If I could go back in time. I’d cling onto you tightly and not let you go.”  Tes tells him that he is not a deity and he should live for long years and do a lot of things after he is gone.

In the hallway of the hospital, Seung-tak finds his seniors gossiping about him being back without any regrets about the events that happened. Seung-tak overhears everything and feels bad. Prof. Cha saves him from the ill talk and asks him whether he went to the grieving ceremony on his behalf also.

Cha tells him that he found from CCTV that he went to the grieving ceremony of the dead patient and the Seung-tak he knows would never miss that.

Cha then takes Seung-tak to practice surgery and that too the basics that they learn during their first year. Given that Seung-tak always skipped his college he was awfully bad at it and Prof Cha breaks his head teaching him basic suturing.

He then orders Seung-tak to practice using all the pillows he brought and leaves with a temper and as soon as he comes out of the room he smiles. Tes stops him and questions whether he thinks Seung-tak would learn and save Cha at this rate.

Cha tells him that’s how he did it. When he was an intern, he called himself a Fighting warrior. He learned so quickly everything to beat someone and win against that person. Tes asks if it were his bullies. Cha states it is the otherwise. He was competing against the ghost that possessed him. It was because of him (Tes) that he spent sleepless nights practicing so that he could surpass the ghost and the ghost could never possess him. Seung-tak is facing the same thing, he doesn’t want to be possessed so he will for sure learn quickly. Tes wonders if that is why Cha improved so quickly at that time.

Se-Jin while walking to the hospital finds a parlor and remembers how Seung-tak told her to take care of herself and be happy to make Cha happy. She returns to the hospital with a hairdo and a flower bouquet. Cha tells her that he is happy seeing her happy.

In the doctor’s office, the two-coma ghost goes through the gift that they got from Seung-tak. The middle-aged man (Hwang gook Chan) eats the walnut cake and writes a note of correction and the other one (Choi Hoon-Gil) watches the movie he acted in. It seems that he was an actor. Gook-chan comes and finds it awesome and asks why he didn’t say anything about it and he should have shown it to Bo-mi. He goes on how he could become a great actor in the future.  Hoon-Gil’s frustration builds up to the point that he yells at the Gook-chan that he doesn’t have a future.

Soo-Jung goes to her home after long time after her mom found about her major. She with a plan to somehow talk to her mom and make her agree argues with her mom that she wants to become a doctor just like her grandpa. She tells her that she wants to do thing that would make her happy.

Her mom shouts that she wants to become a doctor who only cares about his patients and not his family and dies in the hospital and that too Soo-Jung is not even healthy and becomes sick now and then. And after all her try she is pushed out of her home.

Seung-tak practices so hard that he doesn’t visit ER or Cha’s suite frequently nowadays. He locks up himself in Cha’s office and practices as Cha trains him. Se-Jin watches them from the outside and thinks that even cha would be inside training him hard.

The next morning, they are woken up by Choi Hoon-Gil and get to know that Hwang gook Chan is being relieved from the hospital. They immediately rush to the ICU. Chief Ban informs them that it was decided very early by the management but he remained silent for long as gook-Chan’s family was against it.          

Chief Ban tells him that ADD Han is adamant about it and he can’t help it because Gook-Chan’s bills are covered by the hospital. Seung-tak asks about Hoon-Gil and it comes as a shock to everyone in the room that he has guardians who pay the bill and they are ministers. Hoon-Gil yells at them to transfer him because no one cares where he ends up and they have put him in this hospital so that no one can find out. He leaves saying anyways he is a ticking bomb who can die anytime soon so kill him already.

Seung-tak goes to ADD Han’s office and fights against Gook-Chan’s transfer and tells him that he will take care of bills from now on. ADD Han reasons and tells that he now can confirm that the coma ghosts have been helping him.

On the other side, Prof. Cha and Gook-Chan follow Hoon-Gil. Gook-Chan gets to know that Cha already knew Hoon-Gil’s background because he was his doctor. Gook-Chan requests Cha to look into Hoon-Gil’s case as he knows how scary it would be to be alone here without any of them. If Cha and he are gone, Hoon-Gil would be left all alone and it is really scary.

So, Cha visits the ICU and goes through Hoon-Gil’s case sheet. He then asks Seung-tak to bring the CT scan of Hoon-Gil from the previous hospital 3 years ago and they need to take a CT scan now and they should compare it.

At this time, they have an alert of emergency cases at ER. Cha tells them it’s time for a practical session now and they rush to the ER.

Seung-tak is being informed that it is an accident case and the person in the motorcycle is the most injured one with multiple traumas and needs intubation now.

To others’ surprise, he asks to get a senior to do thoracic duct cannulation and he performs intubation. Seon-Ho is called for it and he asks why Seung-tak called him if he was here. Seung-tak asks Seon-Ho to look at the patient as he might suffer from Hemopneumothorax and moves to the next patient and performs suturing and other things.

Se-Jin while going to ER overhears two doctors talking that nowadays Seung-tak is not seen in OR maybe because of the trauma of his last surgery. Se-Jin then finds Seung-tak treating someone in ER and minds her work.

At this time a patient goes into a critical state and the doctor fails to save him after doing CPR. Seung-tak goes into shock after seeing the ghost of the patient standing Infront of him slowly disappearing. He freezes remembering his earlier surgery.

Professor Cha asks Seung-tak to save the patient saying he still has time and before he finishes his sentence, Seung-tak gets on top of the patient and performs CPR. He desperately tries to save the patient who is just disappearing in front of him with his eyes filled with tears. It just feels like he is doing everything in vain and he tries so desperately to save the patient.

Tes rushes into the ER now and thinks, “The desperation that holds on to one’s life. That desperation met, connected, and became intertwined. Their eyes that bewitched people and ghosts. I wonder if they will bewitch the one above as well.”.

And finally, he saves the patient and emotionally falls from the bed. Cha says he did well and Soo-Jung tells herself that Seung-tak finally did it. Se-Jin asks Soo-Jung that Seung-tak did it himself without professor Cha right and shocks her by saying, prof. Cha might be standing near him now.

We are shown Se-Jin thinking about how she concluded that Cha is possessing Seung-tak. The first thing that comes to her mind is Jae-won telling her that he feels like seeing Professor Cha at the OR and not Seung-tak at the surgeries he performs. Dr. An when he came to see Cha he asks if she is acting like she doesn’t know about Cha and Seung-tak.

And most importantly she sees Seung-tak speaking alone that he wanted to learn because of him (cha). se-jin then remembers Seung-tak words that cha is possessing him.

Later that day, Soo-Jung finds Seung-tak doing sit-ups. Sueng-tak brags about how he is working hard to become a good Cardiothoracic surgeon. Soo-Jung remembers Se-jin asking to keep it a secret that she knows the truth now. Soo-Jung then simply asks Seung-tak to keep an eye on Se-Jin even though he is busy keeping up with his intern stuff.

The next day onwards Seung-tak gives Se-Jin, her favorite food and also buys her a new pair of mugs. Professor Cha warns him not to be too careless. But this time Se-Jin accepts everything without any questions.

Se-Jin then takes Seung-tak to a restaurant and buys him chicken. Seung-tak exclaims that he loves chicken and Se-Jin confirms that the person in front of her is indeed Professor Cha.

We are shown Se-Jin enquiring about Seung-tak’s favorite food and getting to know from Soo-Jung that he hates chicken.

After the dinner as they walk, Se-Jin tells that the walk is so refreshing as they are in the locked in space always. She then tells him that she would take professor Cha to the lake he took her earlier.

Se-Jin then enters a store leaving Seung-tak outside. He senses that something is off.

Cha’s intuition comes true, as he felt Se-Jin’s stepbrother follow her to the store and asks her to talk to him or he would harm her new boyfriend.

He asks her if professor Cha knows that she is cheating on him with her new boyfriend Seung-tak. Se-Jin pushes him away and as she walks forward her brother says that he can’t sleep nowadays thinking about how Seung-tak punched him the other day and now it is payback time.

She rushes to the front of the store and before she could warn a bike hits Seung-tak and throws away professor Cha’s spirit from Seung-tak.

The episode ends with Seung-tak lying on the road unconsciously and Professor Cha weakly tries to reach Seung-tak as Se-Jin cries for Professor Cha to wake up.

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