Cafe Minamdang : Intro

This time we are back with a Review and recaps of the drama – Café Minamdang. Let us watch the mystery comedy-drama together.

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, and Romance

Main cast

Oh Yeon Seo as Han Jae-Hui 

Seo In-guk as Nam Han-jun 

Kwon Soo-Hyun as Cha Do-won  

Kang Mi-Na as Nam Hye-joon 

Starts airing on Jun 27, 2022 (Monday and Tuesday)

Total Number of Episodes: 18

Duration: 1hr per episode


The drama is about Nam Han-Jun, our lead who calls himself a wonder of Yonghae-dong Shaman Nam Han-jun. He is a con artist who acts as a shaman and targets well-off people, He has some accomplices who help him with his act. Han Jae-Hui, the female lead is a police officer who is after Nam Han-Jun for a crime he committed. The story is about Han Jae-Hui exposing Han-Jun and the mystery of how he came to be such a con artist and what crime he committed.

The story promises to be funny and mysterious from the trailer, We are in the mood for some mood-lifting funny and mystery drama. Let’s see if the drama is helping our week get started on Mondays.

We are very excited about this drama. Comment us what drama you are planning to watch this July and If Café Minangdam nudges you to watch, do check out the Recaps that we post on this website and share your thoughts!!

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