Recap and Review: “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 2 (also known as “Stranger Lawyer Woo Young Woo”)

Case 2: The Wedding Dress That Slipped Off

The episode starts with a couple’s wedding. After the wedding, the couple does their march along the aisle. The bride looks distracted and she finds someone in the crowd and stops in the middle and lets her dress down. The groom pulls the bride by his side as he notices she isn’t walking anymore which leads the bride to step on her dress and the strapless dress strips off her upper body along with her undergarments. Everyone is shocked and the groom tries to cover her by hugging her. We can see there is a Guanyin Bodhisattva tattoo (the goddess of mercy and considered to be the physical embodiment of compassion in Buddhism) on her back. An old man is in disbelief after seeing that tattoo.

In the morning, Young Woo eats at her father’s shop and complains about how the new ham he used does not taste good. Her father nags her saying she is old enough to make food for her father but instead complains about the food he is making and asks her to eat up.

He watches a wedding on TV and asks Young Woo to grow up and marry and asks if she doesn’t want to wear a wedding dress like that. Young Woo looks at the TV and asks if he wants to wear a wedding dress like that and his father smiles and says every father has a dream to walk her daughter along the aisle. Young Woo says “for humans, marriage is just a ritual but for whale..” and stops there. Her father asks why she stopped talking about whales all of a sudden which is out of her character. She asks if he wants to listen to it. He says no and she says she has someone willing to listen to her talking about whales so she won’t talk about them to those who don’t want to listen. Her father is surprised and asks who is that person. Young Woo cuts his question off saying she is late and leaves. Her father chuckles looking at her plate where she has created an ‘X’ symbol using the ham she didn’t like.

In Hanbada, CEO Han, Attorney Jung attends their VIP client. The client is the father of the bride from the wedding incident. The client is furious and says he spent 230 million won on the wedding and asks how much he should demand from the hotel. CEO Han and Attorney Jung concludes approximately 250 to 300 million won. The client asks them to not say the number if it is less than 1 billion. CEO Han and Attorney Jung are a bit taken aback.

Attorney Jung then asks how much the hotel agreed to compensate. The secretary of the client says they agreed to refund for the wedding and also mentioned giving the gift voucher of their hotel worth 10 million won for the couple. Attorney Jung says it is not bad as compensation. The client gets furious and asks if that is all worth his pride. CEO Han explains that it legally falls under compensation for psychological distress and explains that they won’t get much for the compensation and it would be difficult to get approved. The client looks at them disappointed and says they are no greater than Taesan and says Hanbada is no different. This seems to trigger CEO Han. CEO Han agrees to get the compensation of a billion won.

Attorney Jung meets the team and starts discussing the case. He asks how much damage there can be claimed. Attorney Kwon and Attorney Choi are truculent while answering. Young Woo asks Attorney Jung if he doesn’t know such a simple thing as being a senior Attorney. He says he asked it to teach and continues to say that they can ask for 230 million for passive damage, 230 million won for active damage and 500 million as compensation and says this doesn’t make any sense. He says they come across such clients now and then. He asks Attorney Kwon and Attorney Choi to go undercover as a couple to find out about the wedding dress as they won’t talk if they go as Attorneys. He also asks Jun Ho and Young Woo to go meet the bride (Hwa-yeong) and groom (Jin-uk) from the accident. Attorney Choi says she would prefer to go with Jun Ho. Attorney Jung asks if Attorney Kwon is not husband material and Attorney Choi agrees with him instantly. Attorney Kwon cringes and says he will go with Young Woo and asks Young Woo if she is ok. Young Woo says she also prefers to be alone with Jun Ho but with put up with Attorney Kwon. Attorney Choi gets surprised and asks if she and Jun Ho is close. Young Woo says if the definition for “being close” is “having a topic to discuss when they are alone”, then yes. This makes everyone flustered.

Attorney Kwon and Young Woo reach the bride’s house. Attorney Kwon introduces himself to Hwa-yeong but Young Woo is busy looking around the room. Attorney Kwon asks her to introduce herself. Young Woo can’t stop to introduce herself with her favourite sentence. Hwa-yeong looks at her and tries to understand what she is saying. Attorney Kwon interrupts and says Young Woo is a rookie (to explain her behaviour) and then all three sit down for the investigation. Hwa-yeong seems to live with her parents and she says their new place is empty and Jin-uk is also living with his parents now as things have been awkward between them after the incident. Attorney Kwon asks if there is any plan for them to remarriage. Hwa-yeong says they need to ask her father about it. She says things have been complicated. Originally Jin-uk’s grandfather adored her when she used to play the piano in the church while his grandfather used to conduct the choir. His grandfather introduced Hwa-yeong to Jin-uk and they ended up getting married. But his grandfather is very disappointed in her after the incident at the wedding and he has mentioned cancelling the wedding. She says it’s because of her tattoo of Guanyin Bodhisattva on her back.

Attorney Kwon asks when she found out that there is a problem with her dress. She says she felt the dress was loose when she wore it for the wedding and says it was tight during the dress fitting. She says the employees said she must have lost weight when she didn’t. Attorney Kwon asks if there is anyone who can testify about that. She says her acquittance didn’t come to the wedding as the guest list was prepared by her father. Attorney Kwon is in disbelief and says it was her wedding and asks Young Woo if she got any questions. Young Woo says yes and asks Hwa-yeong if she loves her husband. Hwa-yeong is a bit taken aback. Young Woo says there are a lot of pictures in the room but Jin-uk is in none of them and says her wedding ring is in the vanity instead of on her finger. Hwa-yeong says the photos must be in their new place and Young Woo points out wedding pictures of them in the corner of her room, unpacked.

Their next stop is at groom Jin-uk’s workplace. Jin-uk says he is also upset by the service provided by the hotel but the hotel comes under their group so suing them means they are picking a fight with the groom’s side and calls it a disgrace to their family. He also agrees that they are thinking about breaking the marriage as his grandfather is devoted to Christian. He says he is not sure about the marriage and have to wait until the adults make up their mind. Attorney Kwon asks if he talked to Hwa-yeong about calling off the marriage to which Jin-uk says they couldn’t meet after the marriage as she is in distress and says she is seeing a psychiatrist.

After coming out, Attorney Kwon tells Young Woo that it must be a rule that the rich can’t be mature. Young Woo says there is no such rule exists and realises it was a joke when Attorney Kwon gives her a look. He says they might not even have made a meal by themselves at this age and calls them kids as they are not independent of their parents which is a must in marriage. Young Woo stops and asks if he has made a meal by himself. Attorney Kwon says obviously and realises that Young Woo has never made one.

On the other side, Jun-ho drives Attorney Choi in a car. They decide to call each other honey as they cant use their original name too often. Attorney Choi’s heart skips a beat when Jun-ho says “honey”. Jun-ho gets a call from Young Woo and Jun-ho puts her on speaker as he is driving. Young Woo asks if Jun ho also thinks that being an adult means making their food and being independent of their parents. He says he is not sure but it would be nice. She says killer whales stay with their mothers their whole life and keeps on with her whale story. Attorney Choi cuts her off in the middle and asks if this is what she talks about when she is alone with Jun-ho. She says she should not keep a busy man on the phone like that. Jun ho says he is fine and hangs the call saying he will call back later as he is busy now.

Attorney Choi asks if Young Woo does that a lot. Jun ho says “only sometimes” and recollects them. Young Woo calls him anytime to talk about the whales and ends the call once she is done. She keeps him occupied when he enters the office and leaves the office. Also when he goes and leaves the restroom. She accompanies him to the front door while leaving even when she works overtime (hahaha.. she is so damn cute and Jun-ho is cuter to listen to her). Attorney Choi says she is basically following him around. Jun ho says he is fine as it is all useful information and also says at least he should listen to her and asks who would listen to her if he didn’t. Attorney Choi asks if he is gonna listen to her forever. She says he should be the one to set boundaries if he can’t listen to her forever and that seems to be the right thing for him to do. This makes Jun ho think.

Attorney Choi’s stomach starts making weird noises. Jun ho asks if she is ok but Attorney Choi is embarrassed and tells him she is ok. Jun ho realises and drives to a near bakery. Attorney Choi uses the restroom, and she is totally embarrassed. Jun ho notices Young Woo enter the bakery and asks why she is there. She says he can’t know why she is here and hides a bag she is carrying and says he also can’t know what is in the bag. Jun ho obviously understands and tells Choi is the restroom. She then runs to the restroom and gives the bag to Attorney Choi. Attorney Choi comes out in pink pyjama pants and asks Young Woo if there were no other suit pants in her cupboard. Young Woo says she picked whatever as she asked and says it looked comfortable. Attorney Choi starts being dramatic and says she can’t be his bride and now Young Woo has to be his bride. She says they decided to call each other “honey” and as she is expecting they are rushing the marriage. Young Woo asks if she doesn’t mean “regarding something as likely to happen” by “expecting”. Choi says no and dramatically explains that Young Woo is holding Jun ho’s baby and that’s why they are getting married soon. Attorney Choi goes back in to finish her job and Young Woo goes out to Jun ho.

She tells him that she is his bride and calls him “honey”. Jun ho’s heart skips a beat this time. They both arrive at the hotel. The manager says they are lucky to get the last-minute reservation. Young Woo says they are expecting and that’s why they are getting married soon. Jun ho smiles and handles her saying the manager understands what she is saying. The manager asks them to try a wedding dress. Our couple deliberately chooses the strapless dress and Young Woo says she wants to try it on. The manager tries her to persuade to try some other dress but after seeing Young Woo is fixated on it, she arranges the dress for her.

Attorney Choi overhears an employee Ji- hye from the hotel in the restroom saying another employee named Ju-hui was fired after the incident. Attorney Choi then calls Jun ho to pass the information. While Young Woo is in the dressing room, Jun ho finds Ji- hye and asks if Ju-hui still works there and says he has some business with her and asks if she can share Ju-hui’s personal information. Ji- hye rejects him. The manager comes in to say Young Woo is ready.

Jun ho goes and sit in a chair before the curtains and calls Attorney Choi to say it won’t be easy to collect her information. The curtain opens and our beautiful bride is standing there with a bouquet in her hand. Jun ho is mesmerised and stands up while forgetting he is in a call. The manager looks at Jun ho’s mesmerising eyes and says he is totally in love. Young Woo laughs and asks if he fell in love.

In the court, Judge calls both the party and asks if they can settle for compensation as it is not a case where 7 Attorneys from major law firms to get involved. Both parties try to explain their situation and Judge concludes that it is difficult to say who is right.

Later, Attorney Choi and Attorney Kwon go to the psychiatrist Hwa-yeong is going to and ask if he can testify that Hwa-yeong has PTSD. The doctor rejects them.

Jun ho and Young Woo stops by the bakery and orders some drink. As Young Woo sees Jun ho has wiped cream in his drink, she remembers about whales and starts talking about them. After hearing her information, Jun ho asks if she has anything else to talk to him other than whales. She says no and Jun ho is taken aback by her honest answer. He then says they can set a time to talk about whales. He suggests that they can talk about whales at lunchtime as they eat together. She asks then what about other times than lunchtime. He says they can talk about anything other than whales. She repeats after him and asks what if they are in a situation where whale talk is necessary. He says then they should talk about it. Young Woo repeats after him and smiles with him.

Ji- hye comes to the bakery (as expected by Jun ho and Young Woo). They go to her and ask for Ju hui’s information. They reveal themselves and say Hwa-yeong is taking psychological treatment after the incident. Ji- hye feels sorry and says they won’t be able to find her as she went abroad.

On the trial day, everyone waits for the witness. The Judges lose patience and say they will reschedule the trial. But thankfully Jun ho reaches the courtroom with the witness (Ji- hye) and the Judges changes their mind. Attorney Jung goes to interrogate the witness and she reveals that the bride’s dress was torn on the morning of the wedding day so the manager chose the same dress model but with a bigger size to cover up their mistake and says the manager fired Ju-hui and told others that they will also get fired if they don’t keep their mouth shut and says she came to the court knowing that she may get fired and she also apologies to Hwa-yeong.

The next witness is Hwa-yeong. The opposite party’s attorney asks why she is distressed and shows her a post that she posted on a website where she wrote “His family is talking about breaking off the marriage. It’s rather a good thing. If I hide behind my trauma for a little longer, I might not have to get married. I won’t have to fake life with a man I barely know.” under the title “How I ruined my wedding” just after a week of the wedding day. This turns completely against Hwa-yeong. The opposite attorney says she faked the treatment for compensation. Attorney Jung, Attorney Kwon, and Young Woo are completely speechless. Young Woo notices “but how long can I keep running away like this?” at the end of the post.

At Hanbada, the Attorney team conducted a meeting with Hwa-yeong. Hwa-yeong speaks up and says her father was really happy about the wedding as the groom’s family was giving a gift of land worth billions. This makes Young Woo whales fly and she says there are also other two compensation and asks Attorney Jung if he knows it. Attorney Jung is speechless that she is using his technique on him. She then says they can get general compensation and special compensation in this case (which is basically to ask the hotel to compensate for the gift they didn’t get because of them). Everyone is elated and Attorney Jung asks Young Woo to write a statement of opinion on that. Attorney Kwon sighs.

With the Statement of opinion made by Young Woo, CEO Han and others talk to Hwa-Yeong’s father. He says the land is worth 332 billion. CEO Han says the court should provide the full amount but it is not practical so they will ask for ten per cent of the money which is 3.32 billion. Hwa-Yeong’s father is happy but Hwa-yeong says she doesn’t like the idea and asks why nobody is asking for her opinion even though it is her case. Her father shushes her and asks Attorneys to proceed with it.

The trail day. The hotel’s chairman is the witness and he is Jin-uk’s uncle. Attorney Jung asks him if Jin-uk’s father promised to gift land to the bride. The chairman says yes without thinking or looking at his Attorney who is shushing him.

Attorney Choi goes to the restroom as her stomach acts up. While looking at Attorney Choi leaving, Hwa-yeong sees women come in and starts worrying.

Attorney Jung makes his final statement asking for compensation of 10 per cent worth of the land. The Judges agree and ask if anyone else has anything to say. Hwa-yeong raises her hand and says “I would like to withdraw the lawsuit”. Everyone is shocked except Young Woo.

Actually the day before, Hwa-yeong goes to Attorney Woo and asks her how she can put end to this. Young Woo suggests that she should raise her hand and say “I would like to withdraw the lawsuit” to the Judges as Hwa-yeong asks for a simpler way. She wonders why she didn’t do it till now as it is so simple. Young Woo says it is because she is not independent of her parents and those are Attorney Kwon’s words and she also thinks so. She then asks if Hwa-yeong ever made a meal by herself.

Back to the present day, the Judge confirms with Hwa-yeong and closes the case. After the court is adjunct, her father is furious and asks what the heck she just did. Hwa-yeong confesses that her tattoo is not a joke and that she is Buddhist and also has a name. She then confesses along with the woman (who came in before) that she likes that woman and she is not just a friend and says she is going to marry her. Everyone shockingly watches Hwa-yeong and the woman leave the courtroom hand in hand. Attorney Kwon and Young Woo think it is cool. Attorney Choi comes in and asks what happened and all Attorney Kwon and Young Woo could say were “it was great”.

That night, the team gathers for a team dinner with CEO Han. CEO Han is speechless to see Young Woo eating seaweed kimbap because she likes it and Attorney Choi is eating porridge as she has stomach upset while others are eating a 300,000 won meal. CEO Han congratulates the team for their work and they do cheers for their win. Young Woo’s tiny hand doesn’t reach the centre so Jun ho reaches to cling his glass to Young Woo’s. After dinner, Jun ho waits outside the restaurant. As Young Woo comes out, he calls her and walks to her but she greets him and leaves. She seems to be in a good mood. Jun ho stands there watching her leave.

Young Woo reaches home and gives the food she bought to her dad and says it is from the restaurant which serves 300,00 won-worth meals. Her father is excited and opens to see seaweed kimbap. He says his precious daughter brought kimbap from the restaurant in which they serve 300,00 won worth mean to her father who makes kimbap all day. But Young Woo says yes and doesn’t seem to get it and is excited. Her father tries the food with a smile. Young Woo starts to make a conversation saying it is not likely for her to get married as she has autism. But if she ever finds someone she loves and gets married, she says she will walk down the aisle with her partner and not have her father walk her down the aisle to hand her off to her partner because she would get married as an adult. She says she will instead give him a bouquet because he is never married before. She says she prefers him to get married after she does as she doesn’t want him to live alone. Her father says she is been thinking a lot about it. Young Woo runs to her room to get a shower. Her father feels emotional.

At Taesan, the CEO gives an interview after she resigns her post to go back to the field again. She also says she doesn’t want his son to take over the firm just to follow the hierarchy.

After the reporter left, her assistant tells her that Hanbada got almost 3 billion in compensation. The CEO is in shock and sees the document written by Young Woo and asks how did they miss such a young talent with a smile. Her assistant asks if she should look into Young Woo to which the CEO says that they don’t need to go to that extreme (The CEO never once stopped smiling but I didn’t get a good vibe from her). The episode ends here.

I am more and more excited about the upcoming episodes.

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