Recap and Review: “Extraordinary Woo” Episode 4 (also known as “Stranger Lawyer Woo Young Woo”)

Case 4: The Strife Of The Three Brothers.

The episode starts with two brothers visiting their younger brother in the countryside. A man (head of the village) who was fixing the roof of the house leaves after seeing the owner’s brothers coming in. Inside the house, two brothers and the younger brother with his wife sit to talk. The elder brother gives the contract of the compensation for land (of their father’s) expropriation to the younger brother and says they should divide it appropriately. He also says that the elder should get more by the law so the elder one will have 50 percent, 2nd born will have 30 percent and finally, the younger one should have 20 percent. He persuades saying he consulted a lawyer from a top firm so there is nothing to think about anymore. These two elder brothers who live in Seoul treat their younger brother who is a farmer as illiterate and take advantage of him. The younger brother, not being able to say no to his brothers, signs the contract.

In Hanbada, Attorney Choi, Attorney Kwon, and Jun Ho notice that Young Woo is still absent. Jun Ho places his gift on her table. Attorney Jung sees the resignation letter of Young Woo but doesn’t process it.

In Young Woo’s father’s shop which is called “Woo Young Woo gimbap”, Young Woo starts working as a part-timer. Ra-mi comes to the shop and sits with Young Woo and says his father is annoyingly got scammed by his brothers. Young Woo asks what happened and Ra-mi says he signed a contract with his brothers in which it says that out of 10 billion of her grandfather’s land, her father will get only 20 percent and he has agreed to pay the tax as well so her uncles will end up with billions and her father will end up with 260 million debt. She says he signed it just because he can’t disobey his brothers. Gwang ho tries to convince Young Woo to take the case but Young Woo says she is not an Attorney anymore so she will refer her to a good Attorney and asks for the contract. Ra-mi says the contract is with her father. Gwang ho says then they should visit him and Ra-mi plays along and with no choice Young Woo also tags along.

On the way, Gwang-ho is reminiscing the past good days when Young Woo and Ra-mi were in school and asks if they want to visit the school. Both hate the idea, and they say they are not curious at all.

Young Woo starts narrating what those old days were actually like for her.

“My father moved us to Ganghwa-do because I used to be bullied in school. He was hoping things would be better at a small school in the countryside. But things were not different. At school, they called me a loser and there was a popular prank that was pulled on me and it is called “The “I’m sorry” game””.

We can see those other kids bullying Young Woo at school by spilling her milk, tripping her, removing her chair when she is about to sit, and in the end they say “I’m sorry”.

“I had to find safe somewhere. So during recess, I escaped to the teacher’s office and during lunch, I escaped to the security office. But no matter how much I escaped, I could not stop what happened during class.”

One day, in the class, a bunch of girls makes Young Woo ask the teacher about the teacher’s eyes job. The teacher gets furious and embarrassed and slaps Young Woo before leaving. One of the girls says sorry and that she thought the teacher would not mind if the top student asked that and laughs while Young Woo is scared and in pain. Ra-mi, who could not take this anymore, goes to the girl and slaps her and says sorry and she thought that it would not hurt as she is boneheaded. The girl calls Ra-mi a psycho and asks if they are dating. Ra-mi picks up a chair and swirls around her crazily saying “yes, the Psycho and the loser are dating and if there is any problem, come forward”. (Go Ra-mi!!!)

“Ra-mi was called “Psycho” in the school. When she was banned from going to karaoke, Ra-mi chose the school’s broadcasting room.”

The next morning, Young Woo says “you are 48 minutes late” when Ra-mi gets off the bus near the school. Ra-mi says she comes whenever she feels like it and walks. Young Woo follows her. Ra-mi gets annoyed and asks why is she following her. Young Woo says she is safe when she is with Ra-mi and Ra-mi asks what is the benefit of hanging out with her then. Young Woo thinks and says she will be her friend as she doesn’t have any. Ra-mi laughs hysterically and says she can’t believe that she is hearing that from a loser and turns around to walk and asks her to follow along. So that’s how this beautiful friendship started. Young Woo’s narration about the past ends here.

Back to the present day, all three reach Ra-mi’s home. Dong-sam shows the memorandum and Young Woo confirms that it does not have any loophole and asks why he did sign such a memorandum. His wife says he just can’t say no to his brothers. Gwang-ho asks if they were intimidated in any way. Dong-sam says his brothers are decent and not like that. Ra-mi laughs mockingly and asks if they are so refined that they lied to their youngest brother to take his money. Young Woo catches the word “lie” and asks what kind of lie. Dong-sam says his brother mentioned the inheritance law. Young Woo explains that it is a lie and according to the inheritance law, every child should get an equal share regardless of the gender and order of birth and says his brothers have committed fraud.

Dong-sam asks if he has to sue his brother to cancel the memorandum and Young Woo says yes. Dong-sam is still confused about the idea but Ra-mi and her mother persuade him.

Dong-sam asks if Young Woo is going to be their lawyer. Ra-mi and Gwang-ho try to persuade her saying she will do that for her only best friend but Young Woo rejects them saying she is not an attorney anymore and says she will recommend them to another lawyer.

The next day, Ra-mi goes to the building where Hanbada is. Ra-mi says the building is super big to Young Woo who is on a call with her. Young Woo asks her to go inside safely. Ra-mi asks what is there to be careful of and gets stuck in the revolving door (lol, just like her friend). Ra-mi finally reaches Attorney Jung’s office and goes straight in without knocking and sees he is not in his office. Then Young Woo asks her to find Jun-ho from the litigation team. Ra-mi arrives at the team but is not sure who Jun-ho is and asks Young Woo to describe him Young Woo says “he is tall and handsome”. Ra-mi looks at Jun-ho and Attorney Kwon talking and says she found him and ends the call. She goes straight to them and asks Attorney Kwon if he is Jun-ho. Jun-ho introduces himself when Attorney Kwon leaves. We can see that Ra-mi is smitten with Attorney Kwon.

Ra-mi says she is a friend of Young Woo and she asked to find him. Jun-ho, without holding back, shoots questions (like if she is doing well) at her. Ra-mi smiles a bit and says she is doing well and says she asked her to meet Attorney Jung. Right at this point, Attorney Jung enters the room and Jun-ho introduces him.

At Gwang-ho’s restaurant, Young Woo is working as a part-timer and gets a call from Ra-mi. Ra-mi says Attorney Jung is not taking the case as the chance of winning is low. After seeing Ra-mi is having a hard time conveying messages, Attorney Jung says “Young Woo is a rookie who is not aware of practicalities” word by word, and Ra-mi repeats after him. Young Woo asks “what?”, then Ra-mi put her on speaker. Attorney Jung asks if she knows what perplexes him the most after working as an Attorney for 14 years. Young Woo thinks and asks “revolving door?”. Attorney Jung is confused and Jun-ho, who is also sitting in the office smiles. Attorney Jung explains it is the paperwork that the client already signed and sealed and asks if she has any proof that it was a fraud. He ends the call abruptly after asking her to come in person to talk if there is anything else that needs to be discussed.

Gwang-ho takes out Young Woo’s blazer and asks if she needs to leave. She says yes and asks when and why he bought her blazer with him. He carefully puts it on her and rushes her out. They both forget the apron of the restaurant she is wearing.

Young Woo arrives at the cafeteria where the team and Ra-mi are eating. Ra-mi calls her with their rap “Woo to the Young to the Woo” and Young Woo runs to her to finish the rap “Geu to the Ra to the mi” and finishes with the dab.

Jun-ho is delighted to see Young woo and Ra-mi notices it. Attorney Jung notices Young Woo’s apron and asks when did she open her own business as it hasn’t been long since she quit.

Young Woo says the memorandum is disadvantageous to Dong-sam and will ask Attorney Kwon or Attorney Choi to take up the case if he doesn’t want to. Attorney Jung says why is she handing the case over to her colleagues like that and Young Woo says she is not an Attorney anymore. He says he could not process her resignation as he didn’t listen to a proper explanation and says she is still an Attorney at Hanbada. Attorney Kwon, who could not take it anymore, leaves. Attorney Jung asks Young Woo to take up the case as it is urgent and says he will assist her without involving. Jun-ho and Attorney Choi smile.

At the end of the day, Jun-ho is elated to see Young Woo standing in front of the revolving door and runs to her. He asks if she saw the gift he bought for her on her desk. She says she threw it away as she did not know it was from him. Jun ho is taken aback and says “Already? That was fast”. Ra-mi arrives at this point and leaves with Young Woo. (Jun ho must be wondering how to apologize to her properly).

On the trail day, Young Woo questions Dong-sam’s eldest brother. She asks if he said about the inheritance law while persuading Dong-sam to sign the memorandum. He lies to their face saying no and the second brother sides with him. Dong-sam and his family is disappointed. The Judge says she can see that the memorandum is disadvantageous to them but they need to prove it.

Outside the trail room, the Dong brothers shamelessly accuse Dong-sam of bringing them to the court because of his greediness and leaves.

Attorney Jung asks if there is any kind of proof like a phone recording, or someone who might have overheard them. Ra-mi’s mother says the head of the village was there and given his personality, he might not have left that day. Dong-sam agrees with her. Jun ho, Young Woo, Ra-mi and her parents leave to Ganghwa-do to meet the head of the village. Thankfully, the head says he did not eavesdrop but overheard while tying his shoelace that day and asks Dong-sam if he never watches TV to fall for that.

Ra-mi, Jun ho, and Young Woo prepare to leave but Ra-mi says she wants to stay back with her parents. She then pulls Jun-ho and says she is giving them privacy. Jun ho is confused and Ra-mi says that Nakjo village is 30 minutes from there and it is famous for sunset and says she is rooting for him and leaves.

On the way back, Jun ho says it is his first time in Ganghwa-do and asks if she has any plan for the rest of the day. Young Woo says no and Jun ho straightforwardly asks if she wants to see sunset with him. (he finally understood that only straightforwardness works with Young Woo, hahaha).

They go to the beautiful sunset view and Young Woo goes on with her whale talk while Jun ho listens to her with a smiley face. He asks if she has seen a whale in person. She says no and he asks if she has never been in any aquarium. She turns around and says aquariums are like jails for whales and Jun ho realises it is a sensitive talk for her. She goes on about how difficult it is for them and he says he was not aware. She then calms down and says baby dolphins can be seen on some islands and that she will go see them one day.

Jun ho looks at her and asks if she can tell him why she is quitting. He says he felt bad as his friend mistook her when they were investigating last time. She says even when she is working as an Attorney, it feels as if she is an autistic Young Woo in people’s eyes. She says autistic Young Woo is the weakest link. She says if someone is on her side then they lose, so it is better if she is not part of it at all. Jun ho says he wants to be by her side, he says he wants an attorney like her by his side. Young feels touched and totally smitten by that moment.

In Attorney Jung’s office, Attorney Kwon asks Attorney Jung if Young Woo will be given a penalty as she is on leave without notice and isn’t coming into the office and says it is uncomfortable for him to watch her taking cases that she wants. Jung says that is understandable and says it is a temporary situation as he did not process her resignation yet. Attorney Kwon asks why he did not process her resignation yet and says he understands the special treatment he is giving to her given her disability. Attorney Jung says it is not a special treatment and says she is doing pretty well and she is creative and says Attorney Kwon can learn from her if he takes a close look as colleagues are meant to learn from each other. (That was the best reply to Attorney Kwon)

The trail day. Young Woo starts questioning the Head of the village. The Head of the village turns the table around and says he did not hear anything that day leaving Dong-sam, his family and Attorneys in disbelief and shock. It is evident that the opposite party bought him. Young Woo did not expect this and becomes nervous.

In Ra-mi’s workplace, Ra-mi drinks beer. Her boss says how an employee takes a customer’s drink. She made Young Woo order beer and drink it. She is frustrated and says people who lie are the ones comfortably living. Young Woo says sorry and says she did not expect people to lie in court. She says she should have found indisputable evidence. Ra-mi asks how were she supposed to find evidence which does not exist. She gets frustrated saying it is not like she can make any evidence. Young Woo’s whale flies and she says they can make a piece of evidence.

At Dong-sam’s father’s memorial, which his brothers are organizing, Dong-sam comes with his family. Ra-mi is drunk and is carrying a beer bottle which she is drinking occasionally. She lets out her frustration by yelling and making fun of them. Dong-sam’s brothers get angry and Dong-sam and Ra-mi get beaten up by them. Ra-mi’s mother calls the police.

The trail day. Dong-sam and Ra-mi sits there injured. Young Woo submits the evidence of them being beaten up by his brothers. She says she wishes to cancel the contract by the law. The defendant’s lawyer asks if this is why they caused a scene and got beaten up. Young Woo looks at him and asks if he has any evidence (Young Woo gave it back properly. Hahaha). The Judges cancel the contract. Attorney Jung smiles and tells Young Woo that she did a good job.

In Hanbada, Jun ho takes Young Woo to the main conference room. He says he wants to show her something. As she enters the room, looks out of the windows and says the view is nice. Jun ho says what he wants to show is behind her. She turns around and gets emotional and happy. There is one big whale painting hanging. Young Woo is so happy that her eyes get teary. She imagines a whale flying by her office. Jun ho looks at her and smiles with a content look.

In a meeting room, Dong-sam, Ra-mi, and Young Woo wait for Dong-sam’s brothers. As soon as they get in, they go on their knees and apologies to Dong-sam for what they did (people can get shameless but how could they do that to their brother). Dong-sam asks them to sit and says according to Attorney, he can keep all the 10 billion won and says he doesn’t want to get greedy like his brothers and that is what their parents would want. Young Woo submits the contract where it is written that the money would be equally divided among the brothers. Ra-mi shows Young Woo her tattoo of the clause that saved their family in her hand and says she will remember it forever. She then hugs Young Woo and says her baby is all grown up and says “Thank you. Sorry. I love you” while patting her. Young Woo smiles but is not fully comfortable with the hug.

Young Woo goes to Attorney Jung’s office and asks if he processed her resignation yet. He says he didn’t but now he will. Young Woo asks if she can come back to work. Jung, with a stern face, says yes and says as a penalty she won’t be able to take leaves anymore. Young Woo is happy and says she could not take leave and leaves happily. Attorney Jung smiles seeing her happy.

She goes and puts her nameplate in her room and happily dances in her room. The episode ends here.


A few months ago, when CEO Han came to Gwang-ho at his restaurant, she says Young Woo has applied to Hanbada it seems. Gwang-ho asks how a CEO knows this stuff. She says before she could notice, they rejected such talent and says she will take Young Woo. Gwang-ho gets emotional and says he will be thankful. On her way back, she looks at Young Woo’s picture and says she resembles her mom a lot.

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