Recap and Review: “Extraordinary Woo” Episode 11 (also known as “Stranger Lawyer Woo Young Woo”)

Mr. Salt, Ms. Pepper, and Attorney Soy Sauce

The episode starts in a dark and musky gambling house, there are many people gambling and playing cards and there is a coffee shop and a bearer. On one of the tables are three men gambling and luckily one of the men wins the lottery and the other comes 5th place in the lottery. All three of them jump in joy after winning the lottery.

At Hanbada, Young woo is sitting in the lobby waiting for Jun-Ho and while she is waiting, she thinks about their first kiss. Strangely when she sees Jun-Ho, she doesn’t call him and lets him pass by. Jun-Ho notices her and asks why she didn’t call him and she says that she just wanted to see him and she saw. Attorney Jung calls her over the phone to the conference room for a client meeting immediately and Young woo rushes to the conference room without waiting for Jun-Ho.

While going inside the lift Young woo meets CEO Han and Young woo seems a little tense. CEO Han insists young woo to open up to her since as a CEO she must know the concerns of her employees. After repeated insisting Young woo opens up that while kissing her teeth hits the opposite person and if she opens her mouth a bit more, she is breathless. CEO Han’s Jaw drops and she murmurs, “That is your concern”. Han’s Jaw drops further when she notices a man giving piggyback to a woman and she thinks that the firm has become a bit weird.

So, the man who gave piggyback and the women are the clients and they are husband and wife. The man meets up with the attorneys in the conference room and as usual Young woo introduces herself with her tagline. The man tells attorney Jung that her wife’s heels broke when they were coming so he lifted her up. They seem to be so loving couple and attorney Jung tells them that they look like pair of Mandarin ducks, making the couple blush. Young woo spits the fact that the mandarin ducks are not loving to each other and the male duck searches for another female once the mating period is over, leaving the female mandarin duck to raise the babies on its own. (Good job breaking the news.)

The man comes to the point that the man and his two other friends pooled money and bought a lottery ticket. And they promised that they would split the money equally if they win and they actually won. The man says that they have no writing or record and they are gambling buddies and not real friends.

Everything, in this case, seems to be a problem as gambling houses are illegal in South Korea. Attorney Jung tells them that since the lottery ticket was bought with the money from gambling, the promise is invalid and the case would be lost anyway.

The man promises that he would pay them a lot of commission with his lottery money. He tells that his share put with another buddy would come up to 2.8 billion won so he can pay a large sum to them. Attorney Jung tries to explain to them and the wife starts weeping that their life had always been hard since they got married which is 15 years. She tells them that they have two kids and their only source of income is her gimbap shop. She cries that they need that 1.4 billion won to lead a decent life and tells them that her husband was forced to take up gambling because of their failed business otherwise he is a decent person.

The wife tells Attorney Jung that she has connections to him as she is the niece of Jung’s mother’s acquaintance’s friend. Jung has no choice but to accept the case seeing the couple crying and holding each other.

At Ra-mi’s restaurant, Ra-mi’s boss asks how Attorney Choi is. Ra-mi mocks him for enquiring about someone who ran away from the date. Only now Young woo comes to know from Ra-mi that Attorney Choi ran away from the date because of boring dad jokes of Mr. Kim (Ra-mi’s boss). But in actuality, Choi didn’t mention anything about the date and just said that it didn’t work out. Mr. Kim tells them the jokes that he told like – “I’ll go with gorgonzola cheese pizza, hoping it would be “grate.”” And “If you eat bananas, you would find me “a-peeling””.

Young woo likes the jokes and laughs. Ra-mi tells them then Mr. Kim should have made jokes about law and tells a joke – “The thread and the needle were fighting and the police arrested the thread.” Because the needle sewed the thread. Young woo really loves the joke and asks for more but they are short of jokes.

At Hanbada, Attorney Choi’s new boyfriend (Jong gwon) is really sweet to her by asking her to come out of the building and giving her gifts. He gives her a “good for your body cocktail” which is a medicine for cold and French marigold. He tells her that he likes the flower because of the meaning of the flower- “Happiness that will surely come.”. Attorney Choi is really impressed.

The client (Shin Il-Su), takes young woo to the gambling house, they go to meet a witness, the errand boy who bought them the lottery ticket. They first meet a lady who owns a coffee shop in the gambling place and then the errand boy ashtray. The boy accepts that he saw the three men talking about splitting the lottery money if they win but then is very hesitant to give testimony in court.

Il-Su promises to give him a lump amount if he testifies. Young woo warns Il-Su that they can’t give the witness money or else the testimony would be disqualified. Il-Su then tells young woo that she should know when to be flexible and somehow manages to persuade the boy without bringing up the matter of money in front of young woo.

At Hanbada, Young woo watches Jun-Ho from her cabin (like a ghost, making everyone startled.). A man from the litigation team tells Jun-Ho to watch out as young woo is watching him like that from the morning. Jun-Ho smiles and leaves for her cabin but is stopped by someone in front of her door. Jun-Ho casually keeps his hands on the glass of her cabin and Young woo keeps her hand on his hand. (It was so cute old-school romance and my heart dropped.).

During the trial, the defendant’s attorney argues that the defendant didn’t promise of sharing the money and they just made jokes imagined a rare situation, and don’t even have anything in writing. And there was no discussion on the way money should be split and even one of the plaintiffs Il-Su won fifth place in the lottery. And the defendant’s attorney says the promise is invalid.

Il-Su gets triggered and says that he will split the 5000 won that he got in the court itself and causes a scene. The judge then orders the man to sit down.

Attorney Jung argues that the oral agreements are also agreements and are legally binding and then tells the judge that they have a witness Mr. Han Byeong-gil who works in the gambling house.

As he calls the witness, Jun-Ho rushes to Jung and tells them that the witness didn’t come as he is an undocumented Korean Chinese immigrant and he might have thought he would get deported if he testifies. Attorney Jung then apologizes to the court and says they would come with another witness in the next trial making the judge roll her eyes.

When they come out of the court another man with Il-Su asks if they can make up a witness if they don’t have one now. Young woo strictly says no saying they can’t commit perjury. Il-Su then persuades the man to stop arguing with young woo and they can find some other witness.

Attorney Jung then asks her to research the case more and tells her that the point of the case is whether the agreement to divide the prize of the lottery that was bought with the gambling money is legally valid or not. He asks her to see things related to illegal acts.

On that night, Young woo prepares herself to start with her research and then plans on video calling Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho is startled by her call and as soon as she sees his face tells him that she will hang up the phone. (Again, because now, she is done with what she wanted.). Jun-Ho tells her that she should also consider the person who attended the call and asks if they want to talk. Young woo apologizes to him and they talk. He asks her not to talk about work or whales and they talk about the dad jokes that young woo learned from Rami’s boss. Of course, Jun-Ho already knows the joke.

Before they hang up young woo cutely confesses that Jun-Ho keeps popping into her head like whales. Even though he’s not one. And this is the first time she has constantly thought of someone, So it’s quite strange. This makes Jun-Ho smile.

The next trial starts and the defendant still deny the agreement and claims that the lottery ticket was bought with gambling money so the promise is invalid. Attorney Jung claims that promise is a promise and the fact that the lottery was bought with gambling money cannot make it invalid.

Young woo provides an example of a previous case where a secret fund was entrusted to someone to hide and the supreme court gave the ruling that the entrustment should be considered valid though secret funds are illegal.

The defendant provides another case where the court ruled that the case is invalid and then both the parties have an argument over it. Finally, the judge says that the decision would be made based on the situation given as social order and goodwill are abstract concepts and asks for proof if the promise was made or not.

The plaintiff’s side provides the witness Ms. Choi Da-Hye, who sells coffee in the gambling house. She gives the testimony that the errand boy told her that the lottery was bought by the three men and they have talked about dividing it equally. The defendant is triggered at this and screams that the woman is lying as she is seeing Il-Su. Il-Su shouts that he cannot accuse him like that and asks for proof. The judge asks if the witness has any kind of relationship with the plaintiff and if she is giving false testimony and the witness denies it. Young woo notices Il-Su showing a finger heart at the witness and they both smile.

At Hanbada, Attorney Kwon is researching Tae Su-Mi and he thinks that elite like Tae Su-mi went to college for 6 years! And then he compares the picture of Tae Su-mi and Young woo. He could clearly see their similar features and then thinks “What should I do with this!”.

Later that day when young woo reaches home, Gwang-ho asks her if she wants something from him like a doctor who specializes in autism to take care of her exclusively. She tells him that she thought it would be nice to hear expert advice whenever she didn’t know what others were thinking or feeling or when she didn’t understand her feelings and sometimes when she was anxious when there was sudden noise while she would be working. She wanted to know how to handle such situations or hear how other people with autism experienced this.

Her father asks why she didn’t tell him about that and if she thought he would not be able to afford it. She tells him she is not sure. He then looks at the file that Ms. Tae gave him.

On the last day of the trial, the judge gives the verdict that the defendant is ordered to pay a total of 1.4 billion won to each of the plaintiffs and the litigation cost must be paid by the defendant. The two men in the plaintiff celebrate their victory. Il-Su then goes to his wife and thanks her for providing for him and the kids all these years.

The next day, Il-Su visits Young woo with a gift card which she doesn’t accept. Il-Su then exclaims – “Inflexible attorney woo” and gives the gimbap made by his wife and Young woo accepts this.

Il-Su then asks her if someone divorces their partner after winning a lottery, does the money have to be divided? Young woo thinks and responds that it is not necessary. The man lies that he just asked because someone wanted to know and leaves.

At lunch, Attorney Choi chats with her boyfriend and smiles over his chat. Young woo comes to her table with doubt if she has gone through a divorce case and asks what it means if a man asks about the division of assets in the case of divorce.

Attorney Choi tells her that they can’t decide just because he enquired and asks if she saw any kind of sign. Young woo tells her that the man showed finger heart at a woman who is not his wife. Choi asks if she is speaking about the client in the lottery case but young woo says because of attorney-client privilege she can’t tell her.

So, Choi makes up the characters Mr. Salt, Ms. Pepper, and, Attorney Soy sauce and asks if Mr. Salt has acquired a peculiar asset and is in the plan of divorce. Young-woo tells that Mr. Salt is in the plan of divorce and then Choi asks if salt promised pepper there would be a conditional gift from the lottery money and it is better to have proof. Attorney Soy sauce doesn’t know about it. Choi tells her that if there is no proof of promise then the case would turn into psychological battles and they need to show the judge who is more pitiful. Choi tells her that then-Attorney soy sauce is in a tough spot because she can’t give legal advice to Ms. Pepper. After all, Mr. Salt was her client.

Young woo then meets up with attorney Jung and that they should warn Ms. Sung Eun-Ji that Mr. Shin is planning to divorce her. Attorney Jung asks what happened to young woo who abides by the law and as an attorney, she should not get involved with client matters that she learned from them during the process of trial. He strictly tells her not to get involved.

Young woo looks at the gimbap that attorney Jung was eating (the one Mr. Shin gave to all the attorneys) and says that she liked the fried tofu inside the gimbap that Ms. Sung makes and talks about the flavor of the tofu. Attorney Jung asks, “Has fried tofu replaced whales”.

She leaves saying she is going to get the special fried tofu gimbap from her (We know how she hates fried tofu in gimbap and asks her father not to put tofu in gimbap) and she is not going there as an attorney.

Young woo and Jun-Ho go to meet Ms. Sung and they see Mr. Shin breaking all the things in Ms. Sung’s shop and saying that he is done with putting up with her. As he comes out, Jun-Ho and young woo hide, and then Young woo sees Mr. Shin leaving with the coffee shop women at the street end.

At the shop, Ms. Sung cleans up the mess and notices young woo. She tells them that her husband wants to buy a car worth 300 million won. She tells them that her husband was a gambler but he was sweet and kind to her and the kids and wonders how could a person change like this in an instant.

Young woo then watches the news on the TV in the shop. The newsreader says that the sperm whale that is described in the Moby dick novel is spotted in the sea. Young-woo realizes – “You should know when to be flexible!”.

Young woo then asks for fried tofu gimbap and settles down in the seat along with Jun-ho. She asks Jun-Ho loudly so that Ms. Sung could hear if he knows the story of salt, pepper, and soy sauce and starts saying that salt has acquired a peculiar property which means these properties are excluded from the division of asset claim. Jun-Ho asks if it is something like lottery money.

Young woo says yes and then continues that Mr. Salt is in the idea of getting a divorce and Attorney Soy sauce has told Mr. Salt that there is no need to divide the peculiar property that he acquired.

Ms. Sung asks if they are talking about her husband and tells them that her husband wouldn’t do that and they misunderstood him because of the fight she had.

Ms. Sung tells them that her husband promised that he would give her all the prizes with tears running down his face and they would have a better life. Young woo asks if the promise of Mr. Salt was put in writing or recorded and Ms. Salt answers that no husband and wife would do that. Young woo tells her to get some form of evidence as it is not too late now.

Attorney Choi goes on date with her boyfriend to a restaurant. The boyfriend, as usual, does too much sweet talk like he doesn’t flutter for money as he has won the lottery which is Choi, and so on. When the boyfriend leaves for the restroom a woman comes to Ms.Choi and asks if she is a doctor too or a prosecutor, attorney, and so on. Attorney Choi is confused and asks who she is. The woman says that since they have come to the extent of the restaurant it must be two weeks of their dating and tells her to spend his money today as much as she can because after this his wallet would be lost every time and she would be the one paying for everything. The woman continues that this man targets women with elite jobs and misuses them for money. She correctly asks if she got the “good for your body cocktail” and the marigold flower. The woman then catches the man coming out of the restroom and asks for her 50 million won.

Attorney Choi hits the roof now and goes to the bar and asks for the most expensive drink in the bar. She leaves saying that the man would pay for it.

Ms. Sung has finally seen the true color of her husband as he is now asking for divorce outright to her and even hits her and her children. She comes to Hanbada asking Attorney Jung and Young woo for help. She tells them that one of the customers who happen to be an attorney has asked her to collect evidence but her husband has got smart and didn’t get tricked when she sent a text or tried recording the calls as she asked for shares. And no one has witnessed their first conversation in which he promised to give the entire lottery money.

Attorney Jung tells her that since Mr. Shin was their old client, they can’t take up her case as it is closely related to the old case. Jung tells her that he will recommend a good attorney who is good at divorce and tells her frankly that her winning the case is not possible but she can try and get as much alimony and child support expenses as possible.

Jun-Ho and Young woo drop Ms. Sung on her street and her husband notices them and asks if she met the attorney within this short period and that’s why she didn’t sign the divorce papers. He asks if she plans to sue him and rushes to her trying to cross the road.

Ms. Sung tells Jun-Ho that her husband is trying to create a scene to get her to sign the divorce papers, so it is better they leave now. Ms. Sung, Jun-Ho, and Young-woo go to their car and Mr. Shin notices and rushes to drive his newly bought car. As Mr. Shin turns his car a big white van comes and smashes his car.

Jun Ho follows Ms. Sung to the accident spot and tries to keep her away from the car and consoles her. On the other side, Young woo goes to the peak of anxiety and starts hitting her head. Jun-Ho runs to her and hugs her; Young woo asks him to hold her tighter and tighter as she goes into a fit of anxiety.

After many days when Jun-Ho accompanies Young woo to her home, Young woo tells him that Ms. Sung came to see the attorney Jung and her. She will be inheriting the 1.1 billion won inheritance remaining from the lottery prize Mr. Shin left and along with it 300 million won from Mr. Shin’s life insurance, so a total of 1.4 million won the same amount that got distributed to him through trial.

Jun-Ho says that the 1.4 billion won took a long way to reach its owner. Young woo thanks him for hugging her when they witnessed Mr. Shin’s death and as she continues Jun-Ho tells her that for people with autism anxiety can be relieved if pressure is put on the body during sensory overload.

He tells that in France they have hug chairs for people with autism which are blocked at the back and the pressure of the hug can be controlled using a remote control. When Young woo asks if she could buy it in Korea, Jun Ho tells her that he’ll be the one for her, her personal hug chair. (OMG he is soo cuteee). They both smile at it and then kiss. This time Gwang-Ho notices them from the balcony and is shocked to see his daughter kissing a man.

At Ms. Tae’s office, Attorney Kwon meets her and asks for a job. Ms. Tae tells him that he should have seen the HR department and says she will note his name and he can join next year. Attorney Kwon has come prepared and tells her that she took a break in 1995 and went back after two years in 1997. Though she told people that she went abroad but there are no records. In,1996 when she was in break attorney Woo was born. Kwon continues that he is trying to impress Ms. Tae and working at a firm knowing the secrets of the people can be his strength and weapon.

He tells her that he wants to work at a firm where attorneys know how to take risks to win and to be political if needed. The way he sees it Taesan is like that, not Hanbada and he doesn’t want to become weak by working under a hypocritical senior lawyer, who only pretends to be nice.

Ms. Tae comes to him and says it’s not enough that he knows other people’s secrets, he has to be capable and for that, he has to show her how capable he is. She asks him to make attorney woo quit Hanbada, no matter if she quits or gets fired. And if he does it then he could become an attorney at taesan directly working under her.

The episode ends here and it was super exciting. I have totally fallen for Jun-Ho. Really how can a man be this sweet? He is a total green flag. Now that it’s the eleventh episode for sure there might be some problems in the coming weeks but I just wish Young woo and Jun Ho’s relationship remains this sweet.

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