The Hidden Pool by Ruskin Bond

This is one of first children book that Ruskin Bond has ever written.

This book is about Ruskin Bond and his friends from India and their trekking experience to the Pindari glacier.

It is one of the best light hearted story for kids or even teens I would say.

In recent days, I have this constant thought that may be am not really good at making friends even though my friends telling me it is not the case, it is been hard these days.
But this book triggered some of the memories from the book that was long lost in my mind’s library in which I am happily playing with my neighborhood kids. I did not get chance to go picnic or trekking with them but I definitely enjoyed each and every evening after my school with them. There were no access to phone for us so we used to make plans weeks before as in how we meet in the evening, how we goona sneak snacks out, who is gonna bring snacks on which day, which game we are gonna play and so many other things. Though I only vaguely remember those things, I smiled on these memories. In the end that’s all it matters right! These thoughts bought back the confidence and it was a reminder that I can make friends in a good way.

The author managed to trigger my good old memories with this book so I would suggest it even to adults who is lost in their adulthood like me.

I won’t give you any more perks of this book because it is a short read.
And yes I read this book as an adult. I just wanted to explore children’s book coz as a kid I didn’t used to read.

The book is only around 80 pages and can be finished in one sitting.

Tell me your experience as a child with your neighborhood kids. I would love to listen to it.
Have you read this book? Yet to read it?

-a review by Sumi

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