Recap and Review: “Heavenly Idol” Episode 1

The episode starts with a story that talks about “the other world” – a world other than the one we live in. It’s a world of fantasy in which magic and mysterious beings exist. The divine powers of the Pontifex who serves Lord Redrin and the black magic of The Evil One who was asleep for a long time coexist in The Other World. This is where our story begins.

In The Other World: a Pontifex- our hero who looks like an angel is serving the Lord Redrin. A ceremony for the new people to serve the Lord Redrin happens. The Pontifex heads the ceremony and blesses the newcomers with his divine power.

In the ceremony, a little boy crashes into the temple. A man from the temple yells at the boy and calls him a lowly thing. The Pontifex asks him to calm down and says they are the ones who failed to save them and that is why the little boy’s descendants started serving The Evil One.  He then calls the boy and sees that the boy is severely injured in his leg and cures him with his divine power.

A warrior woman enters the temple and warns the Pontifex about something and they both leave. They reach a mountain where a kid is possessed by black magic and his appearance is scary with horns and red eyes.

The Pontifex cures the possessed boy with his divine powers.

He then worries about how the attacks are happening more often now and says the evil one must be coming closer to them. As they speak, a volcano erupts and the evil one attacks them.

The Pontifex distracts the Evil One into a forest away from the soldiers. He then confronts him with his powers. After huge combat, finally, when the Pontifex seems to be winning, he feels dizzy and faints and when he wakes up, he is dressed up as an idol and is in an auditorium.

As soon as he wakes up the world freezes. He is confused by his look and smudges away his makeup and turns around to see a new world around him. He then goes and touches a portion of food that is frozen while falling, and then the whole world resumes. He is found by the manager Jong Woo and the manager is furious that his makeup is a mess and calls him with the name “Yeon Woo”. Yeon Woo (Let’s call him Yeon Woo from now on) tries to run away but the manager drags him to the make-up room where he meets his fellow idols in the group named “Wild Animal”. Yeon Woo keeps talking in a formal speech and his friends ask if he is practising for a historical drama. We can see that Yeon Woo’s (the one for whom the Pontifex replaced in this world) dream was to become an actor.

The Wild Animal group consists of 5 boys – Yeon Woo, Kasy, Tae In, Hae Gyeol, and Jeong Seo. We can see that they haven’t got the chance to perform in a very long time and this performance they are about to make is a comeback that is very important to them so that they can get the chance to shine. Our poor Yeon Woo is so confused and keeps asking why they are calling him Yeon Woo and who are they. A member asks him if he is acting like he lost his memory coz he is embarrassed that they are the washed-up idol that no one knows about.

Jeong Seo

They don’t get enough time to resolve their conflict and they are called to be on stage. Jeong Seo warns the manager that Yeon Woo is acting strange. The manager asks Yeon Woo to sit in a chair that he will place on the stage and asks him to lip-sync to the song.

Once Wild Animal gets on the stage, Yeon Woo- our confused athma is confused by everything that he sees like the lights, the crop top he is wearing, the dance and literally everything. He then looks for the chair that the manager mentioned but is not able to find one. He simply stands there on the stage hiding the skin that is seen through his shirt. His fellow members ask him to dance but he opens his arms wide and says “I can’t dance”. The audience is shocked and mad and the manager flees. The organizers remove the group from the stage and scold them for spoiling their live show. One girl from the audience who seems like a fan of Yeon Woo is surprised and wonders what happened to Yeon Woo.

In the dressing room, everyone is furious and yells at Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo wonders what is happening around him. Jeong Seo gets a call from Ms Im and she asks them to return to the agency. They go to the parking lot after getting yelled at by the show organizer. In the parking lot, the girl from the audience waits for them and looks at them while hiding herself. A man approaches the girl and asks if she is Kim Dal from KF entertainment. She is occupied with other thoughts and says he has the wrong person and leaves. While leaving she sees how Yeong Woo constantly tries to escape and Jeong Woo brings him back and takes him with them to the agency.

Kim Dal goes to her apartment and sees how people are chewing Wild Animal in the comments and gets frustrated and screams at LLL (Wild Animal’s agency) asking why the article is not down yet.

Kim Dal

At the LLL agency, Wild Animal member goes to Ms Im’s office. Ms Im yells at Yeon Woo but Yeon Woo is so done now that he asks if she knows him as well (the way he acts like almighty and his formal speech is very funny). He doesn’t seem to know her position and sits and talks like he owns this world. While Ms Im is scared by his behaviour and asks Jeong Seo to take him to the hospital, he thinks that no one here knows about Lord Redrin and ponders to find the way to his world.

Jeong Seo takes him to the hospital and Yeon Woo constantly thinks about how he ended up there and kneels to pray to his Lord. Everyone in the hospital looks at him like he is some weirdo. Jeong Seo runs and takes him to the doctor. In a dressing room, he changes into a hospital gown and starts wondering if his divine healing power is still with him. He then finds a broken glass from the dustbin and cuts himself in his palm. The wound heals itself and confirms that his divine power is still intact. (Maybe that is why the series’ name is Heavenly Idol. Hahaaa I am excited about this series now as it is been a long since I watched this kind of drama. By the way, I am a fan of Mr Queen, The bride of the water God kind of drama).

After all the tests were taken, the Doctor asks if he had a sudden headache and fell unconscious. Yeon Woo answers in his formal speech and calls that a noble speech. Jeong Seo apologizes and says he is been talking like that since he woke up. The doctor says he is healthy and completely alright showing the test results. Jeong Seo panics and says that he calls himself a Pontifex and he is not himself. Yeon Woo says he is the Pontifex, the highest authority and the head of clerics. He says it as if it is the noblest work in the world but he looks weirder in their eyes now.

While coming out, he watches the TV where the news is going on about him and his odd behaviour on the stage. A boy comes near him and asks if it is him in the news. Yeon Woo smiles and says it is him. Yeon woo goes down and kneels to match the height of the kid and looks at the casting the kid has around his arm and asks if it hurts. He then uses his divine power to cure the kid’s hand. Jeong Woo comes and takes Yeon Woo. The kid realises that his arm is not hurting anymore and says goodbye.

Jeong Seo takes Yeon Woo to their dorm. Yeon Woo screams and panics at how ugly the place is and asks how can people live in a place like that. He throws a fit about how their bathroom does not have a bathtub. Jeong Seo takes him to his room and he tells them that he can’t share the room with two other people. They then make him sleep on the balcony outside. Yeon Woo thinks how Humiliating this is and starts to pray and wonders why Lord Redrin is not answering his prayers.

In the morning, Ms Im tries to convince the producer from yesterday’s show but fails to do so. She then looks at the expenses that Wild animal made and wonders how they did not even earn a penny in the last five years but spends so much and asks them to meet her in the office.

In the office, Ms Im says that she does not have enough confidence and asks them to disband. Before she could announce that they are disbanded, a girl from PR comes in and show a video that shows how “Wild animal Woo Yeon Woo” is at the top searched in the browser and show that their performance yesterday where Yeon Woo says he can’t dance hit 2 million views and remix is going viral as well.  

Kim Dal notices the video and wonders if their song went viral too. But it hasn’t. She sighs and starts dancing to their song. She then starts uploading Yeon Woo’s handsome picture on the internet and acts like a proper fan girl of him.

She gets a call from a girl that is saved in her phone as Kim Galaxy. The girl asks her to come home as mom is worried. Dal says she is busy and the girl says she is unemployed and probably busy drooling over Yeon Woo. The girl then gets serious and says that people are chewing Yeon Woo over on the internet and asks her to not have any bad ideas. And we are shown a flashback scene from 2 years ago.

In the flashback, she works at KF entertainment in the managing planning team. Liz Ri, an artist whom she managed seems to have attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital in critical condition. People at work blame Dal for what happened and that is how Dal quits her job in the past.

She is damn cute with her long hair!!

Back to the present day, Dal’s sister asks if she would be not AWOL on them like that time. Dal is sad and cuts the call. She then picks up an album signed by Yeon Woo which says “Healing people is my calling. Cheer Up, Kim Dal. Yeon Woo is rooting for you.”

At LLL, Ms Im calls the staff for the meeting and asks how can they make Wild Animal more famous. They brainstorm ideas and all ideas were insane except for one and that is to do interview with famous Makka TV who reached out to them first and they decide to it.

Yeon Woo is worried and recalls how he ended up in this world. He thinks that it could be a hallucination that was created by The Evil One. He then tries to cure himself like how he cured the village boy that was possessed by black magic. But he fails after almost hearing the Chime from the Shrine and someone’s voice. But as soon as he tries to attempt again, he is distracted by one of the members Kasy who is on live with his fans. Yeon Woo looks around and asks whom he is talking to and asks if he is ill. He says Yeon Woo is the one who is ill. Dal, who is watching the live, comments “what illness he is suffering from” from her id “Yeon Woo’s wife”.

As Kasy reads out the comment Yeon Woo is confused and says he should cure Kasy’s insanity as he is talking alone. Kasy says that’s how ill he is and ends his live while messing with Yeon Woo. Kasu mentions that Yeon Woo is going to do an interview with Makka TV in his live.

Dal quickly searches for Makka TV and his interviews and gets frustrated as the host looks like a clown and makes clown out of his guests. She then searches for where the shows are being shot and goes to the spot to keep an eye on Yeon Woo.

In the interview location, the host welcomes Yeon Woo and asks him to be understanding towards the spicy questions. They start the interview and the host asks Yeon Woo about his slip-up in the live show. Yeon Woo takes a cue from Jeong Woo who accompanied him and says he was not feeling well and says he did not do it on purpose. The host asks to stop recording and asks Yeon Woo to be more interesting.

And when they again start recording the host asks how his members react. Yeon Woo honestly answers this time and says his team members called him a goner, and nutcase, he then freely starts to criticise his filthy dorm. Jeong Woo hurries and interrupts the host and asks him to end the interview.

At this point, the world again freezes (just like when Yeon Woo arrived in this world).

On the other side, at an office in a sky-high building, the Evil One seems to have arrived taking the body of a higher official. But the face is not revealed. We can only see his ring and red eyes. And the world unfreezes.

Yeon Woo is puzzled and watches the TV which says that volcanic activity was detected in a city. Yeon Woo comes to think that it must be the Evil One. He then decides to go to the place where he landed. At the TV broadcasting station, he tries to barge but then gets stopped by security. Yeon Woo manages to peek in and sees an old man with red eyes and tries to see the guy with whom the old man is talking as he is sure that the guy must be the Evil One.

Dal, who was following him since he was left alone, stops him and takes him to a side. Dal explains to him that he needs an official access card to enter the building. Yeon Woo grabs her hand and asks her to help him since she seems to know how to get inside. And tells her that he is Yeon Woo. Dal is suspicious of his activity and asks who is he as he is clearly not Yeon Woo and asks where Yeon Woo is.

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