Recap and Review: “A Good Day To Be A Dog” Episode 2

The episode starts with a historical place like Joseon era. Our Seo won is an inspector and Hae na is a commoner. Seo won accidentally knocks her down while chasing a thief. Smitten by her, he finds her again playing with falling petals and joins her.

Back to the present day, Hae na in her dog form realises that Seo won is afraid of her. Bo gyeom comes to the place and sees Seo won on top of a dustbin and asks how can he be afraid of the cute dog while smiling. He then lifts Hae na and pets her. At this point, Yu na unni and he vet thankfully finds Hae na and takes her with them.

Seo won realises that Hae na is still missing and calls her. On the other side of the phone, unni sees the call but doesn’t pick up instead sends him message saying she is alright and had to leave in hurry.

On the next day morning, Hae na, Yu na unni, the vet and their uncle (in dog form) go for a walk. They talk about how miserably Hae na failed last night and how it is gonna be so difficult since Seo won is afraid of dogs. They both pull Hae na’s leg saying how she dashed yesterday without paying and they call her ‘dine and dasher’ and say only jerks would do that.

In the school, Hae na meets Seo won alone to apologises for how she left in hurry last night and says she is not dine and dasher and tries pays him. Seo won, who is scared that Hae na might have seen him yesterday while he was running away from the dog, asks if she saw anything else last night and tells her that Bo gyeom is the one who paid. Hae na blurs out and asks why did Bo gyeom came out of nowhere and salvages saying she figured as he said Bo gyeom is the one who paid. Seo won did not seem to buy her completely.

Hae na tries to change the situation for her good and asks if he called Bo gyeom to set her up with him. As soon as he agrees, she asks if he is really up for it and asks him to meet her regularly to give her pointers. Seo won says he will help her once and says that he is gonna meet Bo gyeom late that evening and asks if she wanted to take his place (poor Seo won doesn’t know that she is setting trap for him and not for Bo gyeom). She finally manages to make him agree to tag along.

Bo gyeom seem to have invited Chae ah as well and all four ends up in mystery room as per Bo gyeom’s plan. Their task is to try and find passcode of the mystery room. Hae na finds something in the rooftop and insists they should check it out. Seo won lifts Hae na at the end of the discussion about who is gonna lift who. Hae na finds a fake hand with fake blood from the rooftop and that scares the hell out of her that she starts pulling Seo won’s hair while screaming. After sometime, they seem to have made some progress and opens 3 lockers in the room which had 3 photo frames in them.

There is only one minute left now and everyone starts panicking except for Seo won. He then figures out the passcode and gets them all out (everyone’s surprised and puzzled by Seo won just like us).

Seo won tries to takes off after the game saying that he is tired. Hae na is upset knowing that it is not her night to get rid of her curse. She persuades him to stay but he insists to leave. She says she heard him say once that she makes him feel uncomfortable and asks him why so that she can do something about it. Seo won hesitates but then tries to explain but sees a dog around her and leaves.

Hae na regrets how she lashed out at Seo won and leaves in a bus. Seo won comes to the bus stand but little late.

That night, Hae na discusses this with her unni and the vet. The vet says that maybe it is because of the curse but the neighbourhood dogs always liked her and circles around her. Seo won is scared of dogs. So technically Seo won is not avoiding her but the dogs that is always around her (vet is quite smart). Hae na recalls all the situation where Seo won ran away from her and realises there has always been dogs around her.

The next morning, few high school girls finds 3 of another school boys smoking on their way to school. These girls see Hae na on their way and complaints about it. Hae na braces herself to confront the boys but ends up getting bullied. Thanks to Seo won who comes to save her before she gets herself harassed. He beats up the boys and asks their names. At this point, Yul comes and tells those boys names. Seo won then lets them go. Seo won notices how startled Hae na is.

At lunch, Bo gyeom asks Seo won to buy a cheesecake as he left last night early. Hae na’s friend also asks him to buy her one. She also asks Hae na to ask him to buy tiramisu. Though Hae na says she is fine, she finds tiramisu at her place. Without thinking twice, she starts to enjoy it with a little dance. Seo won sees her from distance and leaves satisfied.

After her class, she goes out near a tree as she feels sleepy. She sits in a bench and as she is about to fall from sleeping, Seo won catches her head. He joins her as it is his free period too. He then asks if she is ok. She says she is fine now and says she looked pathetic. Seo won says it is completely understandable.

She then apologises for getting mad at him last night. Seo won apologies as well and says it is not that he does not like her but there is some other reason for his behaviour. He then remembers his past when he was in a high school. He gets beaten up by bullies and there is a dog barking at him as if it is going to eat him.

In the present, his face is terrorised. Hae na sees him and says if it that difficult for him to say then she would rather not know it. She says there is always a secret that everyone wants to keep. He thanks her for understanding and says he won’t be able to help her about Bo gyeom anymore. She says that is fine and asks how he figured the passcode in the mistery room. He says that all the 3 clues indicated Im, Jin, War so the year of the Imjin war is the passcode. They then walk to their classes talking.

In one of the classes, Bo gyeom teaches history and asks student to write assignment about when and where they would go back in history and change things if they can. One of the students asks where he would go. Bo gyeom says he would go to the year 1592 and says that is when something inescapable and unchangeable misfortune started. He leaves leaving the students (and us) confused.

We are shown one of the scenes from the year 1592. The inspector Seo won, commoner Hae na along with another lady running away from a bunch of guards. They then reach a cliff top leaving no choice but Seo won to fight all the guards. He succeeds but with lot of injuries. Suddenly he is holding knife at the lady he was running with and we can see that they are faced with more guards. (My assumption is that he is doing this to save themselves from the guards as he can’t fight them all but why are they running in the first place? and who is that lady? above all why this is connected to Bo gyeom?)

Back to the present day, Bo gyeom is out and cooking for himself. It is in the wild near a lake (I think) and he is with his van.

Yul, in his home, finds that he is out of ramyeon. Unfortunately, he ends up in the same conventional store where the bullies from the morning are eating their cup noodles. They ends up having a fight and in police station, Yul asks the police to call Hae na. She reaches at the police station worried. Looking at the kids, it is clear that Yul had the upper hand in the fight. One of the bully’s mom is already there and being harsh to Yul saying that he does not have parents and that is why no one is there to teach him how to behave.

Hae na hears this and says her son is the one to be blamed and asks if she should press charges against his son for harassing her in the morning. Obviously scared bully and his mom leaves after settling. Hae  na leaves with Yul and asks him why he called her and not his guardian. He says his parents live in Australia and now he lives with his uncle. He says his uncle will be worried so he called her. Hae na is surprised by this information and asks why he did not mention this in individual counselling. She says as his home teacher she should know these things.

Hae na offers to take him back but realises the time is 11.56 PM and starts running. Yul follows her though Hae na insists not to. She calls the vet to take her home but before she could explain, she gets startled by Yul who is still following her and drops her phone in a drainage by the road. Yul tries to pick her phone back but Hae na hurriedly leaves saying she meant to throw that phone away and asks him to leave. Yul is persistent and follows her to an empty street. She is scared now and asks why he is still there. Yul proudly shows her phone and it is midnight now. Hae na turns into a dog in front of Yul and he faints from the shock.

On the other side, the vet is already handful with the drunk Yu na unni and is busy taking her home.

Hae na in her dog form jumps on Yul to wake him. Hae na runs away as soon as she sees him waking up. But Yul is still persistent and catches her, thanks to her small legs. He is perplexed about whether it is actually his teacher or just a puppy. He then not knowing where to take her thinks if he should take her to police station or hospital or research centre but ends up taking her and her things to his home. All this while Hae na begging him to let her go (relax puppy, he can’s listen to your thoughts).

Yul brings her water and asks her to unlock her phone. He is surprised when the little puppy in front of him actually unlocks the phone. He calls Yu na unni from Hae na’s phone but ends the call as soon as he hears a male voice (out vet). He comes to the room to see the puppy is already asleep. He controls himself from taking picture of her as he does not want to do that without her consent. Yul then lies down just below the bed while watching the puppy. But our puppy is awake and as soon as Yul sleeps, she tries to escape the room unsuccessfully. Her biggest strength is to give up easily. So naturally she gives up and tells herself that she will be wake until 6am and then will the house in her human form.

Our tired puppy falls asleep though. She then wakes up in her human form. She hears sound from bathroom and realises it must be Yul’s uncle. She then dresses up hurriedly. Yul’s uncle comes to wake Yul up and opens Yul’s bedroom door to find Hae na in his bed pulling her sock up while Yul is laying down with his legs resting on the bed. Well, who is the uncle? Surprise, surprise, surprise, it is Seo won. Hae na looks at Seo won shocked and asks herself if she is still dreaming.

The episode ends here. After a longgg time am watching a feel good, rom-com kdrama that is actually making me smile. I am excited to see how things gonna turn out. Keep reading the rest of the episodes here.

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