Review and Recaps: Jirisan episode 5 (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’)

The episode starts with a Townhall meeting for the information session on explosives. All the villagers have been summoned for the meeting. As Captain Dae-Jin shows the potato bomb and the wild poisonous yellow mushroom, the wife of the villager who died due to the potato bomb gets infuriated that they don’t have any actual plan other than warning people and making them stay away from mountains.

She then makes all the villagers leave the meeting. When all this was happening Yi-gang’s eyes were fixed on the man with a paw scratch scar in his hand. Yi-Gang then goes outside to attend Hyun-Jo’s call and gets to know that the potato bomb was found missing at Yang-sun’s home. Yi-gang says they should meet as she has something to tell him and when she cuts the call and turns the man with the scar is standing behind her and calls her noona.

It seems she knows him already and enquires him about the scar on his hand. He says he got it by a raccoon and brushes it off. Yi-Gang then meets up with Hyun-jo and tells him that she saw the man with the scar and she knew him from childhood. He is Yang-sun’s cousin – Lee Se-wook, a honey-collector who stays at the foot of the mountain.

Hyun-Jo suggests they should look into his house because he is the one responsible for both the potato bomb. Yi-Gang says it’s just his guess and they don’t have any evidence on it since the forest doesn’t have a camera, so the police won’t believe it if they tell Se-wook left the bomb there.

Yi-gang suggests that they should talk to yang-sun After all she is the cousin of se-wook, so she might know something and she already knows that the bomb is missing from her home. Hyun-jo says he is not able to contact her, so they reach the ranger station to see if yang-sun is there and get to know that she left already in the patrol car.They track the patrol car and find the location to be saemagol.

Yi-Gang, Hyun-Jo, and Gu-Yeong(since he couldn’t stop caring when it is Yang-sun) take off to saemagol. Though it is a restricted area and don’t know where exactly to search. They follow the usual path taken by animals thinking probably yang-sun might have taken the path.

In between the search, Gu-Yeong finds a scarf of Yang-sun and they search nearby and find her sitting near a tree. Yang-sun is speechless and points her torch to the nearby snake trap with a potato bomb in it.
When everyone is in fear, Yi-gang bravely comes forward and takes the potato bomb slowly and gives it to Gu-Yeong slowly to keep it carefully. They then get to know that Yung-sun was informed by her cousin Se-wook that her grandfather was seen here on the day of a bomb blast. She confesses that she has already seen the bomb in her house but at that time she didn’t know it was a bomb and now when in ranger station she came to know and she checked it at her home her grandpa said that the bomb went missing.

So everyone comes to the conclusion that yang-sun’s grandpa was the one who planted the bomb. Yi-gang advises her to tell everything she knows to the police which is the only right thing to do. Hyun-Jo protest to Yi-Gang that it is Se-wook and not the grandpa who kept the bomb. Yi-Gang dismisses it saying let the police find who exactly planted the bomb.

Yi-gang, Yung-sun, and Gu-Yeong leave in a patrol car to the police station and Yi-Gang asks Hyun-jo to leave the other patrol car to the ranger station. Hyun-Jo doesn’t listen since he knows that se-wook was the one who placed the bomb according to his vision and he trusts his vision so much.

He visits Se-wook’s house and enquires him about the potato bomb. While enquiring he notices the white stain on his T-shirt and asks about the poisoned yogurt drink. Of course, freaked out Se-wook denies all the allegations and shuts the door.

The police take Yang-sun’s grandpa to the station and enquire him why he didn’t inform when the bombs went missing. The grandpa is in no mood to listen to the police and says he knew he would be blamed if something bad happened and everything would turn against him. The police officer Eung-soon then asks him to write down what and all happened in the report.

Hyun-Jo then visits private Ahn with Se-wook’s photo and confirms that he was the one that gave him poisoned yogurt drink.

Now that he has confirmed Se-wook is the culprit Hyun-Jo has to somehow prove to everyone with evidence. The forest has no CCTV both at the entrance and within it. He plans to check all the CCTV cameras of the shops nearby and on the way but he has no luck with it.

Suddenly he remembers Yi-gang mentioning saemagol as an animal paradise and an idea pops up to check all the automated cameras there.

At the ranger station, Captain Dae-jin assigns everyone with the postponed work of documents and making forest fire extinguishers ready before winter and also plans Patrol with special attention to the inflammable around each trial and near the park. The captain then informs them that Yung-sun and Hyun-Jo are on sick leave so their ranger leader park Il-Hae will join them.

Il-Hae and Gu-Yeong chide Hyun-jo for taking sick leaves often unnecessarily. So the team gets to work and clean all the fire equipment. In the middle of the day, Hyun-Jo comes with the memory cards of 30 automated cameras installed at ecology watch. Everyone screams at him for taking leaves whenever he wants and he doesn’t even look sick.

Hyun-Jo explains to Yi-gang that out of 3 only 2 bombs were recovered so there might be still one bomb left in the mountains and if they don’t take it now then someone else might get hurt. They just had to search the Oct 15th records on the day of the bomb blast. Yi-gang accepts just for this one time and makes the other 2 accept the search plan. Gu-Yeong accepts as soon as knowing yang-sun is involved and il-Hae accepts after Yi-gang bribes him with 10 pancakes and a wish.

They all diligently search the camera and the first one to find a man in the camera was Gu-Yeong but it has only the legs of a man with a bomb but they get an important clue. The camera was near Maebawi rock which is near Geombawi forest where Yang-sun found the bomb last time.

So they search the memory card of Geombawi forest and finally find the man with the potato bomb is none other than Se-wook. Il-Hae and gu-Yeong get shocked after knowing that it was the shy and silent kid and not the grandpa involved with the bomb. They immediately call the police.

On the other side simultaneously, Se-wook is constantly trying to contact his boss and at last, sends a message telling one of the rangers got to know about their plans. The boss tells him that he will take care of that ranger and to continue with their plans. Se-wook then looks at the notebook of his in which he has all the logs of people he killed and what techniques he used (either poisoned drink or potato bomb or broken ropes etc). He sees his next target on the list and takes his bag and leaves out.

After officer Eung-soon gets information from the ranger station that Se-wook was the culprit, he takes another officer park with him to Se-wook’s home. But they don’t find him in his home.

In the ranger station, the rangers (Yi-gang, Hyun-Jo, Gu-Yeong, il-hae) discuss how cunning Se-wook is, and they all believed that grandpa was the culprit. When discussing who Se-wook might want to kill, Hyun-jo says he might have wanted to kill the grandpa by putting the bomb in the trap. Yi-Gang says it is the other case and he purposefully made Yang-sun come to the forest that day. They all rush to Yang-sun’s home.

For our reference, we are shown, Se-wook’s notebook with the last record has Yang-sun’s name with a bomb is struck and poisoned yogurt is written near it. Se-wook reaches Yang-sun’s place and to console her he gives her the yogurt drink and some bread. He makes sure that she drinks the yogurt drink and after she drinks he reveals that he lied to her that he saw her grandpa in the mountains on the day of the bomb blast and he did it to kill her. He then laughs and sees Yang-sun suffering in pain.

He slowly gets up and drains the remaining yogurt and cleans the bottle. Yi-Gang is constantly trying to reach Yang-sun’s phone but Se-wook takes the phone and tosses the phone in the nearby dustbin.

Before Se-wook gets out of the home, the rangers reach Yang-sun’s house and, Se-wook hides within the house. After seeing Yang-sun fainted, Gu-Yeong immediately calls the ambulance and, fortunately, Hyun-jo spots Se-wook hiding nearby and chases him to the forest.

Yi-Gang notices them and calls the police immediately and follows them too. Se-wook runs in such a way that somehow he tries to make Hyun-Jo step on the hidden potato bomb in the forest and luckily Yi-gang spots the bomb and stops Hyun-Jo. In this chaos, they miss Se-wook. The police reach the forest and take up the search action further.

In Sung-Jin hospital, Yang-sun is saved and, she might have side effects for a few days. Officer Eung-soon appreciates Yi-Gang for the good work and Yi-Gang gives all the credit to Hyun-Jo. Hyun-Jo then asks if the officer found some poisoned yogurt in Se-wook’s place and says they were responsible for his friend’s death. The officer is confused with the questions Hyun-Jo asked. Yi-Gang drags Hyun-Jo out saying she has something to talk about.

They both sit in her restaurant and, she gives him pancake and sweet potato makgeolli. Hyun-Jo says he knew she stopped him in the hospital because the officer would have not believed him. When he says he can’t ignore his vision and what he saw with his eyes because others might not believe him, Yi-Gang apologizes to him saying if she would have believed him from the start they could have saved more victims. They both wonder what Su-wook would be doing now in the mountains.

The next day in Guryong falls, A illegal hiker is following the yellow ribbons in the forest, and on the other side captain, Dae-Jin is walking with the yellow ribbons in his hand, and in the same forest in a pit, the blood-stained corpse of Su-wook is lying.

The black-gloved person is now striking out Yang-sun’s name in Su-wook’s notebook and writing down Hyun-Jo’s name below it.

Hyun-Jo is back patrolling the mountains and he meets the lottery girl roaming there. He asks her she has paid so many fines till now but why is she still illegally hiking. The girl says she has to find the lottery ticket so she doesn’t mind paying the fine amount.

The girl then asks him what he is searching for and offers to tell him if she finds that on her way. Hyun-Jo tells her that it is something that he has to find himself. It start to snow at that time and the girl says it would be harder to hike during winter.

It is 2020 now, Gu-Yeong and Da-won are fixing flags with a height of nearly 10 Feet. Gu-Yeong tells the newbie that in the winter only the flag would be visible. Da-won says,” Mountains are indeed a scary place.”.

After the patrol, to Da-won’s surprise, Yi-Gang has prepared a yummy meal (Ofcourse Yi-Gang has her reasons.). Da-won is super happy and eats her tummy full. Yi-Gang tells her that a few years before a person died here because of a potato bomb and the culprit Lee Se-wook was found dead after the crime was uncovered. Da-won says she has heard of potato bombs during her training time. Yi-Gang then says that even after Se-wook’s death the murders continued and there was one real culprit she is after him right now.

Da-won asks her whether she got into an accident because of the culprit. Yi-gang avoids her question and tells the only person she can trust now is her, so she needs her help. Da-won accepts to help her.

The next day Yi-gang gives Da-won a GPS and says Haedgwon station is in charge of 11 stations so she needs to install cameras in the specified location. Da-won takes her leave, saying she would do it. As soon as Da-won leaves Yi-gang uses a drone to follow her. Da-won on her way waves at the drone knowing Yi-gang is following her.

The hooded Hyun-Jo is roaming in the mountains and as if he knows something his eyes are filled with tears. (Maybe he sensed Yi-gang is following him.).

The episode ends with Yi-Gang saying, “If I ever see you again. There is something I must tell you.”.

She is then shocked to see (presumably she saw hooded Hyun-Jo … but I am not sure.. let’s check that out in the next episode.) Hooded Hyun-Jo in one of the mountain peaks.

Before I tell anything about how I felt about the episode Jin’s ost has been released in the episode!!!! and his voice was truly angelic and sweet. I loved the ost. Please don’t forget to check out the ost.

As the story clears up more, I am more interested to know the real culprit.

Though it all points to captain Dae-Jin now I am starting to suspect my own theory of Dae-Jin being the real culprit.

What if Dae-Jin was just trying to remove all the yellow ribbon. The story of the winter has already begun in the 2018 story so, really eager what might have happened on that day of winter. I don’t know… let’s watch the coming episode and find out.

Comment your theories below and, I am really eager to read other theories too.

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    1. The captain remains suspicious, we don’t know how the spirit of Hyun-Jo is trapped in the mountain and we don’t know who is really behind the murder!!. Do you have any other questions!? I would love to know it!!

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